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Federal preemption? . . . Rep. Collins says he will carry gun — Is seven bullets enough?

Congressman Collins says he working with SCOPE to repeal the SAFE Act, and put forth federal law that would pre-empt one of Governor Cuomo’s signature pieces of legislation.

“The SAFE Act does not keep lawful citizens safe,” said Collins. “It was just, I would call it again, a progressive, far left piece of legislation that was pandering to the gun control people. Criminals will pay no attention to that law whatsoever.”

But we caught up with Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul on Thursday and asked her if New Yorkers would be able to defend themselves under the SAFE Act. She told us, “I won’t comment on what the congressman chooses to do, but I don’t think there’s any question now that the SAFE Act is more important now than ever.”

Sigh . . . GOP Goes Quiet on Gun Silencers—for Now, at Least—After Congressional Shooting

In fact, the talk that was permitted after the practice field shooting spree was largely about locking and loading and carrying. Three Harvard Business professors found that after a mass shooting, gun laws are more likely to be loosened than tightened. How’s that for counterintuitive behavior?

How about something NOT happening for a glimmer of hope? Yesterday a bill (the Hearing Protection Act!) that would allow silencers—those things that criminals use in the movies, and which are presently regulated more like machine guns than revolvers—was set for a hearing before the House Natural Resources Committee. It was canceled even before the leadership shut the entire House down for the day.

The most anti-gun state needs federal help to stop people shooting up gun-free zones in its most gun-controlled city. Got it? . . . California needs federal help to restrict use of guns, advocate says

California’s firearms laws, already among the nation’s toughest, have been further stiffened by legislators and voters in the past year with bans on high-capacity gun magazines and the sales of guns with so-called bullet buttons that enable speedy reloading, and a requirement, to take effect in 2019, of background checks for buyers of ammunition.

And as firearms advocates challenge those laws in court, lawmakers are considering further measures that would ban gun possession on school grounds and limit purchases of rifles and shotguns to one per month, a restriction that already applies to handguns. But one of the Legislature’s leading supporters of gun control said Wednesday that without congressional action to stem the free flow of weapons throughout the country, there’s not much more the state can do.

From lefty anti-gun site . . . EXCLUSIVE: In 2016, the FBI allowed 300,000 gun sales before completing a background check 

In that wake of the (Charleston church) shooting, then–FBI Director James Comey ordered a review of why the FBI couldn’t complete Roof’s background check within the three-business-day deadline. Speaking to reporters at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., that July, he said that he wanted to find out how, in the future, the agency could complete more background checks on time.

Despite promises to fix the system, however, new data the FBI shared with ThinkProgress shows that there were more than 300,000 default proceeds in 2016. Of all background checks performed that year, 3.24 percent resulted in default proceeds. That figure is up from 3.02 percent in 2015 and 2.76 percent in 2014.

NBC further burnishes its sterling journalism credentials . . . Sandy Hook Families Urge NBC to Drop Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones Interview

In a letter sent to network executives Thursday, attorneys Josh Koskoff and Katie Mesner-Hage argued that the interview with Jones, who has portrayed the Sandy Hook shooting as a hoax, will have “devastating human consequences.” The Bridgeport, Conn.-based law firm of Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder has represented some family members of the 26 victims of the mass shooting at the Newtown elementary school in December 2012.

NBC News has come under fire since announcing its plan to feature Jones on its fledgling newsmagazine “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.” Jones, host of the Infowars digital channel, has claimed that the Sandy Hook tragedy was “synthetic, completely fake with actors,” and called it a “manufactured incident” designed to spur gun control legislation. Jones has raised his profile in the media world in the past few years with his extreme positions and assertions about left-wing conspiracies such as the Sandy Hook tragedy.

A new Nuge . . . Ted Nugent announces a kinder, gentler Nuge in the wake of the Alexandria shootings

Nugent has traditionally been almost as big a fan of using gun-related imagery in his various screeds as he is of guns themselves. (Although, to be fair, he’s sometimes restrained himself by calling for his political opponents to merely be hanged, instead.) His behavior was aggressive enough during the Obama administration that the Secret Service was eventually called in to investigate him, although nothing ultimately came of it. (Except Ted Nugent opening his mouth some more, which should be negative consequence enough for anybody.)

No more, though: “I’ve got to get my psyche in tune [so] that I can still hold the ground—and I can be feisty, I can be fiery, I can be passionate,” Nugent said. “But I will avoid anything that can be interpreted as condoning or referencing violence.” And while we might point out that Nugent didn’t feel similarly moved to “civility” by the Sandy Hook shootings, the Pulse nightclub shootings, or any of the hundreds of other mass shootings America has faced over the last several years, in the game of “Ted Nugent Shutting The Fuck Up For Once,” you take the wins that you can get.

Didn’t the homeowner know that keeping a gun in the house only increases the chances of a horrible accident? . . . Hero homeowner holds escaped Georgia inmates at gunpoint until arrests 

A Tennessee homeowner held two escaped inmates wanted in the killing of two prison guards at gunpoint Thursday until authorities arrived and made the arrests.

Tennessee Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Bill Miller said late Thursday that the homeowner caught Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose trying to steal his vehicle. …

Miller says something alerted the homeowner that people were outside his home and he saw the men trying to steal his vehicle. The trooper says the homeowner held the two at gunpoint with a neighbor he called until the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department could get there to arrest them.

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  1. As much as I dislike Alex Jones I have to give him credit for secretly taping the Kelly interview so they can’t splice his words. Everyone should be doing that to the media these days. Everyone.

    • My wife used to be in a high profile position that required her to do occasional interviews with local media. Her company’s PR director gave all of the top brass media training and rule number one was that every interview was at least taped and preferably video taped for backup. No exceptions.

      Jones may be nuttier than a sh*thouse rat, but someone gave him very good advice about how to handle Ms. Megyn and the NBC News operation.

      • Alex Jones isn’t crazy. He’s an incredibly savvy media personality and businessman who found a niche and exploited the living shit out of it. I’m not saying he’s totally fake, but I would be quite surprised if he actually believes more than twenty percent of the stuff he says.

      • ” rule number one was that every interview was at least taped and preferably video taped for backup. No exceptions.”

        As a note, those recording the interview on the down-low *must* be aware of the recording laws where they are.

        There are *lots* of variations on what is legal, Florida, as an example, requires at least one of the recorded parties must know they are being recorded, other areas may require all parties recorded be aware it is happening.

        Know your laws to avoid potential criminal charges on *your* ass…

        • Say what you like about Linda Tripp, she is still alive, and recording Monica may just have kept her alive. Clinton enemies have sometimes died under mysterious circumstances.

        • “Clinton enemies have sometimes died nearly always die under mysterious circumstances.”

          Fixed it for you.

        • “As a note, those recording the interview on the down-low *must* be aware of the recording laws where they are. ”

          Generally speaking, whether in a one-party state (If I know I’m recording the conversation, that’s OK) or an all party state (If everybody knows they’re being recorded, it’s OK) if everybody knows it’s being recorded by somebody, there’s no expectation of privacy, and one more recorder can’t possibly violate anybody’s privacy.

          Example: You call a business. While on hold, you hear “for quality assurance, all calls may be monitored or recorded”, then you’re in the clear to record without further notice, even if you or the other person are sitting in MD, IL, or MI.

      • After the way Katie Couric treated the VCDL and the cut to silence, no one is going to trust any main stream “reporter” or the company they work for. Were I Jones, I would have had my own camera man there as well and have him walk up to Megan and record her acknowledgement that she was being recorded.

        • Uhhhh….how about the doofus that had a half dozen posts here a couple weeks ago who worked with the Comedy Central jackazz.

      • What is with the constant contempt for Alex Jones? He, along with Paul Joseph Watson, most of what they report on is simply reprints from published news reports from different sources around the world.

        The ideas that he reports on that there are powerful people in banking, business and the military industrial complex planning and moving towards a one world government with those few powerful people in total control of a borderless world is an accepted fact. And if you are denying this as the reality, then you are to me, in severe denial.

        Was Sandy Hook a “False Flag” to help push more gun control. I don’t know, but are the Powers That Be willing to create such situation where they can enact more gun control? Ummm, yeah, obviously. Just look at the one example of the BATF and their Fast and Furious gun walking scandal. One of it’s primary purposes was to create such a :crisis” where the government could justify more gun control,

        Problem, reaction, solution. The government that does not want to let any “crisis go to waste”, to push for more government control, so why would you think they would just wait for such a crisis, when they can so easily create one? So from my perspective, until proven otherwise, it is the government that is suspect, after a “crisis” that calls for more government control as a “solution” to some “problem”.

        • In just a few moments after Sandy Hook alex was calling it a false flag. If he had the resources and intel to call it minutes after why didn’t he call it minutes before?

          His trickery/treachery is to corrupt the first reports, which are always wrong, into his .gov conspiracy theory.

          Which he is doing only because he’s found a way to avoid an honest living and dupe the feebs amongst us.

          Are you old enough to remember Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye?

          Never trust a tv preacher, the shop at home channel or a conspiracy theorist.

        • I find it interesting jwm, that you follow Alex Jones so closely that you know all of his proclamations are proved false and that he had proposed that Sandy Hook was a false flag within moments of the event. Why is that? If he is such a hack, then why do you go to his site at all? For me, the few times that I have gone to his site, the things about the move for total global governance that he references is in the main stream news, that he gives links too. It is not a theory if the conspiracy is publicly talked about.

          So tell me jwm, is there is a very public push by various powerful governmental and well as various non-governmental Organizations (NGO’s), for a one world governmental body dictating to the rest of a dis-armed and de-bordered world?

        • And doesky2, if you don’t have questions about how building seven, that was not hit directly by a plane, that only had a fire that spread to it from debris from the Twin Towers, how it dropped in it’s own foot print, that has never happened except by planned demolition with emplaced explosive charges; then you are hopelessly naive as to the evil that human beings are capable of, if it can give them more power and control.

          For me, if people can justify the mass murder of the most helpless and innocent human beings among us, and call it a right; then what is a few thousand human beings murdered that have survived the womb, if it is for the “collective good”?
          Especially when immediately after this “tragedy”. a multi-thousand page document appeared out of the blue, (The Patriot Act, an abomination by any other name) that consolidated the power of government in one stroke, that has not been seen for a generation, since Roosevelt with his growth of central government control during the depression.

          Problem, reaction, solution.

          So in the future, once all the truth comes out, I will not be shocked or particularly surprised that 9/11, if not directly planned and directed by elements within our government, was “allowed” to happen.

  2. Default gun approvals…your gubmint at work. Sorry I’m not getting worked up about silencers. I think we should get 50 state reciprocity. And abolish the ATF. And legal machine guns…and a pony?

    • “Default gun approvals”? I’m not sure if you remember, but the ONLY reason the NICS background check ever got through congress was because of the 3 day time limit. The “I” in NICS stands for “instant”. Those that negotiated the law at least had the foresight to see that the Liberal Terrorists™ would drag their feet on approvals at every chance they could. Could you imagine how long the average check would take, now that they are performing millions of checks each month? Buying a pistol would take months.

      • They would have simply been added to the NFA system, which could also use a 3-day limit. It is supposed to be about TAXES, after all, not gun control.

    • What are you talking about? I’m sure most gun owners in San Francisco would love Chicago’s gun laws, and same could be said for Californians and Illinois gun laws.

      • Binder there is SO MUCH stupid about Illinois I’ve pretty much quit correcting dumbazzes. Except about the traitorous Springfield & RRA betrayal…

      • With a few exceptions (there was a narrow window for some home rule ordinances to remain in place, then state pre-emption), Chicago gun laws are the same as state gun laws when it comes to possessing firearms and for shall issue CCWs. Illinois laws are not nearly as strict as California laws. San Francisco does not issue CCS, period, and if it had it’s druthers, it would prohibit visitors with California CCWs from carrying. It requires all firearms that are not in your immediate possession to be locked up–even if you live alone–and has a 10 round magazine limit, even for grandfathered guns purchased prior to the sate law limit, and with no carve out for off duty police officers. Officers are allowed to possess in city limits only ten round mags except for their duty weapons, and only while they are on duty. Because of its intentionally restrictive gun store regulations, there is not a single gun store in city limits.

    • No, San Francisco is much more like New York. Real estate prices have gotten so high they’re pushing the undesirable elements out of the city. Naturally, they’ve decided it’s their laws that lowered crime and that the lack of housing for the urban poor was a problem to be solved.

    • It’s impossible to be poor and live in San Francisco. I read that to live at “poverty” level in SF, you need to make $100,000/year. Needless to say, they aren’t going to be seeing any crime spikes anytime soon. They gentrified the majority of criminals away a long time ago.

  3. Two bad he didn’t plug those convicts. Would save a bunch of tax dollars. I’m not a fan of letting them rot in jail because it’s expensive and we see how every once in a while they escape.

  4. Any legislator that votes themselves additional security without taking care of their constituents first (hearing protection act, national reciprocity, etc.) should be run out of town. They won’t need security, they will be fired.

  5. We finally have the most important people in america having been shot and shot at. The evil doer is good and dead.
    I look forward to hearing all sides explain why or why not a congressman should have a gun in Washington DC and the majority black residence don’t need a gun.

    Yes there will be blacks who will say no guns for black people in DC. The white liberals will also say the same thing, no guns for blacks. This is our time gun community and republicans.
    You want to make inroads into the black community for second amendment support?
    Then support guns for law abiding black residence of DC. Because the political optics now are “important white people” got shot at.
    “NRA lobbyist Scott Meyer told the committee that guns were a great equalizer for “the blacks” after emancipation.”

    I said it before on TTAG, congress should be exempted from DC gun control laws. When this happens the political pressure will be enormous to allow everyone to have guns in DC.
    Does anybody really think “only important white people” who live and work in DC should get to have guns? Well the democrats do.
    Maj Toure might just be the “translator” that can lead and help pull this thing off.

    Who Is Maj Toure Black Guns Matter Hank Strange Who Moved My Freedom Podcast episode 5

    • Most local/state gun restrictions were put there to keep the ‘blacks in line’. They were never intended to to be used to charge white people, C’est la vie, Democrats and history (not to let Reagan off the hook).

      Maj’s occasional ‘country’ aspect has always seemed almost a put-on at this point. I understand why he does it, and know his history, I guess it seems a bit disingenuous this far along, but as long as the message is positive, who cares if he’s “keepin’ it real”.(But seriously, wearing a backwards baseball hat on national tv?)

      Regardless, he’s one of the good guys, in places where people, regardless of color, need to cover their six. Of course, nothing will stop the drug violence except legalizing drugs, which is a topic for another post.

  6. Obviously the one story is skewed toward pro 2A. The Governor did not mention or thank the armed homeowner and neighbor for stopping and detaining the two escapees until law enforcement could arrive. The Gov thanked Tennessee law officers for capturing the two armed perps. Worse yet is here in Maryland the AG would probably use all means at his disposal to incarcerate the two good Samaritans on interference in police matters and weapons charges.

  7. “Is seven bullets enough?”

    Someone needs to tell whoever wrote that headline that the 7 round limit was struck down, and it’s back to the pre-SAFE Act level of 10.

  8. I try not to let the BS get me too upset, but I gotta say the Fed gubt had DAMN WELL better not spend my tax money helping CA enforce their unconstitutional and STUPID gun laws. I was laughing when I heard a few of them, thinking the state was already on the verge of bankruptcy, how the hell did they think they were going to pay for their stupidity? I should have known, they think they’ll make ME pay for it.

    • And they will make you pay for it. Until Americans, not Texans or Alaskans or Mew Mexicans, etc., insist that the Federal .gov makes CA follow the bill of rights and the law of the land all you folks will pay and continue to pay for the stupidity and criminality of the CA state .gov.

      If CA isn’t forced to stop it will likely drag all of you over the cliff with it.

  9. “But we caught up with Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul on Thursday and asked her if New Yorkers would be able to defend themselves under the SAFE Act. She told us, “I won’t comment on what the congressman chooses to do, but I don’t think there’s any question now that the SAFE Act is more important now than ever.””

    Link leads to a “Page Not Found” notice, so I can’t see what the actual context is.
    But it would seem to be a very common tactic: answer with a non-answer.

    • I live in upstate, Kathy Hochul was at one point the county clerk of the county I live in. She was brutally incompetent, and the mess she made is still being cleaned up to this day. She’s also the worst possible kind of turn-cloak. Previously running as a relatively pro-gun candidate, she immediately abandoned that stance when she was brought up to be Cuomo’s boot licker. Also interesting is that her husband is a U.S. Attorney for the Buffalo region, an area U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara of the Manhattan had to investigate, because Hochul wasn’t. So to recap, she’s an incompetent hypocrite. She’s perfect for Albany.

  10. Federal Preemption laws are the most important pro gun laws that could get passed right now. Everyone is crying about suppressor laws but the true goal is to ban states from banning guns. Cut all their federal funding if they have even one state law that restricts access to purchase/carry a firearm.


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