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UPDATE from the Associated Press . . .

A gunman killed two people at a Wisconsin casino restaurant and seriously wounded a third before he was killed by police late Saturday, in what authorities said appeared to be a targeted attack.

Brown County Sheriff’s Lt. Kevin Pawlak said investigators believe the gunman was seeking a specific person he was angry at.

“He was targeting a specific victim who was not there, but he decided to still shoot some of the victim’s friends or co-workers, it appears,” Pawlak said.

Neither the gunman nor the shooting victims were immediately identified.

Pawlak wasn’t sure if the shooter was a former employee of the restaurant, but said “it appears there’s some relationship that had to do with employment.”

“Whether or not they all worked there, we’re still working on,” he said.

The wounded person was being treated at a Milwaukee hospital, Pawlak said.

The attack happened around 7:30 p.m. at the Oneida Casino, operated by the Oneida Nation on the western side of Green Bay, with the casino tweeting that an active shooter was on the scene.

Jawad Yatim, a witness, said he saw at least two people shot.

“I know for sure two, because it happened right next to us, literally right next to us,” Yatim said. “But he was shooting pretty aggressively in the building, so I wouldn’t doubt him hitting other people.”

Yatim said the shooting began in a casino restaurant.

“We got the hell out of there, thank God we’re OK, but obviously we wish the best for everybody who’s been shot,” he said.

Attorney General Josh Kaul tweeted shortly before 10 p.m. that the scene was “contained. There is no longer a threat to the community.”


An active shooter situation was reported at the Oneida Casino near Green Bay, Wisconsin. Oneida Nation social media accounts indicated a shooting in progress.

Very few details are known concerning the shooter of the number of those injured.

According to the Green Bay Press Gazette . . .

Green Bay police confirmed a suspect is in custody after reports of an active shooter situation at the area of the Oneida Casino and Radisson Hotel and Conference Center. 

Multiple law enforcement agencies responded about 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Airport Drive was closed as police secured the area.

Bobbi Webster, Oneida Nation public relations director, said her understanding was that somebody was shot, but she didn’t know how many and couldn’t immediately provide further details.

As we remind readers in all of these situations, early reports about casualties and the shooter involved are frequently incorrect. More as details become available.


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  1. well at least it did not happen in the US this time

    yep I said that IN the US…its Native land and its not IN the US!

    Use the Lib terms against it libs!

  2. If the skin color is wrong it will disappear from the news faster than Hunter Biden’s laptop!

  3. Was it a military rifle with the thingy that goes up and the banana clipazine that shoots 100 rounds a second? No one need one of those

    Another shooting… right on time, yet again

  4. big blanket azz wannabe democrat go’s postal???or just one more communist gun-story for the marxist fodder machine?

  5. theBiden wants to ban asshalt rifles and all of a sudden all these mass shootings pop up?
    This wouldn’t be a hard mystery story to figure out if it was TV.

    • Exactly. How many mass shootings between the beginning of the covid 19 craziness and the elections? How strange.

      • The shootings will continue until “gun control” is achieved. (And afterward, too, but let’s not admit that part.)

      • “How many mass shootings between the beginning of the covid 19 craziness and the elections? How strange“

        Would you consider the possibilities that given the lockdowns and quarantines, there may have been slightly less people patronizing restaurants and other public spaces, along with most schools going virtual?

        And now that many states have reopened we are seeing a surge in human to human contact and all that involves?

        Nah, must be some crazy lizard people banning red meat conspiracy, that’s reasonable…

        • Two things:First there has been a major uptick inshootings and murders ( all types) in heavily populated urban areas. Second all those “mostly peaceful protests” provided ample opportunity for mass shootings yet the only violence occurred between the participants. None of which saw wide scale reporting by the media. Weird huh?

        • Not like we had Russian Collusion BS for almost 4 years, a coordinated unsolicited mail-in ballots, or the media refusing to cover the crisis at the border. Yep, if you are dumb enough, conspiracy theories sure don’t exist. So weird that the cameras went out in Epstein’s cell and Hunter’s laptop is a non-issue, right?

  6. Another successful “gun free zone”, even the security there is unarmed.

  7. We’re going to see a lot more of this. *Normal* people are strung out and angry after the past year of stress and isolation, and when you consider all the people that were probably already teetering on the ragged edge to start with…snap, crackle, pop.

  8. Only one mention of it on Google News in Incognito mode, an ABC article third from the top that doesn’t mention gun control. Looks like a case of poor narrative fit.

    • Yeah, googling ” green bay tragedy” brings up a story about Aaron Rodgers not wanting to return to the Packers…. guess perp wasn’t the OFWG that the news had hoped for ?

  9. Fox News reports that Police manipulated the perp to a room temperature condition. It was believed to be a targeted attack and when the specific person was not on scene the perp decided to shoot coworkers or friends.

  10. It’s not really a “mass shooting”. Someone went to the casino to murder someone…3 people dead (including the shooter)

    • Not a whole lot on this…disgruntled employee of the wrong shade one would surmise. RIP to the dead & wounded. Except the evil shooter.

  11. Why is the label “Mass shooting” used so liberally? And why are otherwise sensible people just parroting it? For instance, in this case it turned out to be a personal grudge ending in the killing of two victims, and the wounding of one victim. A “Mass” shooting would be what happened in Las Vegas, masses of people shot randomly. Not just any killing where there is more than one victim.

    • Just think, if we had banned gun-free zones, this would never have happened! fify

  12. So the gunman went “off the reservation” (metaphorically speaking) while he was on the reservation?

    Ever notice how the mainstream media NEVER mentions what type of gun was used UNLESS it was a scary-looking black rifle? This is why people who watch TV news get the incorrect belief that most mass shootings are done with scary-looking black rifles, when in reality, the majority of mass shootings are done with handguns! Since news stories only mention the type of gun when it’s a scary-looking black rifle, of course viewers think all mass shootings are done with scary-looking black rifles. One exception: if the handgun used in a mass shooting is an AR-15 pistol, the news media will purposely call that handgun an “assault rifle” despite the fact that it’s a pistol, not a rifle, and isn’t an assault-anything!

    It reminds me of the 1970s newspaper reporting, when crime reports in newspapers ONLY mentioned the race of the criminal if they were black, leading readers to think that all criminals were black (oops, I don’t want to open that can of worms). Nowadays, it’s the same, but with guns — they only mention the type of gun if it’s black and scary-looking.

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