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USA Today is as anti-gun as they come. To be fair, the McPaper sometimes gives the pro-gun side column equal time in dueling editorials, including me. But most of the time USA Today has no interest in being fair. This video piece and printed article on Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s visit to Capitol Hill highlights the editors’ willingness to bias their reports for the bloody shirt wavers seeking civilian disarmament – regardless of the fact that the empress has no clothes. For example . . .

the headline: Moms flock to Capitol Hill to demand gun control. How many Moms makes a flock, pray tell? The video says “more than 100.” I’m not seeing it, you? What I am seeing: a reporter who hands Shannon and her minions the microphone and lets them make pronouncements, rather than respond to interviews. That’s not what I – or any self-respecting member of the profession – call journalism. It’s what I call unfiltered anti-gun agitprop.

“In an effort to rally more support, members of the group have been hosting house parties in their home states, trying to get their neighbors to join in.” The operative word there is “trying.” How many house parties did MDA hold, exactly? While it would be difficult to verify that fact, the question needs asking. Because the critical factor about MDA is this: its size. MDA’s importance depends on its popular support. Truth be told, relatively speaking, it doesn’t have any. That said . . .

I understand that, like sex, size is only one factor amongst many. All voices deserve to be heard. But all voices deserve to be heard in context. And skepticism is a journalist’s default position – no matter what side of an issue they’re addressing. Reporting like this is lazy, unfair and unacceptable. It’s the reason the “legacy media” is losing ground against newcomers. And thank God for that.

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  1. I’m hearing that Jack in the Box caved to pressure from Mommies Demand Whatever and has banned open carry in their restaurants. Anyone else heard this?

  2. “Legacy media,” as in outdated, outmoded and incompetent? Yeah, that’s about right.

  3. ok – having done my share of lobbying work and running around the halls of Congress, that crowd was maybe 60-70 people, including kids, reporters, and Hill staffers sent by their masters to meet and greet the crowd. Telling is that THERE ARE NO VIDEO/PICS OF ANY POLITICIANS!!! See, members of Congress have those special lapel pins that let them bypass security. Didn’t see any. Also, what happened on May 7th? See the Diggler was in DC that day for business meetings. Ummm, hmm, oh yeah, the House voted to hold Lois Lerner in contempt. Maybe that was why no one from Congress was around? Not even Pelosi. Do the math.

    Further, I like the montage of the (un)Milfs in that dark paneled conf. room showing them chatting and texting and stuffing their faces (some need to re-think the grazing concept). Well, that room is a “holding” room near the entrance. It was designed for when there is a media “event”, really, any event. Nothing special about being there, and more importantly . . . .THERE WAS NO FRICKIN’ MEDIA COVERAGE IN THE DC AREA ABOUT THEM!!! Yes, the (self-)important Moms Demanding Action didn’t get any action from the local media, which should have made them feel real comfortable and at home. . . . . Did Shannon organize this? Does she understand how this sh!t works? Better yet, did she get to ride the private train for members of Congress? I have several times and I bet her cattle crowd walked in the front door, had 30 min of rah rah and then out and back to their a/c controlled bus . . . . and Shannon went back by town car to a private airport where Bloomy’s lear jet was ready to whisk his baby home. . . . . marinate on that.

  4. Like Dirk, I was on the hill too this week and kept my eyes open for them. I saw gaggles from damn near every interest group but didnt see #monsantomommy or any of the straphangers anywhere…

    • I saw a group of 5-6 of them near the supreme court when I was walking to the train station. One of them
      Was smoking and it took a lot I restraint to give her hell about how many people smoking kills.

  5. Ok Shannon, lets start with you, tell your body guards to disarm… Yea I didn’t think you would.

    Sorry but you’d get more “Action” by going to a bingo game!

    A unarmed society is an unsafe society, get it through that thick head of yours.

      • Yea, If she wants to spend 50 million to waste people’s time, I guess that’s ok, but it sure could be put to better use. 🙂

  6. I have nothing to add other then UGHHHHHHHH.
    We need one someone with a few bucks to make as much noise as Im reading here.
    Other then the media.
    I feel we give them too much print here too.
    Even though they actually be reading this.
    Don’t they relies that out of a few big city environments.
    Most Americans don’t want nor need any more gun control.
    Nor are they even interested.
    Gang bangers killing other gang bangers is a good thing in my book.
    I read today 59% of Connecticut’s people are already regretting the new laws there and want them undone. They have a whopping 32% approval rate.
    Most of NY state is the same way.
    Besides NYC and its suburbs.
    No one in NY wants any part of the Safe Act and the law is ignoring it out of the NYC area..
    Over a million have said screw you to Andy, and his weapons ban.
    Hes done next election cycle.
    What the American people want is criminal control.
    Stop the revolving door and warehouse the bastards for ever.
    Who is listening to a bunch of hot air from a few dozen bored housewives with enormous egos, besides the media that no one also pays any attention to anymore.
    They actually think the people care about what they saying???
    If I didn’t see it here.
    I too still wouldn’t care.

    • Unfortunately, the gangbangers also hit innocent people who happen to live in their neighborhoods.

      • Unfortunately there will always be the innocent bystanders.
        Did you read this weeks gun related shootings in Chicago this week alone??
        Crap happens to the innocent.
        But when non criminal use is used by groups like MOMs as part of their statistics.
        I tend to look the other way.
        Same with suicides,
        Take the gun out of the equation.
        They might use a hammer instead.
        There are actually around 7500 deaths a year contributed to real gun violence.
        I do know 1 is 1 too many.

        I know Im being cynical at this point.
        But as long as we have more children drown in pools then killed by incidental gang related gunfire.
        I don’t hear or see anyone calling for banning pools..
        Yes Im a cynic at this point.
        Real numbers don’t match the lies these women tell as facts.

        • You’re preaching to the choir, friend. I agree with you and in no way meant that gangbanger’s victimization of their neighbors should infringe on our rights. I was simply stating that in addition to taking each other out, they also harm others.

          Obviously, whats in our safes have nothing to do with that, no matter how much the anti shills suggest otherwise.

        • You don’t seem anybody coming to take our cars away from us as a result of all the people drunk drivers kill, or people who are texting and driving. And nearly ALL of these incidents are committed by people who weren’t supposed to have a gun, not the ones who are responsible and have them legally—they never want to point THAT out…

      • Saw a great bumper sticker in L.A. awhile back:

        Shoot back.

        Says it all.

  7. Why don’t we organize TTAG rallies in all 50 states, just a bunch of fans and participants of this website, just to show everyone what real numbers look like?

    • Part of that problem is that we are productive working members of society. Who has time to go to a rally? I know stuff like that is important. I try to make the IGOLD rally in Springfield IL every year, but time off is hard, coordinating time off is harder.

    • He missed that–he was fixated on Robert’s line “the empress has no clothes.”

      • I new someone would catch that and call Dirk on it–surprised it’s this far down the thread… 😉

  8. Now there’s some hard-hitting journalism.

    Fluff your pillow, sir?

    No wonder USA Today is pushed under your hotel-room door for free.

  9. No one has commented on their portable paper-roll backdrop. Notice how it conveniently shows the logos for Moms Demand Action, Mayors Against Illegal Guns AND Everytown for Gun Safety. Talk about fluffing! It is an obvious (and crude) media attempt to make a single organization (Michael Bloomberg) appear larger than it really is. I’m pretty sure the member roster for each of those organizations contains exactly the same names.

  10. I didn’t see a YouTube link – otherwise I would comment and “dislike” the video.

    • Don’t worry–the 2A viewpoint was bountifully represented at the USA Today page where this vid was displayed.

  11. Microphone to MDA equals “money talks”. No, there’s no real grassroots groundswell of support for them but with Bloomy’s billions, they are guaranteed of a forum in the media.

  12. RF, I think you turned Dirk into a slobbering, furiously masturbating mess with your line, “the empress has no clothes”….

  13. I went to USA Today (McPaper, that’s a good one) looking for this content and I couldn’t find it. I mean its not on the ‘front page’ any where.

    Another day in paradise I guess….

  14. Jack in the box and Starbucks are on my shit list anyway, could and can be more. We need a directory of those shits so we don’t give them our time nor money. In fact I go to a great chicken place chick-o-lay (spl), don’t laugh I’m not much at watching signs.

    • We need to lay on the pressure like we all did with the hostility over Duck Dynasty…. Every time I come across this kind of stupidity, I get the email addresses and phone numbers for these people, email them to all my friends so they will get involved and send something too…

  15. Every time I see Mrs. Monsanto talk, I wonder if she’s contemplating the grandfather paradox… then I realize that she’s probably straining to remember the last time she got a check from Bloomberg.

  16. You were discussing the size of MDA. gives data on web site traffic, among other data. This is interesting. 954 visitors per day 2,660 visitors per day 50,016 visitors per day 102,996 visitors per day 126,188 visitors per day.

    o, the gun grabbers have no interest outside the media.

  17. I stopped paying attention to USA Today back in the 80″s when they ran an “article” on high capacity 9MM pistols.
    Every one finished with a phrase like:”popular with gang bangers” or “preferred by drug dealers”.
    Just your standard objective reporting from any left wing rag.

  18. “Reporting like this is lazy, unfair and unacceptable. It’s the reason the “legacy media” is losing ground against newcomers. And thank God for that.”

    True enough. They still drive the news though, and we can’t forget that.They invent the narrative, they drive the narrative, and we spend time and energy debunking the narrative. Though we are usually right , and usually disprove their lies, we all know how lies travel.

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