Stopping Power Is a Myth…Mostly

We have all heard that stopping power doesn’t exist and for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t. The force with which a bullet hits the target is equal to the force that’s directed back into the shooter. A far smarter guy than any of us (Isaac Newton) figured that one out. He went on to develop […]

You Know, A 1911 Goes Great in a Kydex Holster

Certain things are a tradition for good reason. Turkey dinners at Thanksgiving, because it’s right around hunting season. Thanksgiving day football games, so you have something to yell at besides your relatives. Some things maybe were good traditions at one point, but maybe could stand to be retired. For instance, can we drop the act […]

Come On, Does The Extractor Type Ever Actually Matter?

The internet exists so that people can tell other people when they’re doing something wrong. Or that they’re doing is better than what everyone else has chosen to do. It seems that the more trivial the topic, the more heated the argument becomes. Case in point: the “controversy” over various types of extractors and their […]