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“Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office report that earlier this morning Monday May 15, 2017, deputies were dispatched to Moss Bluff Elementary School in regard to a shooting,” reports. Although the antis will count this, it’s not a school shooting per se. A kid brought a gun to school . . .

Deputies say the investigation is in the preliminary stages but it has been determined a 7-year-old student was accidentally shot in his classroom . . .The group says a child brought the gun to school and it was accidentally discharged when dropped . . . The student has been transported to a hospital.

I wonder if the school uses the NRA’s Eddy the Eagle training program. I suspect not. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery for the child in question.

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  1. Being less affluent and more conservative than Connecticut, this particular school probably won’t be bulldozed.

  2. nice guys, not one iota of concern about the child. fuck you guys are a piece of work. im beginning to think this site is run by a bunch of sociopaths.

      • …Anyone else notice how the people most fond of lecturing others online about thoughtfulness and sensitivity tend to be overtly rude and nasty about it?

        • as well as hide behind an ID that masks who they are instead of using their name.

        • Now now, let’s not assume; he could actually be a gargoyle with poor spelling and grammar.

    • Is it my child? Is it the child of one of my relatives? If both of the above are “no”, then how is this anything other than a failed Darwin Award?

      Pro-tip: If you want your kids to live long enough to reproduce, teach them not to play in traffic, with power tools, etc… somebody who’s too stupid to make sure this is done is probably doing the gene pool a favor.

      • It’s not entirely clear at this point whether or not the injured child is the same child that brought the gun or was handling it.

        • While, I admit you have a point, see questions #1 and #2. That more or less defines the number of shits in my possession and my willingness to give them.

      • Or better. Teach them to use power tools and firearms safely, responsibly and productively. Same age profile.

    • Ahhh….the holier than thou crowd chimes in, forever seeking to insert themselves into the tragic story, hijack the publicity, and claim a halo for their unsavory effort.

      All you did was slap together three sentences of ridicule, obscenities, and insults. Clearly you hold the moral high ground here. “TTAG’s Moral Compass!” and the “Conscience of the Blogosphere!”, as they’ll come to hail you. Good grief.

      Don’t you have flowers and stuffed animals to buy, a cheezy poem to write, and a makeshift memorial to erect somewhere?

    • Who cares? Shit happens when you’re parents are morons….kid will most likely be a moron too….

  3. Come on people, secure your guns where the kids can’t get to them. Not only is it dangerous, but every time this happens the anti gun people get an ‘ammo’ reload to use against us.

    • Better yet, teach your kids that certain items are not toys. At seven, if a kid is stupid enough to play with a real gun, he’s stupid enough to guzzle a Bleach/Amonia cocktail.

      • A Bleach/Ammonia cocktail gives off so many fumes it would kill you before you could drink it. Yes, kids should be taught about safety with guns and everything else, but guns still need to be secured; kids will be kids (aka stupid, most likely inherited from their parents). Of the 100’s of ways for kids to get injured or killed, which one makes the news the fastest?

        • To be fair, the stupid can be easily fixed with the proper application of a nice heavy leather belt. The problem is that the current generation of kids are idiots who haven’t had the stupid beat out of them by parents who are pussies. I know when I was a kid, my grandpa was more than willing to apply good old fashioned discipline to deal with my stupidity. Worked wonders.

      • You’d be amazed how many parents of dead kids said the exact same thing. “Oh I don’t understand, I taught my child not to do X’!

        Turns out it’s not the kids that are stupid, it’s the parents for not realizing that kids are not just short adults.

        • That’s what I call chlorine in the gene pool. I say we remove warning labels from everything and let nature take its course.

    • Yes. And sorry to say (but not really) charge the gun owner. It is not an accident that a seven-year old has access to a firearm. This should be a headline under irresponsible gun owner of the day.

  4. How does a dropped gun go off? Reading up on it, a law passed in 1968 mandated technology to prevent this. Most firearms have this. There is an “inertia discharge” but I can’t find how common it is.
    Odds are this was an average gun taken from an unsecure location. Plus it was loaded. A seven year old isn’t that tall so the drop wouldn’t have been that far.
    In short, isn’t it more likely a finger was involved?

    • Press releases from events like this are carefully worded to avoid blame.

      In many cases, it’s to further the narrative that guns are evil and dangerous. In this case, it’s probably an attempt to avoid blaming some kid while the details are still unclear.

      • Yup.

        It was likely either fumbled at which time the trigger was pulled, or trigger was pulled and the gun was dropped after it went off.

        The likelihood of it ‘just going off’ when dropped is very low.

    • My thought exactly. I just learned that the handguns CZ-75B and CZ-75BD, the B stands for a firing-pin block which was added at some point to make the firearm drop safe. This means the original CZ-75, made in 1975 in Europe, was not drop safe. So I imagine there are a good number of non-drop safe guns out there.

    • Ah but people are immediately willing to believe a gun can go off when dropped if it’s a Taurus.

      Disclaimer: I don’t believe the Taurus MilPro recall for one second. Still funny though.

      • I guess that comes from watching a video where a Taurus fires due to being shook from side-to-side (and not very vigorously, either). If it goes off when you wiggle it, it’s not a leap at all to also think it might go off if you dropped it.

        • Yeah but it in that video you can see the trigger is all messed up. So either the gun was shot to pieces, or it was reassembled wrong.

    • This is usually what happens when they are fumbled. The person in an attempt to catch it before it hits the ground gets the booger finger inside the trigger guard. Instead catches it by the trigger. It’s a natural reaction. Especially when don’t want it to hit the ground and draw attention to what your not supposed to have.

    • Ichabod — I read some other reports that were a little more detailed, that said the firearm fell out of the backpack, then “discharged when another child picked it up.” Which means the picker-upper kid squeezed the trigger, of course. On purpose, or accidentally. The point is again presented, that if children are taught firearm safety, then they wouldn’t pull triggers when they pick up a firearm.

  5. gee, it was in LOUISIANA & not sure it is even a story of deep concern. they think and do things differently down there. it could have been a couple of CAJUN KIDS PLAYING CHICKEN. i bet the parents do not have a clue & the daddy is another UNKNOWN source of information. i could be wrong.

  6. I’m glad to see that at least a couple of people commenting brought up the parenting issue. Unless of course the child obtained the firearm somehow outside his own home (doubtful), he most likely has parents who are not bright enough to (A) Teach their child to never touch a firearm without them present and with their express permission, and (B) Keep your firearms secured, because as we all know, children are curious and do not always heed their parents warnings.

    This is not a firearms issue, but a parenting issue.

  7. The article I read said the gun fell out of one student’s backpack and another child picked up the gun which then discharged. (somehow) Though the caption on the included picture indicated the gun went off when it fell.

  8. When we were kids we didn’t need my dad to tell us The Eddy Eagle thing. He was the type of Dad you just knew if you messed with his firearms, without his permission, he was going to open up a can of “wup ass on you”
    And yes he served in World War 2, went on to serve until he was informed if did not retire, next duty station would be Vietnam.

    • I had a WWII vet grandpa with the same attitude. (Except Russian) You don’t walk from Kursk to Berlin and back without a bit of common sense and the willingness to beat it into those lacking. After the war, he spent an entire career as a roughneck on Siberian oil exploration rigs. That was one tough old SOB.

  9. Note to self: do not let 7 year old take a loaded, non-drop safe handgun to school with him.

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