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Do you live in a state that’s about to make all the guns you own illegal? Do you suspect that your friendly neighborhood criminal population won’t be nearly as scrupulous about complying with all the new civilian disarmament laws as you’ll be? Guard Dog Security has something to ensure that if you meet a bad dood in your newly gun-free state, you don’t have to be standing there with only your . . . keys in your hand. To wit: the Diablo flash light and stun gun. It gives you 160 lumens of illuminating power stuffed into the same package as a 4.5 million volt stun gun . . .

See those contacts set into the edge of the breacher/glass breaker ridges? Those are what will leave your attacker in a quivering puddle of protoplasm at your feet long enough for you to make your escape. As long as he doesn’t shoot your first.

Aircraft grade aluminum construction and a rechargeable battery that will hold a charge for 2 weeks with no use, less if you, you know, use it. And at almost seven inched long, you can use it as a decent club. too. What’s not to love? The best part: it retails for only $70. ¬†You New Yorkers are gonna need something. Soon.

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  1. For $70, it’s a good buy whether you are a New Yorker or not.

    Maybe I’m just weird, but I just had the idea of mounting this on a HD long gun and using it as a combination illuminator/contact weapon. Not much reach, but it would be nice to have a lethal and nonlethal option in the same package.

  2. Considering this is an item that prevents people from being victims (and thus pawns of the emotional rights-infringement group) count on it being illegal also.

  3. Ayup. Illegal in NY. Basically, anything you can use to defend yourself is illegal in NY, Chicago, DC…
    Don’t know about the other places, but pepper spray is also illegal in NYC. Beginning to see a common thread here?

    Personal opinion: most people living in NYC should not be allowed any type of dangerous object, base on sanity considerations.


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