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UT dildo protest (courter

In response to the anti-campus carry Cocks Not GLOCKs campaign on display today at the University of Texas-Austin today, Students for Concealed Carry would like it to be known that they fully intend to coexist with their fellow hoplophobic students and faculty members. They’ve issued the following press release:

AUSTIN, TX – In keeping with the organization’s long-held position that individuals should enjoy the same rights on college campuses as virtually everywhere else, Students for Concealed Carry fully endorses the burgeoning movement of Texas college students who wish to openly carry oversized dildos on campus. Brian Bensimon, SCC director for the state of Texas, commented, “If carrying a phallus to class helps you express yourself, go for it. We welcome this demonstration that freedom of speech and concealed carry of handguns can coexist on the same campus.”

SCC does recommend, however, that students use their dildos for political or recreational purposes only. Using a dildo as a defensive weapon could classify it as a “club,” which, under Texas law, is illegal to carry in public and constitutes a felony if carried into a building on campus. Bensimon added, “Although SCC’s opinion shouldn’t be taken as legal advice, we feel that Texas students are on pretty solid legal ground as long as they use their dildos only as expressions of free speech or for the manufacturers’ intended purpose.”

“COEXIST” gear:

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  1. Lovely bit of snark. I suspect some dildo bearing students will be offended, but will have a hard time explaining why all animals are not created equal. Then again, they may not bother; campuses are infested with the “one voice–my voice–is the only one that can be heard” phenomena. The fundamental authoritarianism/ Marxism of this stance seems to escape them, since they are being as authoritarian as the “white power elite” authoritarianism they claim to be escaping.

  2. It’s telling that this sad display is the best the gun-grabbers could come up with. Is there a person over the age of 12 who would think it’s remotely edgy or creative?

    • What you have to understand is that so much of liberal ideology is informed by feminism. Sadly, for people who claim to hate being objectified or thought of in terms of their anatomy, feminists some an awful lot of time on body-parts and body-part imagery. This is just par for the course for them.

  3. “…for the manufacturers’ intended purpose.” Is this the nicest possible way of telling them to go f@*k themselves?

  4. “we feel that Texas students are on pretty solid legal ground as long as they use their dildos only as expressions of free speech or for the manufacturers’ intended purpose.”

    I would have used “firm” in that sentence instead of “solid.” Would have gone better with the message.

  5. On the one hand when you label your movement as “Cocks not GLOCKS” it’s pretty obvious what you’re in desperate need of.

    On the other I’m pretty sure most of these ladies would be offended if guys started walking around UT with their junk hanging out.

      • That’s where this all falls down. Concealed carry isn’t the same thing as publicly walking around with a strap on dong. Of course if they concealed the rubber appendage then they wouldn’t be making much of a statement.

        The whole point of concealed carry is to not draw unnecessary attention to yourself. The whole point of this protest is to draw attention to your public carrying of sex toys…. in protest of people not drawing attention to their firearm.

        These folks are, as serge would say, pants on head retarded.

  6. That was a classy move by the gun crowd. It struck just the right, even-keeled, tone. Not over-the-top sarcastic, not angry, not misogynistic.

    Good job.

    • Speaking of mysogyny/misandry…

      Why do they assume that only men will be carrying concealed weapons on campus? What is the form of protest for “men” on campus who are against campus carry? Are THEY wearing dildoes on their person for everyone to see (that would be just TOO perfect)?

      To bring up a theme often noted elsewhere, if they object to the presence of guns they should were arm brassards with the sign of the dildo to let everyone know that they are unarmed and opposed to those who are armed. That would protect many students from violence as the criminals would know exactly who to target and leave the rest alone. As a secondary benefit any legally armed student could see the brassard in an emergency and know that the victim of the crime would rather they not use their firearm to intervene on behalf of the victim.

  7. Moms Demand Action in Everytown while GAGging on Cocks Not Glocks. Without leaving a Trace.

    There…miss anyone?

    • All for Bloomberg’s video collection so he can have a circle jerk with the Brady Campaign while Mark Kelly… never mind, that’s too far for TTAG.

  8. This isn’t the first time Austin liberals have chosen the Dildo as their symbol to rally around, Wendy Davis tried to make pseudo peckers an issue in the Governors race leading up to her landslide loss in 2014, now this desperately limp (pun intended) exercise of their 1st amendment right to bear fake dicks. Go figure. While I don’t pretend to understand the psychology behind liberal Texans obsession to use the Dildo as a tool (pun intended) for expression of political speech, perhaps it has something to do with all three sexes of liberals being very familiar with and having an intimately comfortable “feel” (pun intended) for the Dildo.

    • PERHAPS- just maybe… They chose dildos because of their phallic nature in reference as to what they think about carrying guns. That carrying guns is basically an extension of one’s “manhood”. Maybe solely so that they could retort to someone questioning their choice that guns are nothing more than phallic symbols themselves. BUT. Whatever. Let em carry fleshlights for all I care.

      • That carrying guns is basically an extension of one’s “manhood”.

        Throughout history weapons have been an extension of one’s manhood. Men are by the intention of nature the protectors, warriors, hunters. Men have always sought, invented and carried the very best weapons they could devise. This is an obvious expression of one’s manhood, and willingness to accept everything that being a man is all about.

        So how is it that all of a sudden the carry of a defensive weapon is somehow linked to the size, or rather lack of size, of a man’s penis? Haven’t these supposed scholars ever seen a picture of a knight with a broadsword? Or a samurai with a katana? Were they “compensating”? Weapons are what they are – tools. Men are who they are – protectors. And men will always choose the best weapon/tool available for whatever work they feel may need to be done.

        • Careful there Cliff, “PERHAPS- just maybe”, that manly history lesson might make John moist.

        • Cliff, Agree 100%. This is exactly what I was trying to convey in my post. I guess I was a bit too ambiguous for Ted. I don’t agree with the dildo toters, I’m just guessing what they might be thinking. That’s why I wrote “PERHAPS- just maybe” because who really knows what liberals think. Or why.

  9. Have any of these idiots considered for a second, that toting a dildo around UT is going to mark them out as being unarmed, and therefor a soft target for crime?

    • One can only hope. The only thing that will make a liberal antigun nut come to their senses is to be a victim of a crime in which they are unable to defend themselves. Still, even then, it might not work (sigh). But perhaps, if they all die via the hand of the criminals, then there will be no one left to be a victim. I can dream….

    • I’m not so sure about that BDub, take a look at the whopper of a big black fake dick this dumb@$$ little white girl named Rosie Zander is holding on top of her head while protesting in Austin; . If Rosie took a good hold of that baseball bat sized dildo and commenced to clubbing somebody over the head with it, she could definitely inflict some serious bodily injury. Of course if she were arrested the charge would be aggravated assault with a friendly weapon.

      • Wow, Rosie. A real UT undergrad, and you brought your real personal sex toy to the rally. Your parents must be so proud of you.

  10. I hope they wear the same costume I have seen people wear in gay pride parades in San Francisco.
    300 or 400 pound women in spandex with a strap on sticking out in front while carrying a gay pride sign.
    Or 300 or 400 pound men in spandex also carrying a gay pride sign.

    If a sex tool gives you the security you need and a firearm does not then let everyone know.
    Scream it out loud!!!!!

  11. Have to admit make a dumb ass statement. Go home and you have a stiff one after ranting at school all day.

    • I say the same thing every time I pass a McDonald’s…

      Hey, at least the dildos don’t give you heart disease. Heck, they might even get you a bit of a workout.

  12. I say fight fire with fire. Get on a megaphone and yell at them for promoting rape culture!

  13. Warning to Libtards- Don’t bring that dildo to a gunfight. You may have to beat it out of there…. yeh, I couldn’t resist.

  14. This morning on “Democracy Now” they claimed ‘thousands of students’ had the dildos.

    I have a feeling that’s a bit overstated.

  15. Supposedly, people who are intelligent enough, and educated enough, to have graduated from High School and matriculated at UT, somehow think there is some manner of linkage between dildos and loaded firearms? That is difficult to imagine.

  16. They need to place those dildos some place where they will do the most good, in their mouths. I just wish that I owned the sex shop that they bought these toys from.

  17. These demonstrators did not need to carry anything if they wished to demonstrate the likeness of a dildo. They do an excellent job, but perhaps a placard would be suitable for this task.

    Faculty memmbers should carry a master dildo sign.

  18. “Cocks not Glocks” suggests a sexual disorder, na?

    Maybe they should have gone with “Boogers, not Rugers”.

    • Have then sissified students transfer to a different college. I think there is one in North Korea that would take them. If they fall asleep in class they might be subject to execution for disrespect. Maybe we should start a policy like that here. It sure would get rid of a whole bunch of useful idiots.

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