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Taking its design cues from the HALO franchise of video games, Patriot3’s new portable ballistic shelter (price: don’t ask) is bullet-resistant against just about anything but Explosively Formed Projectiles. And it rolls. And with the flick of two levers, the sides swing back to provide 180 degrees of ballistic protection to SWAT team members, EOD technicians, and NFL referees.

FPS Russia’s cameraman definitely needs one of these. They’re not just for the UNSC anymore.

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  1. LOL@ the Halo jokes.

    How is SWAT / EOD supposed to transport this thing, anyway? Unless it folds into a portable box, I’d imagine it would need its own trailer or something…

  2. I’ve seen things like these in many of the higher security facilities (like nuclear weapons material high security). Firmly planted at strategic corners or intersections of hallways. Very heavy duty stuff.

  3. Hey There Chris Dumm,
    Thanks for your thoughts, If you could cross over any video game characters who would you crossover? And why? I would make Dante (Devil May Cry) & Rayne (Bloodrayne) meet eachother. Because they both talk a lot of trash. And thair Both half something. Rayne is half Vampire and Dante is half Demon. And If they were to fight who do you think would win? And why? Im not sure who would win. I think Dante might because he’s more skilled. And he has more powers. But then again all Rayne has to do is stop time and it’s curtians for Dante. But Dante can’t stop time but he can slow it down pretty good. So I don’t know who would win.
    Great Job!

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