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No blood in the streets or faculty lounge shootouts; go figure . . . Hundreds of Tennessee college employees carry guns on campus – “More than 500 college and university employees across the state are exercising their right to carry guns on public campuses since a new law allowing them to do so went into effect last July. Allowing employees to carry guns on campus has resulted in few, if any, problems on campuses, yet the possibility of expanding the law to part-time employees has raised concerns among college and university officials.”

Of course they are . . . Legislature Targets Sac County Sheriff – For Keeping His Promise – “Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones is one of those very unique elected officials who has kept a campaign promise: he pledged to approve more concealed carry handgun permits than his predecessors. And boy, has he delivered, raising the total number of permits held in Sacramento County from about 350 in 2010 to a current number that totals roughly 8,000. But this has not been without controversy. He has been called irresponsible, and members of the legislature have gone so far as to say he dispenses CCW permits ‘like Halloween candy.’”

But wait . . . Don’t Give Up On California—The NRA Hasn’t – “The constant attack on the Second Amendment in California is likely enough to make law-abiding gun owners there throw their hands up in frustration. And such actions cause many across the country to wonder if the state is simply a lost cause. Put simply: It is not. In fact, California has more National Rifle Association members than any other state. And the NRA is redoubling its efforts to fight for California gun owners’ rights in the face of the constant attacks they endure.”

Basketball should ‘evolve’ to allow traveling . . . LA Clippers JJ Redick: Second Amendment Should ‘Evolve’ to Allow Gun Control – “On Tuesday, the L.A. Clippers J.J. Redick suggested it is time for the Second Amendment to evolve to allow gun control. He referenced the Second Amendment while talking about collegiate sports, contending that NCAA basketball players ought to be paid. In fact, Redick jumped from announcing the end of ‘amateurism’ in collegiate sports to declaring the end of a Second Amendment that protects 21st century firearms.”

Innocent until proven guilty still applies, right? . . . Democrats decry change to ‘stand your ground’ law – “A critic of the state’s ‘stand your ground’ law Wednesday said a change to the law now moving through the Legislature will ‘make it easier for people to murder other human beings.’ Lawmakers now are considering shifting the burden to prosecutors, making them disprove a claim of self-defense. Sen. Perry Thurston, a Fort Lauderdale Democrat, called that making ‘a bad law worse.’”

Your ballistic bad idea of the day . . . Texans Really Do Solve Every Problem With A Gun – “(Austin’s) Circuit of the Americas is no stranger to foul weather, as the lovely ridge that produces the steep hill up to Turn 1 also tends to get pounded with nastier weather than the lower elevations of central Austin. The grandstands are still missing part of their awnings from a previous storm that hit the facility, however, the ones that were left didn’t drain fast enough for circuit officials’ liking. So, in order to prevent an awning from failing and dumping water onto a track day session, COTA staff cleared the track so a security worker could poke holes in the awning with bullets.”

Lemons: Lefties with Guns Ready to Rumble with Right-Wing Militias, Says Arizona Anarchist – “A prominent Phoenix anarchist, Payne and other members of an anarchist collective calling itself Carpe Locus were the subjects of a long, syrupy article in the Arizona Republic a couple of years back. During my contentious encounter with the group, Payne reminded me that I had interviewed her previously for New Times. But she was in sunglasses with what looked like an AK-47 slung across her chest, and I didn’t recognize her till later. The current incarnation of the Redneck Revolt began in June, according to Payne, as an effort to confront racism and as a form of community defense. She said their 35 or so members train with their guns weekly and represent a range of viewpoints.”

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  1. What is it about NBA retards and gun control? You couldn’t pay me to watch their BS games…oh we just bombed Syria. Stay tuned POTG…

    • if a bunch of terrorist sponsoring goat rapists have control and support of a population and land mass…..

      Just glass the area.

      Nobody is going to mess with a oil pipeline if they have to cross 100 miles of radioactive slag to get there.

      • From one radio report, 60 inbound 1,000 pound cruise-missile warheads detonated approx one second apart for one minute.


        Wasn’t that a Russian-occupied airbase supposedly protected by a top-of-the-line Russian air-defense system? Slow-poke subsonic missiles just waltzed right in with no problems?

        Could… could that have been an operational test of what just may be used in North Korea in the near future???

        *Snicker* 🙂

        • You jest, but POTUS was dining with the Chinese Premier at the time. That was no subtle gesture.

          “Mr Premier we really need to talk about North Kor…the missiles are ready? Ok, send them.”

        • That timing was *planned*.

          I wonder if Xi was burning up the encrypted comms to Beijing after he got back to his resort room.

          This has *got* to be making the ChiComs *sweat*. On top of that, that was one way to shut the Progressives up FOR GOOD with the “Putin is his buddy” crap.

          This could be a brilliant power-play on a bunch of different levels, or we’re fornicated.

          Right now, I lay odds it’s 75 percent a brilliant Trump move.

          He loves the unpredictable…

        • Russia can’t say sh!t about that strike, since *THEY* were the ones who took responsibility for destroying Syria’s chemical weapons.

          That worked out *perfectly*, since when Putin made that offer, he made Obama look like the fool he is…


  2. Ca has the largest number of NRA members and the largest gun market in the US. Seems stupid just to rollover and let that market go to waste.

    • Problem is, those seemingly large numbers are overwhelmed by California’s absolutely massive horde of progressive idiots.

      Unless the 9th Circuit suddenly rediscovers the actual meaning of 27 simple words, or 10 million voters suddenly switch sides, nothing’s likely to change. I’d like to think it’s possible to help Cali, but I dunno. The NRA could focus all its resources on that one state and it’d still be just a drop in the bucket.

      • With a petition for the Peruta case to be heard in the SCOTUS and the Gorsuch confirmation, the chances are looking better for CA.

        • Since the Peruta case was correctly decided by the 9th’s en banc panel, in full accordance with existing precedent (not the least of which is Heller), no SCOTUS Rule 10 split exists, and thus the Supreme Court will not grant certiorari here.

        • “…no SCOTUS Rule 10 split exists, and thus the Supreme Court will not grant certiorari here.”

          SCOTUS wont grant cert. for one reason and one reason *only*.

          Kennedy cannot be trusted with that vote, so the proper conservative justices won’t allow cert. to be granted. *HOWEVER*.

          The good news is, Kennedy has made noise he wants to retire, and will, if he feels the court is in competent hands with the new associate confirmation. Word is, he likes Goresuch.

          Wanna guess where this is going???

          In the next few months, expect a retirement announcement from Kennedy.

          And the shrieks and wailing from the Senate progressives who stood SILENT when Harry Reid changed Senate procedure and broke the filibuster in 2013 so Obama could stack the federal courts with extremist leftist federal judges can just SUCK ON IT when Trump nominates an associate justice to return the court to its proper CONSERVATIVE balance.

          We WARNED YOU, Harry. Don’t do it, you would regret it.

          Regret it? What a joke! After all, *everybody* knew Hillary would win.

          The tortured anguish from you Progressives will be such sweet, sweet music to our ears… 😉

        • SCOTUS has never heard a carry case and will never hear a carry case with their current membership. Maybe if one more progressive judge gets replaced with a Republican but right now, the court is 5-4 anti gun because of that traitor Kennedy.

        • Adam is spot-on.

          We got a ‘crippled’ version of the Heller decision *because* of Kennedy…

    • Its too expensive for the NRA to fight a machine like the CA legislature. The money is better spent on banquets, fundraisers, and buying cheap chinese made accessories to sell on their website.

  3. interesting way to get holes where you need them i guess.

    As far as the NRA is concerned, the left squeals like a stuck pig over this terrible and powerful lobby, while facts are where they are. Most NRA members of all 50 states, yet CA is still a 2nd amendment(less) wasteland. I agree that the NRA has kicked up a pretty decent bonfire so far, but for CA they will need to break out the bottle rockets and homemade cherry bombs.

  4. Mr. Redick,
    Stick to running back and forth chasing a ball.
    Let those of us with an earned degree decide for ourselves.

    • Mr Redick has a degree in History from Duke University, paid for by his basketball skills. As is often the case, a degree is not a measure of intelligence. He clearly doesn’t understand history, or the “pay” that he received as a college basketball player.

      • Eh, he understands that 2A does not permit for gun control of the sort that he would, for some reason, prefer. That puts him better in my graces than all of the “But it says a well-regulated militia!” people who come out of the woodwork.

        Anyway, the issue of “I made the college millions of dollars in ticket sales/TV exposure, I should have been paid” is a curious one to work around. On the one hand, you could use it to make him a conservative: “Your ticket sales were used to help pay for facilities for other students to get their own educations, rather than paying you. That’s pretty much what Democrat Tax&Spend policies are trying to do to the whole country- congrats, you’re a Republican now”.

        Alternately, get him to shut up about it by mentioning that the people helped by Duke’s ticket sales are, to some degree, students from less-privileged backgrounds, and hence he’s telling them that he’d rather drive a Corvette to class for 4 years before moving on to an extremely lucrative position, rather than allow them to make it in the world.

        Guy really just needs to think about his positions for longer than 30 seconds before giving a semi-political interview.

  5. McCarty, a former member of the Sacramento Board of Supervisors, got a be in his bonnet last year when one of the current members of the Board wanted to tap the Sheriff’s CCW funding request for $250,000 so as to fund a pet project, and as a method of putting the brakes on the Sheriff’s virtual “shall issue” policy for CCWs. The Sheriff said that he would cover the shortfall with other money in his budget, a declaration that went over like the proverbial lead balloon, and a call to Senator McCarty. McCarty’s first attempt, a bill to take away the sheriff’s discretion in issuing permits with a state-wide mandate adopting a “good cause” for issuance standard requiring proof that the applicant had a need for a permit greater than the general populace and that could not be met by the local LEOs, in short, a standard that would necessarily deny CCWs to the average citizens of this State. Governor Brown vetoed the bill. Now McCarty is out for blood; although his target is the Sheriff, his attack will be an attempt to demonstrate that the counties’ costs in administering the CCW programs exceeds the income from fees, thus justifying an increase in fee (currently about $150 all in, not all of which goes to the County), the higher the better. While it is true that some counties will send a detective around to interview neighbors, call bosses, and call references for (illegally required) reference letters, many simply do mandatory background check, an interview, and that’s it. So now that the Peruta has declared that there s no constitutional right to a CCW, there will be an all out press to restrict or eliminate such permits, even though the state bars open carry cities and towns (an issue the Peruta panel refused to address).

  6. So, did anyone at the racetrack stop to consider that those bullets fired into the air would come back down somewhere in a very random and uncontrolled fashion? Know your target and what’s beyond it, right?

    • I thought of that, also. But then I gave it a little more thought- they are doing that to drain water, therefore (if his shots are accurate), the bullets are going through a very strong canvas of some sort, and into quite a bit of water. That should soak up most of the kinetic energy of the bullets.

  7. “the NRA is redoubling its efforts to fight for California gun owners’ rights…”

    If you take zero and double it, you get what, exactly?

  8. I’m wondering how many of those leftists open-carrying are actually toting around disguised Airsoft guns?

    • I’d go with none, all the claims to the contrary have been unsupported. The blurry picture every one points to saying see it has no charging handle, you can see one if you look closely (also have you ever seen even a cheep airsoft AR15 with out the shape of one molded in the proper place much less a realistic looking one. The claim that the dust cover is “molded part of the frame” can’t actually be properly discerned based on the picture being blurry, and the ejection port “not in line with the buffer tube” is because of an optical illusion caused by the gun being held slightly tilted to the observer.

      These people are idiot rich kids LARPing as communist revolutionaries, there is no reason to believe they would not actually arm themselves

  9. The Phoenix anarchists should consider the disgusting piece of history the last time an anarchist group (in this case Communist) had an armed confrontation with a right wing militia (KKK). It was the Death to the Klan rally in Greensboro, NC in 1979, and it did not go too well for the Communists. Two wrongs don’t make it right.

    • I remember that case very well. The white communist in North Carolina openly rejected carrying guns. But The followers of Robert F Williams never gave up their guns. The white communist were easy targets back then.
      Since communists are proud of having an arrest record, I wonder how many of these people are felons?

  10. “Redick suggested it is time for the Second Amendment to evolve to allow gun control”

    Evolve? I don’t think that word is used in the proper context here. The word you are looking for is erode.

    I have another word for you. Foundation. If the foundation erodes, you have to repair it. Foundations don’t evolve. Think of the foundation of your home. You leave it alone. Paint your house. Rearrange the furniture. Take down a wall. Add a partition. But the foundation has to remain intact.
    The Constitution is the foundation of the Republic. Work around it or GTFO!

  11. “Lemons: Lefties with Guns Ready to Rumble with Right-Wing Militias, Says Arizona Anarchist –”

    There’s a whole 35 of them. Little do they realize that the ‘racist rednecks’ outnumber them, and their communist colleagues are too busy sipping on lattes to help out or would be far too terrified of evil guns to partake of the action. There’s a reason the libtards always want to take the guns. When its down to sticks and fists, they win. Witness Berkley.

  12. “She said their 35 or so members train with their guns weekly and represent a range of viewpoints.”

    If you are an organized group demonstrating, you need to narrow that range of viewpoints down to something more like…ONE? Otherwise, go home and enjoy your life like everyone else with a range of viewpoints.
    This is a feature, not a bug with the Left. You can’t pin them down on one point in order to have a civilized debate. It’s like trying to balance two basketballs on top of a basketball. As soon as you bring logic to the conversation, they switch the argument.

    War is more lucid. I think that may be the only way we win against the Left. Free speech is off the table. Time to move on to #2. Last resort is not far away.

  13. Just like in Ca. the NRA in NJ is a joke. They do nothing to fight for gun rights in this state and contribute nothing to my gun club even though membership in the NRA is required. The NRA is the gun owners equivalent of AARP. All they do is ask me for donations and try to sell me credit cards and insurance.

  14. Hang tough Sheriff Jones!!!
    If California gun owners can come out of their collective closets and show support for any California Sheriff who supports Shall Issue, then maybe I’ll believe California has a chance. I believe there is a female sheriff, I don’t remember her name, in Kern county who also supports Shall Issue.

    It was not lawyers who won the civil rights battles before. It was the thousands of civilian boots on the ground protesting in public that changed things and won.

  15. NRA can bite me. they stood by while Bahrami paid for the ballot initiative to reverse a bunch of gun laws. we missed making the minimum 365,000 signatures to get them on the ballot because of a lack of paid signature gatherers. it was all volunteers, driving petitions around. NRA did dick. They could have put their phone bank to use, floated a few paid signature gatherers, spoke up, hell, just offset the cost a bit. for there being a “large NRA membership in California” they did nothing to motivate that membership to sign the initiative.

    365,000 signatures. we got like 110,000

    F*ck the NRA. not a dime, ever again. for the rest of my life.

    • This SO VERY MUCH!

      THey only gave us back like a few 100k to FIGHT the ammo bill with all of members here—cancelled my membership this years and will ONLY donate LOCAL from now on! –f-them!

  16. Anarchists…. They keep using that word. It doesn’t mean what they think it means.

  17. Of course they are . . . Legislature Targets Sac County Sheriff – For Keeping His Promise –”

    In the end, self-selected Overlords can’t stand any citizen or even subaltern making autonomous decisions. Everything not compulsory is forbidden, and only the maximumest leaders can say.

    Everything else is just noise.

  18. Innocent until proven guilty still applies, right? . . . Democrats decry change to ‘stand your ground’ law – “A critic of the state’s ‘stand your ground’ law Wednesday said a change to the law now moving through the Legislature will ‘make it easier for people to murder other human beings.’

    “Stand your ground” is one of the worst hijackings of the discussion. Call the opposite requirement what it is … at least as much as they are “stand your ground” laws: “Punished for surviving” laws.

    If you survive immanent threat of violence by anything other than running, the process is the punishment.

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