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Australia was shocked this week as a mass shooting took place at a farm near the town of Margaret River in Western Australia. Seven members of a family are dead, three adults and four children in what appears to have been a murder-suicide. What exactly happened may never be known.

But it’s been claimed by the civilian disarmament community and their stenographers in the media that the relative infrequency of these acts in Oz is proof positive that their National Firearms Agreement that was passed in the wake of the 1996 Port Arthur shooting works. Therefore, some are saying, gun control works.

Several outlets – NBC News and the New York Times among them – ran headlines saying that it is the “worst massacre in 22 years” in direct reference to Port Arthur. But it isn’t. Fifteen perished in a 2000 arson attack in Childers, Queensland. Granted, the Margaret River the highest number of fatalities by firearm.

What the gun control-loving media seem to suggest, at times, is that it’s somehow even more heinous when people are murdered by a gun than by other means, which is patently ridiculous. Murder is equally horrible no matter how it’s done.

When it comes to Australia, gun control advocates are frequently misinformed, uninformed or flat-out lying. Certain “documentary filmmakers” come to mind.

First of all, mass shootings have still been happening in Australia, even after the passage of the National Firearms Agreement. You don’t even have to parse the dark web to find this out; there’s a list on Wikipedia for crying out loud.

There have been six incidents of mass shootings (depending on how one defines them) after Port Arthur and prior to the incident this week in Margaret River, one being a familicide. So, the fact is that their NFA clearly hasn’t stopped ALL mass shootings from occurring.

What about before the NFA?

The first rampage or spree killing mentioned on Wikipedia’s list was the Ching family murders in Alligator Creek, Queensland, in 1911. All other entries prior to that incident were massacres of indigenous people or of settlers by said indigenous people who – it must be said – definitely got the short end of the stick when the colonists started arriving.

Counting that incident in 1911, up to and including the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, there were a total of 16 mass/rampage/spree shootings over 85 years. That doesn’t include vehicular attacks or spats between biker gangs. That’s an average of one mass shooting incident every 5.26 years.

In the 22 years since the Port Arthur massacre, the average has been one every 3.14 years including the most recent incident. So the frequency has been INCREASING since the gun control NFA was passed.  

Granted, the United States isn’t Australia. The US has more than ten times the population and f the people of Australia want to have a substandard rugby team along with their current gun control laws, that’s their affair.

By the same token, Australia isn’t the United States. Not only would their gun control laws not work here, but they seem – judging by the rate of mass shootings – to not be working there, either.




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  1. Gun control is a dog and pony show that will fool the weak minded. It will not stop mankind from killing one another. How many times have we heard of a mother drowning her kids in the bathtub or throwing them off a bridge?

    Gun control will not stop the killing. The folks at the top of the gun control crowd know this. But they aren’t about protecting people or schools or whatever lies they front. And their weak minded followers don’t care about the truth. It hurts their heads to have to think.

  2. My guess is Australia will now enact a total ban on the private ownership of firearms. Whenver the previous attempts at gun control fail, they enact further restrictions. This is the pattern in both the UK and Australia.

    • So far the media has been quiet on this incident other than reporting the event and interviewing the estranged father of the children who said the grandfather had been planning this for a while.

      There was a custody dispute going through the family court at the time.

      And it should be noted the state of Western Australia has (and always had) the most restrictive firearms laws in the country.

  3. “What the gun control-loving media seem to suggest, at times, is that it’s somehow even more heinous when people are murdered by a gun than by other means”

    What really bugs the Quisling media is that we, the great unwashed, are unlikely to defend ourselves with Molotov cocktails or machetes or by driving big trucks through crowds of helpless people. But if we are allowed to have firearms and train to use them, then we will not be dependent on our superiors in the almighty government to keep us safe and passive.

    Guns are target number one. Guns make the weak strong. And we can’t have that, can we?

    • More to the point, they don’t want us armed because it inhibits their control of us. They do actually fear that at some point we will have had enough and will throw off the freedom thieving government and hang, jail, or deport the lot of them.

  4. ” it’s somehow even more heinous when people are murdered by a gun than by other means,”…. It’s somehow even more heinous when people are murdered with a gun than by other means. FIFY. People murder people, words matter.

  5. The US progs will just assume (being the anoited) that they need to do big gun control righter than them Aussies amateurs. Just as every other examples of their marxist wet dreams.

  6. I don’t know how much impact a murder-suicide(in an isolated rural town)will change Aussieland. I’m sure they’ll try and screw everyone.

  7. So, why isn’t TTAG reporting on Fallin’s veto of Constitutional Carry in OK? Or the fact that it was killed despite veto-override majorities due to coward GOP congress leaders going to recess before the job was done (knowing full well it would be vetoed)?

  8. They’ll use the old amendment: “Well, this kind of thing only happens in American _with this regularity_”

  9. Go to, Timeline of Major Crimes in Australia,on Wikipedia, they give an in depth account of all the major crimes, including public shootings, there are at least 15 public shootings on the list where a killer ,with a gun in a public place was shooting people, and they all happened after they banned and confiscated guns………it is a lie that Australian gun control stopped their mass public shootings so we shouldn’t let them get away with it.

  10. “National Firearms Agreement”
    As if everyone agreed on it…

    Call it what I t was. A national firearms confiscation act.

  11. Tom
    It was an “agreement” forced by federal government using money big stick. Any state who disagreed lost all funding. Federal government took income tax and most other taxes off the states as “temporary” WW2 measure. Never gave it back.

    Western Australia firearms law-
    WA is the California of Australia with firearm laws since 1931. Been very hard there since 1973. WA opposed the 1996 federal written laws as they were easier than their existing laws. Unfortunately this will probably as noted be ignored and used as an excuse to harass legal owners.

    Childers Fire
    My favourite question for people for years is what is second and third biggest mass murder in Australia? Childers 2nd ( where I worked until 3 years before the fire) and Brisbane night club 13 people is 3rd.
    But they doesn’t fit the guns narrative so no publicity.

    As I mentioned the other day small towns have limited medical and the firearm laws make people very reluctant to seek mental health help.

    • Ah, the “No Funding for You” ploy.

      Made standard practice in late 20th century US by President Jimmy “The Peanut” Carter. When the supremes struck down a national speed limit, he used this ploy. No federal transport money unless you make the speed limit what he wanted. They’ll still take the taxes up to DC, of course.

      Now we do that routinely. I presume the new dealers were all about that ploy when they could get away with it. Doesn’t matter what you say, they know what you really want, and are all about giving it to you, good and hard. Kinda like our recently departed AG in NY State n his “girlfriends.”

  12. ‘…and f the people of Australia…’

    I’m going to go ahead and assume that was a typo?

  13. These arguments are nice and all, but what matters is bringing people into the gun culture and then paying for the government you want. Yes, the bill of right and 2nd amendment are nice, but mean nothing if you don’t pay the state off. You need to pay lobbies like the NRA and GOA and state level groups to lobby on your behalf and to help get good people elected. Otherwise, the guns are going. First to go are new semi auto rifles and standard magazines. Do NOT make the mistake the controllers care about “gun violence”. They are not arguing in good faith.

  14. The leftists don’t care if their gun control laws work. The left is engaged in a culture war against us. They want to ensure our side is marginalized, criminalized, and powerless. Gun control is just part of their agenda.

  15. The US civilian disarmament community and their stenographers in the media don’t seem to care much about much else… when people are murdered some other way, perhaps 2.5 million more assaults / year if people were disarmed, smaller weaker slower folks at the mercy of knife / axe / club wielding others.

    They don’t seem to much care about killing sprees in other countries.

    It’s like the agenda is disarming people, by whatever spin it takes. I wonder why they so badly want other people disarmed.

    • If you are murdered by fists, clubs, knives etc you are merely dead.

      If you are shot you are dead dead.

      If you are murdered with an AR you are extra special dead dead.

    • You obviously haven’t read the article. There have been six mass shootings in Australia since 1996. So the claim that this is the first such shooting in 22 years is false.

    • I don’t normally swear but I call bullshit on your claim that criminals are kept from being armed.

      Criminals have brought in hundreds on Glock pistols through the post. Every raid on a outlaw motorcycle club house results in handguns, sawn off and pump action shotguns, suppressors, and even sub-machine guns and what appear to be assault rifles (to the media) as well as a stockpile of ammunition.

      Some parts of Sydney are more like Chicago with gangs doing tit-for-tat drive-by shootings on each other. It is only their lack of skill with firearms that keep the casualties down to a few injured. Sometimes they will kill the opposition in a direct targeted attack.

      And as I mentioned earlier, and so have others, Western Australia has the most restrictive firearms laws in the country but they did not prevent this incident from happening.

      • agree mate. there are no go zones in sydney and melbourne. sydney is worse there are places that are dangerous day or night particularly in western sydney. in melbourne there are a couple of those but smaller and even the CBD which always has a heavy police presence you dare not go at night unless you are in groups of at least 10. melbourne CBD at night you see the cops with tazers, batons and guns in no less than groups of 4. pre 96 you could walk around the city of melbourne at night on your own even as a female and your risk was pretty low.

        on another but similar topic is that of the insane. a friend works at one of the places that assist people with disabilities and a bit over a week ago she was attacked twice by one of them. first time she was in the bus heading back to base taking him with her. she got out of the bus and just let him blow his top. second time she was back at base was out of the bus and locking the gate when he came up behind her and started beating the living crap out of her. she is solid black right across her back in particular around the kidneys and the other day she started shitting blood so getting more tests done. she had had to defend herself against him even though that could get her fired and she broke his wrist in doing so. she just told them that he must have done it in his attack on her otherwise they would have fired her. personally i dont care what sort of problem they have if they are that violent they need to be locked up for good, no day trips nothing. she is lucky she has a bit of a violent temper when needed otherwise she may have been hurt a lot worse. the person that did it to her is lucky it wasnt me cos my temper in a situation like that is more cold and calculating with martial arts training to back it up as well

    • If criminals and violently insane are so dangerous when they get their hands on firearm, they should be kept under constant supervision. Not left free in hopes that they will not break the gun control laws.
      Even unarmed criminals and violently insane might go and bake bunch of people alive in a building they set on fire.

      Not a single one of mass murderers was an NRA member. You know the media would never stop “reporting” it if it wasn’t so. Why do you have to lie to push your anti human rights agenda?

      And giving guns away like candy? Don’t you grabbers always claim the NRA is in gun manufacturer’s service, motivated only by greed? Now you suggest we want to give guns away free? Which one is it? You are getting lost in your lies.

    • “One rare incident”
      Could you stop lying please?

      Mass murders since 1996 in Aussieland:
      1997 Richmond stabbing, 5 dead
      1999 Adelaide shooting, 3 dead
      2000 Childers arson attack, 15 dead
      2002 Monash University shooting, 2 dead
      2003 Brisbane massacre, 3 dead
      2009 Churchill Arson attack, 10 dead
      2009 North Epping axe attack, 5 dead
      2011 Hectorville shooting, 3 dead
      2011 Sydney Arson attack, 11 dead
      2014 Roselle arson attack, 3 dead
      2014 Lockhart shooting, 5 dead
      2014 Wedderburn shooting, 3 dead
      2014 Sydney shooting, 3 dead
      2014 Cairns stabbing, 8 dead
      2017 Melbourne car attack, 6 dead
      2018 Osmington shooting, 8 dead

    • Liar. And a damned bad one. Pathetic really. Most 2 year olds can make up better lies than you.

      soros doesn’t pay enough to hire good liars?

    • CONcernedamerican,

      “Australia has not had a mass shooting in 22 years while this country cant go 22 minutes or 22 days”

      Read what was written and you will find that is not true and that you’re a lair.

      “without some inbred nra lunatic going off their rocker.”

      Name one case where that is true or you’re a lair.

      “Australia does a better job keeping criminals and the violently insane from being armed.”

      Can you quote the Australian gun laws to the letter and explain how?

      “While people like you support giving guns away like candy under the debunked mantra of “more guns less crime”.”

      –Citation needed–

  16. Murder is equally horrible no matter how it’s done.

    No, it most definitely is not. Some forms of death are worse than being shot, even worse than being shot and watching yourself bleed out.

    Ask anybody who’s seen death first hand if he’d like to be burned to death, like 39 Australian mass murder victims in this century.

  17. Whatever is going on in Australia is exactly what will happen here…once the government takes our 2nd Amendment rights, it won’t be long before they take our 1st Amendment rights. It was wonderful, peaceful EUROPE who gave us such fine, upstanding people like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin and the Asian hellhole who graced the world with Mao!! And EVERYONE of them began their climb to absolute power by DISARMING their citizens!! As a result, MILLIONS died. For most legal firearms owners and carriers in this country our guns will be taken when Hell freezes over!! I despise everything these anti-gun proponents represent and they are as anti-American, anti-Constitutional, and anti-freedom as you can get! Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, and I for one wouldn’t give them air if they were in a jug!!

  18. It will be interesting to lear what type offirearm or firearms were used.
    My suspicion is that the shooter employed a politically correct shotgun, beak action or pump action, that was legally registered to him.

  19. Just read up on all of the mass murders that have occurred in Australia since their infamous gun ban. The Australians obviously need to ban matches and gasoline to prevent arson attacks.

  20. Australia

    Pistol crossbows are strictly controlled in all Australian states due to their concealable nature. Crossbows can be bought and owned by adults over 18 years of age, while in most states crossbows can only be owned with a special licence, for instance for members of an official sporting club. Control on transport of crossbows between states has increased to prevent unauthorised use of imported crossbows.[1]

    Recent changes to laws in Western Australia to prohibit crossbow ownership require applications to legally possess a crossbow by July 2, 2011 before they became illegal to possess and sporting usage is only legal for people currently participating in the sport at the date of the laws introduction and does not apply to or allow for new participants thereafter. [2]

    whiteout any words more from me ^^

    • here in the NT (the only state you dont need a special license and club membership to own a crossbow) pistol crossbows are still baned altogether because someone used one in a criminal way once. if you were to use your legally owned guns in a self defence situation in this damn country then the chances are you will be going to jail for a long time even if the criminal has a gun themselves. the criminal however if he/she shot and killed you would be out in 5 years on murder charges. the law abiding who uses one in self defence however you will be lucky to see change from 20


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