Elevated Silence Releases New Line of Rifle Suppressors
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Press release:

Elevated Silence, a premiere suppressor producing company based in North Florida, announced a new line of products aimed at suppressing rifles– the EVOLUTION, EOSS -22LR, EOSTD -22LR Takedown, EOSXL -22LR and 22 Swarm.

“This is a suppressor line like no other,” said Jim Hood, co-owner of Elevated Silence. “After countless hours of research and development, we’re excited to release these to the public and provide the highest-quality, unique products on the market.”

Elevated Silence Releases New Line of Rifle Suppressors
courtesy mfg


In addition to being the first true cross-platform rifle suppressor on the market, the EVOLUTION is set to be the quietest, most effective and efficient rifle, significantly reducing recoil and minimizing gas blowback all with a near net zero POI (point of impact) from unsuppressed to suppressed.

The EVOLUTION effectively suppresses any caliber rifle from .17 HMR to .300 Win Mag, allowing users the option to purchase only one suppressor for all their rifle suppressing need, which means only one ATF approval process and tax stamp.

Elevated Silence Releases New Line of Rifle Suppressors
courtesy mfg

EOSS -22LR and EOSTD -22LR

Called the most versatile drop in integral suppressors for the Standard 10/22 and the 10/22 Takedown on the market, this simplistic three-part design barrel upgrade reliably keeps standard and high-velocity ammunition subsonic through its patented design, yielding a dedicated subsonic package with little effect based on ammo.

In addition to a pleasant low tone and excellent decibel reduction, the full-auto rated EOSS -22LR and EOSTD -22LR Takedown remain extremely user-friendly. No machining or modification is required. No tools are needed to remove the outer tube, and it doesn’t need to be disassembled and cleaned like a traditional rimfire suppressor.

With a shorter barrel length of 4.9” prevents this from being a tack driver, 3” groups at 100 yards aren’t hard to achieve with quality ammo.

Elevated Silence Releases New Line of Rifle Suppressors
courtesy mfg


Stemming off the success of the EOSS .22LR and EOSTD .22LR Takedown, the EOSXL .22LR offers a platform that can hold its own in a precision environment. With all the benefits of the EOSS integrated baffle core, this barrel upgrade can stand against full-length match barrels, yielding an effective, precise shot.

The EOS XL maintains 10.75” of effective rifling in a 20” (OAL) Overall Length to give the right balance of harmonics, weight, sound suppression and precision MOA accuracy.

Elevated Silence Releases New Line of Rifle Suppressors
courtesy mfg


The unique design of the 22-Swarm produces a lower first round pop and overall quieter average than traditional baffle and monocore designs in addition to maintaining a near net zero POI shift from suppressed to unsuppressed, even between short and long configurations.

This same modular design also allows the user to configure either the long or short (K) configuration to his or her specific needs easily with only one tool and remains easy to clean.

Manufactured completely of titanium, the Swarm stands up to full-auto abuse and the harshest of cleaning methods.

For more information about or to purchase Elevated Silence’s new products, visit www.elevatedsilence.com.

These items aren’t on Elevated Silence’s web site yet. We reached out to them and here’s their pricing:

EOS Standard

MSRP $549.00 w/ free shipping


MSRP $579.00 w/ free shipping


MSRP $629.00 w/ free shipping


MSRP $420.00 w/ free shipping


MSRP $1199 w/free shipping

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  1. All plus $200 each…and the wait time…
    Why not at least simplify the process? Electronic fingerprints and photos…instant checks(good enough for actual firearms)…
    I did it for a Maxim9…took about 8 months…ridiculous. Especially since I go through a thorough background check every 5 years…fingerprints are on record (electronic and hard copies)…have or have had secret or better clearance for 30 years or so…

  2. The short barrel shouldn’t, practically speaking, prevent MOA performance. Something is poorly designed, poor crowning, something wrong with the baffle designs/finish work… all of my integral .22s, even pistols, perform far better than that. Even the 4″ 10/22 groups just fine at 100 yards.

    • Integral suppressors are often chosen for a shorter overall length without the tax stamp and hassle of a SBR.

  3. When’s Mossberg making an integrally suppressed MVP in 300 Blackout with a few De Lisle style features (rubber on the bolt handle to minimize noise from cycling)?

    • Or do like the Germans did in WWII! Create a Napatrone Cartridge (Near Cartridge). They took a 7.92×57 sS (schweres Spitzergeschob) 12.8-gram Bullet and reduced the Propellant to ~0.55-grains of Cordite CS and a HUB-23 Schalldampfer (Suppressor) derived from the Soviet S-40 Suppressor. To a Virtually Silent Sniper Cartridge with a Maximum Muzzle Velocity of ~260m/s to a Maximum Flat Trajectory Range of ~300-meters…

  4. 3″ groups at 100 yards? No thank you.

    Not needing to be cleaned like a normal 22 suppressor? I call BS. Maybe if you shoot CB rounds and solid copper projectiles…

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