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Ultimately, does it really matter who builds it? . . . Maybe Mexico should build a wall to keep out our guns – “Most of the weapons used by criminal groups in Mexico originate in the United States. Each year, an average of 253,000 firearms cross the border, the overwhelming majority of which come from the Southwest states of California, Texas and Arizona.  From 2009 to 2014, more than 70% of firearms — nearly 74,000 — seized by Mexican authorities and then submitted for tracing by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms came from the United States. Many of these guns were semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 and AK-47, cartel favorites that Mexican citizens cannot buy legally.”

Making federal lands great again . . . Zinke’s first move as interior secretary is to scrap Obama-era ban on lead bullets – “Hours after literally riding into town on a horse for his first day on the job, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on Thursday scrapped an Obama-era ban on hunting with lead bullets on federal lands. The rule, put into place during the final days of the Obama administration, was cast as an attempt to prevent the lead poisoning of animals on all lands overseen by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. But critics — including sportsmen’s groups, gun rights organizations and a host of others at the federal and state levels — said it was designed to discourage hunting.”

I’ll take ‘Your Right to Own, Carry and Use Them Will be in Less Jeopardy’ for $500, Alex . .What will happen to your guns under President Trump? – “Logic would tell me that sales will slow down. After all, gun sales soared during President Obama’s eight years in office. A recent USA Today article I read stated that since Nov. 4, 2008, both Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. and Sturm, Ruger & Co. stock rose more than 1,000 percent. A similar trend was seen during the Clinton Administration as well.”

Winchester Repeating Arms® Introduces The Super X®4 Autoloading Shotgun That’s Built 4 Speed – “The new Super X4 is designed to be lighter, faster cycling, smoother swinging and more ergonomic than previous models. Key features of the Super X4 include a larger bolt handle, oversized bolt release button and a pistol grip that is slimmer and more ergonomic for both right and left-hand shooters. The total weight of the Super X4 is also less than previous models, making it quicker to swing and easier to carry.”

Birmingham organization proposes changes to gun laws, named for Gate City shooting victim – “Frank Matthews, President of the Outcast Voters League, spoke about the proposed Sheri Williams Mandatory Gun Changes Act, named for a woman who was killed in Gate City by a stray bullet in 2013. Williams was holding her 10-day-old baby as she was shot.” Among the act’s provisions; mandatory registration, universal background checks, abolition of open and concealed carry, yadda, yadda, yadda . . . .

Meanwhile, here in Texas . . . Most community colleges won’t ban guns in classrooms with minors – “With thousands of minors taking classes at community colleges in Texas, some state lawmakers predicted that it would be tricky for the schools to implement a law that allows concealed handgun license holders to carry their guns on campus. That helps explain why the Legislature gave the two-year colleges an extra year before the 2015 law went into effect. But as the Aug. 1 date approaches for when guns will be legal at the dozens of community and junior colleges across the state, the decisions on rules at many campuses are turning out to be pretty simple. Guns will most likely be allowed in most classrooms, even the ones that have students under the age of 18.”

Sure they can…they’ve shown they’re really good at it . . . Enough! Chicago cannot keep tolerating gun violence. – “If foreign terrorists had infiltrated Chicago to commit this mayhem, is there any doubt that the country would be at war? Why, then, are we wringing our hands but taking so little meaningful action when it’s Chicago residents killing each other?”

Two thirds of the firearms-related deaths in the United States each year are suicides.

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  1. “If foreign terrorists had infiltrated Chicago to commit this mayhem,

    They have. They are called Africans.

    • You can’t actually be serious with that comment, can you?

      Gang violence is entirely a product of the socioeconomic engineering program instituted by Lyndon B “democratic party will continue to exist as long as we keep the n*****s” Johnson administration. They planned the city development to create low income ghettos in order to keep the African American population from successfully integrating into the middle class so they could sell them on these social welfare programs. The byproduct of this was the creation of gangs because the people in these areas were too poor to give a shit about society.

      I am in no way defending gang behavior or trying to cast them as victims, I feel they should be punished to the full extent of the law, including mandatory minimum sentences for criminal possession of a firearm, etc. But to cast this as a racial thing is absolutely untrue. The reason the Chicago gangs are primarily black is because the Democratic party set the welfare state up that way.

        • How many genocides in Africa? How many coups? How many times have the nations of Africa been renamed in the last 100 years?

          The one thing Africans are very good at, is killing each other, beardless of the continent they happen to reside in.

        • Africa is generally believed to be the cradle of humanity, from which the species originated. Nearly every early great civilization came into being there. Sure it is virtually in chaos today, however, places like Egypt had a very long lived and prosperous nation that lasted even longer than such great nations as Rome. Even the US will likely one day decline if given time.

        • No, Stoney, what the continent of Africa proves is that when foreigners draw your national boundaries and impose them by force instead of letting you be free people, the result is a continuation of politics by force within the artificial borders and sometimes between them — especially when those foreign-imposed borders break up actual nations/peoples.

      • How many genocides in Europe, dickweed? How many coups? Take a look at a map of Europe ca 1885 and compare it to a map of today – recognize many of the names of the States? Borders look the same?


    • WTF¿!
      Why stop there?
      Be sure to include Chicago’s history of Italians (mafia) and Irish (mob).
      And my older German relatives have also shared a few “war” stories from Chi town with me.
      All with a rich tradition of killing each other, and not losing sleep on collateral damage to innocents.

      Your inability/refusal to see or understand the difference between race and culture wins you the Bigot of the Day award.

      • Identity politics have always existed, don’t be so naive.

        The feds fvcked themselves with the crackdown on traditional organized crime. Those Italians, Irish and Germans at least wore suits, went to Catholic school and had a code of honor. Unlike today’s criminal shit heels who cant even by the correct size pants.

        Say what you will, but at least western criminals have some panache.

        Breaking up the Anglo crime syndicates gave rise to the 3rd world mayhem perpetrated by the blacks and the Mexicans we have today.

        • Indeed, without a unified and powerful force to bring order to the lawlessness, these splintered gangs have turned rabid. This one has often mused on whether or not it was a good decision to neutralize the organized crime families in places like Chicago.

          It seems to have been an especially egregious idea considering that the state wasn’t up to the task of enforcement once the job was done. While the overall problem of crime would still be present, it might not be nearly as rampant and chaotic if there were a strong residual force keeping a semblance of order. Even if such force were also criminal in its nature.

        • your Romanticized notion of what organized crime was in early Chicago is naive. They were thugs and bully’s and had very little in the way of honor. Do some reading Stoney Man or perhaps you cannot while you are still on the short bus.

        • Right, I’m trolling because the history books are full of stories about how the Africans built ships and discovered new lands.

        • “Like they could build a ship.”

          Now that’s just mean. There is ample archaeological evidence to show that Africans were not only creative, but also excellent shipwrights. Look no further than to the many and various watercrafts that traversed the Nile in ancient days.

          As to the affect of imperialism on Africa, yes the European’s shared many things with them. Among these were over three-hundred years of colonialism and oppression and both the weapons and knowledge to make themselves even more efficient killers.

          Say what you will about Africans, but when it comes to conquest, in this era, the white man still reigns supreme, whether good or bad.

        • Have you ever wondered how Swahili came to be the lingua franca of East Africa? It’s because the Swahili people were a seagoing merchant culture. They traded as far away as the west coast of India, and they didn’t swim there.

    • Pray tell, does Stoney Man believe that all Africans in the US are comparable to foreign terrorists, or just the few that are criminals in Chicago?

      • My hope is that he believes neither and is just trolling for the lulz. People with those types of posts make me concerned for the future of the legitimate causes they align themselves with and the world, generally.

        It also is a good reminder for me to reread Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot remarks. While he did not believe in God, I think his comments had the effect of reaffirming His presence in our lives and the eternal view we should all be taking.

        • “My hope is that he believes neither and is just trolling for the lulz.”

          Indeed, he seems to be a rather entertaining fellow.

          “People with those types of posts make me concerned for the future of the legitimate causes they align themselves with and the world, generally.”

          Absolutely, it can only be hoped, that he doesn’t espouse such fallacious perspectives while also propagating the bill of rights and love of country. As it would be hard for anybody that was even remotely skeptical to relate.

          “It also is a good reminder for me to reread Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot remarks. While he did not believe in God, I think his comments had the effect of reaffirming His presence in our lives and the eternal view we should all be taking.”

          This one, while a fan of the likes of Sagan and Asimov, is unfamiliar with the specific material, but will have to look into it. Thank you for the reference, it sounds like a good read.

      • Since the “leaders” of the black movement in America including politicians are openly advocating for the destruction Anglo-Christian institutions, or openly calling for the slaughter of anyone of European decent, I’m going to go with all of them,

        • That’s an awfully pessimistic and arguably limited view to hold. Hyperbole aside, it might help to elucidate that all blacks in America do not recognize said “leaders” authority, and many share common interests and values with the rest of the nation.

  2. “From 2009 to 2014, more than 70% of firearms — nearly 74,000 — seized by Mexican authorities and then submitted for tracing by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms came from the United States.”

    That’s an honest yet deceptive statement. They key term is “submitted for tracing”. IIRC the number of guns submitted to the ATF for tracing is a small percentage, like 10% or less, of the total guns confiscated and while a high percentage of them are found to have come from the US that’s more a testament to Mexican LEO’s knowing which guns are likely to be traceable and which ones are not.

    As a friend of mine, who is from Mexico and has family there, said to me during the F&F furor “Why the fuck would the cartels want AR’s and semi-auto AK’s when they can get the real deal full auto AK’s off the black market by the case load? That claim just doesn’t make sense.”[Referring to the claim that the Mexican cartels want AK and AR rifles from the US.]

    We’re talking hombres that can and regularly do get hand grenades and RPG’s. They can get full autos and they do.

  3. Obviously what measures are in place are not working in Chicago. What if all the inhabitants of South side Chicago that do not have a criminal record were given guns and basic training? The left would say lots more death. I think it would be the opposite and that is the real reason why they would never agree to do it.

    • Won’t work. The gang members or affiliates with clean records get the guns for the rest. The nice part about the FOID system, gang members can see if they can purchase a gun without even going into a gun store. Also, the gang bangers are more than willing to “engage” any competition. Why do you think there are so many shootings?

      • Sure it would work — there’d be a population drop of between five and ten percent, but then things would settle out.

        If you call that “working”, of course.

      • :Won’t work. The gang members or affiliates with clean records get the guns for the rest. ”

        I’m sure that’s part of it. I think though, that most of the gangs’ guns come from thefts. Straw purchases make for some, but the costs are much higher than theft. We know many gun owners aren’t going to buy safes, and if they do, they are the cheap chinese junk “safes” that can be carried off under one arm, and be opened by simply following directions from a Youtube video.
        And then, of course, there are the thousands of guns “hidden” in such secure places as under a mattress, in a bedside drawer, or inside the hallway closet. (I bet I have a lot of readers thinking, “OMG! He knows!” 🙂 )
        That’s not to mention the illegally made and imported guns from places like the Philippines, but they are almost as expensive as straw purchases, but there’s no way even the Feds can trace them easily.
        Guns will always be a problem when connected with criminals. So will cars, tobacco, booze, prostitution, gambling, and any number of others. The common factor is always the criminal(s), but liberals will never admit to that.

    • Most of the murders in Chicago are gang bangers killing other gang bangers. Arming the Chicago populace would have no effect on the murder rate, but would prevent some rapes, muggings, rapes, home invasions, rapes, and carjackings.
      Yeah, I know I said “rapes” three times. Rahm Emmanuel likes rape.

  4. Of course, “Universal Background Checks” have a chilling effect on termporarily storing someone’s guns…

    Unintended consequences much?


  5. The writer of the article about Chicago violence is William M. Daley, former White House chief of staff to President Obama. Maybe he should have mentioned some of his views about letting the police do their jobs back then?

  6. The US gives the UN 8 Billion Dollars a year in dues and gifts.
    If we got out of that useless (for us) organization, two years savings would pay for The Wall.
    Frankly, I don’t care if Mexico pays for the wall or not, I just want it built. You cannot get blood out of a turnip and $16Bln of Mexico’s money would be better spent on their own people.
    Alternately, legalize marijuana and tax it to the tune of $8 Bln/year. Our dopeheads wouldn’t care.
    Alternately, fine individuals and businesses $10,000 to $100,000 per illegal alien employee per day to raise money.

    • My only fear with the legalization and taxation of pot is that the government will “New York” the situation and keep dealers in business by placing taxes on drugs at so high a rate that it’s still profitable to sell them on the black market and undercut the legal sale.

      NY has done that with cigarettes and all they’ve done is create yet another problem which tax money is spent to “fix” with enforcement.

      • Or there will be deadly confrontations on the street between LEOs and people selling marijuana “loosies”.

        Better choice – place an export tax/tariff on transfers of cash from the U.S. to Mexico and other Central american countries via Western Union or any other organization involved in such transfers. I understand that many billions of dollars leave our economy in this manner every year from illegals working here and sending a large portion of their income back to their families in the home country.

        • Laws of Unintended Consequences: The fact that US dollars are in South America means that there are LESS US dollars chasing consumer goods in the US. This means lower inflation in the US.

  7. Building the wall is stupid — it would devastate the ecosystem and result in far more economic damage than any benefit.

    Far better would be fortified security positions every couple of miles, and drones roaming the spaces in between. Put reaction forces at those fortified positions (I’m thinking New York city block size installations) to respond when the drones detect something and it’s verified by observers as intruders. That would preserve the ecosystem and be a lot cheaper.

    Put actual walls in places that are especially easy to cross, to both make it harder and to funnel intruders to where they’re easier to intercept and control.

      • Yeah, but comparing Mexico to the freakin vermacht is WAY out of line. The maginot line would’ve worked just fine, if it was to keep out what essentially amounts to a herd of bums.

    • Screw your sagebrush and sand ecosystem ya doofus SJW.

      Build the thing out of concrete and steel and be done with it. The never-ending monitoring would be a lot less expensive in the long run.

      My compromise would be two barb wirw fences with a 100 yard dense mine field in between.

    • Progtard “ecosystem” BS whining is irrelevant. Don’t know much about security do you? No serious person uses toy airplanes as anything more than a minor supporting tool. Multilayer obstacles covered by fires. No fires = you have no obstacle.

      Did the Germans penetrate the Maginot Line? No.

  8. For an immediate solution for border crossing while the wall is being built, station the 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions on the border.

  9. LOL at the former Obama guy being all like “we need to actually do something about this” when he’s out of office. It was like they kicked the can to the next guy and made it his problem. That said it’s not that arrests aren’t being made, but that offenders aren’t being kept in jail by a system that gets them out practically as fast as they get in.


    This is not a “nonviolent offender” yet he’s committed 22 years plus worth of felonies (including possession by a prohibited felon) and he’s out in what 1/3 the time or less pistol whipping people?

  10. Just for fun….. Has anybody seen the wall Mexico did build? Ya know to keep the south american undesirables out of Mexico?? So how is it bad for the US to build one, but good for them to build one??? Build the damm wall already.

  11. They’re STILL doing this?

    “From 2009 to 2014, more than 70% of firearms — nearly 74,000 — seized by Mexican authorities and then submitted for tracing by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms came from the United States. ”

    Because Mexican authorities only submit firearms to the BATF that obviously didn’t come from their own corrupt military police or real assault rifles from other foreign sources.

  12. “Why, then, are we wringing our hands but taking so little meaningful action when it’s Chicago residents gangsters killing each other?”

    FIFY. But if you wrote it like that, you’d be answering your own question.

    • I think part deux of the answer is for them to take a strong hard look at the progtards politikos they keep electing/reelecting for Chiraq.

  13. Gov. Deal vetoed campus carry citing minors on campus.
    What an assclown!
    Hey Republicans! Are guns in the hands of responsible adults a danger to young people or are the minors potentially safer in a legally armed environment?
    Are there no CCW holders around youth everywhere else in the state? Aren’t gun owning parents close to their children?
    I can’t believe the lack of backlash towards Deal’s retarded decision .

  14. “Most of the weapons used by criminal groups in Mexico originate in the United States.”

    And most of the drugs and narcos in the United States originate in Mejico.

    Both guvments need to so something instead of the biz-as-usual finger pointing. Work together on eliminating one problem and the other will fade by attrition.

  15. Most guns used by cartels originate in central America. Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras. Those four alone contribute the Lions share of all arms the various cartels use.

  16. Regarding US sourced firearms seized in Mexico:-

    1- Great points about only firearms that are believed to come from the US are traced (they have serial numbers!). This leads to the high percentage figures quoted above and the resulting media wailing.

    2- Does this include the tons of weapons sold (by the US gov) to the Mexican authorities every year that seem to go missing all the time?

    3- Fast & Furious, say no more…..

    It’s simply another ploy by those forces aligned against us to restrict & ban civilian ownership of firearms.


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