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Lone Wolf is perhaps the oldest and largest manufacturer of hotrod, aftermarket parts for GLOCK pistols. With the release of their billet locking blocks in 2015, Lone Wolf officially made or sold a replacement part for literally every single factory part in a GLOCK. In fact, I got my hands on what I deemed the 0% GLOCK GLOCK back at that time.

Until last year, however, Lone Wolf never sold complete pistols. Serialized frames, yes. Every other last part, yes. Complete pistols? Not until recently with the release of the LTD19 line and a wide selection of custom builds.

A full TTAG review will follow soon, but for the time being check out the video embedded above (or click HERE to view it directly on Rumble) to see how the LTD19 — that’s Lightweight Tactical Defense — fared on the range.

Spoiler alert: it exceeded my expectations in basically every way.


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  1. Every time I see a new hand gun introduced it reminds me of how much our hand guns have not changed in the last few decades other than some minor bells and whistles and cosmetics.

  2. Instead of making something that already exists in many models on the market, Lone Wolf should focus on more aftermarket parts for guns other than Glock!
    Sig Sauer, FN and M&P are a few.
    The LTD19 looks like another Glock 19.

    • Why?

      Taking a wild guess, for every M&P there may be a hundred Glocks; For every SIG, 500. For every FN, a thousand.

      What is more likely to sell in large enough quantities to pay back engineering/tooling/molding costs quickly and profitably–parts for 9 million Glocks, or parts for a few thousand other brands?

      Besides, there are far more Glock owners yearning to make their injection-molded staple-guns into something that they are not, than there are owners of FNs trying to make them more like Glocks. /s

    • I can’t say that it’s all that ugly; It does, however, resemble the grip shape from a Savage 1907/1910 pistol, complete with bulges in odd places.

  3. Gock vs 1911 mud test
    The Gock usually wins.
    I wonder how this one would fair?
    I see a lot of places debris could get in that pistul.
    I cant find a holstein that doesn’t slide off of me, so I tie a string to them and drag them along behind me.
    As of todate, I’ve not found a better pistul for dragging then the tt 33, its even got a place on it where you can tie a string.
    The Ruskins were way ahead with that design.
    Trigger reset? I dont worry about that, my gunm has so much rust on it I have to pry the trigger forward with a screwdriver. That is one design flaw, they should have put holes in the trigger shoe like some other pistuls have. Maybe that’s why the ruskins dropped it?

  4. If Glock would simply offer a model with a reasonable grip angle, I’d buy a Glock. But since they seem determined not to do so- I’ll follow their lead.

    • Tell me more about your issue with the grip angle. Is it a comfort thing? Do you find you self shooting low with Glocks? The grip angle helps fight recoil btw.

      • Glocks point unnaturally high for me (and many, many others) due to them having a steep angle (22 degrees) combined with a “bulged” backstrap. When I close my eyes and point a Glock, the barrel points approximately 2″ higher than where my straight index finger is pointing. That translates to “well high” of intended target even at relatively close ranges.

        The closer a grip angle is to square the better it is for me, and the straighter the backstrap the more natural it points. For example- a 1911 grip angle (11 degrees) with a flat mainspring housing is about as perfect as it gets for a natural pointing handgun for me (the P35 High Power is another). Both of them (and similar grip angle guns) are intrinsic point shooters for me- with a Glock I have to contort my hand uncomfortably just to make the gun point in the direction I want it to.

        If Glock had simply offered a model with a less steep grip angle and a non-bulged backstrap, I would have been a Glock owner decades ago. But they didn’t- so I haven’t. And it’s kind of interesting that there’s such a demand for “non-Glock” grip angles that an entire industry has grown to support it- yet Glock still refuses to make what the people obviously want. Honestly, that’s always kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

        And I have yet to buy a Glock. To each their own…

        • +1

          My view on Glocks mirrors yours. I would add in that I think Glocks are overpriced for what they are.. I’ve shot some customized Glocks and not-glocks that were quite nice.. but they were also priced at 150% to 200% the Glock MSRP. If I’m purchasing a new pistol for $600+, I want it to be enjoyable to shoot right away.. not have to go purchase aftermarket parts and polish internals to get rid of a spongey trigger and nigh on unusable slide release.. and if I’m spending 1k on a pistol it will likely be on something that I find interesting/different.

          I did heartily recommend police trade in Glocks to new shooters though, if they could tolerate the grip angle. At $350 or so they were cheap, reliable, and a great starter pistol. Heck I even had a trade in myself that I used/carried for a while. I didn’t like much, but it was what I could afford, I was reasonably accurate with it and I figured that at bad breath distances I’d be accurate enough and I wouldn’t cry if it got confiscated by the police after it’s use in a DGU..

          I’m more financially stable now, so I just carry what I want and I have a backup in my safe if something happens to my primary carry piece. If the Lone Wolf is everything a Glock COULD be for only $750 out the door, I might add a pair to my collection.

          Cheers friend

    • Lone Wolf should focus on other brand performance parts like for my Sar9s. After My first Sar9 my Glocks were retired, sorry Lone Wolf. The Sar9 out of the box is good but not great. You have to make it great by doing some no cost race gun tweaks to it. If that is not your bag a dismantle and basic hand polishing friction points, clean and lube is a must do for DIYs.
      If you are a Glock person by all means shop at Lone Wolf. If you always wanted a Glock 17 if it were this and that then the Sar9 is your handgun. has the current production stamped USA Miami Fl available for a bargain price. You snooze you lose.

      • Have you shot more than a few hundred rounds through your Sar?
        Plenty of Youtubers loved them at first until they put rounds through them and they literally rattled themselves apart.

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