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Cole Robison of South Carolina says these are “just the basics, out for dinner or running errands.” His EDC includes a Springfield XD-S, an Olight, and a Benchmade knife. The XD-S has Night Fision brand tritium night sights on it which leads to my predictable question: night sights on carry guns, yay or nay?

If you’ve spent some time running either black-on-black sights or taped-over sights in a low-light/no-light house you realize you not only can but will learn to shoot accurately. Do I have night sights on some of my handguns? Of course, but I also know I can run them without those glowing dots to guide me (something I didn’t know years ago when I started training with handguns). How about you guys?

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  1. Although they fade over time, I think they are worthwhile since most confrontations occur in dim light. They do not help with verifying your target and what is beyond it, always carry a light, even if you have night sights

  2. Yes on the night sights and a flashlight.

    Just setting up a half day class to teach point shooting…coincidence? I think not.

  3. I say Yea.
    I have night sights on some of my carry guns. Not all.
    They dont hurt anything to have.
    But Im sure if I had to fire at anything at night Id see what just as well in ambient light. Im fairly proficient at point shooting.
    My house is never pitch black nor is outdoors here.

  4. I like night sights as long as they don’t compromise the daytime sight picture. I don’t feel they have much utility when actually shooting in low light – the flashlight and muzzle flash pretty much turn them in to blacked out irons – but they can help with sight tracking in mixed lighting where a flashlight might not be needed to id the target.

  5. Learn to point shoot. Are you REALLY good enough to shoot in low light, under stress? Should you be loosing time to fumble for a flashlight? Shoot the gun you carry until it is a part of you. . Pick one for all seasons, swapping out your carry gun, IMO, is a not a good idea. Kind of like the Marine mantra of “this is my rifle…” If you have the time to train with different guns and become proficient good for you. Or, get a Glock and pimp it out with all the toys that “make you a better shot”.

  6. In short range shooting an an opponent in low light conditions, gentlemen, who takes the time to align the sights? Not me.

    If I aim at all it’s to simply look over slide and to get it level with my line of sight without any concern about aligning the sights. Then, well, I blast away until the opponent is on the ground.

    Really, I only align the sights when I’m at the range and trying to impress someone. Generally speaking, it only takes one shot.


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