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Was this ever really a question? . . . Proof CA Democrats Prefer Criminals Over Legal Gun Owners – “Thursday, in a move that absolutely defies the slightest semblance of logic, the Democrat controlled California State Senate passed a measure that will lower the sentences for felons who used a gun in the commission of their crimes.  Yes, you read that right. They are reducing sentences for criminals using guns.  These are the very same Democrats that constantly create and pass stricter and stricter gun control laws, and who constantly scream, cry and whine about how guns are bad.”

Remember, only media members are allowed to joke about shooting prominent individuals . . . Texas Governor Greg Abbott Makes Joke About Shooting Reporters – “The unrelenting Republican assault on the free press continued on Friday when Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, joked about shooting journalists. The joke was made not two days after a Montana congressional candidate, Greg Gianforte, assaulted a reporter instead of answering a question on health care. Abbott made his joke at a gun range, after signing a bill that lowers the fee for handgun licensing. Prior to that bill’s passage, Texas already had some of the nation’s friendliest gun laws, including one that allowed for concealed weapons on public college campuses.”

If you haven’t gotten your Tactigrill BBQ apron for this weekend’s grilling festivities, there’s still time before Father’s Day!

San Bernardino terror attack: Police describe gun battle with terrorist couple – “In total, the couple fired about 80 rounds from rifles and one bullet from a handgun. Officers fired 440 rounds from rifles, shotguns and handguns. Several nearby homes and cars were struck by bullets, but no civilians were hit during the shootout. Police scouring the SUV found a black backpack with 14 rifle and pistol magazines, a military-style ammunition container with 870 rifle cartridges that were loaded into 10-round clips, along with three rifle sighting systems and several bags filled with hundreds of ammunition cartridges.” So how’s that 10-round magazine limit working out for you, California?

Beware the unstable geek . . . Man arrested at Phoenix Comicon carrying guns, knives – “A man in Phoenix was arrested on Thursday after he allegedly attempted to bring guns and knives into the local Comicon, Phoenix Police told ABC News. The 30-year-old man was arrested on-site. He was also wearing body armor. According to police, the man also made threats against authorities on social media prior to the incident. The man, who was not identified by police, is currently at police headquarters with detectives.”

Silly attempt to persuade ivory tower types using logic and reason . . . Guns on campus is progressive academia’s straw man – “It is a wonder how these professors ever go off campus. After all, there are over 1.15 million concealed handgun permit holders in Texas. Kansans don’t even need a permit to carry. Professors can’t go to restaurants, movie theaters, or grocery stores without being around legally carried concealed handguns. Despite being the subject of some national news coverage, these faculty departures are very rare. At the University of Kansas, only one out of 2,600 faculty members have left.”

Did anyone expect anything else? . . . Bloomberg Author’s Group Continues Established Pattern of Manipulation & Deception – “’Gun Safety Org Taps Book Professionals for New Advocacy Group,’ a Thursday Publishers Weekly fake news story proclaims. That’s an objective characterization, and here’s how you can prove it to yourself. First, note it appears under the “news” rather than ‘opinion’ heading, yet the article makes no pretense of obtaining any viewpoints other than those lauding the Bloomberg effort. Then we can look at the author, Claire Kirch, not a reporter, but a professional PR flack who openly admits “I want to make sure that the politics of the book agree with my politics” before she will agree to represent an author.”


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  1. It’s not just Commiefornia that’s clinically insane. In Springfield.Illinois Chiraq’s chief of po-leece was practically pleading with (predominantly) dumbocrat lawmakers to “toughen” sentences for repeat gun offenders. Seriously…repeat illegal gun use.

    • California’s problem is that it got so tough on crime (right up there with Texas and Florida) that it ran out of room to house the convicts. As in 35,000 beds short. So all of a sudden there was a push to reduce felonies to misdemeanors, reclassify crimes as “nonviolent” to permit early release (to community–meaning not on the State’s dime–supervision. And OF COURSE since blacks are over-represented in the prison population, victims, VICTIMS I TELL YOU of RACIST LAWS and RACIST WHITE POLICE OFFICERS who are OPPRESSORS OF THE BLACK MINORITY, well, we just have to let these poor children out of prison all that much sooner.

      • This isn’t lost on a good chunck of the population. California, which is the most awesomest state in the union on gun laws, still accounts for 1/10th of all gun/ammo sales (according to Lucky Gunner). A LOT of people here get it,….. unfortunately the majority dont get it, and oppress us minorities (i.e. pro-2a types).

      • Send your aliens home. Or send your illegal aliens home. Or send your illegal alien criminals home. Or your illegal alien career criminals home. NO? Then cry me a river/go away.

        Remove 5million Mexicans/etc from Ca – no more traffic jams the freeways are large enough, no more water or energy shortages, totally reform the housing market to the benefit of American (in particular the LMI) huge reduction in crime. BUILD THE FREAKING WALL!

        • Don’t be inane. If we deported all of the illegal Mexicans, the Ag industry would collapse from lack of labor and no one in BelAire would be able to get their grass cut. New construction would nearly grind to a halt. Yes, there are plenty of bad hombres who need to go somewhere else, and they run the three largest gangs in the state. But a the same rime, there are millions of hard working people who came here to escape poverty and the drug gangs but could not get the necessary permits from the notoriously corrupt Mexican government.

        • Simple solution:

          1. Let the people in hollywood/Beverly Hills cut their own grass

          2. Automation is the future of agriculture

        • We tried that with prop. 187 in 1993. The judges struck it down and the government AG REFUSED to defend it, so it never got a chance to take effect.

          The nation wasn’t interested in helping California out, so the feedback loops of cultural marxism only got stronger and worse.

          If you refuse to use federal power to bring California to heal, it will only get worse, price poor residents out of state, and then flip all neighbor states, blue the mountain west, and make nibbles at the midwest.

          Strike now, strike hard, and take out the hive, otherwise the Democrat Borg will destroy and assimilate everywhere.

  2. Anybody here for stiffer sentences for passing illegal legislation?
    I guess having any penalties at all would be a good start.

    • You can pass good laws, you can pass bad laws, pass too many bad laws though and the system breaks down and people die. Some of those people will be politicians (ok, so lots of them will be). Progressives, with thier utopian dreams and lack of realism don’t seem to get that last part. Deposed politicians in a democracy retire or change jobs, Deposed dictators are executed. The moral is: Be careful not to be mistaken for a dictator.

  3. As I said before and I will say it again. The three L’s, Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left like it when criminals get more freedom. The criminals rights movement started in California in the 1970’s. It was never about the 4th or 5th amendment protections. The goal has always been creating Anarchy. Creating a utopia. Like the utopia in Mexico. There are many parts of Mexico where there is no government. But the Drug cartels moved in to fill the power vacuum in those regions.

    That’s what you get with no government. The criminal gangs take over. It has already happened in certain neighborhoods in the largest California cities. Now it will extend to the “whiter” areas of the state. Even the rural counties of California are being forced to give up their guns used to protect school children.

    But don’t worry you got legal marijuana intoxication. Great gay elected leaders and crystal meth to improve your sexual experience. Wear your strap-on dildo public with pride. You don’t need guns. Let the “Bread and Circus” distractions continue.

    • What’s a criminal? By definition, someone who breaks the law. Any law. “Criminals” encompass everything from murderers to someone who has a rifle with a stock that’s not 922r compliant. And you’re ok with that? You’d rather see more shit continue to be criminalized? You’re probably a criminal right now, whether you know it or not. But yes, tell me more about how criminals are so awful and how “those people” no matter what law they actually broke deserve what they get. Fuck you. Oh, and libertarians are COMPLETELY different from liberals and the left. Libertarians say, you leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. That’s not even close to what liberals do, asshole

      • He wants more laws to legislate HIS moralities, and none to legislate anyone elses’s, because he knows best. Reactionaries for Liberty? Serenity Now!

      • “Libertarian” LONG ago degenerated into the give me pot. Nothing more.

        To you enlightened eurowussies there is no American “culture” or Western Civilization. It’s all the same, anything goes and it will all work out. WRONG. If our laws don’t defend/protect our unique American culture then it will go away. The progtards dinosaurs or the militant Islamist all will be happy with that result. Go smoke your joint.

  4. “Democrat controlled California State Senate passed a measure that will lower the sentences for felons who used a gun in the commission of their crimes.”

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Cali was deliberately creating a gun crime crime-wave so they could justify even more draconian gun laws to inflict on the lawful gun owners…

    • I too often ponder if they’re really that effen stupid, or if they’re smart like a fox. I come to the conclusion that it’s something in the middle…

      • “This is a ghost gun,” de Leon begins, holding an unloaded rifle in his hands. “This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.”

        “Is that the shoulder thing that goes up?” asked McCarthy, when questioned what a barrel shroud is.

        “What’s the efficacy of banning these magazine clips? I will tell you these are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those know they’re going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of these ‘high capacity’ magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.” – Dianna DeGette

        Kind of screws with that curve you’re grading on…

    • Combine this with the bill in the house that gets rid of the bail system and our crime rate should see a significant increase in the next 5 years…
      But I bet the MSM doesn’t report any of this if/when Moonbeam signs them.

  5. Cali Democrats are soft on crime because, sometimes, criminals take care of their own.

    • In the Marxist dialectic, criminals are considered “ideologically close” and citizens are considered “ideologically apart”. Crimes against persons and property were considered much lesser than crimes of a political nature.

      Ironically many Marxists, Socialists, and Communists would consider Marx himself to be too liberal.

  6. Reducing time for criminals who carry a gun diring the commission of a crime is actually a stroke of evil genius. It practically guarantees that “gun crime” rates remain high in certain areas. As long as the violence remains, there will be victims. And victims are the grist for the democratic party’s mill in generating more calls for the disarmament of free law abiding citizens. It’s truly brilliant actually.

  7. Red in CO
    You need to be honest. Or read the libertarian 2017 platform. Your hero Gary Johnson has been very clear on his views for many years now. That is until last year when he started calling Donald Trump a racist. So I say yes, Libertarians are just like the Liberals and the Left.

    • Your mistake is assuming that Gary Johnson is a libertarian. He is the candidate of the libertarian party, but the libertarian party is no longer libertarian.

      • vhyrus
        There was a time when I had respect for the Libertarian Party. Back in the 80’s and 90’s their message of personal responsibility was great. But just like the Rev Jesse Jackson who said many of the same things in the 1970’s . He was “purchased” by the white Liberal Left. Now he sounds like a black version of the Karl Marx.
        Now the Libertarians seemed to have been “purchased” by the white Liberal Left. Now they support slavery, forcing Christians to do work they don’t want to do. Putting them in jail if necessary as was done in Kentucky.

        Senator Rand Paul made the case about government forced slavery a few of years ago when he told a government agent he did not want to perform certain medical procedures he thought were immoral. He called it slavery by the government. I’m glad he’s my senator.

        The only thing libertarians (and establishment republicans) seem to care about today is being liked by more liberals. Marijuana intoxication and gay sex in marriage seem to be much more important than basic human rights. The Gay Patriot Blog has more stories about the battle for liberty than Reason magazine does.

        Gun rights have not been a priority with libertarians if they ever were. Gay sex and marijuana intoxication have been the priority. While at the same time government interference with black heterosexual family relationships by the Welfare Slavery Systems doesn’t get much attention from white libertarians. Their hatred of the Church over rides the social support system that churches used to give people in need, before the welfare system was created.

        Justin Raimondo is a small government openly gay, pro gun person who ran against Nancy Pelosi. He lost because getting “free stuff” from the government and legal Pot have become more important than anything else.

        • “How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg? Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn’t make it a leg.” – Abraham Lincoln

          Rand Paul is a libertarian even though his party affiliation is Republican. Gary Johnson is not a libertarian even though his party affiliation is Libertarian. No Democrat is actually a liberal even though Franklin Roosevelt lied and said he was not a socialist or progressive, but a liberal. The word liberal basically means someone who is for limited government and personal freedom.

          My point is that words have meanings and we shouldn’t let people get away with changing the meaning of a word to its opposite meaning.

    • Gary Johnson is no more a libertarian than DJT is a Republican, or Obama is a Christian, or Caitlyn Jenner a woman if you like that better. Simply calling yourself something does not make it so. And stop with the personal invective. You sound like a snowflake whose safe space has been invaded.

      • Button Gwinnet
        It was amazing to watch libertarians Gary Johnson and William Weld destroy themselves and the entire Libertarian Party go along with it.
        And the Libertarian Press was along for the ride.

  8. Black politicians want their constituents armed so that the revolution can start sooner and whitee can be kicked out of power.

  9. Something about the comicon story isn’t right. The claim is that he was there to kill Jason David Frank, but Frank was not at the comicon on Thursday, which is when the guy was arrested. Not sure if fabrication or not.

  10. Those professors should be told this, that way, they will hide in their safe spaces and never come out.

  11. The concept of redistribution at work: reduce pressure on criminals, increase pressure on law abiding.

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