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Seems that the new Russian Udav “Boa Constrictor” pistol hasn’t made it fully into service yet in Russia. As we see what happens when some hothead decides he wants to livestream to the world his toughness against a fellow motorist who somehow offended him.

Things didn’t go down quite as expected for Mr. Tough Guy. No, not at all.

Is this genuine? It’s the internet, so who’s to say. In any case, the lesson is a good one.

I’ve written about road rage before here. Including an incident in Chicago involving a former student. And one involving shots fired between a couple of carloads of upstanding Windy City youths caught on video.   Another involving a sledgehammer that should have been a defensive gun use, and one that ended with a single shot from an armed victim.

Be prudent and polite behind the wheel. Avoid confrontations whenever and wherever you can. Because no one wants to trigger a hotheaded bully into provoking a (justifiable) deadly force response from you.

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      • I always heard it was because of the insane amounts of fraudulent insurance claims. Literally people laying over car hoods to claim they were hit..

    • Well that wasn’t a GoPro.

      It was his phone, which you can clearly see in the reflection created by the vehicle he approaches.

    • This right here is a prime example of just how unreliable witnesses to an event can be.
      It was a cellphone, not a GoPro. The phone can be clearly seen in the reflection in the SUV’s windows.

  1. Pretty lame compared to some of the dash cam clips from Mother Russia. My favorite was a tough guy pointing his pistol and a car that was cutting him off. There was a carbine or SMG pointed in reply. The first guy backed down. Shocking, I know.

  2. Never ever get out of your car to have a confrontation with another driver especially in Russia or Texas. Since 1/3 of all drivers in Texas have a loaded gun in the vehicle (completely legal, no permit required) It’s a real stupid thing to do in any state or country.

    • Never do it at all. Just because someone doesn’t have a gun doesn’t mean they can’t kill you. And even if they don’t the other cars moving at 70mph might.

  3. This looks incredibly staged. My road rage went to zero when I got a CPL. It isn’t worth an escalation.

  4. Never fuck with a stranger for that very reason. You don’t who he is, or what he will do.

    • Kid in car: What the hell–That s o b just cut me off. Open your f’ing window, what the hell is wrong with you?

      Guy in mask: F**k Off, boy.

      Or words to that effect.

    • There’s a translated version on YouTube.

      Road rage guy while in the car says something to the effect of: “no one cuts me off and gets away with it”

      Spetznatz guy simply says: “you, go away.”

      Road rage guy says: “yes sir, sorry, sorry, sorry.”

    • Guy in vehicle that was “cut off”: “Let’s see if this works….cameras rolling…now it’s showtime.”

      Guy in mask: “I’m holding a gun…how do I look?”

      1st guy: “Good enough for the internet…”

  5. But I thought no one in Roosia had gunms? Road rage, just wait til every mofo with an F-150 is trying to run over you, [ what’s the last thing a possum sees before it dies??? Two bright white lights]

  6. I don’t see why “This is contrived” even comes up. We don’t have evidence that it’s fake or evidence that it’s real so this is just baseless speculation.

    If we’re going to go down the “This must be fake” road on this particular video, given the reason being that ultimately we’re arguing that it’s unusual, then a whole hell of a lot of videos from Russia must also be deemed fake.

    I’ve never seen something like this happen in Russia but I have seen exactly this happen in both South Africa and in Costa Rica. Road raging idiot road rages on an undercover cop car and gets a gun in his face. Since neither was recorded I have no reason to think it was “done for the camera” that wasn’t there.

    I’ve also seen LE drive around like this in New Mexico. Murdered out ‘Burban with fed tags and limo tint? Likely DEA but definitely federal and if they’re not DEA, in NM, they’re worse from your point of view. If you get the sun just right at an intersection you can see the outline of the guys inside wearing full kit and armed with rifles and subguns. Pull this shit on one of those cars and you’re more likely to get an MP5 pointed at you than a pistol. Also, those vehicles ALWAYS are driven by assholes because who’s going to pull over a vehicle with fed tags when all the cops know just by looking at it that it’s Federal LE? The only way those guys are going to get in trouble is getting caught doing dumb stuff on traffic cams and the tickets come back to their department.

    • Shit, this kinda thing happens in America too. (Minus the spetznatz gear). People who claim “wut, this doesn’t really happen”, need to get out more and see how people are in places with less LE presence then the burbs.

      • Crazier shit than this happens.

        I could tell you a crazy story about some shit I saw in New Mexico last year, like straight out of a movie. It’s just not worth writing out because no one’s going to believe it. It sounds like I just watched too many 13 Hours, Sicario and Black Hawk Down too many times.

        I actually had to call my mom awhile back when I remembered it, because she was with me, and ask her if it really happened or I was just remembering a crazy dream and thinking it was real.

        When you’re in an area where the government does all kinds of secret shit you’ll find some craziness goes down. Here in the US the government does crazy shit that you might see if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. In Russia the government might see you in the wrong place at the wrong time and do some crazy shit to you.

    • I’m calling fake, because he us recording with his phone the entire time. If it was a dashcam I’d believe it. Since it’s his phone and it is fluid the entire time I think it is staged. I’ve seen stranger shit in the Burbs…

      • I used to think this. Until friends of mine showed me videos they made.

        Sometimes I’d say something like “You shot this on your phone!?” to which they would reply “Well, yeah, how else would I make this video?”. I’d just shake my head and think “Safety third” because they obviously were driving while screwing with their phone to get it to take the video.

        Eventually I just got to the point where I accepted that with a modern phone you can enter video or photo mode from the lock screen with a single press and that some people just don’t do things in a manner I would consider to be the safest. I also know more than a couple people who can, still to this day, touch type one handed on a T9 keyboard while doing something else like talking to you or watching TV.

        So, I put a lot of this kind of stuff into the realm of “questionable in terms of safety” but I don’t generally question the authenticity unless I see some other reason to do so very simply because I know people who can do such things one handed and I have seen evidence that they do do such things one handed while driving.

  7. Masked government thugs nearly cause a wreck then pull gun when called on their unsafe driving. A story to make every thug cop’s heart warm. Masked men are the bad guys, no matter who they work for.

  8. Spoofed video. Russians know you dont mess with those black Mercedes G wagens, they are only owned by FSB or an oligarch with bodyguards, either of which will mess you up big time.

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