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On Friday, the now Democrat-controlled Virginia Legislature reversed a decades-old policy and banned citizens from carrying firearms in the capitol and legislative office buildings. Now, as we get closer to Monday’s VCDL Lobby Day event on the capitol grounds in Richmond — which is expected to draw thousands of gun rights supporters — the Associated Press reports that Governor Coonman is taking the ban further.

He will announce this afternoon that he is declaring a temporary emergency and will ban all firearms from the Capitol Square area around the capitol building where the VCDL event will take place.

From the AP . . .

Fearing a repeat of the deadly violence that engulfed Charlottesville more than two years ago, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam plans to declare a temporary emergency Wednesday banning all weapons, including guns, from Capitol Square ahead of a massive rally planned next week over gun rights.

That’s according to two state officials who were briefed on the plans but not authorized to speak publicly about them. The governor, a Democrat, plans to announce the plans at a news conference Wednesday afternoon because of credible threats of potential violence and extremism, one official said.

Northam’s planned announcement comes days after Democratic leaders used a special rules committee to ban guns inside the Capitol and a legislative office building. That ban did not include Capitol grounds, which are under the governor’s control and are where a huge number of gun-rights advocates are expected to rally Monday.

One official said Northam decided to ban all guns from the grounds of Capitol Square after receiving reports for weeks about inflammatory online postings by out-of-state pro-gun and militia groups who are promising to attend Monday’s rally.

The official said the state does not have intelligence that the groups are planning a specific act of violence, but said Northam has grown increasingly concerned about numerous ominous-sounding postings on social media from forces outside Virginia. The official cited one posting that included a photo of an AR-15 and said there are “great sight angles from certain buildings” near Capitol Square.

Virginia law enforcement officials have been criticized for their planning and response to a deadly 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville that involved heavily armed protesters. One woman was killed and several more were injured when a car plowed into a group of counterprotesters.

Northam’s declaration will also ban items like helmets and shields, items that some white nationalists carried in Charlottesville. It’s unclear how long the temporary ban will be in effect.

Gun laws have become a dominant issue this legislative session and there’s been a heavy police at the Capitol.

Democrats have full control of the statehouse for the first time in a generation and are set to pass a number of gun-control restrictions, including limiting handgun purchases to once a month and universal background checks on gun purchases.

Republicans and gun-rights groups have pledged stiff resistance. Gun owners are descending on local government offices to demand they establish sanctuaries for gun rights. More than 100 counties, cities and towns have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries and vowed to oppose any new “unconstitutional restrictions” on guns.

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    • Good answer Rick, he didn’t make a commet about antifah not wearing masks to cover up their baby faces and carrying flag pole sticks which make good weapons, but the nazi socialists demoncrats will not denounce antifah, I doubt they will show, their parents won’t let them out of the basements for this one.

      • The wearing of masks when any crime is committed in MY STATE automatically upgrades to FELONY. This is true in many states. I can tell you this, Antifa has NOT reared its ugly head in FL because of our stand your ground laws.
        Try throwing a concrete milkshake at someone here. Automatically attempted MURDER or great bodily harm. Stand your ground applies INSTANTLY.
        We need some more states that get it.

        • Let them try their Antifa tricks here in FL, and see where they end up. You probably wont make bail, ’til after you’re released from the hospital, and then booked on whatever charges we can write up, on your ass. It will depend on how bad, an ass whooping you received at the hands of those old mean men you attempted to beat up, as they read you your rights, and expanded on the one where you have the absolute right to remain silent, which could take awhile, all based on your ability to shut the hell up until asked questions about the toys you brought with you to “ejukate”, your intended victims, but don’t be surprised when they tune your attitude up, real well, cuff you together, then perp walk you in a parade through the Sally Port to process you, into holding, with all the other sperm gurgling degenerates, and pillars of society.

  1. I don’t live anywhere near VA, thank goodness. But if I did, I wouldn’t be going to this event. They have turned it into a target for all criminals. Have fun with that!

      • Everyone should be carrying SHOTGUN and walking around the square constantly. Let them know that you are there.
        Don’t forget to bring oo Buck in your pockets.

      • Well, Coonmans got it backward anyway. Everywhere else in America when the governor declares a state of emergency all restrictions on the carry of firearms get lifted because…. well theres an emergency. Might want to check VA law on that.

    • “I wouldn’t be going to this event.”

      It’s a gun rights event, so that’s EXACTLY his plan: do things that keep people away, and then declare that there’s diminishing support for gun rights, citing the lowered attendance.

    • I prefer the venerable statement “Hannibal ad portus!”.

      Doubly amusing since it used to be a warning to small children to scare them into behaving.

      • “I prefer the venerable statement “Hannibal ad portus!”.”

        Is this a modern Baltimore version of the same sentiment? :

    • Bloomberg bought the electorate of Virginia plain and simple. The residents get what he paid for. Very good view into what the liberal left Democrats desire for the rest of America.

    • Actually I have been naming him “Governor Blackface Babykiller” since he came out of the closet. Wish we could recall the son of a bitch traitor.

  2. Transparent BS use of emergency powers to restrict people’s rights? He’s just warming up; this restriction on what people can do in and around the capital building is just the beginning. Of course we still have people who think it can’t happen here.

    • Solution: Eliminate “emergency powers”. I don’t see an “emergency exception” to any of the BoR.

      • Damn straight! In fact, I seem to recall a ruling after Katrina specifically addressing that question, and ending up with the realization that just such an emergency is the whole REASON why we have the 2A and indeed the entire BOR.

    • I have been saying since the beginning of all of this that the government will do exactly what they are doing now. It was obvious psychological operations going on to get people riled up. They have been setting up an obvious trap. A self fulfilling prophecy. They did it before, they are doing it again.

      Problem, reaction, solution.

      The other day I posted a video about Katrina to show how it has already happened in America. Back then they declared “martial law” without the legally authority to do so. Then the police went militant all over town, they even murdered people and proclaimed the city theirs as if it was a military take over. They used emergency powers to do whatever they wanted. They beat innocent people, they shot innocent people, they confiscated guns from innocent people, they stole vehicles from innocent people. They made up stories of violence to justify all their crimes. After it was over the police protected each other and cheered for their brothers to show support. They believed the rouge criminal military type take over, and the use of the National Guard on Americans, was a heroic endeavor in saving “their” city from the people.

      Here is another video on Katrina and how “law enforcement” act when they are given the green light by politicians.

        • Florida did *exactly* the same thing!

          A ‘state of emergency’ grants concealed carry privileges to all Floridians for the duration of the emergency.

          That will come in very handy when they push an AWB ban here in the near future.

          Looks like he’s earned himself the name “Hurricane Northam”… 😉

      • Pfft… The online agents of the state got the video pulled down after I posted the link.

        You can’t see what law enforcement will do to you because you won’t be all so supportive anymore. Then the government will have to fend off both the left and the right at the same time. Republicans have to continue loving the men and women in uniform.

        • When you sided with Iran just to dunk on Trump, I learned the only thing I needed to know about you. You’re a treasonous piece of shit.

        • @pwrserge

          I sided with the constitution, with the military and the innocent civilians.

          Trump got innocent people killed with his lies. He got troops killed. He got a lot of innocent Canadians killed. He gave Iran the opportunity to restart their nuke program. He put Americans at risk with his illegal assassination. He threatened to commit war crimes by attacking cultural civilian targets. He was trying to start a war for the benefit of other countries at the expense of American men and the economy.

          The founders said to mind your business and to follow the law of the land.

          So, screw off admitted Russian troll. You love the deep state and the bankers.

    • The people should camp out around his house and let it be known they are all armed!! If it is going to be illegal to carry near the Capital, show up in force where he lives!! Do not just cave in and give up your rights afforded you by our forefathers. Take up the Demonrats mantra and RESIST!!

  3. “The governor, a Democrat, plans to announce the plans at a news conference Wednesday afternoon because of credible threats of potential violence and extremism, one official said.”

    This sounds like he’s disarming the police. Or should.

    • Actually the police, in this case the Virginia Capitol Police have always treated us with respect. I was told by more than one of them Monday that in 20+ years they have had 0 problems with us. They are in a bad situation not of there own making. The Capitol Police are not the problem, many if not all of them do not agree with governor coonman on the ban. There was a large force of State Troopers on the grounds Monday. The rank and file Trooper does not see us as a threat, again it is governor coonman that is the problem. He has the power to ruin any of either group with a phone call. He could easily take their job,insurance and ability to pay bills.

      • Would be kinda righteous if most State Police working at Capitol decided to call in sick at last minute for the 20th.

        • Unlikely, but yeah, that would be cool. Particularly since nothing would happen, crime will be zero with everyone carrying loaded guns, and citizens won’t be shooting up the Capitol one way or the other.

      • I believe what you say about how the Virginia State Police and the Capital Police see lawfully demonstrating gun owners – there have been no problems for many years. If it were up to them and the gun owners only, there would be no problems. But, as you said, the Guv has the power to make life miserable for the police if they go against him, but what that means remains to be seen. I think as he becomes more “alarmed,” Gov Blackface might escalate to having units of the VA National Guard brought in to back up the police to control the allegely violence-prone, mentally ill hicks from the sticks and protesters from out of state (nothing will be said about the antifa).

        • But, as you said, the Guv has the power to make life miserable for the police if they go against him…

          That pales in comparison to how miserable the governor is trying to make life for their fellow, law-abiding civilians who don’t happen to wear badges.

          Deprivation of rights under color of law dwarfs any concern over the difficultly of life for armed agents of the state who refuse to deprive their fellow citizens of said rights.

      • Then, they should refuse to enforce a blatantly, intentionally unconstitutional declaration of emergency, when all of the law-abiding gun owners show up to the capitol square armed.

        • What a way to make Leftist heads explode like popcorn!

          I suppose it’s too much to hope they actually do that, but if they did, that would rightfully put a cold terror in the hearts of Leftists like Beto who think the police will rubber-stamp unconstitutional orders to disarm Americans… 😉

      • Remember that in Charlottesville it was the police who forced the Unite The Right people into the midst of Antifa and BLM, then ordered them to disperse, blocked them from returning the way they came, and then withdrew and left them to the mercy of the communist forces. That was a massive ambush of those there to oppose removal of a confederate statue and it was set up by the police.

  4. If they want to use Charlottesville as a guide, then, shouldn’t they simply ban cars from the square?

    And I wonder if sign handles – nice, thick, heavy sign handles that certain D-affiliated groups have Ben known to carry – will also be banned. How about milkshakes? Backpacks? Etc.

    • To be safe, wear an anti-fa mask. People wearing them can club others with baseball bats and the cops sit in their cars and watch. (Berkeley, Portland) The mayors always order them to “stand down”. It’s like the masks make them invisible to cops = no arrests. (sarc)

    • You made my point for me.
      The Governor bans guns because someone used a car to allegedly commit murder (or was it self defense? Remember Reginald Denny). However; the Governor doesn’t ban cars.

      • He was a borderline retarded guy, and his car was under attack by the mob. He hit the gas out of fear and panic. You can call it self defense. It certainly was NOT murder or terrorism or a hate crime.

    • the square is already blocked off in such a way to control access by car. most of that was done in the last year…

    • I guess you didn’t see all the guns during Charlottesville and a man firing his. Of course the police stood down and laughed as they watched.

      • Interesting claim. I didn’t hear of anyone shot, do you think the guys missed all of the massed crowds? Or are you just lying?

        • One of the guys who was later charged fired into the ground at the feet of the BLM member who was using a spray can as a flame thrower.

          Also, if you look up the famous picture of white guys beating a black guy in the paring garage, look in the upper left. You’ll see another guy on the ground with people standing around him. That is a white guy that was beaten by a bunch of black guys, including the black guy who was the focus of the picture. The guys doing the beating were coming to the rescue of the other guy.

  5. Anyone who doesn’t see Bloomberg’s handprints all over this issue in Virginia hasn’t been paying attention. This needs to be clearly recognized. Most of these newly elected officials would be advancing their agenda much more slowly and flailing a little without a big push.

    • Hey Scott, don’t forget about george soros, he pays this nazi bunch of antifah, plus those idiots that get arrested for the demoncrats, hey have it on film of being payed of after they were escorted out of chambers in D C. I would love to see a bolt of lightning hit his mansion in New York and burn it to the ground. These bleeding heart demoncrat nazis from up north need to move back up there. We need to herd them up andship them back up there

  6. So he is saying exercising 2nd amendment= an emergency or basically terrorism. That is unacceptable. If our side accepts that then they know they can do anything without repercussion and their “laws” will be eventually followed. 50,000 armed people show up to the grounds and it sends a powerful message to the state and its Stasi.

    On the other hand Coonman would like to point and say see how dangerous and irresponsible these gun owners are! A real conundrum. To arms, in my opinion

      • Some of them might join the good guys. The police are not our problem, coonman and the demonrats along with bloomy are the problem. I know I am singing the same tune again but the police we have talked to really seem to understand the situation and do the best they can for us. I told several of them that I knew they were there to protect the law abiding gun owner from the antis, not one disagreed. It has been my experience that most CC people have control over their emotions while the antis operate on “feelings” and are not able to control their emotions very well. That is what makes them dangerous, that and bloomys money behind them.

        • A person, who would harm a Citizen because the Citizen is armed, is not a good person. A cop, who would enforce that ban, is who the Founders intended Citizens to be able to use force upon to defend Liberty. Heck, American Liberty was kicked off by dropping British police officers, who tried enforcing the same kind of tyranny by law.
          Authoritarian appeasers, are worse than the liberals.

  7. I was planning on going to the Lobby Day, but realize now that it is a waste of time. The enemy is entrenching and only armed resistance can dislodge them.

    • So Northam’s nervous of lawful gun owners now…

      What was that famous quote again? Something about there’s liberty when the government remains afraid of the people?

      • “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” It is another debate as to whether Thomas Jefferson was the person who penned this quote or not. Some attribute it to him, others not. If you pull up left-wing sites (such as from Google), they say that this is not a reason to have a Second Amendment. Well of course they would think that…..

  8. The governor of VA does know that in the case of??? “””deadly violence that engulfed Charlottesville””

    1 death was caused by a car, that may have been fleeing from a crowd intending to hurt the driver on one end of the alley and unfortunately hit a crowd of snowflakes on the other

    the other 2 of the three total were cops killed when the state helo crashed

    Ban cars and Helos flown by cops…is a better strategy to save lives!

  9. Wow, free state to tyranny in record pace. Took CA decades to do what VA has done overnight.

    Move to a free state, VA is a lost cause.

    • Perhaps not. At least VA Dems were dumb enough to throw all their cards on the table at the same time, which prompted outcry from Virginians. CA Dems are Leftards, but crafty, and slowly turned up the heat over time to let the pot boil gradually. Now we have too many Californians who are accustomed to “the way things are” and don’t feel the need to do anything.

      • It doesn’t matter that the VA dems went all in ASAP, what is done is unlikely to be undone. POTG were asleep while the lunatics took over the asylum.

        Your new rulers don’t care about you rallies, empty threats, and whatever else you may do. You will comply, there’s to much for you to lose. The threat of a felony charge, the loss of your rights, your job, your home, your family, your freedom….

        You will comply, push come to shove, VSP in your face, you will comply when it really counts.

        Because you already lost, you just haven’t realized it yet.

      • Haz is right about this, the Democrats have roused the good people of Virginia. The real payback will come in two years when their replacements take over the legislature. The only way for them to establish tyranny is by gradual creeping destruction of your rights.

      • They learned from California that you have to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks.

        If you ever watched the California government at work you would have seen a million liberty killing bills being put up everyday until something passes. Then they do it again and again.

    • I fled CA a couple of decades ago. VA was on my short list of possible destinations. I can’t really regret my decision to leave, but it sure seems like Americans can run from Progs, but not hide.

  10. Take a look on Google Earth at a 500yd radius around Capitol Square. You think the Gov. has the troops to establish a defensive perimeter that large?

    • I hear they are going to setup snipers and the feds are there for support. Don’t forget where the protest is going to happen. They are going into the belly of the beast.

      There was a protest at police station in Texas after police killed someone. The government setup snipers in the buildings across the street and were there until the protesters left.

      This is not uncommon. They even have snipers at sporting events.

  11. This is actually against a law on the books already, it explicitly states you can not ban the rkba outside the buildings n the Va capital grounds

    • Interested in knowing the law do you have whatever identification convention numbers used in Virginia for this law?

  12. Y’all still think you got something better to do on election day? The rest of us had better learn this lesson real fast. No one is immune and nationally it’s a threat.

    • What you said, ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! Nationwide we have to vote. Our last election Elmer Fudd stayed home because “they aint comming for my shotgun just those AR things”. Now there are bills proposed in Virginia to do just that plus ban hunting with dogs. I bet Elmer votes this time.

      • The first step is to actually go out and VOTE. The Democrats have been marshaling voters, forcing voter registration, and possibly doing some dubious acts to get the numbers (such as Chicago’s 102% voter turnout). There are reasons why the Democrats don’t want voter identification. They claim it disenfranchised the poor. In reality it limited their options for voter fraud.

        • Well NY and I think CA as well hand out driver’s licence to illegals and here in NY for free. But they totally don’t get added to the voter rolls especially when we don’t have any indication they are illegal let alone an immigrant on the ID.

    • “You Californians need to move to a free state.”

      That was the advice from very wise men. So people listened and went to what are now former red states.

      • Yeah, they sure did move to other states, those Californians. The parasites trashed and wrecked the hell out of Montana and Colorado, and now they have their eyes set on wrecking Texas with what did not work in California, either. No one wants Californians. At least the stupid, never-learn-anything ones. Unfortunately, they are the ones that moved out, not the patriots.

    • Honestly, I think the problem is worse than this. It isn’t gun owners staying home, it’s non-gun owners who are totally uninformed and apathetic and don’t see a problem. They are depriving others of their rights without even realizing it.

  13. It is worse than what you are reporting. Coonman is banning every kind of weapon and even purely defensive tools such as shields and helmets. My guess is, since CCWs are very law abiding and have never rioted, the plan is for Antifa to attack Second Amendment supporters, since they will be completely unarmed and unprotected.

    • Mister Fleas,

      My guess is, since [people who have concealed carry licenses] are very law abiding and have never rioted, the plan is for Antifa to attack Second Amendment supporters, since they will be completely unarmed and unprotected.

      Oooooohhh. That actually makes a LOT of sense and I would not put it past Progressives for one second.

      Just on a strictly philosophical level, how can it be righteous for government to ban exercise of one right while exercising another? Can government require that protesters also give up their 4th Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures and require that every protester submit to body and backpack searches because someone might, maybe, could, possibly, be carrying destructive items???

      The righteous answer to that question is a resounding, “NO!!!”

    • Then it’s time to get sneaky. Put some thick books into a backpack. Wear steel cap safety boots. Carry a walking stick or an over engineered sign holder. Wear a thick beanie under a normal hat. Improvised defensive and offensive.

  14. They going to ban fist? How about feet or shoes or boots?
    I can see it now, they will have lines with scanners like the ones used to detect metal and at the end after you have successfully proven you are not carrying they will lop your arms and legs off with a machete.
    After that you will be free to go protest to your hearts content.
    You will need a new nickname, OFWG will not cut it anymore, if they let you sit on the podium I guess we could call you Mike.
    And all the ones stuck at the door could be matt.

    I’ll see myself out now.

  15. I really hope this event remains peaceful as I can see this being a major PR event for the anti-gunners if it becomes violent. And I can certainly envision folks trying to provoke our people into becoming violent (and we certainly have enough hotheads on our side who will more than happily oblige!). But understanding that the PR that comes out of this event will be critical to maintaining public sentiment, our side need to act like the adults in the room. I’m hopeful but not optimistic!

    • Hard to come off well when gun owners are calling for murdering their neighbors [civil war] and removing non whites from political power and restricting them from entering the country. Also doesn’t help they are fans of Trump although Trump supports the same laws Virginia is attempting to pass.

      Republican gun owners are very confused people.

  16. Sounds like Va. needs a recall vote NOW. Typical democrat reaction to being called out , double down and hold your breath till you turn blue. God’s speed Virginia patriots!

  17. Seems to me like there’s two major takeaways from this.

    First, Northam ain’t real bright.

    Second, if this is handled right he just handed VCDL and the rest of the 2A community a pretty big PR victory.

    I read this as a serious miscalculation because you’ve got him by the short hairs.

    • His wife stopped him from doing the moonwalk while trying to explain why he was in blackface dressed like Michael Jackson.

      If that doesn’t show someone is a moron I don’t know what does.

    • You believe it’s him making the decisions and strategy?

      This will help him with the majority because gun owners are a minority that the average person will like to see go away or get a badge.

      Look what happened when the Black Panthers stood up to the racist Californian government and NRA by taking their long guns into the capital. Everyone got angry and treated them like criminals although they cited the law and did not commit a crime. Then the racists passed gun control because black people dare stand up to their power. Now you can see how California turned out after leftist Ronald Reagan.

      • The Panthers in Cali were already a well known organized crime group engaged in a laundry list of serious state and federal crimes.

        This comparison is faulty.

  18. He’s following in Cuomo’s footsteps. Next thing you know he’ll have his goons confiscate a 2D AR15 silhouette sign being displayed by one of the demonstrators.

    • If that happens then be thankful.

      Video of them taking the signs would go wide on the internet so fast it would make the governor’s head spin.

      At that point you’ve got everything you need to call up the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ and AG Barr would probably love to slap Northam around.

        • Chalk that up as a learning experience. At least some percentage of POTG have smartphones.

          If that kind of abuse isn’t on the web immediately then we’re fucking up. Christ, people can livestream a mass shooting, we can get this done.

    • I’ve thought about this ahead of time. Everyone should have a cardboard cut out of your favorite long gun. Bring it to a protest and see if the cops confiscate your “protest sign”?
      If they do sue them on 1st amendment grounds.
      Two can play at this game.

  19. 1) If he is going to call it an ‘emergency’, the that means he fears something. He would have nothing to fear if he were not acting crazy and being so diehard against the Constitution.

    2) the article refers to ‘white nationalists’ when talking about historical events. The word ‘nationalist’ is misused and being made a racist term. That is not what that means. How can we convince anyone that AR does not mean assault rifle when we do this?

    • White nationalism is the ideology of white males who want to create a country of majority white and to make non whites powerless within that country. They seek to make an official white ethno state. Many of those white men want a civil war so they can take over America with force and kill off the non whites in the process.

      • There is that….

        Some may choose to live that craziness. I just consider it all to be part of the bastardization of the English language. It’s part of why we have such a hard time communicating ideas.

    • You mean you want armed people to show up and get shot dead for not complying with orders from law enforcement?

      • Something tells me what’s gonna happen is that the armed folks show up, and the police do nothing, except perhaps smile at the protestors and maybe fist-bump or high-five them.


        Virginia has laws that state citizens have the right to be armed during a declared state of emergency.

        When your Leftist buddies see that, they are gonna shit metaphorical bricks… 🙂

  20. I guess my question is, where were gun owners at the ballet box BEFORE this anti-gun idiot got elected? Did they get too confident? Or is this a case of gun owners showing up and voting, but Bloomberg just bought his way into the state with his billions, and changed the outcome? Either way, I do not see how Northam expects that gun owners are going to politely give up their guns because he said to do so. It is going to get really interesting really fast as to how far Northam goes in his quest to be a good slave to Bloomberg. I am not surprised he would go so low, and declare an emergency. Would he go even farther, and call in the UN to help disarm citizens and confiscate weapons? Does he have that authority?

    • I’m guessing this is similar to the situation in New Yorkistan. Small population centers control the election results and override the interests of the rest of the state. It’s the reason we’re supposed to be a constitutional republic and when states define rights in their constitutions as well. Unfortunately idiots who believe we’re a democracy and that they aren’t bound by any constitution they’ve sworn to uphold decide to go all dictator.

      • Honestly the infringements on the Bill of Rights by individual states as a run around on what should be protected in all states is particularly galling with the lack of consequences from the federal side. Hopefully we will see more pushback but I am planning on it being a wild decade.

      • That makes sense. I have friends who live in Colorado. They say that once you get out of Denver and Boulder, the rest of the state is a hands-off-my-guns kind of state to live in. Those two cities, however, are left-wing, liberal cities that take over and seems to shout over everyone else. I remember at one time, northern Colorado wanted to secede, but that did not come to anything. And if I heard correctly, even the northern part of New York state is the same way-once you get out of the New York City area, and all its boroughs.

    • In answer to your question, “where were gun owners at the ballet box BEFORE this anti-gun idiot got elected?” I live in solidly blue Northern Virginia and in the last election there were no Republicans on the ballot for my district’s House of Delegates or Senate seats. The Dem candidates ran unopposed and I then considered that there was nobody for me to vote for – there was no choice. So I didn’t go to the polls. When Guv Blackface ran for governor, he was opposed and I voted for the Republican, who didn’t win thanks to the electoral power of the DemProgs from the densely populated urban/suburban blue areas of the state.

  21. I don’t blame someone for not wanting to get arrested but a suggestion might be to obtain a non-firing replica of a firearm if you still want to go. A super soaker spray painted flat black or a banana in a revolver holster at least makes some sort of statement. The police might hassle you if you are the only one, but I don’t see what grounds they could reasonably arrest/charge you with anything that would hold up in court.

    I’m not attending but I support those that will go whatever decision they make.

    • One of the people I attended with Monday carried a yellow plastic practice gun and was refused admission to the building specificaly because of it.

  22. well, enjoy being sitting ducks at the rally, I guarantee you antifa will be there with weapons and masks just like usual and there will be no punishment for them. I really hope gun owners start waking up, this is the lefts final push. They are openly defying the constitution of both state and federal government and we all know if they are not stopped by force nothing is going to stop them ever.

    • Yup. The leftist Trump is standing there quietly smiling. Looks like he isn’t the savior his fans pretend he is. He did call for the same laws the left are now passing.

    • That’s just another example of leftist propaganda machine lying by conflation. “Deadly right wing meeting where racists carried guns.”
      Also: “Some woman got run over by a car and some cops died in a helicopter crash.”
      Never: “While there were many citizens armed with rifles we want to take away from them, they didn’t attack enyone!”

  23. I’ll add the first amendment to the list of amendments you oppose. If you check off the entire bill of rights I win a prize.

  24. Supposedly all the anti-gun legislation will be passed before the rally making the rally non sequitur.

    Helicopter gun ships will be standing by if needed.

  25. Of course the Klansman democrat governor has banned guns. That’s what they historically have done.
    No surprise here.

  26. The Fake Vlad Tepes is well known here as a Far Right Racist that likes to stir up the pot. He fools none of the regulars here. Most of his posts are quite juvenile.

    • They’re not afraid. They’re testing how far the American people will allow them to go. They have already pushed so far past what the early Americans would have put up with. Now they are seeing if they can totally get away with suppressing human rights without the law ever changing. They would love to test the military to see if they would follow orders or need some more indoctrination to get them on board with law enforcement.

      • I want to argue this but there really isn’t anything that is demonstrably wrong with this statement. Well here is to hoping too much was stuck out and there is enough backlash to matter.

  27. This should be the final wake-up call for the good people of Virginia and our nation.

    Virginia government has made it crystal clear that they WILL attempt to ban much/most of our Natural, God-given, inalienable right to self-defense which requires our unfettered ability keep and bear whatever arms we deem necessary and effective for self-defense.

    Here is the super-short summary of Virginia government declarations and/or actions:
    (1) Banning/limiting multiple types of firearms and magazines
    (2) Banning/limiting purchasing/acquisition of firearms
    (3) Intending to deploy National Guard to enforce bans
    (4) Substantially increasing budget and headcount to enforce bans
    (5) Banning firearms in Capitol buildings
    (6) Banning firearms on Capitol grounds

    If that isn’t proof that they really and truly are coming for YOU (and using your firearms as the excuse to come after YOU), I don’t know what is.

    • While I don’t tend to disagree (3) is a joke and even “they” know it.

      7400 National Guardsmen (who don’t answer to the governor ultimately anyway) to police the 42,775 square miles that 28,000+ LEOs can’t or won’t? That’s *point and laugh* level material.

    • The reality is the Governor is doing exactly what his constituents who elected him want him to do. Not to follow up on his campaign promises would mean he would not be re-elected by them. And since the majority of Virginians do not own guns its obvious what he must do. Taps played for 2A and Stalinism marches on to yet more victories over gun owners, that has been the trend in the last two years and no gun or magazine ban has been overturned by the corrupt gun hating courts. None, Nada, Zelch, Zero and Finis.

      • I get what you’re saying but gun control wasn’t a central issue in his election, like it is now. When he was running his campaign, he was advocating for universal background checks. I don’t remember seeing him promoting the massive gun control agenda that he’s currently promoting, although I’m not a VA voter, so I may have missed it. What I did notice was a huge uptick in the gun control rhetoric after the Coonman past stuff came to light.

      • Nobody elected him to violate the state and federal Constitutions nor to pass illegal “Emergency” measures which directly contradict established state law.

        If the Virginia legislature has any integrity at all, they’d impeach him for his illegal actions.

        But if they gave him a pass on wearing blackface standing with a Klan member with a noose it seems highly likely they’ll give him a pass on truly illegal conduct.

        We’ll see what the courts have to say about it.

    • Live free or die? Die on your feet or live on your knees?

      At least you’re upfront with your decision. Don’t forget to buy some knee pads, you’re going to need them.

      • This bot only cuts and pastes few of some random poster’s sentences. It’s just here to promote the shitty e-shop linked in that spilled tea leaves at the bottom.

        I don’t understand how he is still here. Maybe he pays the site, it would not surprise me after all that sponsored content we see here.

  28. I wish there was a way I could be there, but it is just not possible. Not being a resident of Va, I don’t think I would have been comfortable enough to carry at the event (far too many complications if I was arrested 650 miles away from home without bail money), but I sure would have liked to have been another warm body to be counted for the cause if I could have. Anyone and everyone that can make it aught to go, numbers will be needed to show our resolve. This will likely have repercussions nationally however it goes. Be strong, be safe and resist peacefully, the country is watching.

    • There is no such thing as “peaceful resistance.” I think you mean unarmed resistance, which may not even rise to the level of civil disobedience.

      Resisting a take over cannot be peaceful.

    • It will be another California, another Hawaii, another Washington D.C.

      What is happening in Virginia is not new. It’s happening right now in other states. You don’t have to go back hundreds of years. This is the new normal.

      The corporations, bankers and politicians have taken over control of Americans’ government. They even put a rich deep stater into office after giving the people a false choice.

      History is repeating in America.

  29. This is EXACTLY why they NEED to be THERE..A thousand patriots could drag him and his whole cabal out by their collars, tar and feather all and run and BAN THEM FROM VIRGINIA.AS A REMINDER AS TO WHO WORKS FOR WHO!Think that would get some media and socialist dem usurpers attention? YOU BET!!!

    • In Oregon and Washington Antifa acted in that way. They actually won and got the government to do what they want. But the government wants the same things so it’s not like they are moving the government in the opposite direction.

    • That’s actually guaranteed in Virginia’s Bill of Rights. They made their government “Servants, who are amendable.” Just read it a few minutes ago.

  30. Why do people expect antifa to get violent at VCDL Lobby Day? It’s not their M.O. to fight when numbers heavily favor the other side.

  31. Here is Virginia’s Constitutional Restriction on Government, concerning arms.

    Article I. Bill of Rights
    Section 13. Militia; standing armies; military subordinate to civil power

    That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.

    Northam is clearly breaking the law.

  32. What no Ban on cars or vehicles, since the death in Charlottesville was by vehicle, not guns. Disarm the people and you control the people. That is the democrats way of total control. If you disarm the citizens then only the bad guys have guns. Wake up America !!!

  33. Rumor has it that besides Antifa, BLM, Aryan Nation, and MS13 have been moving into the area over the last week or two..

    • Rumor has it the U.N. is flying into Virginia on a Boeing 737 Max to help the National Guard setup road blocks to confiscate Trump hats. All of the troops will be non binary, but will have binary triggers.

  34. Ban citizens from carrying where they hide their communist asses at. We knew this anti-American anti-Constitutional crap had to start somewhere. I knew it would be a socialist left wing run state just figured it would be Pukifornia, New Jerk or some such place.

  35. About 1500 citizens there need to contact some great lawyer….especially a CIVIL RIGHTS LAWYER. Say Jay Sekelow.
    Sue the state and the governor for illegally declaring an emergency. Prove that there was no legal justification. Then add 100 million in damages to the suit.
    Bring it in FEDERAL COURT.
    Make sure that the filings are in the MOST DISSTANT federal Court, find a way to assure that it is NOT within the federal courts of VA. That should resolve the problem all you need is JURIS. OR alternatively ask for a change of JURIS.

    • Not a lawyer but my clear reading of that law provides no exception to it, since the Capital Grounds are not an emergency shelter. So the question is, since the governor is clearly in violation of the law, can a Virginia citizen file a criminal complaint asking for his immediate arrest and confinement? Not rhetorical since I have some friends in law enforcement here in Norfolk. I’m going to ask them in the morning. Just got home and it’s too late tonight.

  36. Fair enough, patriots should stay out of the square where no guns are permitted. Would they prefer people just surround the entire city? That should make everyone feel safe.

    Actually we should help out the police at the check points, but stay outside of the area where it’s illegal. Police our own and ensure that we don’t have any agitators in the crowd. Thank people for showing up. It will be great optics that get the point across that we are law abiding, but also armed.

  37. One has to wonder if Northam’s security personnel will be weaponless while at the “government Buildings” that he has banned everyone else from carrying weapons at…..I BET NOT ….”DO as I say ….NOT as I do”

  38. if the state wants a confrontation were they turn police or the national guard against law abiding second amendment citizens. the citizens will need to plan a strategy of a military mind. the citizens need to encircle blocks of the capital then a 2 to 3 blocks with nothing then blocks of bill of right citizens and so on and so on until the capital is totally surrounded.

  39. The only emergency in Virginia is the peaceable, lawful people are stuck with King Coonman for another two years. Clearly, coonman is the most hated Virginian but I doubt that any legally armed owner would physically fear him. Legally armed owners only brandish when physically threatened. Obviously, coonman doesn’t understand the dynamics now operating in Virginia.

    I wonder what the odds are that coonman’s personal security detail will be on duty for the next two weeks.

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