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Given his dissent in the Peruta non-decision . . . Gorsuch appointment looks like a win for gun-rights supporters

Then-Judge Neil Gorsuch hadn’t written anything squarely dealing with the Second Amendment when he was nominated to the Supreme Court; and while it seemed likely that he’d take a relatively broad view of gun rights (just based on his being a conservative, in an era when conservative jurists tend to lean in that direction), that was just a guess. We now have more evidence, from his vote joining Justice Clarence Thomas’s dissent from denial of certiorari in Peruta v. California — he, like Thomas (and, before his death, Justice Antonin Scalia), seems to be a strong gun-rights supporter, indeed likely more so than some of the other conservative justices. Like it (as I do) or not, but that’s the information we now have.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength . . . Watch Out For These Anti-Gun Words And Phrases

In case you haven’t noticed, gun ban advocates have their own code, using words in different ways than they were meant to be used in order to suit their purposes. For Second Amendment advocates, recognizing those words and phrases—and knowing what they really mean—is an important step in the battle to stop those who would kill the right to keep and bear arms.

While the list is long, here are five to know and recognize. . . .

Another teaser. Must see?

Because California has already solved all of their really big problems . . . LAPD Forces Anime Expo To Ban All Cosplay Weapon Sales On Show Floor

Back in May, a heavily armed man was arrested trying to bring several guns, knives, body armor, and other handheld weapons into Phoenix Comic Con. His mission: kill former Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank. No, seriously. Luckily, the man was captured before he could cause any harm, but the incident did result in Phoenix Comic Con banning all cosplay weapons and prop weapons from the convention floor and forcing vendors who sell them to wrap them up, where they needed to remain for the duration of the show.

Bleeding Cool’s Dan Wickline speculated that this could have lasting repercussions for future shows: …

And indeed, weapons policies have tightened at shows, including at the upcoming Anime Expo, happening July 1 – July 5 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Oops . . . State senator temporarily detained when gun found in carry-on

State Sen. Brian Pettyjohn missed his flight Thursday after the Transportation Security Administration found his handgun in his carry-on.

Pettyjohn, a Republican from Georgetown, said he was headed to the Southern Regional Education Board conference in New Orleans on an early flight out of Salisbury Regional Airport and, in his rush to pack, forgot to properly stow his 9mm handgun.

“It’s just one of those things where I didn’t check that one little flap, and there it was,” Pettyjohn said. “Sometimes mistakes happen, whether you’re a legislator or not.”

How many Nerf guns do you have?

How’s that strict gun control working out for you down there? . . . Up to a million’ guns in NSW: police

NSW Police believe there could be up to a million guns across the state as they encourage owners to surrender unwanted weapons as part of a national gun amnesty.

The three-month amnesty, begins on Saturday after being announced by federal authorities earlier this month, allowing residents to surrender illegal weapons without punishment.

Deputy Commission for Metropolitan Field Operations Jeff Loy said NSW Police seized 13,500 firearms in the past 12 months, but 4800 of those were returned to the owners.

Because that’s what the California legislature intended . . . Why California gun owners may be breaking the law on July 1

Sweeping new gun laws passed last year by California voters and legislators require those with magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition to get rid of them by July 1.

The question is: How many of California’s 6 million-plus gun owners are actually going to comply, even though violators face potential jail time if they’re caught?

Talk to gun owners, retailers and pro-gun sheriffs across California and you’ll get something akin to an eye roll when they’re asked if gun owners are going to voluntarily part with their property because Democratic politicians and voters who favor gun control outnumber them and changed the law.

Off-Duty Black Police Officer Mistakenly Shot by White Colleague

An off-duty black St. Louis police officer’s race factored into him being mistakenly shot by a white officer who didn’t recognize him after a shootout with black suspects this week, the wounded officer’s lawyer contends.

The 38-year-old black officer was off duty when he heard a commotion near his home and ran toward it with his service weapon to try to help his fellow officers, police said.

St. Louis’ interim police chief, Lawrence O’Toole, said the incident began when officers with an anti-crime task force followed a stolen car and were twice fired upon by its occupants. One suspect was shot in an ankle and was arrested, along with another teenager who tried to run from police, O’Toole said. A third suspect is being sought.

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  1. Note on the St. Louis officer shooting. The two task force officers had detained the off duty black officer and had him lay on the the ground till they identified him as a good guy. Then they told him to get up and proceed on home with his firearm in hand.

    A third officer arrived on the scene and SHOT the black policeman as he got up because…black man with a gun…???? Fortunately the officer was not seriously injured and was treated and released. This is going to cost St. Louis a lot of money and an officer’s job. Thank G_d it was not worse. (bad aim?)

    The whole incident is disturbing, Lessons to learn – don’t just run up and shoot people because they look suspicious and have a gun. Example Tamir Rice.

    • Yeah, that whole incident sounds bad to me. It was a combination of bad communication and rash judgement. It could have just as easily been a regular guy with a carry permit.

      That being said, it should serve as an example for us guys who have carry permits. If you run outside, gun drawn, into a situation where you dont know whats going on, this is what could happen. You have to be really cautious going into situations like this.

      • You are absolutely correct. Concealed means concealed till time to act,
        Folks late to the party often haven’t seen the guest list.

      • Sorry to be crude about it, but it’s the usual “cop bullshit”! Since they are “special” and not held to the same standard as normal citizens, stuff like this will continue to happen. It’s a training, decision making, and a responsibility issue. But not until officers are made responsible for bad shots, with real consequences, will the training issue be addressed and the officer’s own decision making be impacted. It’s a sad state of affairs that a CCW citizen has to be more worried about being shot by a cop than by a bad guy.

  2. Banning toys for adults who pretend to be comic people? Well then, the world should be right as rain lickity split. WTF??

  3. Stephen King. One of the *vilest* antis ever.

    Yet he admits his admiration for the character he created of the ‘Gunslinger’.

    Who just so happens to be… wait for it…

    A good guy with a gun.


  4. “Must see?”

    No. Race lift without any care about the story is always a bad sign. Roland is actually verbally abused by an anti-white racist at one point in the books.

  5. Off duty copping with a gun while BLACK…it’s a thing. I’m officially a fan of Neil…and Clarence!

    • Clarence is the man. He makes Scalia look like a hair on fire liberal. Okay maybe not that, but he is definitely more conservative than Scalia was.

  6. Concealment is hidden period, don’t go weaving a gun if you don’t know the whole story and even then weaving a gun might bring another ccw into the picture. Bad things can happen. Being pulled over, you put both hands on the steering wheel and say” officer I have a ccw permit. then go on to say “so I have this weapon on my right hip or wearever it maybe” Then listen, God gave you two ears to listen and follow his instructions to the LETTER period. The officer will appreciate how you handled the situation with him/her and everyone will go home in one piece. I have experienced this many times and the officer is usually thankful with you. Don’t piss off the officer, don’t call him a cop anything that is derogatory.

  7. The City of Los Angeles banned possession of standard capacity mags a few years ago. Voluntary compliance was zero. Not “rounded-down” to zero. Zero.*

    I expect the state will have similar results.

    *There have been some magazine seizures; as noted in the article, the po-po kiped some 9k mags from a recently deceased collector.

  8. Opening my Fresno paper to see front-page gun control screed, “Why California gun owners may be breaking the law on July 1”. I read through that tripe from the Sacramento Bee and within I spotted some choice sections, “high-capacity (10+ rounds), magazines are the part inserted into a gun that holds ammunition and can be quickly popped in and out for rapid reloading, Gun-control advocates say getting rid of magazines that make shooters capable of firing a rapid volley of bullets in a matter of seconds will reduce threats to police and make it harder for gunmen to kill as many people in mass shootings”.

    Rapid volley sounds like it came from a person who only has ever seen American revolution and Civil War movies, and is trying to explain modern firearms through that prism of disingenuous speech. SSDD here in Calistan.

    There won’t be any boating accidents as people will simply be in non-compliance, but the legislature will try to get us all sent to the pokey.

    • I’ve often wondered about things like this: aren’t they a “taking”? What if Cali passed laws saying that as of Aug 3rd, white passenger cars are illegal and need to be turned in? Most of the time items that are legal today, illegal tomorrow have some sort of grandfathering in.

      • They already did the grandfathering. Magazines larger than 10 rounds have been illegal for “sale” for some time now in CA but existing magazines were grandfathered. Now they are going to the next step (progressives always progress to the next step) and are making magazines larger than 10 rounds illegal to possess at all.

      • They get around the “taking” part by allowing ” individuals who still own large capacity magazines to dispose of them before July 1, 2017 by selling them to a licensed firearms dealer, transferring them to law enforcement, removing them from the state, or permanently altering them so they cannot accommodate more than 10 rounds.”
        Thus, it’s only a “taking” is you have one in your possession after July 1, and that’s legal, because the very fact that you have one is prima facie evidence that it’s illegal, and must be confiscated.

  9. I carried around a black-painted airsoft gun with broken internals when I cosplayed as Heero Yuy years ago. Then later I went to a con that banned metal swords even if they were dull. I don’t go to cons or cosplay anymore…

    • Since I’m a grown up I don’t partake…..OTOH, as a male, it’s hard to avoid the wacky boobage click bait.

  10. Gorsuch’s language today has to be giving the anti-gunners a severe case of heartburn. Their worse nightmare on the Supreme Court was another originalist like Justice Thomas, a man who infuriates the anti-gun left to no end.

    Well, Trump appears to have put an originalist like Thomas on the bench. Compared to every other SCOTUS nomination by a GOP POTUS since Thomas, Trump appears to have hit a home run here for RKBA. There’s no question that Jeb! Bush would have nominated another squish like Roberts, and we’d just be looking at slower incremental losses. Thank the heavens that we’re done with the Bush dynasty.

    This language from Gorsuch is now going to inflame the left when the next opening happens for the court – and very much the opening after that. Imagine two more votes using language like this in SCOTUS decisions… All the liberal fantasies about being able to litigate the Second Amendment out of existence will be turning to nightmares…

    • “Thank the heavens that we’re done with the Bush dynasty.”

      Jeb’s son George is quite charismatic.

      The first time I saw him speak was at W’s convention in 2000 (?).

      When he finished, I turned to the people I was watching it with and said: “Now I understand how John Kennedy did it.”

      If he elects to go into politics, he will be force to be reckoned with…

      • Being a good orator means only that one can speak well in public, which is actually a hard thing to pull off well.
        It means nothing more, as Obama proved.

        • And Obama proved that being an excellent orator can allow you to leapfrog people more qualified and experienced people in the political arena.

    • And yet after Gorsuch there are still GOPe never-Trumpers flapping their pie holes.

      High on the list of Trump achievements is exposing the enemy on both the Left and Right.

    • It’s more along the lines of saying the we finally have confirmation of what we (or at least I) believed. That Gorsuch was a win for the 2A community.

  11. I still fail to see how the California magazine ban is constitutional. It fails against the 4A as far as I see.

    It may eventually get overturned, but the damage will be done long before that point, and for the antis, that’s a win.

  12. I have a feeling that the Coast Guard and California Game and Fish are going to be some busy bastards in the next few days with all the boating mishaps.

  13. “..The question is: How many of California’s 6 million-plus gun owners are actually going to comply, even though violators face potential jail time if they’re caught?”

    Has anyone else noticed the progression of the laws, specifically the severity of the penalties?

    Step one, get everyone to agree that Convicted Felons shouldn’t have guns.

    Step two, start changing laws so that more crimes qualify as Felony Offense.

    Step three, start arresting and convicting people for changed laws, no more right to firearms.

  14. “Off-Duty Black Police Officer Mistakenly Shot by White Colleague”

    As a former Rhode Island guy, RF will remember the sad tale of Providence Police Officer Cornel Young Jr., an off-duty cop “mistakenly” gunned down by white officers.

    Young came to the aid of his fellow officers when they were threatened by a gunman. He died for his loyalty. One of the killers had actually trained with Officer Young, but I guess all that the cops saw was a black man with a gun.

    Young was a second-generation Providence cop. His father, Cornel Young Sr., was the highest ranking black officer in the Providence PD.

    The same thing happened to New York City police Officer Omar J. Edwards in 2009, a black White Plains, New York cop in 2008, and Prince George’s County Officer Jacai Colson last year. There are probably more cases.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, there are also many cases of black cops killing white suspects without justification. While instances of black cops “mistakenly” shooting white cops may exist, I don’t know of any.

  15. One million illegal guns down under?
    That’s cute. Ask germany how the 1972 gun ban worked out for them. Now, almost 50 years later, only one of the eighteen million sold guns has either been turned in or registered under the bullshit law.

  16. Thanks , I have recently been searching for info about this topic for a while and yours is the best I have found out so far. However, what about the conclusion? Are you sure in regards to the source?

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