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Did anyone expect anything different? . . . Gun control advocates push for more control almost immediately after GOP congressmen targeted – “House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), a congressional staffer and two Capitol Police officers were shot early Wednesday morning when a lone gunman opened fire on Republican congressman practicing for the annual congressional baseball game. And it took just a little more than an hour after news of the shooting broke for one political commentator to begin politicizing the brazen attack.”

As Saul Alinsky advised, (s)he who controls the language controls the masses . . . Dem Congresswoman to Activists: Don’t Say ‘Control’ When Talking Gun Laws

Esty explained that she ‘never’ uses the term ‘gun control,’ adding that ‘government control’ has not worked out well for the LBGTQ community.

“I’d never say gun control, never ever, ever say that. Do you want the government taking control of your life, anybody in this room? For my brother and his husband – they don’t want control by government of their lives, that’s not been a good thing for the LGBTQ community, much of any of us as Americans we don’t want government control of our lives,” she said. “We want the respect and rights and privileges and responsibilities of every other American.”

“That’s what we want, right? That’s what we want and so that’s why we really should be talking about gun safety.”

IPSC competition tragedy . . . Vancouver man dies after shooting himself during Kamloops pistol contest

In an extremely unusual tragedy, a man fatally shot himself by accident during a pistol competition in Kamloops on Sunday. The 50-year-old Vancouver man died shortly after arriving at the hospital in Kamloops. “It’s rarer than getting hit by lightning, you got ‘er,” said Jim Sloper, president of the 132-year-old Kamloops Target Sports Association.

“I’ve competed around the world and I’ve never come across it. Injuries are unheard of, let alone fatal shootings” The man, whose identity hasn’t been released, was taking part in a regional qualifying pistol competition for the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) provincials when he lost control of his handgun and accidentally shot himself in the torso, RCMP Cpl. Jodi Shelkie said.

He likely tried to catch the gun.

Browning’s New Cynergy CX Shotguns are Designed for Multiple Shooting Disciplines

Gun owners looking for an over and under shotgun they can use for everything from trap, skeet, sporting clays and upland bird and small game hunting will want to take a look at the new Cynergy CX shotgun from Browning.

Two models of the Cynergy CX are available, the Cynergy CX with a wood stock and the Cynergy CX Composite Charcoal model. Both models have a 60/40 point of impact (POI) and a light, nimble feel to please the most demanding shooters, both on the range and in the field.

When will the angry left admit they have a violence problem? . . . When Will the GOP Admit We Have a Gun Problem?

Today’s shooting, like so many others that have preceded it, is a tragedy. But it is no longer a rarity. Sick as it is to admit, a gunman attacking a soft target—a movie theater, an elementary school, a nightclub, and now a baseball practice—is Wednesday in America.

And today we’ll repeat the same vicious cycle that we’ve performed many times in the past: Elected officials will release statements of sympathy and support. News outlets will ponder the sad statistics (as of today, there have been 154 mass shootings in the last 165 days) and Virginia’s lax gun laws, which require no background checks, no licensing or registration, nor permits required for open carry of handguns. Open carry is the law of the land there.

“Guns: The Album.” We can hardly wait . . .

Guns is an attempt at making a contentious conversation more accessible, more specific — and by using music as our medium, we hope more infectious,” said Molinaro. “Our objective was to tap into these firearm fueled conversations from all angles, without limiting the genre or story elements. We used performers whom some may recognize, but built it mostly of those they may not. We were only inclusive of authentic talent and truly passionate people. It’s a new kind of listening experience that rallies for a reason.”

Rep. Mo Brooks saw his colleague get shot. It didn’t change his mind about gun control.

Rep. Mo Brooks, an Alabama Republican who witnessed the shooting and attended to Scalise by using his own belt as a tourniquet while waiting for medics to arrive, answered a question on gun control later that morning.

Reporter Sam Sweeney of ABC7 asked Brooks, “Congressman, does this change your views on the gun situation in America?” His answer (as first transcribed and posted by Lachlan Markay of the Daily Beast) was more than a simple ‘no.’”

Why would the actions of one twisted, violent individual affect his support of an enumerated civil right?

Progress reining in the administrative state? . . .  The NRA Racks Up Wins in Congress. The ATF Wants to Give It More

The unusual ATF white paper was written by Ronald Turk, a career official with the title associate deputy director. In the absence of a Senate-approved director, he serves as the chief operating officer at the 5,000-person agency.

“In an introduction, he described the memo as providing the new administration with options ‘to reduce or modify regulations.’ Those options include loosening oversight of gun dealers who sell multiple firearms that turn up at crime scenes and studying the elimination of the ban on importing AK-47 and AR-15 military-style, large-capacity rifles.

“Another option Turk discussed was making it easier for dealers to operate exclusively at guns shows or via the internet.”

You may remember Agent Turk from his conversation with Rep. Jason Chaffetz earlier this year.

Fears of more calls for gun control result in . . . Gun stocks jump after shooting at congressional baseball practice

Gun stocks rallied on Wednesday after a top Republican congressman and several other people were shot during baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. … Sturm Ruger and American Outdoor Brands reversed their gains within an hour of the market open. ShotSpotter, a maker of gunshot detection software, went public on June 8 and reached an all-time high during the rally.

Oops! And the crowd goes mild!

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  1. We don’t have a gun problem. We have a commie and gangbanger problem. Fortunately, both of these problems have the same solution.

  2. she said. “We want the respect and rights and privileges and responsibilities of every other American. ”

    Except for the people who own guns. They deserve neither rights nor privileges. They shouldn’t even be considered American.

    If it weren’t for her double standards I doubt she would have any standards at all.

    • She is on to something though. Gun owners are the new opressed minorities. She’s looking in to cute ways to couch opressive policies like “stamp act” or “poll tax” or “separate but equal”.

  3. Made me a stronger supporter of being armed, guns saved lives today and put down a sociopath.

  4. I for one am curious as to why the ATF would care about loosening anything…I’d think they’d want to justify their very existance. Or WHY do you mopes have jobs?!?

    • That article is about the (intentionally) “leaked” white paper. It was clearly the acting director making a job application “appoint me and I’ll support this” (because why would you have documents belonging to the acting head of the ATF and leak THAT).

      It’s pretty safe to say however brilliant his plan he pissed away any chances of appointment with the actions in the video above that section.

  5. Meanwhile, Michael Ebay said he’d be happy to ship you a Mauser barrel, and Steve Amazon countered that he’d ship it in 2 days!

  6. If I seem a little irate these day to anyone, it’s because I was just put on an 18 month probationary period at my job for trying to bring a prohibited item through a security check point.
    My crime? I had grilled chicken for lunch so my wife packed a fork and steak knife in my lunch sack. The knife was declared a weapon and I was told to leave the employee lot or else the rent-a-guard would call 911.
    My supervisor had to come pick me up so I could work that day. This country has gone full retard!

    • I’m sure your employer provides ample armed security so you never have to worry about needing a weapon to defend yourself from a disgruntled ex-employee.

      • Airline industry for over three decades with security clearance above those that have been charged with confiscating my eating utensils.
        Because Democrats

    • I can’t quite wrap my head around this… Michael, do you work in a prison or a mental hospital? I’m trying to come up with how a steak knife in a lunch sack gets a guy on probation. This is coming from a guy who carries a Benchmark in his pocket to work daily (and nothing else…honest…because, rules…ahem…)

      • Step one)
        Pass unconstitutional laws in NYC
        Step two)
        Set up sting operations to catch people filling the black market that resulted from the unconstitutional laws.
        Step three)
        Hold a press conference and call out the free states for causing all your woes in your shit hole city.
        Step four)
        Call on your Democrat friend in Atlanta to pressure the corporatist industry to set up a dog and pony show disguised as an attempt to close “an egregious breech of security”

        Take it away Ken Thompson :

  7. Mz. Etsy, the word I think you’re looking for is ‘euphemism’ (aka the ‘language of he left’).

      • I agree. A euphemism is intended to soften the communication of difficult or harsh sounding realities. Thus, we often say someone expired or passed away, rather than that they died.

        What this lady’s little lie is intended to do is to conceal the very nature of the idea by misrepresenting it as something completely different. Thus, gun control, gun confiscation, gun bans, civilian disarmament and so forth become “gun safety.” She’s trying to gain support for something objectionable by repackaging it as something acceptable.

        If she pulled that stunt with a consumer product or servicen the private sectoe ishe would likely be sued and imprisoned at least for fraud, but possibly much more. Since she pulled that stunt in a press conference, she’s apt to be re-elected.

        • Still, it’s probably less egregious than calling infanticide a ‘choice’ or ‘women’s health’.

  8. POS (D)ems (that’s all of them) want you disarmed and dead on a baseball diamond, at the supermarket, the hospital parking lor, in the lobby at work. . . etc.

    The pushback should be now 250%.

  9. ““That’s what we want, right? That’s what we want and so that’s why we really should be talking about gun safety.””

    Now this is interesting.

    *Every* time they insist on calling it gun safety, we need to immediately counter with “No, that’s gun control. No gun control.”

    If they try to change the language, we must insist on calling it WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS.

    Make them OWN IT.

    Ask them why can’t we have actual gun safety in schools. Ask them why they want children to die…

    • If we are calling it for what it is then it should be called people control, setting up for an oppressive government, totalitarian statism any number of things. Guns are just the impediment to that plan

      Gun control is just their current way of controlling the language and disguising their intent

  10. My guns have safeties on them, most have more than 1 each. I’m like the ENTIRE gun owning population of America, we’re all full up on gun safety already. Gun control is provided by my trigger finger, I CONTROL MY GUNS, not the other way around. So again, we’re all full up on gun control among the gun owners in this country. Perhaps YOU Democrats, AND progressives should be disarmed. Hey, we AREN’T coming for YOUR guns, we just want YOU to have commonsense gun SAFETY. For the children after all if even ONE life can be spared, he could have been my son, and that could have been me, blah blah blah.

    You see, civil liberties haters, you see now that we are through with your double speak, your euphemisms, and we are not backing down from maintaining our rights and STRENGTHENING them.

  11. “and Virginia’s lax gun laws, which require no background checks, no licensing or registration, nor permits required for open carry of handguns. Open carry is the law of the land there.”

    Which lightweight thinks that this necessarily had anything to do with Virginia? The leftist militant was from Illinois, where he lived until March or so. He had been confronted by police officers in March in Illinois for shooting a centerfire rifle in a neighborhood. In that interaction, he showed Illinois police a valid Illinois firearms permit. So, “journalists” think Virginia firearms purchasing laws are in play here?

    And they bristle at the use of the term “fake news.” SMH.

    • Every state has mandatory background checks. Va. even has the state police at every gun show doing voluntary background checks for personal sales. These people saying Va. doesnt do background checks are full of shit, and proving it with this line of crap.

  12. “A lone gunman”
    A domestic terrorist directly associated with a political party that seeks to do away with the constitution.

  13. We should add a line to the 4473
    Have you gotten over the 2016 election yet?

    No is automatic denial.

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