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While I was at Academy Sports grabbing some ammo, I noticed the Real Avid Bore Boss hanging on the shelf. Bore cleaning ropes like Hoppe’s more famous BoreSnake are simple, quick and effective ways of cleaning your barrel.

What really makes The Real Avid Bore Boss stand out is its packaging. The cleaning rope wraps around a tough hard plastic case and is kept in place by a flexible rubber sleeve.

The bronze brush part of the rope is stored in a tube which keeps it from damaging the rope. I’ve been using a Hoppe’s BoreSnake in .223 for years. Typically I will just wrap the whole rope around itself to store it. I was originally concerned that the brush would damage the rope but it hasn’t yet. Even still I appreciate the Bore Boss’s design.

To access the bore rope you peal back the rubber sleeve and unwind the rope.

Here you can see the Bore Boss in all its glory.

Using the Bore Boss is easy. Slide the metal ball at the end of the Bore Boss down your barrel. You’ll want to feed the Bore Boss in the same direction rounds travel from breech to muzzle.

As you can see in the picture below, I cleaned my Beretta 92 barrel (the inside anyways) the wrong way. And yes, I know my barrel is filthy. I was doing some lube testing. Also yes, the Beretta will run 100% in this condition.

Now hook the ball at the end of the rope into the Bore Boss case. Using the storage case as a pull tool is a great idea.

With the Bore Boss ball attached to the storage case pull the Bore Boss through the barrel. The brush part of the Bore Boss will remove and stuck on carbon. You’ll need to apply a fair amount of force to pull the Bore Brush through your barrel.

The rope part of the Bore Boss will polish the barrel as well if not better than patches.

Bore cleaning ropes such as the Bore Boss are the most efficient way of giving your bore a quick clean at the range or when you get home, but don’t have time for the full cleaning routine.

At only $9.99 from Academy the Real Avid Bore Boss is handy, affordable, easy to use, well made and effective. They are available in all of the popular calibers. What more could you want?

RATING (out of five stars):

Overall: * * * * *
Yep, it’s a five-star product. It does its job well and does it at a low price.


I know people are going to ask about my Beretta. I was working on a review of Slip 2000 extreme weapons grease. You can read the review here. Long story short, the Beretta is a champ and can run with a surprising amount of sand inside It or at least mine can.

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    • Gently hand wash in the slop sink with a bit of dish soap. Air dry.

      Or, if your wife is out, toss it in an old sock and then in with a load of laundry. (The sock keeps the bristles from tearing up the rest of the load.)

      • Or, if your wife is out, toss it in an old sock and then in with a load of laundry.

        Don’t think I’d do that. Each and every primer is made of lead styphnate. The idea of having lead contaminated all over my clothes doesn’t sound like a good one. Just throw it in a bowl of soapy water and wring it out then hang it in the garage would be my method.

    • Throw the rope inside your wife’s nylon bag. She won’t like it if her nylons are in there.

      For the record, I have not yet felt the need to clean the bore snake.

    • I’ve cleaned my Bore Snake with Dawn. It’s the only thing I know of that will emulsify the oils.

      I only use it at the range. When I’m done shooting, I squirt a little CLP or Ballistol down the barrel while it’s still warm and run the bore snake through. Then, even if I go months without cleaning or shooting the rifle again, at least the bore is not completely fouled and unprotected.

  1. I have a few and like them.

    My only complaint is with the rifle length versions, and that’s that the draw bead can get caught up in a muzzle device … the cable tends to be curved from being wound on the spool, and getting the end through a brake can take a number of tries.

      • Way to reward an employee for stopping a guy who had stolen before, stole this time, and said he’ll steal again — and we’re not talking a loaf of bread, but a deadly weapon. ‘Thanks for stopping this theft, recovering the gun and several other items the thief stole, and perhaps preventing the gun from being used to kill someone. Oh, one other thing: you’re fired.’

        Hopefully the guy either wins (or has won) his lawsuit, or some company who needs able, intelligent, courageous employees, hired him.

    • They did initially, pulled them from shelves, then went back on it due to backlash.

      At least my local one still sells a bit of everything. May not be the case everywhere. I always buy guns through local dealers though.

      If I remember correctly they rehired the guy they fired for stopping the thief too. Again, due to community/internet backlash.

  2. I’m actually disappointed that you are even shopping at all at Academy Sports given their decision to remove “evil black rifles” a good while back. I’ve not been back in ours since then and will not return ever.

    Perhaps they have a had a “change of heart”, but no matter to me.

    I guess some have short memories.

  3. After using a 20 gauge Msnake for high-volume hunt in Argentina you soak in dishwashing liquid in water in a plastic container. Then while wearing gloves Run a paper towel over the body of the snake avoiding the bristles. Then let it dry outside. Do this in the work shed . This worked to clean the residue from the 300 boxes of shotgun ammo used in a week without any trouble. Then pack dry steak in Ziploc bag for next trip.


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