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Thanks, Hill! . . . How Hillary Clinton Convinced Me to Buy an AR-15 – “Clinton’s strongest argument against Trump, the one she pushed to the very end (one that is still being pushed by the left today) was ‘Trump=Hitler,’ and ‘Trump will cause WW3,’ and ‘we can’t trust Trump with Nuclear Launch Codes’ etc. Slate had an entire section devoted to ‘the Trump Apocalypse.’ I saw countless political cartoons where people are huddling over fires in destroyed wastelands talking about ‘if they only had voted for Hillary.’ All just different ways to repackage the message that Trump is a tyrant. … Now, let’s pretend that the Democrats not only believe this rhetoric, but let’s further pretend that it’s completely and totally true. Is this not the exact case for the private ownership of tools such as an AR-15? If gun ownership is a hedge against tyranny, is this not the exact reason to keep an AR-15 and a few cases of ammunition in your attic?”

Pete Brownell Elected President of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre Reelected Executive Vice President ATLANTA – Pete Brownell of Montezuma, Iowa was elected by the National Rifle Association Board of Directors as President May 1, 2017, following the 146th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Atlanta. An NRA Life Member since birth, Brownell is the Chief Executive Officer of the legendary family-owned firearm and firearm accessory retailer Brownells. He brings a record of leadership, a passion for our outdoors and shooting sports traditions, and vigor to protect and defend the Second Amendment.

Say cheese! . . . When burglars tried to break in, he grabbed his gun — and snapped a pic – “A California homeowner exercised his right to bear arms — and take pictures — after a group of people tried to break into his home. Yan Zhang of Chino Hills was at home with his wife and children when five people tried to enter the house through a balcony in the back. Zhang grabbed his gun, told his wife to hide the kids and then went to work.”

Mike Lamb Comes Clean – “I talked to Michael Lamb of Stoic Ventures tonight. He wanted to tell me he was never actually Recon Marine. Lamb has for many years claimed to be a Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance veteran, and someone who worked for assorted government agencies. Only the latter part of that, he told me quietly, is legitimate. … As for me, I’m conflicted, disappointed, and a little sick to my stomach. I didn’t want to have the conversation, and I didn’t want to break the news. I like Mike Lamb. At the same time I find what he did absolutely abhorrent. How do you reconcile those two things? I don’t know. I’ll start with giving him credit for having the stones to own it. That took a certain amount of testicular fortitude — but I can’t help but wonder when, if ever, this would have happened if no one had finally called him on it.”

Three in custody, others sought after 2 Chicago police officers shot in Back of the Yards – “Chicago police were questioning three people and were searching for others after two plainclothes officers were wounded Tuesday night in the Back of the Yards when gunmen began firing “indiscriminately” at them, authorities said. Both Deering District officers were shot by a ‘high-powered weapon,’ police said. One officer was hit in the arm and hip, the other in the back.” . . . Looks like they used an AR or AK.

We have to keep firearms out of the hands of shady criminals . . . FBI seized shotguns at Sen. Johnson’s house – “Federal Bureau of Investigation agents seized two shotguns during a raid in March at state Sen. Bert Johnson’s house, according to a search warrant inventory unsealed Tuesday. It appears Johnson is not allowed to own shotguns because he was convicted of a 1993 break-in and armed robbery at Oakland Hills Country Club. But it was unclear Tuesday who owned the shotguns — a Western Field 12-gauge and a Remington 16-gauge — and whether they were registered.” I’ve always wanted a sweet 16. Apparently so did he.

51% Of Murders In The U.S. Come From Just 2% Of The Counties – “In 2014, the most recent year that a county level breakdown is available, 54% of counties (with 11% of the population) have no murders.  69% of counties have no more than one murder, and about 20% of the population. These counties account for only 4% of all murders in the country. The worst 1% of counties have 19% of the population and 37% of the murders. The worst 5% of counties contain 47% of the population and account for 68% of murders. As shown in figure 2, over half of murders occurred in only 2% of counties.” What percent of those counties do you suppose are governed by anti-gun politicians?

Despite its image, I can tell you St. Louis is a great place to live. But this doesn’t help . . . Baseball fan grazed by stray bullet during Cardinals game at Busch Stadium – “A woman was grazed in the arm by a stray bullet during Tuesday night’s Cardinals game inside Busch Stadium. Police sources say there had been a call for shots fired near the 14th Street and Chouteau Avenue area moments before the woman was struck, and that the bullet may have come from someone shooting into the air. That intersection is less than a mile from Busch.”

Some good news from our friends at TFB . . . BREAKING: Heckler & Koch Building US Factory In Georgia – “Heckler & Koch is building a US factory in Georgia, a welcome surprise for US gun buyers. The German arms manufacturer is building a 23 million dollar facility in Columbus, Georgia to built pistols, sport, and hunting guns. At this time we are unaware of exactly what lines are to be produced in the new stateside facility, I assume that it will be models that were previously affected by import restrictions.”

Find your safe space! . . . Hot glue gun causes lockdown at Colgate University – “A student carrying a hot glue gun for an art project triggered a four-hour lockdown Monday evening at Colgate University in New York. The lockdown was initiated after witnesses reported seeing a person carrying what was thought to be a weapon into the O’Connor Campus Center about 8 p.m., the university said in a press release. An official tweet said an “armed person” was on campus and told students to ‘find a safe space and remain indoors.’ ‘After thorough investigation, and with the assistance of the person in question, law enforcement identified the individual as a student who was using a glue gun for an art project, confirmed the misunderstanding, and released the campus from lockdown,’ the university said.”

Cleveland police union to file federal lawsuit against toy gun makers – “The Cleveland Patrolmen’s Association announced it will soon be filing a lawsuit against toy gun manufacturers in federal court. CPPA attorney Henry Hilow told News 5 the civil lawsuit will not seek financial damages, but rather seek to restrict the design of toy guns, so they don’t look so realistic. ‘These fake weapons put the community at risk, puts law enforcement at risk, something has to be done,’ Hilow said. ‘The remedy that we’d be looking for is that that gun could not replicate. That that gun would be of such a color have such a tip.'” Maybe the PLCAA needs to be broadened to cover toy gun makers, too.

US Military soldiers conduct live fire machine gun exercise. The United States Armed Forces[6] are the federal armed forces of the United States. They consist of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.[7] The President of the United States is the military’s overall head, and helps form military policy with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), a federal executive department, acting as the principal organ by which military policy is carried out.


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    • The REAL statistic to be considered: Black adult males represent only 6% of the population, but are responsible for 88% of the violent crime. THEY are the reason those counties are listed.

      • Provided you have faith in the ,gov to be telling the truth. Remember, most of the “criminals” in the system, regardless of race or religion are there because of the phony war on drugs.

        I take those fbi and other .gov stats with a grain of salt. But feel free to give the .gov full faith and credit.

        • Yeah, I know. Obama, Holder and Lynch cooked the books to blame blacks for 88% of the violent crime.

          Wait, what?

        • barry, holder and lynch would cut their own mothers throats for their own profit. Keeping a racial divide in America is very much a profit making enterprise.

          Just as is the phony war on drugs.

        • They could have created policies designed to target and/or prosecute blacks harder than anyone else for the purpose of creating a racial divide, which they could then use to their advantage.

          Unfortunately, considering the other nonsense they cooked up (read: Fast & Furious), this not only possible, but likely to have happened.

      • Pretty much 100% of their victims are other young black males. Violent crime is ingrained in their culture. This is something they have to change; we can’t change it for them.

  1. Wow. Of all the things to think about in a defensive gun use, taking a photo with a phone looking down the sights of a gun at the prone (unarmed) suspects is almost the last thing I want to be doing for multiple reasons.

  2. “..51% Of Murders In The U.S. Come From Just 2% Of The Counties”

    That heat map looks familiar. It looks almost exactly like the heat map of from the last election.

    On a slightly related tangent I have to ask… so what? Places that have more people are going to have more things happening to the people. Saying there are twice as many people killed in this area compared to that area that has half as many people seems like something Captain Obvious would say.

    • They also have a higher per capita murder rate. It’s not nearly as dramatic, but the difference isn’t small. “The worst 1% of counties have 19% of the population and 37% of the murders. The worst 5% of counties contain 47% of the population and account for 68% of murders.”

      • MY take-away – living in large metropolitan areas (that have left-leaning politicians in charge) is bad for your health.

  3. Interesting map of counties/murders.

    I wonder what it would look like if they overlaid a map of known gang activity over it.

    My guess is a pretty close match.

    And I guess the person with glue should practice concealed carry from now on. What a bunch of titty-babies.

    • And the demtard maps of “diversity” or “minority” or “special interest groups” or of freaks/degenerates. Strange the correlation to urban/metro hives.

    • Overlay the red / blue 2016 US Presidential voter map. Plus all those high crime/murder spots are hi (D) ans POS (D) run.

  4. Maybe the Cleveland PD could sue the Browns for impersonating a professional football team, you know, for the children.

  5. Hey I’m getting an AR15 too! I think it was slow Joe Biden who pushed me though. “You don’t need an AR -get a shotgun”. I got both?A GLUE gun?!? I don’t have a clue who Mike Lamb is-but a certain firearm blog deigned to out him. How’s that NOT political?!? Don’t dare mention Illinois gun owners and FFL’s getting screwed…

    • Unless this Lamb chump was running for office, I don’t see how calling him out as a bullshitter could be considered “political”. Near as I can tell, he was running a training company, and embellishing his service record as part of that. Outing him as a liar is just a service to the community. Kind of a “Consumer Reports” kind of thing.

      I admit, though, that I don’t know (or actually care) who Mike Lamb is, so I may be missing something.

      • What does matter who he is? People who commit a Stolen Valor offense are douchebags.

        • While I agree that stealing valor is a douchey thing to do, I think the first amendment protects this as free speech. Rather than having the government lock someone up and taking away his or her gun rights, the appropriate course of action would be for you to use your first amendment rights to administer social punishment if you feel so strongly about it.

          As a freedom loving constitutionalist, I think it’s very important that we protect free speech, especially that with which we don’t agree. This is the beauty of America.

        • Looks like I talked before I knew anything. I thought stolen valor was faking medals or service, not faking your unit or branch. My apologies.

        • Alan,

          You don’t have a free speech right to defraud someone. People paid this man, presumably handsome sums, for decades on the premise that he possessed a certain expertise. It’s that expertise which constituted the value he provided. It’s what separates his pronouncements on a product apart from that of some Joe Blow on the Internet.

          That fictitious expertise is so entwined with his training and consulting services, as to be an integral part of the service. If he doesn’t actually have that background, them he’s selling a counterfeit product.

          Freedom of speech is a shield to protect speakers from an irritated government. It isn’t a sword allowing speakers to cheat their neighbors.

        • Jonathan,

          You make a fair point that this could be considered fraud. I was mostly responding to Tom’s statement suggesting that stolen valor should be a felony (hopefully I’m not misrepresenting his statement). I totally agree that the first amendment is meant to protect people from the government, but is not a defense for committing fraud.

      • @Stinkeye I don’t think “chump” means what you think it means.

        @Swilson I agree with you that stolen valor guys are a life form comparable to pond scum, but he’s not stolen valor. He was a non-Recon Marine, but he was a Marine. He made an incredibly bad mistake, but he’s not stolen valor.

          • Same thing. I said (it hasn’t been posted yet) that I didn’t understand that SV included “changing” your unit or branch when I made my first comment.

  6. “Johnson has not been stripped of any committee assignments or been the subject of serious expulsion talks, and Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof said Monday that no further action is expected at this time.”

    Well, if he was already a convicted felon when he was elected, there’s no real change in his status just because he’s been indicted on multiple new felony charges…unless you think using his position as a Senator to rob the taxpayers disqualifies him from being a Senator…

    • You gotta love Detroit. The idiots elect a convicted armed robber to represent them in the state senate, but are just flat-out mystified as to why their city is a collapsing shithole…

      • Oh, come on…
        Voters elect DEAD PEOPLE to office.
        IMHO, the major problem America has is an electorate that simply can’t be bothered to do any research other than reading names on roadside signs.

  7. Always knew downtown Atlanta was dangerous, but didn’t realize the degree of danger in my home county. I do know where the most dangerous places here are and avoid them like the plague!

  8. An entire campus locked down because of a glue gun? A freakin’ glue gun?

    Those clowns are nucking futs.

  9. Does anyone else think it’s kind of odd for the Clinton News Network to have an article about a positive use of a defensive firearm. Could this be CNN starting to acquire a little common sense or maybe seeing their sinking ratings?
    Many more stories of proper defensive firearm use like that and the anti gunners might start losing memberships.

  10. Michael Lamb – As a Sergeant of Marines (a long time ago and in a galaxy far, far away), I shall place you on my scumbag scale just one notch above that for a child molester. Semper Fi. you POS.

  11. Stolen Valor is not a good definition of what occurs in false claims unless someone took credit for the actual heroic actions of another person. Phony Valor would seem to better describe what has usually occurred in false claims.

  12. I’m glad I didn’t retire in the state of my birth, California. 51% of murders in just 2% of the counties.
    It seems most of that 51% is in California.

    State sen Bert Johnson is a hypocrite pig. And the people who voted for him got the representation they deserve.

    • To be fair, here in AZ, Maricopa and Pinal counties are in the same boat as Southern CA; lots of drug running, and high illegal alien count.

      • While WHERE people are murdered is good to know, the information isn’t complete until you know WHO was murdered. While I haven’t looked in a while, I’ll bet that among those murdered there is a trend towards criminal activity, and within that, the criminality tends toward gang association, prostitution and the drug trade.

        Even in dangerous places, not being one of the clowns can keep you out of the circus.

  13. The best way to pick out someone who’s faking being a veteran is pretty easy if you know what to look for. If they’re real fuckin loud about everything they did in the military, and can’t seem to STFU about all the “badass” shit they did, they’re filling you full of shit. Similar to those jackasses who aren’t cops but pretend to be ones. There’s other ways too, if you know anything about rank, and real units, you can ussually get them to slip up. I once called out one dude who was 24 and claimed to be a master seargent, and he didn’t know what the rank of specialist was.

    • Never been in the service, but with a family full of Marine and Army vets I’ve picked up a thing or two. Some of the biggest things that I notice are personal and US Army nametapes being reversed and the faker is usually wearing more than 5 badges or a mix of sew-in and pin-on badges. I saw one guy wearing both medals and ribbons as well, which I don’t think is allowed.

    • A “former green beret” was panhandling a bus stop in Vegas. I asked him his outfit. He said Army. Couple of more questions and he left the stop.

    • Very timely. Working with a remote colleague today who claims special forces training (specifically, Army equivalent of Seals), sniper duty, tank commander school, some private security duty in the Middle East while on active duty, the planned rescue of Lt. Jeffrey Zaun, the Navy A6 B/N shot down over Iraq in 1991 as part of SCUD-hunting detail, and an action novel-like “exfil” from the Middle East in a cargo container because he had no passport. I hate to doubt the guy, but that’s a lot of activity for an infantry officer, and in a single, hour-long discussion. I have known guys with relatively mundane military careers who have revealed much less over *years* or conversations. My work with this guy is remote for the most part, meeting in his city quarterly, but it clouds my opinion. I respected him before I even knew of his military career, but now, I am suspect. I’m not sure it is stolen valor, as I don’t see him capitalizing on his service in his current position, but the sea stories…

      • I’ve had more than a few vets as employees over the years, as well as friends. To a man, not a single one will readily regale you with tales of ‘glorious exploits’, especially those who have done sketchy extra-legal stuff (and much of what spec-ops guys do is very sketchy and often extra-legal). People who actually do wetwork, seldom acknowledge that fact, let alone admit their role in it.

  14. I’d like to see the demographics for the same murder map laid on top of it. Legal, illegals, whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, everyone. Would also like to see socioeconomic and economic areas laid on as well. Maybe even voting demographics.

    “You are 10x more likely to commit or become a victim of murder if you reside in a liberal area.” Something to that effect would be hilarious to no end.

  15. As a veteran, I think stolen valor laws are ridiculous. Hang all the medals you want on your chest. The idea that valor = killing people the politicians want dead is a fallacious one.

    Now, if you open a business and claim to be selling training from an ex-Navy SEAL, when you’re not actually an ex-Navy SEAL, you’ve committed fraud, and you ought to be prosecuted.

  16. “The remedy that we’d be looking for is that that gun could not replicate.”

    Okay, so no more self-replicating nanobot toy guns, then.

    I’m still not clear on how a realistic-looking fake gun is a danger to cops. You start waving a fake gun around and threatening people with it, you get shot. That’s as it should be, but at no point is the cop in danger in that scenario. I mean, I guess if it’s an Airsoft gun, you could give the officer a painful welt, or shoot his eye out. Is that what they mean?

    • “I’m still not clear on how a realistic-looking fake gun is a danger to cops.”
      The danger to cops is actually well known.
      If a cop shoots a kid who happens to have only a toy gun, the citizens become enraged (usually egged on by “professional and perpetually aggrieved reverends”), and the cops are harassed (all of them, not just the shooter). The result is that policing becomes more of an intellectual exercise than it should be; cops hesitate before shooting, they get shot.
      Or, as in Baltimore and other cities, the cops just stop normal policing, crime gets worse, perps get bolder, cops face more danger.

    • I’m probably not the guy to explain this, but I think you’ll need and crash course in misplaced accountability and feelings.

      See, there are neighborhoods where no one is responsible for thier own actions nor the actions of the people for whom they are ostensibly in charge. Within these, crime is common and violence is ingrained in the culture. As a result police are more apt to shoot someone in these neighborhoods because experience has taught that these places are more dangerous than others.

      However, in these places there are children, and despite the conditions, some of them play with toy guns. When these are realistic in appearance, and the children with them refuse to obey basic commands when encoutering law enforcement, cops are apt to shoot these children.

      It’s unrealistic for the cops to expect either that parents in these neighborhoods would find the wisdom to disallow their children to play with such toys in the street after dark in high crime areas, or to teach their children that when confronted by cops, especially when appearing to be armed, one should immediately and unconditionally surrender until the situation has been deescalated.

      Given that shooting innocent children is more tragic than shooting gang bangers,

      And that less restrictive, commonsense and self selected methods are unlikely to address the problem,

      Of course the cops need a ban on realistic toy guns, because if it weren’t for those realistic toy guns then the irresponsibility and uncivil behavior in the bad neighborhoods wouldn’t result occasionally in the death of a child in possession of one. It’s almost like, given the situation, it’s irresponsible of the manufacturer to make such a product, since clearly the entire public can’t handle the responsibility. I mean, just because millions of these are played with safely everyday, if once or twice a year someone pints one at at cop and gets shot for their troubles, then it’s a bad product…

      Oh god! I think I just made a semi-compelling case for leftist nanny thinking…and I’m a little sick.

  17. Re: MI state senator Bert Johnson:

    Only to a journalist would it be “unclear” whether or not two shotguns were registered, in a state with no registry for long guns.

    • Then I’m guessing you would be amazed by the number of people who ask me about whether or not my guns are registered. My response is to get overly detailed and talk about NFA items instead of just saying there is no registry in Texas.

      Ask a stupid question, get a lecture.

    • No, no, it’s a great idea. Once Cleveland gets through with their lawsuit, the NYPD can sue the manufacturers of wallets and cell phones. The LA Sheriff’s Department could sue Toyota for making a blue Tacoma look too much like a gray Nissan Titan. Balch Springs PD could sue the makers of nothing. The possibilities are endless.

  18. “I’ve always wanted a sweet 16.”
    Nitpick here: The Sweet 16 isn’t a Remington.

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