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Is it any coincidence that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (And Really Big Fires) is inflicting an “iron river of guns” dog-and-pony show on Texas media at the same moment they’re preparing to take the border-state long gun registry nationwide? I think not. I’ve got one thing to say about that: the number of guns smuggled south to the cartels through gun shop purchases is dwarfed – almost unimaginably – by the firearms that “seep” to the drug thugs via official sales to the Mexican military and police. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of weapons the U.S. has been funneling to South American dictatorships for decades. Not to put too fine a point on it, these ATF guys are evil. Whether they know it or not.

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  1. “If I were to select a jack-booted group of fascists who were perhaps as large a danger to American society as I could pick today, I would pick BATF. They are a shame and a disgrace to our country.”

    Rep. John Dingell (D-MI)

    • Rhetoric is great, how bout some legislation to rein in these jack boots, or, you know, just cut their funding.

      As with many politicians, talk is cheap.

  2. I don’t think the ATF has any credibility on guns to Mexico at this point. That said, I’m sure this sort of idea is going through, rather than coming from, the ATF. This crap failed on the legislative level so someone wants to try and go around it.

    • Couldnt agree more, I was gonna post almost the same damn thing.

      That slick lyin sob in the video damn well knows it, can almost feel the lie while watching it.

  3. All the gun control in the US won’t stop the Chinese and Russian made arms sold to the cartels, possibly in part because a dangerously unstable country that borders the US is a useful tool for the Chinese and Russian governments. The same way the US has in the past (present?) been involved in supporting (starting?) various uprisings and military dictatorships on the borders of Russia and China.

    • It is hard to know what “news” to trust but if one goes beyond the MSM and does some digging one will discover it was the U.S. government that orchestrated the coup that overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine. What is happening in Ukraine and other places is a U.S. strategic shift to the East.

      • Putin stooge, tovarishch? How much do they pay extra for posting in English?

        • Yeah because the CIA would never engineer an effort to overthrow a government with anti-US leanings.

          What’s the emoticon for rolling eyes?

        • Not keeping up with current events, are we? The “banana wars” in central and south America to over throw various regimes when they wouldn’t support cheap prices for Fruit? The Bay of Tonkin lie that gave us the excuse to start an open war with North Vietnam? The manufactured lies to give us an excuse to invade Iraq? Among others.

          And you don’t think we would instigate various other means; to over throw regimes we didn’t like that didn’t include out right invasion?

          All I can say is, wow!

    • M16 and other gi issue goes overseas via DoS w CIA help on logistics and mgmt. Nothing new there been same since Vietnam. ATF seen as cowboys and loose cannons by other agencies not trusted w assets or info.

    • I went to their web site; this is what I found. This, or by phone.

      “Send Us Mail

      The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives cannot respond to e-mail inquiries relating to technical, policy and/or legal questions. Inquiries of this nature can only be addressed through a written letter outlining your questions to the following address:

      Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Office of Public and Governmental Affairs
      99 New York Avenue, NE, Room 5S 144
      Washington, DC 20226 USA
      You will receive a written response to your inquiry”

      • I guess they need help heating the building, how long do you suppose 10 million letters will take to burn in the furnace?

  4. According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a rifle.

    h/t the TV show “Unforgettable” this week. It looks like each year hammers and clubs are used to murder 33% more than rifles.

    • Takes about 5 minutes a gun and a $2 part to make an AR-15 full auto if you know what to do. Most of the guns are straw purchased and converted to full auto by Gun-Runners with Cartel Connections. Not to mention your local ATF Office selling them. I got a kick out of the RPG7 and how they hinted that you could buy one.

  5. BATF exists outside the strictures of the United States Constitution. Of course they are doing un-Constitutional sh*t, that is precisely what they were created to do.

    • 150 miles from the border is a Constitution free zone. Its how they justify all these programs. Thats the whole problem for them, the Constitution. If they don’t have to go through the legislature and can just declare it void there, they can do it anywhere. Absolute insanity.

  6. They don’t see themselves as evil; just as Hitler nor the Nazi’s saw themselves as evil. But of course, they are still evil.

      • Exactly! The evil people never see themselves as evil; you can’t reason with them, shame them, compromise with them; or submit to them; the only thing you can do is defeat them. or you will die a beaten, tortured, humiliated and enslaved human being.

  7. Damn SS bastards can kiss my effing ass. This ass heads run guns and then want to stick it to those who have done nothing. It’s time for this Republican Congress to reign these bastards in.

  8. It’s quite amazing how the consternation that I had towards our government 6 years ago has grown to a boiling vehement hatred.

  9. There are several groups that need to be gone, ATF, BLM, BOE, NLRB to mention a few, I know there is more than those to dump. Just think how much in taxes we could reduce! Oh and take the armor vehicles and make them scrap. No I’m not running for president, period.

  10. Oh my GOD is that ever loaded propaganda. They’re showing a freaking RPG-7. YOU CAN NOT GET AN RPG-7 IN THE US. Because if you could I’D HAVE ONE.

    • Nor, I think, are “single moms down on their luck who need to make some money” buying fully automatic weapons from gun stores in Houston.

      • Well the entire thing just reeks of straight up propaganda. We all know the truth here. You just can’t get mil spec hardware like that. Beyond that it’s open knowledge of just how many Mexican soldiers raided the armories when they deserted to go work for the cartels. Do people think they had really good gun locks on everything in the armory?

        And American gun owners are NOT running clandestine machine shops to convert old Century AKs or making auto-sears to drop into Bustmaster AR-15s to smuggle to Mexico. This news segment is proof of just how much disdain the ATF has for the American people. It says that to them that we’re all ready to thumb out nose at the law at the drop of the hat for a quick buck.

  11. “…the number of guns smuggled south to the cartels through gun shop purchases is dwarfed – almost unimaginably – by the firearms that “seep” to the drug thugs via official sales to the Mexican military and police.”
    This. Ask me how I know.

  12. Yeah, doesky, it’s getting that way for a lot of people. The lawlessness of the ATF, the contempt that Obama has for the constitution and the American people. The IRS, The NSA, DOJ; all of them breaking the law; targeting american citizens for scrutiny, harassment and being jailed unjustly.

    Is it being done on purpose to goad a reaction so they can declare martial law? At this point there is no level of despicable or lawless behavior that I would be surprised by from our government.

    And that is what is the most frightening. Trust in the social contract, that basic justice can be expected from the government is the glue that holds together a democratic society; when that trust is gone for the greater part of a people in a culture; then historically, civil war is not far behind.

    • IMHO, it’s inevitable. The momentum is too great. The balance has tipped too far. There are too many clamoring for socialism in the nation; multitudes of statists on the left and on the right. I believe that we are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. I arrange a few myself because I hope for restoration despite what I know is most probable. Our people don’t grasp the fundamentals of true Liberty any more. They want government to keep them safe and fed. Ask even gun owners if the very existence of the FAA, FCC, FDA, CDC, IRS, EPA, TSA, DHS, FBI, DOE, FHA, and a whole host of others is constitutional and you’ll see what I mean.

      • Actually there is just a small minority “clamoring” for socialism in America. The vast majority simply want government to shut the f*ck up and sit down. Then we can move on to stripping taxes down to a reasonable level, as outlined in our founding documents, and rounding up all the elected/appointed/hired criminals in ALL levels of government and punishing them severely.

        • If that was the case 2hotel9; Obama Care would never have passed; a large percentage of the population get government benefits, pensions and payouts. Another large percentage not only does not pay federal income tax but gets a large chunk back if they are below a certain income level and have kids.

          The Liberal/progressive beliefs rule in the schools, universities and the press; which is based on socialism. Anyone that votes as democrats essentially is declaring themselves to believe in a socialistic society.

          We are more similar to France before their revolution in the 1700’s than when we had our American revolution in the same time period. And the kind of chaos, mass murder and anarchy that happened during their revolution would be what would happen here if we broke out into civil war.

          It would be horrendous; but the alternative is worse to imagine.

          • You have the right to be wrong, and you are. Obamacare was forced through AGAINST the will of the American people. Period. Full stop. It never, not at anytime, had the support of the majority. The majority said no, we do not want it.

            As for leftist ideology in schools/colleges/universities, yea, it is being rammed down people’s throats, and THAT is pissing people off. Splashback, its not just something that happens at your kitchen sink. People voting Democrat are NOT the majority, the fact is the majority of people in America don’t vote. The Democrat Party has entrenched vote fraud at every level of the electoral process in this country, top to bottom, they have co-opted media into their control. Until these things are removed a tiny minority will continue to force socialism on America against the expressed will of the people.

        • Oh, I agree, there is much truth to what you say; It is because of this truth that people that believe in the original vision that our country was founded upon; (true liberty and justice for all); that we do have a chance of defeating the forces of tyranny that is working to enslave us all.

          But those same forces of tyranny have become such a large part of the establishment of government, the courts, the military and the press; I believe that they will see that the reclaiming of that lost freedom will not be a peaceful one.

          But in the end; we will reclaim that freedom; hopefully by the ballot box. By whatever means we use; after it is over; the memory of what we almost lost will be burned so deeply into our collective cultural memory that the next silken tongued lying politician;(but I repeat myself) promising safety and security if we give up some rights will be immediately charged with treason and jailed for trying to subvert and destroy our constitution.

          • ThomasR? The ballot box has failed us for quite some time now, thanks to the subversion of the electoral process by the Democrat Party. Many Republicans have joined in, over the years, as they seek power through the same means.

            John, as soon as you invoke the name of Luap Nor you lost me. He is an absolute nutjob and has zero credibility. He spent how many decades in Congress and did nothing, other than jam his pockets full of OUR money, all the while talking out of both sides of his mouth. Luap Nor is PRECISELY what is wrong, not a cure for it.

        • It’s not just the Democratic party, 2hotel9. The Republican party is almost just at bad. I don’t believe that you and I are talking the same level of ‘constitutional’ government. Basically, Ron Paul’s description (and a few others) is on the mark, not Rand’s (and many others). If every seat in the Senate, House, and Presidency were filled with Republicans, we’d still be pissing in the wind. The GOP has been likewise infected. What they prop up is also socialism, even if they don’t see it that way.

          As ThomasR described, it’s systemic now. A major overhaul of how government now operates is the only thing that will stave off tyranny or bloody conflict.

        • 2hotel9, your description of Ron Paul is disingenuous, of ignorance, or both. I respect him for his “first do no harm” actions in office. He didn’t compromise on constitutional values. IMHO, we need a multitude more like him in office. Anyway, like I wrote, we have different understanding of constitutional government.

          • I have known what and who Luap Nor is since 1979, and he has not ever, ever, done anything to protect America or our Constitution. He is a two faced liar, an opportunistic piranha who has attacked real Americans in concert with Democrat Party mainstays. His son is no different.

        • I’ll tell you what, 2hotel9, I’ll keep my mind open to what you wrote regarding Ron Paul. I’ve never encountered someone so adamant and direct about it. I’ve also not followed his career as long as you have. So, I’ll keep my eyes open for facts to support what you claim. However, since he is pretty much done, AFAIK, that’s probably a dead issue.

          As for Rand Paul, we agree. Since he is active in politics and we agree about him then perhaps some of my words were a bit hasty and I withdraw those hasty or harsh ones. I apologize. We agree about the Paul who currently counts in politics.

    • “And that is what is the most frightening. Trust in the social contract, that basic justice can be expected from the government is the glue that holds together democratic society; when that trust is gone for the greater part of a people in a culture; then historically, civil war is not far behind.”

      There it is. I have personally seen the results of government treating people as property which they can abuse in anyway they choose. Look to the history of just the last 80 years. Politicians in America think they can simply scratch words on paper and we will submit no matter how asinine and immoral their laws are. People in America had contempt for laws and government 10 years ago, now people openly ignore laws and have open hatred for government employees. We out number them 20 to 1 and THEY are trying to provoke a civil war with us?

  13. Ooh, I just had a thought. Law enforcement agencies love the asset seizures that accompany narcotics related arrests/prosecutions. Could people who possess firearms be the next honeypot?

  14. There is an open agenda to disarm the civilian population in Anerica. The social conditioning for this to happen he’s been in progress for decades through mainstream culture, television.

  15. Absolutely astounding. The level of duplicity in this is outrageous. I wonder how many down on their luck single moms have Mexican cartel connections? It’s not as if the Cartels have a storefront where one can sign up to make straw purchases. These straw buyers would have to already be involved to see straw purchase as an income stream.
    Also, the collection of full auto’s sure doesn’t suggest down and out straw buyers but a semi serious armorer turning out conversions in a fairly dedicated manner. Then there are the light weapons, such as the M2 on display, did that really take a walk from a LGS to the border? Don’t even get me started on the RPG because if that came out of a gun shop it has to be just what they called it, a prop.
    All that aside, since when is it appropriate to infringe on the rights of US citizens to (maybe) assist with a crime problem that Mexico has? The very concept is infuriating. I simply cannot imagine a way in which we would be worse off without the ATF, but I can sure think of ways we’d be better off if they were gone.

  16. Pay me 500,00 a year to be the janitor at the ATF, naww that still isn’t enough. Actually there is no amount of riches I’ll take to work at the ATF, I need my soul intact.

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