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The consequences of racist douchebaggery . . . They waved the Confederate flag and a shotgun at a black child’s party. Now they’re headed to prison on terrorism charges. – “The 10 men and five women who made up ‘Respect the Flag’ harassed black drivers as well as customers at a Walmart and a convenience store. Then they happened upon a birthday party being held in Douglasville for an 8-year-old black child. Witnesses told the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit group that tracks hate crimes, that after driving the trucks across the property belonging to the child’s grandmother, the men exited the vehicles. The ‘Respect the Flag’ group began to yell racial epithets and shout death threats.”

Ruger Heads to 2017 IWA OutdoorClassics Show – Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is heading back to Europe for the 2017 IWA OutdoorClassics show from March 3-6. The Ruger exhibit booth will be located in Hall 7A / 7A-406 again this year. Visitors to the show will have an opportunity to meet with Ruger representatives and view a large assortment of Ruger products that includes time-honored classics as well as exciting, newly introduced models. 2017 marks the 44th annual IWA OutdoorClassics Show hosted in Nuremburg, Germany. This international trade fair features outdoor equipment, functional clothing and hunting and shooting sports exhibitors from the retail firearms industry.

AMTAC Announces Military & Law Enforcement Discount Program – “Salt Lake City-based AMTAC Suppressors, the industry’s leading over-barrel suppressor manufacturer, today launched their Military & Law Enforcement Discount program designed to give back to military, police, and other first responders. The program provides a substantial discount to qualifying professionals and veterans on the full line of AMTAC products.” Click the image or link above for the details.

Who says an attractively dressed woman can’t conceal a handgun?

How many ounces can you get for a M&P9? . . . Feds: Baggage handler at Austin airport stole guns from bags, traded for pot – “A baggage handler at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has been arrested by the FBI after an investigation found he stole guns from baggage, several of which he traded for marijuana, according to the Justice Department. … (Ja’Quan) Johnson has been charged with theft from an interstate shipment and possession of stolen firearms. Investigators believe he stole several handguns between Nov. 29 and Feb. 2, the release said.”

Witness: Man Pulled Gun On Bus Because He Was Running Late – “A man with a gun barricaded himself inside a Regional Transportation District bus on Tuesday afternoon. Police arrested the man a short time later. The man pulled out what appeared to be a gun on board the bus as it was headed eastbound on West Colfax Avenue at Oak Street. The female driver of the bus immediately called police and let everyone off the bus except the man in the back.”

Because nothing bad has every happened in a library . . . Bill allowing guns in libraries fails again – “On a 14-16 vote the Senate killed legislation that would have allowed those who have a permit to carry a concealed weapon to bring them in to public buildings like libraries and rec centers. Building operators could maintain that gun-free status only by installing metal detectors and hiring security guards. Republicans Kate Brophy McGee (above) of Phoenix, Frank Pratt of Casa Grande and Bob Worsley of Mesa joined with Democrats to provide the margin for defeat.”

For all you shade tree gunsmiths:

One too many “tweaks”.

Russia’s Kalashnikov Company to Start Producing Toy Guns – “Russian machine gun giant Kalashnikov is looking to develop branded toys or entertainment products, starting with a realistic airsoft gun, the company announced Wednesday. The Kalashnikov Concern, which is part of Russia’s state-owned Rostec contractor, registered 27 trademarks in the toys, games and entertainment category, it said in a statement.”

One step closer to SkyNet in San Diego?

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  1. The folks in the first story were asking for trouble and they found it.

    That said, as a country we’ve taken this whole “terrorism” thing a bit too far when it comes to the charges people get. Sure, what these people did was stupid, racist and illegal. Terrorism though? I think not. The law appears to be worded to use the term and impose harsh sentences based on “the terror” a street gang creates. Quite literally charging people with a more severe crime due to the feelz of others. Awesome.

    I suspect that the folks at the DA’s office decided to go with that because they figured they could get them on a technical violation and it would carry a stiffer sentence than a slew of charges that were actually appropriate for the circumstances.

    • How exactly did these people think this was going to work out? Terrorizing a kids birthday, for what? In a lot of cases the law against terrorism may be misapplied. But in this case it sounds right.

      At least until the move douchebaggery up to major felony class.

      • I’m not saying that what they did was in any way right. I find it repugnant.

        However, using the legal system to exact what would be more aptly termed “vengeance” with excessively long sentencing under “terrorism” laws as the remedy to outrageous, stupid and socially abhorrent behavior isn’t right either.

        • Really? Let me see if I have this straight. A bunch of idiots drive across my lawn to get out of their cars and wave around a shotgun at my kids? I would have killed, and killed, and killed until I ran out of ammo, and then I would have tried their shotgun for a while. Keep them in prison FOREVER!

      • “At least until the move douchebaggery up to major felony class.”

        Ha, you’d need to build prisons the size of countries if that became a felony.

      • it was clearly terrorism, as classically defined. Crimes (often violent) against civilians, motivated by political fervor or for political influence is the text book definition of terrorism.

      • Terrorism is defined as using lethal force to perpetuate attacks that end in death or serious injury, against civilian populations, in order to accomplish political goals.

        If the partygoers had been shot at or attacked, and the goal was directly stated as to prevent black birthday parties by “making an example” of that one, then a terrorism charge might apply.

        This case might be trespassing, aggravated assault, but not true terrorism.

        Some states may have laws that are more lazily worded, and the feds are always trying to make criminals out of everyone by expanding their power in a way to make the Stasi jealous. I’m not saying this didn’t qualify under some badly worded state law, or that a new law wasn’t invented by the prosecutor.

        If you have ever cared to look, the founders had a big problem with the whole concept of “treason” because they saw it as a catch-all-inclusive way for corrupt politicians to impose the death penalty on anyone and everyone who resisted absolute despotism. Every man who signed the Declaration of Independence was a “traitor” and in the constitution they go to some lengths to make sure that “treason” crimes cannot be invented by the government when it is convenient.

        Terrorism is OUR treason. It will cost all our blood and the blood of our children if we do not recognize this threat for what it is. We have already entered stage 2 – now they are declaring ISIS fans terrorists.

        If you remember back to 9/11, it used to be that terrorists had to have terrorist ties. Money had to change hands. Meetings and secret communications had to be documented. Orders had to be passed to cells.

        Now, ISIS doesn’t pay anyone, or have leadership, or have a structure that anyone in the US can access, but anyone who likes to see a beheading video and cheer against the infidel is now a terrorist, regardless of whether they have any link to terrorist organizations.

        Why Uncle Pickle, you Hajji loving communist! You like muslim terrorists huh?

        Not at all, but the issue is that there is a logical stage 3 very near upon us. Declaring patriot groups as terror groups, and inflicting savage punishment or threats against any membership (because you backed them up when they made a terrorism allegation so easy to throw around remember? Remember the idiots and the black kid’s birthday party? Remember how you all supported a terrorism charge for racists who didn’t injure anyone or even try?)

        The Southern Poverty Law Center (who showed their treasonous mug in this story) and the Anti-defamation League and all the fake-authority statist stand-ins have been doing this for years. What, I ask you, would be the point of labeling any association of patriots that cares about the constitution a hate group if that is where they expect it to end? They get up everyday solely for the satisfaction of calling militias a mean name? No, they have an expectation of receiving bribes and compensation from the government after it steals everything the militia owns.

        “It is well known that _______________ is an extremist hate group, as has been documented by ____, ____,_____ (insert liberal-funded bought and paid for yes-men), and this act by the membership (translation: one guy who used to post on their website a few times per month did something) shows that the group has transitioned into terrorism.”

        Stage 1 – Define terrorism as loosely as possible, and make the penalties cruel and unusual.
        Stage 2 – Blur logical lines regarding membership or participation. Make individuals into terrorists because of loose affiliation or claimed enthusiasm for a terrorist group.
        Stage 3 – Now make groups responsible to for the actions of individuals. A person kills people and claims to be part of a group (truly or falsely), now that group is suspected of terrorist activity.
        Stage 4 – ?
        Stage 5 – ? Cleanse?

        I’m not making this up. read about the early days of any dictator or oppressive communist regime and this is exactly what they do. Read about the Reichstag Fire. Virtually identical to what I’m talking about.

        Or, if someone can’t be convinced of the truth of this, imagine you are celebrating your kid’s birthday at your house in a crappy part of town and a bunch of black thugs roll up in their low-riders and trespass for a while and call you names. Would you expect them to get the same treatment as a 9/11 hijacker?

        • you make alot of sense, except for the part where you ignore the widespread media-fetish for black people regardless of their diminished brain capacity, inferior intelligence, lack of empathy, penchant for violence and predisposition to spread disease. the natural immune reaction of whites, to shun the negro, is hereby criminalized. and we are all worse off for it

        • “Terrorism is defined as using lethal force to perpetuate attacks that end in death or serious injury, against civilian populations, in order to accomplish political goals.”

          Terrorism is the use of violence to instill terror or fear in order to achieve political aims. The violence doesn’t have to be lethal. It doesn’t even need to be an attempt at something lethal.

          Pointing firearms at people and threatening them with death are acts of violence. The criminals in question did just that, and they did it in support of their political cause regarding the display of the confederate flag in SC.

          I don’t think terrorism needs to be treated as legally different from the same violent actions done for non-terrorist reasons, but what they did was indeed terrorism.

        • “you make alot of sense, except for …”

          You don’t make ANY sense Herb.

          Why is it always the least intelligent, least accomplished whites who are incessantly ranting about the superiority of their race?

          Arguendo, if whites were superior as a race, it certainly wouldn’t include YOU. The mouth-breathing “Respect the flag” types of whites are clearly less intelligent, less civilized, and less affluent than the average black person.

        • @Jer

          Terrorism needs to at least have some kind of premeditation behind it.

          If you go through and read the article there’s an even bigger problem: they’re trying to imprison them on account of “Gang activity and terrorism”

          They literally defined their stupid club as a street gang, AFTER the fact of a criminal offense that was not gang-related racketeering, money laundering, or any of the “special” crimes that somehow are worse than rape or murder in most states.

          Herein lies the problem. What if other people were part of the “Respect the Flag” group and were not present?

          Essentially, what has happened here is that the state of Georgia has declared that the intent of a group, its activities, its history, are meaningless in defining it if any membership does anything the state deems obnoxious, and other participants can be declared as criminals ex-post-facto.

          This is Extremely Dangerous. This is bill of attainder territory.

          Another thing…

          “Terrorism is the use of violence to instill terror or fear in order to achieve political aims. The violence doesn’t have to be lethal. It doesn’t even need to be an attempt at something lethal.” – Jer

          If this is the case, we’ll have to call in an airstrike the next time blacks riot in the street after a common criminal gets shot.

          If you think about it, this is absurd. The Ferguson rioters were rioters and arsonists, but I would hesitate to call them “terrorists” like in the Al-Qaeda sense. And if you want to go there, you’d have to follow the money trail to Soros and the Democrat-funded agitation and violence funding sources.

          At least there we have a funding source, and orders passed on to “cells” of potential terrorists using violence at Trump rallies or wherever in order to intimidate and try to inflict their politics.

          Black Lives Matter is an order of magnitude closer to a “terrorist group” than this batch of drunk racist assholes driving around town.

          Throw the book at them for aggravated assault and trespassing. But, what makes us different from everyone else in the world is that we don’t let politicians charge people with ridiculously inflated crimes when they think it will raise a cheer.

          That’s it, that’s the difference between us, and Nazi Germany after the Reichstag fire.

          There is a large difference between “defending” reprehensible people, and controlling your government. They are just sharpening their knives for you, and this is their practice.

      • If people get sentenced to over a decade in prison there better be a body. I’m not one for supporting sentencing reform, but these clowns would have gotten less time if they were slinging crack.

        • If they’d crashed your kids birthday party, armed and looking for trouble what sentence would you have given them? Is death more extreme than 10 years in prison?

          These are not the people we need to defend. I’m reasonably certain any of us would have shot til slide lock if they had rolled up on us.

        • “If they’d crashed your kids birthday party, armed and looking for trouble what sentence would you have given them? Is death more extreme than 10 years in prison?”

          The law should never, ever, be brought down to the level of “What if this were YOUR child?”
          Even though prosecutors do it all the time, it should never be done.
          The law is supposed to apply equally to all (note, I said “is supposed to”). That means the victim isn’t special, even if the victim is part of a “special” class. The crime is supposed to be the same, no matter who the victim is.
          At least, that’s how things are supposed to be.
          Birthday party for children, churchgoers, pedestrians in a mall, all are supposed to be afforded the same protection under the law. That means singling out the children as somehow “special” is wrong.
          The remedy, if you think your victimized child is deserving of a harsher punishment for the perp, is civil court. Yes, I know, these idiots probably have little more than the pickup truck they rode in on, but that’s still the way it’s supposed to work.
          Don’t get me started on “hate crimes.” I seriously doubt violent crimes are carried out in the name of love, certain football players notwithstanding.

        • As I understand it, the accused:
          (1) trespassed
          (2) hurled insults
          (3) looked angry
          (4) brandished firearms
          (5) did NOT aim firearms at anyone
          (6) did NOT physically strike anyone

          Then I believe they deserve something like 18 months in prison for felony menacing/intimidation.

          If the accused also directly threatened the party attendees, then they deserve something like 5 years in prison.

          Sentences of 10 to 20 years in prison are beyond the pale.

        • I’m a big fan of “show me the victim”. If you’re putting somebody behind bars, there sure as hell better be either an injury or a dead body.

      • Harassment already covers what they did.

        As long as the dittoheads insists that we are “at war with the terrorists”, these guys don’t really seem qualified as anyone worthy of America being “at war” with….

        But then again, Newspeak sells in Progressivestan.

  2. More like: “The consequences of racist (smacist) judicial system and Politically Correct douchebaggery”?

    The fact IS proud Whites cruised around with a Confederate flag attached to the bed of their pickup truck and were attacked by bottle and rock throwing Blacks then the Whites found themselves being crucified, persecuted for being White.

    • So you support pulling a shotgun at a kids birthday after you crashed the party? Gabby at least has a bullet to the head to explain her brain damage. What’s your excuse?

      • The last I heard driving around on a PUBLIC thoroughfare in a registered, insured pickup truck with a Confederate flag flying from the bed is completely “LEGAL” as opposed to throwing glass bottles and rocks at vehicles passing by your home which if I remember correctly is “ILLEGAL” everywhere.

        Now run along, don’t you have a highway to block?.

        • “Witnesses told the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit group that tracks hate crimes, that after driving the trucks across the property belonging to the child’s grandmother, the men exited the vehicles”

          Drove onto private property and got out of the truck. Had that been a bunch of wannabe Kluxxers at my grandson’s party, there would have been no need for a trial, just a meat wagon. Now, run along and take poison in a bunker somewhere. Kill your dog, first. We all know you ain’t got a girlfriend.

      • Only the so-called “victims” claim there was a shotgun present but THEY don’t have ANY reason to lie do THEY? Of course NOT, “Whitey is the devil” and the SJW’s reporting the “news” will run with falsehoods in order to pander to and ingratiate themselves with the “oppressed” never mind the Fake News casts Whites in a “negative” light on a daily basis..

        Everyone MUST take into account the “climate” when this supposed “crime” occurred, the Left and the BLM bowel movement spurred to action by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was manufacturing “Hate Crimes” and tearing down Confederate Battle Flags across the South in addition to defiling monuments dedicated to brave CSA soldiers.

        • There was video of the incident. Also, if someone did throw something at your vehicle. Driving back, waving a shotgun and making death treats really falls outside of self defense. And while their initial actions may be legal, the subsequent behavior shows that they were looking for trouble and hoping to spark a conflict.

    • Wow.
      Soooo, wow.
      Mr. Dummy, even eating a Snicker’s is not gonna help this.

        • …. and the Black “utes” that attacked NYC’s Bernie Goetz on the subway were just coming home from a hard days work, yeah THAT lie took months to debunk and nearly cost an innocent man his entire life.

          “Race traitor” is NOT a “becoming” description.

        • “Race Traitor” is only used by white supremecists. Skinheads. Klan. They’re the flip side to the #BLM coin. Same people, just different shades of tan.

  3. Great powerful message to drill into every amateur gunsmiths head to make damn sure to know what you’re doing. Also, fuck it, leg off for me and a cybernetic peg leg upgrade.

    • The one area where I would recommend that DIY gun mods never be done is the trigger group or safety mechanism of guns, especially non-striker type mechanisms where people don’t understand the intersection of angles, polishing, spring forces, engagement, clearances, etc.

      Too many people are now believing themselves “gunsmiths” because they know how to change some parts in a Glock or AR.

  4. Perhaps you have not been paying attention to the “Southern Poverty Law Center”. This bunch of radical marxist “douchbags” is oone a “leading” group of anti-American racists in this nation. The prototype of “community organizer”/

    On NO occasion does a responsible adult use them as any “source”. Sticking with Wikipedia will serve you better. They are despicable slime.

    • The SPLC had nothing to do with the criminal case other than reporting it, and the same report appeared in other MSM articles. The State of Georgia prosecuted the case, and the Georgia Superior Court sentenced these people for the crimes for which they’d been convicted. So what’s your point?

      • “The SPLC had nothing to do with the criminal case other than reporting it,”?

        Yeah right. Grow up.

        You mean the SAME “SPLC” that claimed there have been over 2,000 “Hate Crimes” against Moslems (DEBUNKED) since Trump won the election on Nov 8th? That “SPLC”?

        Maybe it’s the “SPLC” that advanced the lie that a dozen LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ’er’s committed suicide the night on Nov 8th when the election results came in, THAT “SPLC”?

        Remember it was the SPLC that championed the innocent “boy” I mean “toddler” Trayvon Martin and who published a media guide, the exact same SPLC that said MikeBrown was “unarmed” and a “Gentle Giant” when he brutally attacked Officer Darren Wilson.

        Yeah the SPLC has NOTHING to do with swaying public sentiment OR tainting a jury pool.

      • As most of us have seen, reporting is not always reporting.
        If the “reporting” leaves out salient facts, the “reporter” can claim to have told the truth. Just not the whole truth.
        SPLC, has a history of “reporting” the facts it deems to be important, leaving our other, “distracting” facts.
        I’m not familiar with this particular case, but if I wanted to become more familiar with it, I would look at this particular “reporting,” and consider it only a jumping off point, and do more research to see the whole story. Or at least as much of it as I could find (often, especially in breaking news stories, all the salient facts aren’t known for months or even years. And what we see/hear at a trial may bear little resemblance to reality, depending on the ability of the defendant to hire competent representation, and the desire of the prosecutor/DA to get re-elected.
        IOW, what we see is too often manipulated by people with no real desire to report the truth.

  5. Ms. Eisenzimmer is v e r y lucky.
    As are those others in attendance that day.
    I have always errored on the side of safety, and apply that principle to my firearm upkeep.
    A little polishing of the feed ramp, or replacing of springs is as far as it goes.
    Bubba gun-smithing is a dangerous thing indeed.
    Hire a professional!

  6. Too freaking bad redneck azzwholes. Even the southern poverty pimps get it right occasionally. Have fun in the joint ?

  7. ” Republicans Kate Brophy McGee (above) of Phoenix, Frank Pratt of Casa Grande and Bob Worsley of Mesa joined with Democrats to provide the margin for defeat…”

    take note, Arizona gun people.

    • I voted for Bob worsley. This douchebag replaced one of the most pro gun senators in the country. We will fix this next time.

    • No but there were books there

      Now in my head I’m thinking of Oswald taking a cue from Indiana Jones and timing his shots to match a librarian stamping books

  8. Ain’t gonna lie. I’m going to look into that LE discount for a good .22 suppressor.
    And I’m glad they caught JaQuann. (Im guessing he is a white Amish kid). I’m flying into Austin in less than two weeks, and guess what I’ll be packing…

    • Yep, I just submitted their online application. I’ve been coveting their 9mm over-barrel Hornet for my JP 9mm PCC. I was going to wait to see what happened on the DC front regarding the HPA but I doubt anything will happen within a year or two. They don’t indicate the amount of discount but anything will help.

  9. I read in one story they brandished firearms. A handgun and shotgun. Is this true ? If that happened at my 8 year-olds birthday there might have been some return fire. (I did not read that they fired a weapon). You can argue about what constitutes terrorism all you want but I can tell you how my 8 year would have felt. Other than blatant racism, I can’t see any reason or excuse for what they did.

  10. AMTAC running a discount? So it’s a discount of a product that is already jacked up 200% but now discounted for LE and Mil?

    Is that like the rebate at SilencerCo that’s not really a rebate but a store credit to their online store, where everything is 25-50% than on GB or through a vendor?

    Like it or not, we’re all waiting for HPA to pass, and if HPA doesn’t pass, they can all go bankrupt. As consumers, we have no obligation to support the firearms industry. They either innovate or go out of business.

    Having said that, does anyone know when HPA is going to pass? I’m getting tinnitus from shooting this 50 cal, and I think I need a silencer.

  11. “…Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit group that tracks hate crimes”
    A stopped clock is right twice a day, but don’t lose site of the fact that these treacherous bastards are part of a very dangerous stopped clock. They’ve done a lot of obvious and well-reported harm, so — even in passing — a less glib description of the organization was in order.

  12. Even if the sear failed, allowing striker to move forward, the firing pin block should have stopped it unless the trigger was pulled. Was it removed as well? If they took it apart enough to look at the sear, any changes to the firing pin block or parts thereof should have been obvious, but there is no mention of it.

  13. Southern Perpetual Lie Center. You all misspelled it above…

    And wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone simply minded their own business?

    • Starting with racist douchebags, yes, it would be great if everybody minded their own business.

  14. Libraries are increasingly being used as public meeting and exchange spaces for separated and estranged parents to swap kids for visitation or to have supervised visitation with a (unarmed) social worker. They are also go-to locations for frantic sobbing women trying to hide from their drunken boyfriends or where one or both halves of a couple go to try their hand at online dating. In the cities they are also sites for after school brawls. We’ve also had drug deals on site and meth being cooked up in the bathroom on more than one occasion.

    Really, from what I’ve seen over the past decade as a librarian, how a library has not been the scene of some disgruntled domestic dispute child-slaughtering massacre I have no idea.

    As with any other public building anything and everything shitty that people could possibly do can and does happen at your local public library. As the poster says “Blast off with books!”

    • Ah, another wonderful benefit of living in the big city, no doubt. Really sad. Here in my small rural community, the library is where you go to get books, a few internet connections, and lots of movies, etc. No homeless, no domestic disputes or gatherings, no social workers or any of that crap. The Friends of the Library meet there monthly, along with a few other civic groups, but there have been no problems in all the years I’ve lived here.

      Oh… and I am openly armed each weekly visit. The librarians say they feel safer when I come armed… and nobody else seems to even notice.

      As I’ve said so many times… the risk of an attack here is very low (even if you include wild animals). But there is no place on earth where the risk is zero. I’d rather have it and never need it, than to need it and not have it. And I’ve come much too close to needing it several times – but so far not in the library. I stay out of other government buildings as much as is humanly possible.

      • Thanks, Mama, I did not recognize that description of a library, tho I haven’t been in one for years, last time, the community library was in the high school!

    • Those Arazonians must be REALLY bad people, having to be prohibited from carrying in their libraries, unlike most of the rest of America who are not restricted from carrying in libraries. What stupid reasons these anti-liberty control freaks keep coming up with to deny people their rights.

  15. Fact is I cannot think of one person ever charged with a hate crime that is not a white person. I think it is without dispute that hate crime laws are directly focused at white people committing an act while distraught and emotionally locked in the moment/ situation causing said distress. I lost most respect for the courts when they started making human emotion a crime. Everyone has hate; to say you do not is denile and a self-imposed refusal to accept what is chaffing your ass. Terrorism, inflicting the populous with pain death and fear to propagate your agenda, usually political such a Mohamedism/”Muslim! Not all emotional acts done are out of passion some are from indoctrination. Nonetheless, if you’re white like me and you sick and tired of being accused of hating or being anything the left can conceive, than do the right thing and send a liberal and a democrat to the unemployment office. Ho’ Yah’ LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH ARTICULATELY.

    • “to say you do not is denile”
      “if you’re white like me and you sick and tired”
      “than do the right thing”

      English. It’s apparently harder than you think.

      • Terrorism, inflicting the populous with pain death and fear to propagate your agenda, usually political such a Mohamedism/”Muslim! Not all emotional acts done are out of passion some are from indoctrination.

        Both of those “sentences” could use some work as well.

        • Not trying to teach grammar, not trying to write a Novel either. You typo critics/police got the point. thus you read my thread. It’s just a thread, don’t grab your sidearm and get your pannies in a bunch.
          It really appears that you have no actual statement of any value. I posted on the article, you cunt’s just look for someone to circuit, it’s not totally your fault. You’re just slaves to your low social skills and primitive first reaction to new stimuli. Now do I really have to tell you !@#$-off.

  16. Good ole southern Democrat’s in action! Figures main Pimp is gone from white house, they’s just good ole folks who found out the black family didn’t vote for their main squeeze!

  17. The Nazi Holocaust changed everything.. racism, in and of itself, is seen by its targets as an existential threat. What astounds me is not the reaction of minorities but their lack thereof, their patience thus far. It would take very little to shut down the USA in terms of counterattacks from oppressed minority groups.. they could shut down the power grid or the food supply in just a few hours. Racism, in the USA particularly, is a very dangerous path.

    • And here after all the comments about the skinheads I thought I was the only one to notice that video.
      So about that: I noticed she was wearing a black skirt in front of a dark background, a form fitting top and didnt turn around to show different angles.
      Conclusion? She was actually carrying several guns openly in the small-of-the-back position and was printing so badly with the others she would have drawn fewer stares just carrying them openly too. Seems like a poorly done ripoff of Dene Adams’ vid demonstrating how lazy and ineffective purse carry is.

  18. It is really sad when people step into the character that the news shows. There is nothing wrong with the confederate flag(in any form). Most blacks in the South know this. When Obama came out and pushed to take it down from state properties, he was wrong, wrong, wrong(just like in so many of the other things he influenced). He has caused a wider racism gap than we have seen since the 60s.
    The Stars and Bars just scream “FREEDOM”. Any country that would allow a conquered part of itself to fly a symbol of the division can see some of its faults and allow people to heal.
    The flag is not about slavery, in any shape or form. It is “apple pie” to the people that are desended from good people, that fought the good fight, and then were raped along with those that did not fight. The Stars and Bars are, indeed, anti damnyankee. When we see the abuses done in the south and the lies and broken promises they told the freed slaves, all blacks should also be behind it.

    • Someone must not have read their own history. All of the South’s most prominent figures of the time have said that the Stars N’ Bars are all about the institution of slavery, which was as a matter of long-settled historical fact the primary reason for the Civil War, and the immoral fight to keep it. The Confederate battle flag is anachronistic, and belongs in museums forevermore. The South will not rise again. It is no longer in contest with the Union and never will be again. There is absolutely zero reason for it to fly anywhere on state property but in Confederate graveyards, and museums. It doesn’t scream “FREEDOM.” It NEVER did. It actually screamed, “WE HAVE A ‘RIGHT’ TO OWN PEOPLE AS PROPERTY.” Well, no the fuck they didn’t. That issue has already been resolved.

      I don’t care if any individual chooses to plaster them all over their property or their person.

      Now, if you want to argue over the unconstitutional shit that Lincoln did and the dangerous precedents he set that still haven’t been corrected 150 years hence, and the atrocities committed by both sides during and after the war, then there can be a serious discussion.

  19. “program designed to give back to military, police, and other first responders.”

    When are we going to have a program to give back to the tax payers who pay these guy’s bloated paychecks, platinum benefits, and early pensions? Citizens on scene are the true first responders, not government employees arriving later.

  20. Seriously? You now quote WaPo articles? And you think this verdict is just? They give lesser sentences for attempted murder to people who actually shot someone. And the whole case is based on testimony of a gorup of people who would love to see the other people rot in jail for the sole fact that they waved a flag. How libtard has this website become?

  21. All it takes to bring the racists and their apologists out into the open on this page is to give a couple of their buddies an extra long sentence for terrorizing children. As often as I disagree with some of the conclusions drawn by TTAG, I very much appreciate that they don’t edit comments and let the hoodless Klan speak for themselves. Reminds me why I keep and bear arms.

  22. Shouldn’t Ja’Quan be facing charges as a prohibited person in possession and intentionally selling firearms to a prohibited person?

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