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Beretta chose this past weekend’s USCCA Expo in Fort Worth to roll out a redesign of their smallest carry gun in the APX line, the new APX A1 Carry 9mm pistol. TTAG was there to get hands on with the new concealed carry gun and put a few rounds down range with it.

If you want to compare the new iteration of the gun to the original, read Jeremy’s full review of the APX Carry here. As you can see, the new pistol now looks very different from either the design used in the original duty-size APX or the compact-size APX Centurion.

One of the gripes some users — Jeremy included — had with the original design was a not-aggressive-enough slide serration design. Beretta’s scrapped the original texturing in favor of more traditional, much grippier slide serrations at both ends of the slide. In fact Beretta tells us they’ll be transitioning the larger APX models to the APX A1 Carry-style slide serrations down the road.

Beretta APX A1 Carry 9mm EDC pistol

Aside from those serrations, the big changes Beretta has made to the 6+1 or 8+1 APX A1 Carry pistol include an improved, lighter trigger and optics readiness. The APX Carry comes ready to mount a Burris Fastfire pistol red dot, but if you have another model, Beretta will send you a plate for free when you register the pistol.

There’s an APX A1 Carry on its way to us for a complete review. We have the original APC Carry, too, so expect a full compare-o. Until then, here’s their press release . . .

Beretta is pleased to announce the launch of a brand-new pistol, the APX A1 Carry – the newest evolution of the popular APX Carry series platform. The APX A1 Carry encompasses the reliability and quality the APX family has become known for within the shooting communities now with a shorter and lighter trigger pull, red-dot optic ready slide, and improved modularity.

Beretta APX A1 Carry 9mm EDC pistol

“Beretta USA is excited to be bringing the latest variant of the APX family to market here at USCCA in Fort Worth. We are embracing the Red Dot Optic revolution and excited to be bringing an exciting and innovative offering to the concealed carry market that further eases training and use under stress for defensive purposes,” Jeff Hobson, VP of Marketing and Sales, said.

Years of extensive training and real-world use converge in a handgun designed and built for everyday carry and suited for anyone with personal defense on their mind.

With a shorter and lighter trigger than its predecessors, the enhanced ergonomic and sensory experience consists of a clean break with quick reset, aiding with consistent shot placement and ease of use.

Beretta APX A1 Carry 9mm EDC pistol

The red-dot ready slide is designed to receive a variety of optics plates, one of which will be provided by Beretta free of charge through the warranty registration process online, including Burris, C-more, Shield RMS-C, and Holosun K Series.

The APX A1 Carry features a low bore axis that produces less felt recoil and a natural point of aim and dramatically improves follow-up shot acquisition.

With aggressive slide serrations, a textured grip frame, and a flat trigger guard, this new pistol enables the user to ensure and maintain a firm, secure, and instinctive grip in all situations.

The APX A1 Carry was developed to be easily concealed with its single-stack, sub-compact, and thin grip design that makes it essentially invisible, no matter the clothes you wear or whether you carry inside or outside the waistband.

Beretta APX A1 Carry 9mm EDC pistol

Available in Standard Black, Flat Dark Earth, Wolf Grey, and OD Green frame colors, this versatile pistol can be customized for each individual with the selection of the ideal magazine for their concealment style: an extended 8-round magazine, a 6-round magazine with pinky extension, and a flush baseplate (included in the box).

Debuted at the 2021 USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Expo in Fort Worth, TX this past weekend, the Beretta APX A1 Carry is now available for an MSRP of $449.


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  1. Is it my overactive imagination or is Beretta copying Taurus now? Sure looks similar. Ain’t that a kick in the nads…

  2. The frame stippling and new slide serrations look great and like a true improvement. However, not digging the fact the rear sight is incorporated into the optic mounting plate. I understand the size constraints on the slide, but that doesnt seem like a great plan to me. The optic they’ve got in the promo photos doesnt have back up sights incorporated either, although i’m not sure what optic on the market would have that and also work with the apx front sight as it does look a bit short. When you review this gun, will you be testing it with the burris fastfire 3?

    While I don’t think a single-stack 9mm carry gun is obsolete in our market saturated with 1.5-stack micro 9’s, I am a little surprised that beretta decided to renew the apx carry without upping capacity. Regardless, it looks like a comfy little carry pistol.

  3. I like this better the 1st APX carry and way better than the Nano.
    The takedown lever and slide serrations are a big improvement.
    Even this is low capacity, I think these single stacks have a place as a quality piece at probably a lower price point.
    I still carry my 43 with a Taran Tactical +1 mag.
    I liked the feel of the first APX Carry but the slide serrations looked better than they actually worked and the stupid takedown was a deal breaker.
    FWIW, I also like the FN 503. They feel good and are easy to shoot well.
    Even if they don’t hold a bunch of rounds.

  4. Pretty sure that’s the Honor Guard rebranded. It is a crowded field already, so a maker would have to come up with something really original & unique.

  5. They will be changing the full size too?

    The slide serrations were one of the only reasons to go with a Beretta over the hundred other types. It was the reason I purchased one, grip felt great and the slide looked awesome. Full size APX. Never had a problem with it not being grippy enough.

    I honestly think it is one of the coolest looking guns around.

    Too bad.

    I’m sure Beretta didn’t sell as many truckloads as Glock or SIG, don’t think new slide serrations are going to change that.

  6. I am still waiting for the comparison between the APX Carry and the APX A1 Carry. I like the original look better but I acknowledge that the new slide may have better gripping surfaces. What I am really curious about is the new trigger. Does it really have a shorter trigger pull than the original? So I am still waiting for the comparison review and I hope you do it soon.

  7. Hey guys, I am still waiting for the comparison article between the original APX Carry and the APX A1 Carry. I think this would be a very interesting article to see just what has changed and if it is an upgrade or just different. Can we please have this article this year?

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