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Cracking the code . . . Glock’s Secret Recipe Unveiled by Smith & Wesson

It looks like Smith & Wesson has finally figured out Glock’s secret. Leaked photos of a new M&P M2.0 Compact show a pistol with a feature that has the potential to be a GAME CHANGER in the world of versatile handguns for duty, concealed carry, or home defense. What is this amazing feature, you ask?

It’s the right size. That’s it. No more, no less.

The secret of the Glock 19’s popularity is not that it’s incredibly reliable or that it’s more accurate than anything else out there. It’s not that the Glock 19 has a great trigger or that it fits hands just right or is super pointable and most people can pick it up and shoot it better than other guns. In fact, the Glock 19 is horrifyingly average in all of these aspects.

Apparently stadium carry was never even considered . . . Guns on Georgia campuses: Some say changes to law are needed

There is some consensus among supporters and critics about one aspect of Georgia’s new campus carry law, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Both sides say the provision that allows licensed weapon owners to carry guns at tailgating, but not inside athletic venues, needs changes.

People who oppose the law want guns banned from tailgating.

Those who support it want the law to provide for a safer place to store guns on campus other than a vehicle glove compartment.

The Trump Slump strikes again . . . Remington lays off 55 more in Upstate NY amid slump in gun sales

Remington Arms has laid off 55 more workers at its big manufacturing plant in the Herkimer County village of Ilion as a slump in gun sales continues.

Ilion Mayor Terry Leonard said the plant’s manager told him about the layoffs on Thursday, citing the industry-wide downturn in sales, the Observer-Dispatch reported.

The layoffs come six months after Remington laid off 122 workers at the plant.

Difficult conversations . . . Guns, Paranoia And Aging Parents

Debates about guns continue and everyone agrees that guns should be kept out of the wrong hands. But no one is discussing impaired elders with guns. We’ve run into the issue more than once here at, consulting with families. The adult child, our client, seeks advice about the parent who is in poor health and probably has dementia. A lot of problems come up involving the need for care, when Dad should stop driving, who has the power of attorney, and the like. And mixed into the adult children’s worries is what to do about Dad’s gun collection. Or the pistol he has in the house.

Where’s the ACLU when you need them? . . . KC police disarm antifa groups, others at Washington Square rally

Kansas City police ordered armed antifa groups and others to remove ammunition from their weapons and from their possession at a rally Saturday morning in Washington Square Park.

The armed individuals peacefully complied. Several with the antifa groups said the action violated their rights under state law allowing them to openly carry weapons. They said they planned to fight the order but decided not to take any action at the park.

“We don’t see any merit to fight it now,” said one person who removed ammunition from a rifle under order of the police.

That’s a lot of work, but again, you can’t stop the signal. . . . Making an AR-15 from soda cans. Extreme recycling! FarmCraft101

A YouTube first! I melt aluminum cans, cast it in a mold, and then machine into an AR-15 lower receiver. This was a huge project for me, and I learned a lot. I think I will make a multi-part video series of the complete build with all the challenges, hiccups, and details.

An over-reaction? . . . Weapons found in worker’s car spurs movie theater evacuation

Hundreds of people were safely evacuated from a movie theater after authorities say guns, ammunition and a grenade were found in a theater employee’s car.

Howell police say Jacob Cavanaugh faces weapons charges. But they don’t believe the 24-year-old Manchester man intended to harm anyone at the Xscape theater Friday night.

Police say the theater’s manager approached an officer and said another employee reported that Cavanaugh had shown him guns in his car earlier in the week.

So who’s gong to follow up on these reports? . . . ‘Lie And Try’ To Buy A Gun In Washington? New Law Requires Dealer To Report You

Every time gun dealers sell a gun, they must run a background check on the buyer. Now, if the buyer fails that check dealers have to fill out a special report by logging into a special website, entering the information on the failed purchaser, and submit the form.

Previously, Washington gun dealers like Don Teague of Private Sector Arms in Olympia, weren’t required to report failed background checks. But that changed this summer when a new law went into effect that targets felons, domestic abusers and other prohibited gun buyers who lie about their background and try to purchase a firearm.

Master Engraver Otto Carter‘s next Cabot 1911 is nearing completion. Like his previous work, only more so, “Angels & Demons” takes engraving way beyond decoration, including the words “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Otto tells TTAG the gun will be completed “soon.”

Now is the Winter of our content . . . Modern Family’s Ariel Winter wears tiny hotpants to pose with guns in controversial new Instagram pictures – saying she’s ‘preparing for the zombie apocalypse’

U.S citizens living in California and over the age of 18 are able to buy either a rifle or a shot gun through a licensed dealer. They must provide evidence of their identity, age and that they reside in the U.S.

To buy a hand gun you have to be over 21 and possess a Firearm Safety Certificate or qualify for an FSC exemption. They must also take part in and pass a safety demonstration.

The image confused Ariel’s fans after she openly supported Hilary [sic] Clinton, who wanted more gun control, during the last American election.

Yeah, that is confusing — unless you want to work in liberal La La Land.

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  1. Sooooo…cans of pop(or 🍺) for my next AR?!? Sounds great! Nothing unusual about the cute chick with guns. She’s probably too dim to get the irony after supporting the hildebeast…and it’s tre chic😋😋😋

  2. Yeah liberals aren’t very good at the goose and gander thing. They just assume the laws are for someone else. The lady probably is using “zombie” when she means white, racist, conservative, males.

  3. It’s possible to be denied a transfer and not know you were on a list somewhere. So now they plan to arrest people who flunk the test?

    • And there is of course the false positive issue, where someone is denied because they have the same/similar name as a prohibited person.

  4. At least the police did SOMETHING about Antifa, instead of just being ordered by the mayor to stand down.

    Forcing them to disarm? I don’t know that I have a problem with forcing a domestic terrorist organization to disarm, especially when they have avowed violence by any means.

    Hell, even the Obama administration considered labeling Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.
    “In fact, DHS formally classified their activities as “domestic terrorist violence” during the final year of the former Obama administration”

    • Until you are the one viewed as the domestic terrorist.

      Allowing a disarm to an otherwise “law abiding” group, no matter how much we disagree with their views opens the tiny seam in the big picture.

      Rights are rights, and as we preach to others, until that boundary is stepped across, they must be upheld equally.

      • Bob,

        I am with you almost 100%.

        Please note: a group that rejects unalienable rights (e.g. First Amendment) and assaults/murders people who are voicing defense of unalienable rights has issued a de facto declaration of war on We the People of the United States of America.

        We should afford the same courtesy to them as we did to Japan, Germany, and Italy in World War II.

        Remember, Antifa is not fighting to defend unalienable rights. Rather, Antifa is fighting to eliminate unalienable rights.

        • Uncommon, unfortunately that is the risk we run in guaranteeing unalienable rights to all men. Sometimes crazy people will threaten to destroy our society with the very rights we hold most high.

          As a society we must stand up against these people or risk being taken over. But removing their rights will only lead to removing our rights and then they have won anyways because we destroyed our own society

        • The Duke,

          I get what you are saying. You may not have noticed how carefully I chose my words. I did not pronounce Antifa at war with the good people of the United States because I do not like their political views or because I consider their speech to be offensive. I pronounced Antifa at war with the good people of the United States because Antifa is calling for the silencing and assault/murder of the good people of the United States who are not of like mind with Antifa.

          I support free speech — even “offensive” speech or speech calling for a radical change to our various governments. What I do not support is speech which calls for the infringement of rights of people who have harmed no one. We should never tolerate “speech” which calls for the mass execution, assault, or silencing of a demographic which does not seek to harm us.

        • Every Communist must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” – Mao Zedong 6 November 1938.

          Now you can say this is a commie thing, but then consider all of the federal agencies that have armed up over the past 8 years of BO’s rein and before. Local police with military equipment? Who is that for, us? It can work both ways and ultimately it is up to a well armed militia to assure we preserve our freedom from whom ever treads on it.

      • Agreed. While I find those antifa folks clueless and more, they have a right to have arms per the law and 2ndA. So if open carry is ok there so be it. And as long as he/she is carrying the firearm lawfully and not menacing others with it, there should be no police action against them of any kind. Cross that line, then get disarmed, arrested, etc. Otherwise it is a slipper slope as my freedom supporter is another person’s terrorist, etc.

      • I tend to agree with you, Bob. They have the Second Amendment right too no matter how much I detest those liberal scum. It’s no different than making us unload our legally carried firearm.

  5. Some misinformation about the California FSC. We use to have a HSC (handgun), but now it is generally “firearm” safety cert, and is required for ALL firearms transactions. Passing the test requires familiarity with the four rules, differences between various types of firearms (revolvers, pistols, bolt actions, lever guns, etc.), common sense safe storage issues and the specific law here about guns away from minors, as well as a passing familiarity with the state’s firearm transfer laws. A safety demonstration (loading and unloading the specific firearm) is required at the time of transfer. The dealer will show you how its done before you have to do it if you lack familiarity with a weapon you’ve barely handled.

  6. I don’t care if antifa gets disarmed. To them the 2nd amendment is just a means to an end – overthrowing the U.S. and creating a communist government. If they ever accomplished such a thing you can be sure they’d ban guns.

  7. Cool vid. I can’t imagine how long it took him to do all of that work. Honestly, I’ll spend $50 and buy the lower when I need another. Good to know it can be done in a pinch.

  8. I have to admit, it would’ve been pretty amusing to watch Mister Living-In-Moms-Basement Tough Guy fumbling around dumping rounds all over the ground as he nervously unloads his rifle in front of a cop while sweating under that ski mask and trying to keep from wetting his pants. It would have been so satisfying to let out with a loud Nelson Muntz “HA-HA!” right then.

    • “He and several others whose faces were covered said they were concerned about becoming the target of harassment if their identities became public.”

      Plain English translation: They fear criminal prosecution.

    • I don’t like “antifa” any more than anyone else, but I’m not certain it’d be a laughing matter. If an entire gang of goons, badge-possessing or otherwise, has already unlawfully drawn and aimed weapons on an open-carrying citizen and makes some demand (disarm, submit, etc. or else suffer violence at the hands of said gang) and had real intention of using them should the citizen refuse their demand, just how would you expect said citizen to effectively say no to the gang? I doubt many such citizens, basement-dwelling or otherwise, would have too credible an answer to that.

      The article doesn’t state that there was some specific crime that the punks were committing, so I am assuming that the disarmament was forcible and illegitimate and that the order for such was an unlawful one. If I’m wrong, I would be happy to be corrected.

      The “antifa” might be a bad joke, but I think this is a serious matter to think about when dealing with open-carry political-speech action.

      • You’re not wrong, but my comment was more about the photo. Doesn’t look like anyone is “drawn down” on the guy, and the image of a guy trying to be an intimidating thug wearing a mask fumbling to unload his gun is funny to me. These antifa twats act pretty tough when they’re hiding their faces and have a mob of other thugs behind them, but it seems they wilt pretty quickly when the situation changes.

        It’s not surprising none of them were willing to go to jail to defend their 2A rights, though, since they don’t seem to respect the 1A, either.

  9. I applaud young Ariel for learning and doing something that few of her contemporaries in Hollywood have, but someone needs to tell her the whole Zombie apocalypse thing is like 4 years ago.

    • They need to be unmasked in public. I actually thought most States, towns, ect had laws about being masked.

      Dunno, but it bothers me. Open Carry fine, even at political rally’s but no masks period. Wear a mask, get arrested, identified and charges not tossed out or plea bargained down.

  10. Theater employee had a grenade… seriously? A live grenade or just one of those dummy practice grenades they sell as paper weights? I’m betting the latter. I’m sick and tired of the cops and media exaggerating the threat posed by an otherwise law abiding weapons aficionado.

  11. Ari Winter…The chick that complained about her previous boobies being too big and that we only cared about her for those big boobies, so she got a boobie reduction.
    Now spends her days showing off her new boobies (and her butt cheeks) while still complaining that she is objectified by America.
    In her brain this pic is as much about her than any prop (gun). And no, I ain’t complaining about her pics, at all.

  12. I’m all for disarming Antifa, putting them in jail even.
    But please do that the right way. Even they deserve a fair trial and enjoy their civil rights until the court decided otherwise.
    So just declare them a domestic terrorism organisation and then you can arrest them and do whatever you want from there. But police just running around and telling people the second amendment isn’t worth anything anymore is not ok. They either commited a real crime right there or they did not, in which case they can just peacefully stand there with as many guns as they desire.

  13. As far as the AntiFa being disarmed, yes they have RKBA, but also how many times have we talked about
    the trifecta of not being some place.
    doing things
    I wouldn’t go where stupid people are armed, including Anti-AntiFa

  14. If antifa can be disarmed why cant someone like the oath keepers be legally disarmed next time they show up somewhere they mostly arent wanted?

    If the antifa kids had showed up wearing body armor, in greater numbers, looking a little more seasoned like other militia groups do, i highly doubt they would have been disarmed so quickly.

    Isnt the point of showing up with rifles that the police cant tell you to leave?

    • Where in the world did you get that? If I am carrying 20 guns and the cops order me to leave, I am LEAVING, not getting into a gunfight with cops. The guns are to defend your life. Period.

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