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Last legislative session, The Lone Star State legalized open carry — for LTC holders. In the wake of that victory, with 11 states now recognizing residents’ right to bear arms without a government-issued permission slip, Texas is moving to join the list of constitutional carry states. And so tomorrow . . .

A group of gun rights orgs are meeting in Austin tomorrow to talk strategy and then visit legislators’ offices to make the case for constitutional carry. All are welcome. Click here for the deets and registration (you can register on the spot).

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  1. Wait a minute. What do we have here? A woman who is a gun enthusiast that can deliver a good message without shoving her boobs in your face? And no come-hither eyes? What has TTAG become???

    • Jeez, dude. Give it a rest, already.
      What is it about attractive women supporting our civil rights that rubs your Y-chromosome the wrong way? Have you grabbed a crayon and scrawled “No Gurlz Alowd” on your deer blind door too?

      • No signs on the deer blind. All bikini clad women are welcome to join me as I hunt in just my banana sling.

  2. Thanks for the advance notice [/sarc]. I mean, this is the kind of thing I’d drive to Austin for, but I can’t just pick up and go on a couple hours’ notice. Wish I’d known about this a week ago, I would have planned for it. Good luck to ’em, and I hope they learned the lessons from Kory Watkins’ disastrous trip to the legislature last time.

  3. Due to the concerted efforts of Open Carry Texas and Open Carry Tarrant County, we were able to get a version of open carry passed last legislative season. It was hobbled, but at least we got something. Now we will be coming for the whole enchilada.

    We will be back to show all the freedom haters that we bow to no one, and that a God given right should not require a license.

    After we protest at the state capitol, let’s all take our rifles and go to Pinballs. After we play a few games at Pinballs, let’s take our rifles to Starbucks. Let’s show the snowflakes what real freedom looks like. Real men don’t drink lattes, so after we protest at Starbucks, I’m going to Dunkin Donuts with my rifle to get some coffee.

    Afterwards, let’s finish off the protest by going to the Yellow Rose. We will have to leave our rifles in our cars, but this part of the protest is worth it.

  4. Could Rachel please add support of the HPA to the list of topics to present to our beloved political leaders please?

    And if I’m shooting for the stars, let’s talk about the NFA and in particular removing SBR’s! If that happens, I may get off my *ss and build that suppressed 300BLK home defense & hog hunting AR…….

    Rachel, if you’re reading this, keep up the good work!! It’s a shame that there didn’t seem to be much advance warning of this event, even though Houston is only a couple of hours away, taking a day off means advance planning is required…….

    • @a Brit …. Thank you! We featured 4 bills, including HB 131, the “Made in Texas” bill, which would exempt suppressors and other NFA items that are made & sold in Texas from federal regulations, since the federal regulations are based on the interstate commerce clause. You can see more info on that (and the rest of our featured bills) here:

      Feel free to join the mailing list here so you get e-mails about events like this farther in advance:

      @rt55paul….. I think there’s a time and place for (almost) everything. Yesterday was the time and place for us to wear our snazzy Texas GOLD Constitutional Carry shirts and go inside the Capitol, without our rifles, and talk to the legislators (or staffers) personally about constitutional carry and other featured bills. Hope you can join us next time!

  5. Please wear your gun tee shirts, you fancy slogan gear, but please leave the rifles at home. Publicity stunts just turn people off. Most of them will assume you are CCW anyway, so don’t give the antis a photo op.


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