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Century AK + Micro Mount

Press release:

Century Arms, North America’s premier AK manufacturer, is proud to announce the introduction of the new addition to their AK-47 accessory line, the AK Mirco Dot Side Mount. This solid and easy-to-install mount contains features that set it apart considerably from other side mounts currently available on the market.

“This is a year full of exciting and innovative new product introductions for Century Arms,” said Jacob Herman, Century Arms Director of Business Development. “This AK receiver rail and side mount represent a true evolution of optics mounting systems for the AK platform. We now have something to complement the accuracy of our rifles and are eager to see them get out to the public.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.51.20 PM

The AK Micro Dot Side Mount is machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and is hardcoat anodized per MIL-A-8625F Type III, Class 2 specifications, giving it superior overall strength. The AK Micro Dot Side Mount is the first AK side scope rail mount that has true return-to-zero capability. The mount offers four times the clamping engagement over traditional side scope rail mounts, improves sight acquisition for follow-up shots and allows for complete field stripping of the rifle without removal of the mount. It is compatible with most standard T1/H1 style optics and provides a modular mounting system to adjust the optic from front to back.

All of Century Arms’ American Made AK47’s in the C39v2 and RAS47 product lines now come equipped with a new receiver side rail that is compatible with the AK Micro Dot Side Mount. This combinations allows the modern shooting enthusiast the ability to customize their rifle and make it a more capable, flexible platform. The AK Micro Dot Side Mount includes all necessary hardware and has a suggested retail price of $119.99.

About Century Arms

Born over 50 years ago with its roots in the surplus business, Century Arms has an extensive history of providing unique and affordable products to the American Collector, Hunter, and Target Shooter. That tradition is carried on today, with a state of the art manufacturing facility located in the U.S.A, as the company continues to offer unique, innovative, and quality products to the U.S. Consumer and U.S. Government.

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  1. Oh look! A crap RS Regulate mount copy! I smell a possible lawsuit. Maybe the metal will be as soft as their bolt carriers.

    • Midwest Industries makes exceptional side rail mounts. This location, for either a red dot or scope, IMO, is preferable to any over the gas piston location, ahead of the OEM rear sight, due to the heat coming off of the barrel. My MAK90 is easily accurate out to 300 yards.

    • The mount should hold a 1x optic just fine for the 25 year accuracy of most AKs

      Just more cloths for the Barbie wannabe. If you want to dress up a gun, get one worth dancing with.

  2. Good idea, but seems overpriced for what it is. Remember that many “AK guys” are “AK guys” at least partly because we are cheap, and practical.

  3. With their long history of the finest quality control in the industry I an sure this will be a wonderful product. (Sarc)

  4. For that price, you’d be insane to not get the proven (and much more flexible) version from RS Regulate instead.

    • ^ This.

      Seriously, at $119 retail (probably less actual price) that is awful close to the price of an RS Regulate ($130 for a comparable RS-R at Primary Arms)

  5. Well, it looks to me like the RS Products mount that I got from Primary Arms.

    Now, My RAS 47 has been fine. I got over 2000 rounds through it with none of the issues that we have all heard I dunno..

  6. For that price I’d stick with Arsenal. If you don’t have the side rail the TWS dogleg gen 3 mount is sweet.

  7. Since the rifle is going to flex like a noodle when you fire it, and it will probably be around 3 to 5 moa, I would prefer a cheaper mount suitable for such a firearm.

    • All guns flex. A milspec AK is about as accurate as a milspec M4. 1.5 to 2.5 MoA if the shooter does their part. Comparing the AK to sub-MoA, free floated, race guns isn’t fair. Nor is using cheap, out of spec junk from Century as the standard for AK accuracy.

      • This. Many, if not all AKs are surprisingly accurate, in the hands of someone who can actually shoot. Especially if they use ammunition of better quality than the steel-case Russian export stuff, which has long been known for undersized bullets, bullet weights varying by an extreme spread of 5gr or more in a box of 20, bullets that are oval in cross section bullets such that they only touch the rifling at two points, charges varying by 15% in a single box of 20, and worse.

        Also, the man who can shoot 4 MOA under field conditions with irons–ANY irons–is a much better rifleman than most. He will probably get his deer if he gets a shot, and if the worst happens he’s the man I want to share a foxhole with–even if his rifle is “only” an AK or “only” a Mini-14.

        The Internet is full of elite commando Space Shuttle door gunners who shoot 0.5 MOA all day every day, but when I go to the range I mostly see high-dollar bolt guns and high-dollar scopes in the hands of people who can’t stay on a two foot wide paper target at 25 yards from a bench with sandbags.

  8. I paid $50 for a side mount and a basic reflex sight. They both worked and the side mount did not loosen up. Being an AK, I decided I liked the iron sights better, so moved the reflex sight to an entry level AR where it seems more appropriate and co-witnesses with the AR irons. And put a cheap scope on the AK. I got the scope in a deal with an SKS. No way that a scope belongs on an SKS. The mount held the scope fine and it did not lose its zero. My financial bottom line, this new product is far too expensive when there are many adequate substitutes.

  9. It sits too high to be of any use. Another product made be some engineer that does not know a damm thing about using an AK.

  10. Rzd Army Staidard? What the heck is that?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the base is not compatible with regular AK side mounts. I think I would rather go with something like the AK Master mount so normal optics could be used and I wouldn’t have to drill through the receiver, or pop a rivet on the rear trunnion. Plus for the “Nyet, rifle is fine” crowd it’s a non permanent solution so you can stop bitching about not having wood on the rifle.

  11. I purchased the Century Arms RAS-47 as a novelty range gun. It is what it is. I then purchased a $20 side rail mount online and it would not fit this “Proprietary” rail. So, I ended up buying theirs online for $95 which is rather expensive. The mount itself seems to be excellent! Very tight, quality materials, easy to take off and put back on, etc. What I do NOT like is that it will only accept scopes and sights that have the T1/H1 mount and most of these sights are quite expensive! The sight can end up costing more than the dam rifle. I am NOT going to use THIS gun for Hunting – it’s just for Fun. So, This mount for This gun should NOT cost this much! Century should realize this! The mount is Excellent. It just sucks that it is the Only One that will fit on their “Proprietary” Rail. Wish I knew all of this Before I purchased the RAS47.

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