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Check out the url of the story Bullitt Co. detectives investigating murder near Knob Creek Gun Range. Here’s a TTAG reader’s take on that discrepancy:

Breaking news from the Louisville, KY area. First the story was there was a woman shot “at” Knob Creek Range. Now she was murdered “near” Knob Creek Range. From the sketchy details that are available, the owner closed the range at 6:00 pm and found the victim by the side of the road at 6:40pm. Cell service is almost impossible in that area so he drove her to hospital himself where she died. Of course all the local coverage and many Facebook comments are about the tremendous evil that happens at KCR. A fine man who operates a gun oriented business did a fine thing but he, and we other members and customers of the range, are the bad guys in the ensuing media storm.

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  1. Yeah isn’t Knob creak kind of out in the middle of nowhere? Never been there but I seem to remember looking at a map at one time and noticing that.

    And beyond that… someone died at a gun range. So? Bad things happen sometimes. Accidents and murders both. The fact that it’s an eexxttrreemmee rarity (and can anyone actually NAME a murder that’s happened at a shooting range?) that such a thing happens should be a pretty damn good indicator that you can call the place safe.

    • I know you probably meant it as a rhetorical question, but … yes. So could a lot of people who read this board, I’d guess.

      Chris Kyle, who was trying to help with a fellow veteran cope with being back home.

      • Actually I didn’t hear about that one…. but I still point to the fact that it’s an extreme rarity.

        And it’s not to say these incidents are not tragic. Never think I’m insinuating that this doesn’t matter at all. I’m mostly point out the bias in this. The media was so eager to get this story out about this that they didn’t even bother to check the story first.

        • Actually now after reexamining the story I do remember hearing about it, I just didn’t connect the name to the incident. My memory is somewhat faulty and the entire incident just didn’t click in my mind.

          Never mind me. I’mma durp.

    • Some woman was at a gun range with her son, shot him in the back of the head then herself. All caught on tape.

      • Well yes. As said accidents and murders do happen (see the Chris Kyle story that I didn’t remember). Hell, remember about a kid that shot himself with a full auto Uzi at some range? I’ve recall an incidet or two about people getting shot at gun shows.

        The point still holds true that these incidents are so rare that being shot and killed at a range or show is so rare as to not even being worth thinking about.

        • This murder is getting all this press, BECAUSE it is such a rare event. A drive-by (mass-) shooting in Chicago, East LA, or any other inner city – The press doesn’t even notice anymore.

  2. With all the murderous guns at gun ranges I’d think there would be mass graves of people who get killed there…

  3. Don’t believe it happened there. Do believe she was dumped there. On a side note our local range had a suicide on the Range about 2 years ago. Murder of one self is still a murder. Fortunatly as is said its slightly above a non-occerance. Please be safe and keep shooting.

    • “Murder” of one’s self is NOT murder. Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being. Suicide is therefore not murder. Parenthetically, attempted suicide is not a crime in California, although it does have civil law consequences (involuntary commitment to a mental institution).

    • “Murder of one self is still a murder.”

      Are you sure? They’re never prosecuted. Just lax District Attorneys, I guess….

      • We do not know what goes on behind the veil. If the deceased goes to heaven,there will be no prosecution though, all the lawyers are in hell.

  4. Huh! I used to live in Illinois. None of the gun ranges I went to had mass graves of people killed there. Now I live in Florida. None of the ranges I go to have mass graves of people killed there. Hannibal, please enlighten me. Where are the locations of the mass graves of people killed by the murderous guns? Also, I did not know that guns could be murderous??!! I thought only human beings could murder. All my guns are made of steel. Like my car. Are you perhaps referring to a Stephen King story/book??

      • And YES, the post about “murderous guns” was sarcasm. Me questioning how you could possibly not realize that… is not sarcasm.

    • At my local range, we use a bulldozer to make a mass grave. Once a week, we cover the pit and write the names of the recently murdered on the memorial wall. We are holding a fundraiser to purchase some ballistic glass for the bulldozer. Once some a’hole with a machinegun tries to kill the operator it becomes difficult to find a volunteer.

      We are wondering if Homeland Security will give away up-armored bulldozers. Although they are giving local law enforcement agencies MRAPs, we need the bulldozer just to dig the mass grave for the gun range. We could use the MRAP for mounted target practice or towing a moving target, but it still will not address our need for a mass grave.

    • Notice the url didn’t change. It still says the original: bullitt-co-police-investigating-murder-at-knob-creek-gun-range

  5. Last decade in Calfornia a man who could not buy a gun under the state laws, went to a range rented a weapon then waited until everyone else fired their mags then started shooting at the
    Patrons, oops he did not know that an employee acting as range safety officer was carrying . . . Two shots from the employee then a long wait for the police total three injured one dead, period.
    Another place where a few shootings (suicides) do happen is at Police Stations, rarely is anyone killed except the shooter.


  6. Perhaps, if the victim was alert, she gave a good description of her assailant.

    Hopefully, this won’t reflect poorly upon the innocent range owner…

  7. Wait, what? Are people suggesting that someone’s errant bullet from the range struck and killed the victim and that is why media is going bananas? Or is the media simply trying to demonize the range owner “just because”?

    • The existence of Knob Creek, the Machinegun Shoot, military gun shows, and the TV show, “Guntucky” is a never ending source of mortal embarrassment to the more hoity-toity residents of Louisville and Lexington. Where the bullet came from is irrelevant to them. It came from a gun and the range promotes gun culture. That’s really all that matters to them. So yes, demonization is the order of the day.

  8. She was evidently shot, or left, right outside Jerry’s Liquor and Beer at the intersection of Dixie Highway and Highway 44. This is 1.6 miles driving distance away from the Knob Creek Gun Range. Besides Jerry’s Liquor and Beer, there is a trailer park and many other little businesses and homes — the gun range is a long way away.

    Some reports are coy, noting that she was shot near “the business” and not mentioning which business until they reveal that the person who was flagged down to help her was driving home from HIS business, which happened to be involved with guns. So HIS business gets a mention, and even implicated as the site of the shooting, despite how far away it was. The bar, right there, gets a complete pass. I looked at nearly a dozen versions of the story, and none mention the bar other than a rare reference to “the business.” Also, none mention her long record of arrests.


    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  9. A follow-up story makes no sense at all. Earlier, the woman is said to have “flagged down” the gun range owner as he drove home. Now, while she was still found at the intersection where Jerry’s Liquor and Beer is, the gun range owner supposedly heard this from inside his business:

    Donesha Marie McStoots, 21, was discovered Friday evening near the intersection of Hwy 44 and Dixie Highway, suffering from a gunshot wound.

    Kenny Sumner, owner of the gun range, said he was closing up when he heard four loud, quick gunshots near the entrance of his business. He thought it was someone trespassing but when he went to check it out, he found McStoots instead.

    She was scantily clad, he said, and crawling on a gravel road. He scooped her up, called 911 and took her to Southwest Hospital.

    Unless the range moved from its posted address to take over the liquor store location (which is possible, as the Google Street View image shows “for sale by owner” posted in front of that bar), there’s no way the logistics of this make sense.

    Here’s a map of the distance from the gun range’s posted address to where (repeatedly confirmed) she was found:

    And an image of the liquor store at the intersection at the time Google StreetView went past:

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

    • When you consider the size of the county and the distance from the city of Shepherdsville, then 1 mile is “near” the intersection of Dixie Highway.

        • Yes, but bars are like blades of grass, and therefore not much use as far as directions are concerned. Gun ranges though the only thing rarer is a thinking liberal. although many of them imagine they are.
          You can’t use them for directions though, it would be like saying, its south of the north pole.

  10. Yes let’s all comment without knowing ANY facts. But of course, it’s a conspiracy by the gun grabbers. Does it matter if she was killed at the range or merely nearby? Of course not. Ready, fire, aim! I will probably be modded for this because suggesting that many folk on here are hysterical is not allowed. Even if true.

    • No Jonathan, we aren’t calling it a conspiracy. The point is that the gun grabbers in the area around the range are reacting on the limited information to the news story and assuming someone was shot at the range. I’m not really seeing the hysteria here. The comments sections of the local news stations in Louisville are another matter. The antis are going nuts.

  11. Don’t you know that that dead body drug itself from knob creek, all the way to where it was found! those doggone UFO’s anyway! this Journalist is spooky with phobia’s, emotionalism, Innuendo, no Substance too story so add something illogical to make it copy, out of the sky and into the night super writer strikes!

  12. That was my sister you fucker. She was a kind hearted person . She DID NOT deserve what happened to her…! She had arrests for finez, stupid shit. She never hurt anyone . She was always there for her family. She will mit be made out to be he bad person

    • I am certainly sorry for what happened to your sister. I am certain that she was as kind-hearted a person as you are evidencing yourself to be.

      The primary concern here is over the poor reporting, including the location of the murder to be at a business that was evidently 1.6 miles away, with no mention of the business at the actual intersection where she was found. This is apparently based upon the fact that she flagged down someone to help, who happened to be driving home from a gun range that he owned. But in other versions, he supposedly heard shots fired from inside his (closed) range, and went out to investigate — but that same story notes that she was found at the intersection more than a mile from the range. Very strange. It’s almost as though details are being made up and added to reinforce the initially wrong story.

      Do you know anything about the circumstances of her death? Was your sister a customer of Jerry’s, for example?

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  13. I’ve been to knob creek gun range numerous times, there’s a gravel road that leads to the range and turns to blacktop about a half mile before you get to the range, if she was found on the gravel road that means she was shot somewhere near the main road not anywhere close to the range


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