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Here’s Why U.S. Special Forces Want Russian Machine Guns – “Why would U.S. special forces want to manufacture Russian machine guns? Just watch any video of a conflict such as Iraq and Syria, and the answer becomes clear. Many of the combatants are using Russian or Soviet weapons, or local copies thereof, from rifles to rocket launchers to heavy machine guns mounted on pickups. Which means that when U.S. special forces provide some of these groups with weapons, they have to scrounge through the global arms market to buy Russian hardware as well as spare parts.”

Meanwhile . . . U.S. Special Operators and Marines Want A New Long-Range Machine Gun – On May 11, 2017, SOCOM and the Marines posted a notice on the U.S. government’s main contracting website, FedBizOpps, looking for information from companies on their ability to build as many as 5,000 machine guns chambered in .338 Norma Magnum. This round is more commonly associated with long-range precision rifles. ‘This is only for Market Research, but may result in an invitation to an open discussion with the U.S. Government,’ the announcement makes clear. The description does not mention any particular design by name, but gives a number of key parameters.”

Plenty of room inside a very big tent . . . Detroit instructor offers free gun training to women – “Detroit firearm instructor Rick Ector wants even more women to arm themselves, and he’s offering free training May 21 to any woman who wants it. This is his sixth year offering the free workshop. ‘Six years ago, I saw a (media) story about a woman whose body was discarded, and I thought ‘someone should do something.’ Then I thought, ‘why don’t I do it?’’ said Ector, who said he became a firearms advocate after being robbed at gunpoint in his driveway.”

Suicidal, she bought a gun, then returned it unused: Michael K. McIntyre – “The preschool teacher/improv comedian/playwright put down the gun and picked up the phone, texting her therapist: ‘I’ve done this thing.’ They talked. She lived. (If you’re in trouble like she was, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or text 741-741.) The next day she returned the gun and checked herself into the hospital for five days, through Mother’s Day. ‘It’s your Mother’s Day today,’ her son said when she came home. How incongruous, she thought, to be so deeply fulfilled as a mother, yet so sick that she thought about suicide.”

And along those lines . . . How gun rights advocates are getting involved in suicide prevention – “‘It might last a week or two weeks, but during that time period they hit rock bottom. Then for about 10-15 minutes maybe they might have that ability to harm themselves. What we want to do is work amongst the gun owners. We don’t need new legislation — I want to really emphasize that. We don’t need new legislation that requires a doctor or law enforcement to come in and take the gun when you have a divorce. What we want to do among gun owners is say ‘hey, i know you’re going through a rough time, let me babysit your gun,’ ‘ (Clark) Aposhian explained.”

Not even for the final four . . . See what John Beilein’s NCAA tournament water gun went for at ChadTough gala – “How much would you pay for the water gun John Beilein doused the Michigan basketball team with after they punched their tickets to the Sweet Sixteen? For those keeping an eye on the ChadTough Champions for Change Gala silent auction, that number turned out to be $1,225 after the auction was shut down on Saturday, May 13.”

Short for “Super Shock Tip” the Hornady® SST® is designed to deliver tremendous shock on impact while expanding quickly and reliably, particularly at higher velocities. Flat shooting and deadly accurate, it’s an ideal bullet for whitetails, as well as most North American game animals from antelope to moose and similar-sized African plains game. The SST® creates a devastatingly large wound channel. Find out more at –

Crossing the Line — Gun Loans – “Illinois generally is known for having more restrictions than Indiana on who is permitted to carry a gun and where people with firearms are allowed to go. But, for six more weeks, Indiana will have on its books a law tougher than anything in Illinois pertaining to how handguns may be used. It currently is a Class B misdemeanor in Indiana — punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine — for a bank, pawn shop or individual to make a loan that’s secured by the mortgage, deposit or pledge of a handgun.” That law goes away on July 1.

Another argument for constitutional carry . . . Sheriff vacancy delays gun licenses – “Blair County’s processing of issuing new and renewed licenses to carry firearms is on hold for lack of a sheriff. So are real estate transactions from sheriff sales. The department is still accepting and processing the gun carry permit applications, Chief Deputy Holly Garner said Thursday. But for lack of a sheriff signature, the department has about 350 applications it has yet to answer. In addition, about 20 real estate transactions from sheriff sales are on hold. ‘We can’t do anything about it at this time,’ commissioners Chairman Bruce Erb said Thursday. ‘We’re not the party that needs to take action.’”

Your jaw-dropper of the day . . . Is Tom Perriello’s previous support for the NRA hurting his gubernatorial bid? – “In 2008, (Virginia Democrat Tom) Perriello touted his ‘A’ rating from the NRA when he first ran in Virginia’s conservative-leaning 5th Congressional District. He also took several campaign contributions from the NRA in 2009 and 2010. The one-term congressman has since called the NRA a ‘nut-job extremist organization,’ and distanced himself from it, he explained to Koebel and others in the room.”

Faster, cheaper . . . New targets cut ammo use for soldiers zeroing their weapons – “The Army’s new zeroing target is finding favor at training ranges — and saving units some serious ammunition. One of the new target’s designers — Sgt. 1st Class Ash Hess, a master marksmanship trainer with the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, Georgia — said initial feedback from the field is that the number of rounds it takes to zero M4 and M16 series weapons has dropped approximately 50 percent.”



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  1. I’m hoping for a positive outcome for Peruta as we have a time share in that county.

  2. Virginia Democrat Tom Perriello has learned that if you want to seek higher office in the Democrat Party you have to act like a Democrat from the 1940’s. Not like a Democrat from the 1970’s when 85% to 95% of democrats were pro-gun. Today’s democrat leadership is communist without the Hammer and Sickle flag. No guns for the “great unwashed.” Just for the government security services only.

    • Just more proof that you never ever ever vote Demoncrap. They will stab you in the back every single time. Like that guy from WV. I will never figure out how someone that is Pro 2A can bring themselves to vote for the Dark Side? The NRA needs to give every Dumbrat a F rating and be done with it. That or just be honest and say “Every Dirtcarp hates you and hates the rights you have. Do the nation a favor and treat them like the scum that they are.”

      • Perriello rode the Obama fever into office and was out two years later. He is a nobody, and if I were him, I wouldn’t even bother trying to outblue Northam, I guess Perriello is positioning himself as the moderate alternative — again, why bother? You’re either full #resist or you’re #MAGA.

        So, fellow Virginians, what’s it gonna be? I know the lot of you are backing Corey Stewart, but with Trump in office and zero name recognition, he’s a dead duck in November.

        • after the voters booted him, I believe he went to run a soros funded liberal DC think tank. I think it’s the one john podesta started. The loons in the dem party like perrillo but he’s somewhat of a dc insider to them.

        • I was almost interested in the Republican distiller that dropped out of the race already. I’m neutral on Trump but rabidly anti-Democrat. I’ll sit out the primary (unless something changes) and vote for the R nominee in the general.

      • Really ? Trump has stabbed his base in the back constantly. If you think only Democrats back stab them you are a gullible fool.

        • Really? I am his base, I do not think he has done anything that has not been a very pragmatic move. Why I voted for him and I do not engage in fantasies. I know he has done more for 2-A than Hillary would have destroyed. Let’s count our blessings.

        • Do tell. An I’s guess you believe everthing that the lamestream media and Senator Upchuck Schemer tells you.

      • Allow me to repeat what you said . . . you never, ever vote Democrat. Yeah, I’m a single issue voter, but I’ve found that if a politician is pro-2A, he or she is usually also pro everything else I support.

      • You’re referring to Manchin? Yeah, we don’t like him either. I’m hoping to see him get the boot in the upcoming midterms.

        That said, the field of possible replacements isn’t exactly great. There are very few politicians in this state that aren’t corrupt or outright criminals.

  3. If she doesn’t want to be suicidal she should drop the improv comedy and playwriting.

  4. I can vouch for the bizarre Indiana pawn law’s. Pawn a rifle /shotgun but only sell a handgun(but I did really well selling unwanted handguns). Nothing unusual about lowlife dumbocrats. We were told of pro-gun dems in southern Illinois-until they need money. POS…

    • They could still do effectively the same thing just by structuring it differently.

      Instead of a pawn, make it a straight sale with option to re-purchase at a later date for a set price…

  5. Could the SOCOM request lead to US made Dragunovs? They could get American companies interested in that a lot more easily than a PKM or NSV with the civilian market being an option even if the government doesn’t buy.

    • Probably not, but dang I wish it were true. I have deep respect for the Dragunov, having been on the receiving end of one.

  6. I’ve always figured the US should just make and issue rpg’s to our troops. Damn things just work.

    DOD wants a new handgun? Makarov works just fine. Want a harder hitting round than 5.56? How about x39.

    And there’s a reason 7.62x54r has been in service since 1891. Belt feed that beast and watch it run.

    • Interestingly, there is already a company in the US that makes RPG-7 clones. What for, other than testing I don’t know, but I know they’re out there.

      I don’t remember the name of the company off the top of my head but I found them while researching the feasibility of getting 40mm grenade launcher and actual grenades.

      [Edit] Found it: Airtronic USA Inc.

      • Out of San Antonio, Texas. They make hyper accurate RPGs, which is slightly terrifying. A little company called Underground Tactical in Dripping Springs, Texas does some of the work for them.

    • Thought you were being snarky. Then I read the story. For those that haven’t read it, while she never tried using the firearm, she did make an attempt with her car off a bridge.

      And if she would have been lucid enough to answer that she wanted to kill herself, she would have been lucid enough to lie.

      • Katy, I presume you’re responding to the comment under the story. I do always SMH at those 4473 questions. “Why yes, I am a fugitive from justice!”

        I’m happy this woman reconsidered and chose life. And if this story spurs suicidal people to likewise reconsider, good. I do question the purpose of this story, though — would it have been printed if she had chosen pills or razor blades?

  7. “It currently is a Class B misdemeanor in Indiana — punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine — for a bank, pawn shop or individual to make a loan that’s secured by the mortgage, deposit or pledge of a handgun.”

    I don’t get it… is there even a stated reason for this sort of thing?

    • I suspect (but do *not* know for sure) that it may be tied into some set of regional ‘blue laws’ that they may have had. You know, to legislate morality.

      As an example, we have strange hard alcohol sale laws here that were supposed to make sure the drunken men-folk were sober for Sunday A.M. church…

  8. The new target design is deceptively, simply brilliant. Put the information you need to zero the target, on the target, in a way that makes it as simple as possible. KISS, and KIWYNI (keep it where you need it).

    • Like the zero target of the 80s/90s??? When ammo allocation for zero was 9rd per man?

  9. A .338 MG would be cool. However I feel this is a case of the army fighting the last war. Obviously this makes sense in Afghanistan. But, in most other regions, a 7.62/.308 works just fine and if you need bigger then you have the m2 and mk19. I have a feeling the next big war will probably be in Europe, and our current load out is pretty well suited for that… Granted Afghanistan isn’t over, and very well could still be going on in 10 years, so…

    • For anti-materiel and barricades, the M2 and Mk19 are outstanding, but they are not light infantry mobile. The LMMG is, and chambered in .338NM it certainly gets the job done.

  10. SOCOM and Marines want a long range machine gun.

    Okay, so they want something that can reach out further, but really they want a heavier projectile that can punch through the engines of trucks and have a cartridge that’s not gonna weigh them down like a .50 BMG would. Yeah, the .338’s would be the best choice for that, but I’m not so sure either .338 Norma or Lapua Magnum are the right cartridges for the role.

  11. Producing local copies?
    After costly reverse-engineering?

    That’s lunacy. Or (not really) new method of wasting money. You want to arm proxies with Soviet guns? Buy via proxies.

    A 338 NM machine gun would be excellent in open terrain. Still potentially up to twice of .308s recoil (probably less in heavier weapon).

  12. “What we want to do among gun owners is say ‘hey, i know you’re going through a rough time, let me babysit your gun,’ ‘ (Clark) Aposhian explained.”

    Yeah, that would be GREAT. Except it’s illegal to privately transfer a firearm without a background check. Idiot antis. Good thing private means private and concealed means concealed.

  13. “Babysit” my guns? What a load of condescending crap. Anyone who thinks they can disarm me that way will have to bring a truck… and an army.

    Those who want to die will find a way to do so. Period. Those who accept gun sitters, etc. are looking for help with their problems, or want attention otherwise for some reason or another. Some crossover, at times, but little or none of this feel-good nonsense will make much difference to those who no longer want to live.

    But, of course, we all know that prevention of suicide has little or nothing to do with the anti’s agenda. It’s merely another excuse to render everyone but their favored “only ones” helpless and under their complete control. Please don’t encourage them by talking about suicide as something anyone can actually prevent in the long run.

    Helping the family, friends and communities where suicides happen is a great idea, on a personal and voluntary basis. These are the people who actually need it. My cousin killed himself on his front porch years ago. Far, FAR too many people, neighbors, cops and others blamed the family for not stopping him. He didn’t have any guns… just an old piece of rope.

  14. The LMMG in its current form got shown off back in 2014 by GE, so this solicitation is almost certainly already won by them. And we need it. When I was with 4th BCT, our heaviest weapon on patrol was the M249, and we were grossly outmatched.
    The PKM. Got to love the PKM.

      • Not carried by many airborne light infantry units. The 4th BCT’s heaviest weapon on dismounted patrol was the 249 when I was with them. Grossly outgunned.

        • So a leadership problem (or MTOE). How does a MG heavier than a GPMG solve the problem of not taking my MG with you to the field/when deploy?

          OR how many dozen times is DARPA/DOD going to try to reinvent the M2?

        • I guess weight was main reason, but then LMMG is not exactly featherweight. Same 10+ kg, plus heavier ammo. Mk48 or even NG7 make more sense (and will not happen, ever).

  15. “Vedder Holster Daily Digest: Commie Guns, Overpaying in Ann Arbor …”

    Who overpaid what in Ann Arbor?

  16. Regarding why SOCOM would want Russian style guns to be built in the US to make them more available, way back in the day when I was in Group our primary mission was to train and advise friendly indigenous forces fighting people we didn’t like. To do that we had to know a lot about the various kinds of weapons guerrilla fighters might be using in any given theater, so we were trained to shoot and maintain everything from SKS’s and AK’s to Sterlings and BAR’s. These days most of the old stuff is pretty much gone, although you still see an amazing variety in the AFPAK border region, and Russian weapons are the norm. Trust me, I’ve had to use some pretty trashed out AK clones ‘manufactured’ everywhere from Iraq to Pakistan, and it would be much better if our SOCOM units could just have a nice, brand new batch of ‘Russian’ weapons dropped in to them for the locals.

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