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Nothing creepy about Caleb Sharpe. Nope, nothing at all . . . Student who fatally shot classmate in Washington high school was reportedly obsessed with school shootings

A student who opened fire in the hallway of his Washington State high school Wednesday, killing one classmate and wounding three others, had grown obsessed with school shootings, a friend said.

The suspect, identified by multiple students as Caleb Sharpe, was taken into custody by police and held in juvenile jail, the Spokesman-Review reported.

The shooter brought two weapons to Freeman High School in Rockford on Wednesday, but the first one he tried to fire jammed, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich told reporters.

Mayor Mike is emptying his change jar . . . Everytown, gun control group, turns on spigot in Virginia elections with $1 million

Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, the campaign arm of one of the nation’s biggest gun control groups, announced Thursday that it would spend at least $1 million in Virginia as part of an “initial investment” to elect Democrats in November.

The fund is donating $450,000 directly to gubernatorial contender Ralph Northam, and spending $250,000 on mailers on his behalf. It’s also giving $300,000 to Attorney General Mark Herring for his re-election bid, as he faces attack advertising from the National Rifle Association.

New Tennessee-made Beretta M9 Pistols Continue Records for Reliability

Gallatin, TN (September 13, 2017) – Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT) is pleased to announce that new M9 pistols tested at the Company’s manufacturing facility in Gallatin, Tennessee have continued the world-record reliability pace for the product. Beretta U.S.A. completed the fourteenth consecutive M9 Lot Acceptance Test (LAT) this month with an average of only one malfunction every 19,090 rounds. During this testing period 42 M9 pistols were fired 210,000 rounds, with resultant reliability almost 10 times better than the rate of reliability required by the U.S. Army in its current Modular Handgun System program.

Beretta U.S.A. has now delivered thousands of new M9 pistols to both U.S. military and Foreign Military customers from the Company’s Gallatin facility. New U.S. and Foreign Military Sales M9 orders were issued to the Company in August, extending production of M9 pistols from that facility into the year 2020.

People have been making their own guns for centuries…and always will . . . How criminals are using 3D printing

A French man 3D printed fake facades for cash machines, which clone the data on users’ ATM cards. Criminals in Sydney, Australia, used 3D printers to make attachments for bank machines that skim bank card information from unsuspecting ATM users. By using 3D printers, the criminals make the skimmers look like they are part of the ATM machines.

Organized crime is jumping on board. In coordinated raids against gangs in Malaga, Spain, and the Bulgarian cities of Sofia, Burgas and Silistra, police seized equipment used to 3D print sophisticated skimming equipment, including fake card slots for bank machines.

A criminal who calls himself “Gripper” makes a skimmer by the same name, which he sells online. Gripper recruits other criminals to join his international network and offers round-the-clock tech support in Moscow, South Africa, the UK and the United States. The Gripper boasts, “Bare [sic] in mind we have the power to mass-produce these ATM skimmers with the latest technology…We have all files needed and printing facilities in China. Also we have files to mass-produce MSRV [magnetic-stripe-reading] electronics.” The Gripper is a good example of the power of combining the internet and 3D printing.

Over 400 guns . . . Burley Auction Gallery estate auction

Featuring a fine collection of rare & engraved Colt firearms, Colt Single Actions, 1911s, & 1903s, Two digit serial number 1903, 1911 prototype, US Marshall & Senior Texas Ranger Captain Clint Peoples’ Colt 1911 & Gold Texas Ranger badge, documented Texas Ranger guns. Outlaw guns from Al Capone, & Barrow gang that were on display at the NRA & Texas Ranger museums, Colt SAA factory shipped to John Browning, & more historic guns. ATTENTION RUGER COLLECTORS! A lifetime collection of over 250 vintage Ruger firearms with 200 of them in their original boxes! Many were purchased 40+ years ago & are new/unfired in the box. Ruger firearms of all types.

As if the Catholic church didn’t have enough trouble filling the pews every Sunday . . . Cupich bans guns in all Chicago Archdiocese parishes and schools

Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich has issued a decree banning guns in all parishes, schools and other facilities across the archdiocese.

The decree, effective Thursday, echoes statements the cardinal has made over the past two years in support of banning guns from churches. It stipulates that anyone found with a gun on archdiocesan property will be asked to remove it from the premises and won’t be allowed to return until it’s gone. Clerics and staff members also will face disciplinary action.

Next time try a holster . . . Gun carry permit holder drops bag, shoots himself in Clarksville restaurant

A gun carry permit holder accidentally shot himself inside a Clarksville restaurant Monday morning.

At around 9:25 a.m., witnesses said a man in his 70s entered the restaurant, was going to sit down on a stool and dropped a cloth bag on the floor, according to Clarksville Police spokesman Jim Knoll.

Witnesses heard a distinct “pop.” The man asked for an ambulance. When CPD officers arrived, a customer and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputy were holding the man and applying pressure to the gunshot wound to the abdomen, Knoll said.

This seems to happen a lot in the bay area . . . SFPD officer’s gun stolen during car break-in, used in homicide

A San Francisco police officer’s personal gun was stolen from his car last month and used to kill a man just days later, raising questions as to whether the officer complied with local gun control laws.

The weapon was stolen from a veteran officer’s personal vehicle Aug. 12, according to police and the San Francisco Police Officers Association. Three days later, the firearm was used to shoot 23-year-old Abel Enrique Esquivel, Jr. near 26th Street and South Van Ness Avenue.

Police are not releasing the identity of the officer, but SFPOA President Martin Halloran said in a statement that the officer is a “highly decorated veteran.” Halloran also said the killing was “gang-related.”

But not only in the bay area . . . Bonehead cop suspended after gun, police gear stolen from car

An NYPD Internal Affairs cop was suspended for leaving nearly everything she needs for her job in her parked car — which a thief cleaned out on a Brooklyn street, police sources told The Post on Wednesday.

Her service weapon: gone.

Ammo: gone.

Her police-issued phone and radio: gone.

Her vest, handcuffs and duty belt: gone.

Milagros Torres, 38, had to sheepishly walk into the 88th Precinct stationhouse and admit that she left the trove of items in the trunk of her 2016 Honda Civic, sources said.

More gun store break-ins mean FFLs are making it harder for criminals to buy guns the old fashioned way . . . Gun store thefts spike in Chicago area

Ramming vehicles into gun shops is becoming an increasingly popular m/o for burglary crews.

That tactic was tried – and stopped – at Maxon Shooter’s Supplies and Indoor Range in August of 2016.

“Any security for any shop is all about delay,” said Maxon’s owner Dan Eldridge. “You’re simply trying to delay criminal from accomplishing what they are trying to do before the police can respond.”

Eldridge declined to identify the enhanced security measures he employed but said they were successful in warding off attackers without any guns being stolen.

The gun violence restraining order movement marches on . . . Moms: Make firearms law for domestic violence offenders more strict

A group of nearly 40 people — mostly women, mostly mothers — gathered Tuesday on the steps of the Union County Courthouse and called on the state Senate to adopt a proposed bill to enhance gun possession restrictions in domestic violence cases in an effort to prevent gun-related deaths.

The proposal seeks that anyone subject to an active final Protection From Abuse order or convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence crime who’s subject to a lifetime prohibition on gun possession relinquish all firearms within 24 hours.

It also requires firearms be turned over either to a law enforcement agency, including county sheriffs, or a licensed firearms dealer.

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  1. If that SAA revolver is the actual gun that the older gentleman was carrying when he dropped it and it discharged, he may want to consider upgrading/updating to a more modern firearm that has a drop safety. Not really the best gun to choose for concealed carry personal defense.

    • If that is the gun, you would think the fellow would know the old catechism: Load one, skip one, load four.” makes an SAA perfectly safe. still not a good choice for carry, especially concealed.

    • Agreed that it’s pretty much obsolete for self defense. However, even old fashioned models, which let the hammer rest on the primer, are drop safe if you leave that chamber empty.

    • It appears that “Pop’s” is too lazy, stupid and or cheap to do it right, luckily no “innocent” bystanders were injured.

    • There are ways to carry a single action revolver that isn’t drop safe and just about everyone knows how. Safety is between the ears. You carry the weapon with the hammer resting on an empty chamber. My clone with is a 4109DE which is the Taylor Uberti 4 3/4 Smoke Wagon factory tuned deluxe. It can be maintained on 1/4 cock, or with the cylinder pin pushed back until it locks the hammer back, which actually keeps the hammer in the quarter cock position. It can be cocked back, but it is blocked from going forward past quarter cock by the cylinder pin, AND you can carry it with hammer resting on an empty chamber, which is what I ALWAYS do. Having the cylinder pin pushed back against the hammer seems rather retarded.
      Anyone who drops a SA revolver and discharges it should be slapped, then slapped again.

      • Pietta has that capability also (I’ve never once used it) as well as a transfer bar. But even with the transfer bar, which is essentially fool proof, Pietta recommends load one, skip one, load four.

    • And if witnesses say all they heard was a pop, I’m guessing it was a .22 rimfire. Bad choices all way round.

      • No need to guess, the article says it was a .22, and that it was strapped into a holster. The hammer was shipped where it hit the floor. Was this a Puma?

  2. The school shooter had given notes to classmates that he’d do something “stupid” and probably end up dead…was seeing a school counselor for suicidal tendencies. Known to be obsessed with school shootings.

    I tell friends and family that there was a “white paper” analysis after Sandy Hook, with FBI, Secret Service, teachers, psychologists, all contributing to ideas to make schools safer, including physical security, team meetings to discuss at-risk students and, yes, in some circumstances, the arming of staff on campus. As soon as I say that it was sponsored by the NRA their heads explode.

    The shooter reportedly started with an AR which “jammed” – lotsa reasons for that – and was seen wielding a pistol “gangsta style” as one student said, one handed and sideways. It jammed as well…limp wristing?…and at that point he was disarmed by an unarmed janitor.

    The Bay Area does seem to have a number of possession-challenged law enforcement officers these days…

  3. Damn Caleb. No wonder you were “bullied”. I guarantee some goofball will justify murder ’cause the little freak was heckled. Sad world…

    • former water walker says:
      September 14, 2017 at 22:22
      “Damn Caleb. No wonder you were “bullied”. I guarantee some goofball will justify murder ’cause the little freak was heckled. Sad world…”

      Justifying bullying? Sure he looks like a freak, but that doesn’t grant others the freedom to bully him. Nor does his being bullied grant him any excuse to attack others.

      Bad parenting, bad educators, bad social influences. Plenty of blame to go around.

      • I blame his father who is a loan officer at a bank 2 miles from me. His dweeb kid had access to his gun safe!!!!
        They’ve had a suicide note from him in the house for a week, but the stupid dad does NOTHING to keep him from getting the guns!!! So he takes an AR15 and a handgun and goes to school to kill. Thank GOD the AR jammed.
        I hope the dad gets the shit sued out of him.

    • The original article on TTAG carried a link to the story, in which a student who knew him said he wasn’t bullied.
      But bullying is a convenient excuse. Ignore his threats and fascination with school shootings.

  4. If the parents and teachers would let them fight it out(at least a few punches), these kids will figure out where they are in the pecking order. My children or grandchildren would get a whopping from me if they came home crying without trying to defend themselves. I preschool, there was a kid who would always punk my son for the pedal tractor, which he really liked. This kid was probably 60lbs while my son was about 40lbs and 4yo. I told him that he would just have to pull that kid of the tractor to the ground and accept sitting looking at the wall for a day, if he ever wanted to ride it. I told him not to say I told him to, and that is exactly what happenned. The teacher was in tears that the boys were fighting – now they are best buddies at 40.
    That is common behavior throughout all mammals.

    • Yep, my kindergarten bully tried twisting my arm behind my back to make me say uncle during recess one time. I swung around and pummeled him right in the face, gave him a bloody nose and we were best friends after that.

  5. “Eldridge declined to identify the enhanced security measures he employed but said they were successful in warding off attackers without any guns being stolen.”

    ESP tells me the guns got put up after shop hours. Likely a safe for the handguns, and some sort of secured room for the long guns, or, my favorite, “creative concealment”, where things aren’t what they appear…

    They learned….

  6. I might have to try one of those Gallatin Berettas, since they’re manufactured in my County. Any excuse….

  7. Just how would anyone be “found with a gun” on this birdbrain’s company property? Is anybody even looking? Still, out of respect (choke), I will refrain from carrying in his church or any other, and hopefully in Chitcago as well.

  8. “The investigation uncovered there was a .22-caliber revolver inside a cloth bag, strapped into a holster with the hammer forward. When the bag was dropped, the hammer of the revolver struck the floor, causing it to discharge, Knoll said.

    There was a distinct chip on the corner of the hammer where it appeared to have hit the floor. The man was a Tennessee handgun carry permit holder.”

    Old SA revolvers are not known for drop safety, holster or not. He should have had a Glock.

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