Upstate NY Dem: 2A Advocates Are “Gun-Toting Tea Party Psychotards”


Hudson city Alderman Dave Marston (courtesy

As I type this, thousands of New York gun owners are gathering in Albany to protest the unconstitutional train wreck known as the SAFE Act. It’s proof positive that New York’s traditional bifurcation—upstate and downstate—has gone ballistic. Make no mistake, it’s a nasty split, with the civilian disarmament folks spreading fear and loathing throughout the Empire State. Make the jump to read an email from Hudson city Alderman Dave Marston [above] to gun rights advocate Johanna Johnson-Smith. Marston expresses his unhappiness about her presence at a Hudson Common Council meeting considering a complete ban to complement the SAFE Act. This missive [via] may seem like an extremist’s ranting, but it’s a good indication of what lingers beneath what little civility exists in the civilian disarmament movement . . .

Dear Joanna Johnson-Smith,

Its really neat that all you gun toting tea party psychotards are so interested in the goings on of our little City, even though I find it amazing that you don’t have any other pressing issues before you in New Lebanon. On the other hand, I guess its not surprising, considering you ideologues aren’t interested in actual policy, but rather grandstanding on mythical narratives of victimization.

Two things: The only spit here is the white stuff frothing on the ends of that rotten little mouth of yours from which you spew this hateful ignorant trash. And a donkeys behind? The rabid ignorance of the fringe is best illustrated by its sad metaphors, I mean seriously, thank you for the laughs.

By all means, come on down, we’ll be happy to beat you barbarians back with the clubs of reason & responsibility, radical lunatics that you are. And say, a quick ProTip, since you’re the “organizer” for unemployed guns nuts USA. Next time you think these unhinged rants will change the mind of anyone who has even a modicum of intelligence, you might instead just go back down into your basement & watch another episode of wheel-of-fortune. It’ll certainly be just as effective. Remember: there are millions of Eagle Scout God Worshiping Patriots who find you & your radical ilk as disgraceful to American Democracy as the Brown Shirt jackboots you act like. I happen to be just one of them. Good Luck.

Best Regards,
David Marston


  1. avatar JoshinGA says:

    Why do all the (mostly liberal) anti-gun types use name calling as their first attack? It frightening how many of them seem to have so much bottled up anger. Probably a good thing none of them own guns. For societies sake.

    1. avatar JWhite says:

      Because it’s a logical fallacy – Much like the peace love happiness and free shit for everyone – world they live in. Ya know, the one with out War, Rape, Murder, Crime, Vulgarity, Happy TV to watch, and police on every corner to prevent anyone from ruining their chai tea latte kind of day.

      1. avatar Vorpalis says:

        I think you’re conflating naïveté with logical fallacy. A logical fallacy is a technical error in an argument, whereas the hippy-dippy shit is just a postulate that’s largely unsubstantiated by the facts on the ground.

    2. avatar Metal Shaper says:

      These types are projecting their fears of what THEY would do to YOU if they had a firearm. It is a well known psychological condition with ideologues.

      Marsten seems unhinged and is really worried that HE might just BE the brownshirt he rails against. I would feel sorry for him if he weren’t such lunatic.

      1. avatar JMS says:

        I would agree. I think those who claim that mere possession of a firearm instantly turns any person into a psychotic, power-crazed murder machine believe that because they believe it would happen to them. I think most of them avoid guns because they think they aren’t mentally capable of dealing with it and they’re afraid they’ll get a sudden urge to kill people. All of this stuff is projecting one’s own issues on others.

        We have all heard it explicitly stated or strongly implied that a gun causes homicidal urges and that normal people cannot control the sudden feeling of power you get from one (a total assumption, of course, because the people who say these things have no experience with firearms).

        My response, when this comes up among people I know, is that most people have easy opportunities to murder other folks every single day, whether it’s pushing somebody in front of a subway train, or plowing down dozens of people as they walk in front of your SUV in the crosswalk. Having a gun on you no more gives you an urge to murder random, innocent people than you would have sitting in your car as a dense group of people mills around in front of it. If you actually have those sorts of urges and can barely control them… you should commit yourself. You shouldn’t be in public. Period.

        Like it has been said a million times, if you can’t be trusted with a gun then you can’t be trusted without a custodian. There are plenty of other dangerous things in society and somebody who would murder with a gun would murder with those other things.

      2. avatar Ken says:

        This article at JPFO gives keen insight into the Liberal-Banner’s mind. Highly recommended.

      3. avatar Anmut says:

        That is EXACTLY what is happening with them.

    3. avatar NeonCat says:

      Because they have no substance, no logic, no reason. “You scare me with your icky guns so I will call you every nasty name I can think of.”

    4. avatar Kevin J says:

      The Reason Little boys like him are Mean and derogatory is because deep down they know and think they are inferior.

      Two ways to make yourself feel better or become more than This.

      You are be Righteous and Do Righteous making something of your self and your life and the world around you, or crap on everyone and knock them down. Instantly above the rest.

      You have instantly grown and become superior, though if I and you are piss, what did he become ,

      Whatever he will always be negative and inferior because they see no negativity or fault except in us.

      We have no need to be better just different,
      That is why we must be destroyed.

    5. avatar Vorpalis says:

      Because fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to the dark side?

      Actually, I think the name-calling and emotional diatribes stem from the fear that’s behind the desire to control. If your opinion is based on fear, then your arguments supporting your opinion will be driven by that fear. Needless to say, fear makes bad arguments.

  2. avatar Marine Raider says:

    Well I almost wish he said Browncoats instead of Brownshirts. A Firefly/Serenity comparison would be apt here.

    1. avatar Nick Drake says:

      That’s the way i read it first. I had to go back and re-read it

      1. avatar Rambeast says:


    2. avatar CarlosT says:

      Considering Mal Reynolds is the most libertarian character on the most libertarian sci fi show in history, yeah, I’d say so.

      Sure as I know anything, I know this – they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, ten? They’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that.

      1. avatar Joey S says:

        Ron Swanson?

        1. avatar GH from Boise says:

          No, he is speaking of the most realistic starship captain on TV, Mal Reynolds, ie Nathon Fillion on Firefly. If you want a birdseye view of where our current administration is taking us, watch the Firefly series, then the movie Serenity. Joss Whedon has a unique perspective on what our future could be like.

      2. avatar 16V says:

        Serenity really does a perfect job of encapsulating the entire debate that we face…

  3. avatar Chris McLain says:

    I’m Glad to see the civility of people with a different view.

  4. avatar Michael B. says:

    Whole lotta projectin’ going on.




    Best regards,
    Michael B.

  5. avatar William says:

    And you’re a bootlicking, power-worshiping d*psh*t. Please to not be making your acquaintance.

  6. avatar Crispin Stichart says:

    Anyone have a link to what Johanna Johnson-Smith originally wrote/said to provoke this response?

    1. avatar Ash says:

      Johnson-Smith had emailed Marston days earlier to insist that he reject a city council proposal to ban all guns on city property, including for permit-holders, according to a local Fox affiliate.

      “The VERY few Law Enforcement Officers that support the Safe Act [New York’s new gun law], about 2%, are all Democrats and Liberals who have never given a donkey’s behind about the Constitutional Rights of the people who employ them,” Johnson-Smith wrote to Marston on February 19. “Patriotic Americans … are incensed over the State and Federal attempts to disarm law-abiding Americans and spit on the Constitution.”

      Read more:

      1. avatar Davis Thompson says:

        So it seems she wrote a standard e-mail and he responded with an assault e-mail. I thought those were banned? Amd did he load his e-mail with more than 7 insults? Because that’s going to be a crime as of April 15, 2013.

        FO, Marsten.

  7. avatar Pwrserge says:

    Sounds like someone is itching for a second amendment recall vote. Word to the wise… It is a silly idea to provoke someone who…

    1. You know to be armed.
    2. You think hates you.
    3. You think lacks basic intelligence.

    It’s sort of the evolutionary equivalent of slathering yourself in honey and steak sauce heading over to the nearest hibernating bear, and proceeding to teabag it while poking it with a stick…

    On the other hand… Never mind. Please carry on.

    1. avatar Fred says:

      It’s ok, the police will protect him…

  8. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Alderman Dave Marston clearly illustrates the utter contempt that he and his kind have for “other people” (people who do not agree with Mr. Marston). And he clearly illustrates that civilian disarmament proponents have no interest in the “live and let live” principle that used to be the norm in our once great nation.

    And civilian disarmament proponents wonder why I want to be armed? Really?!?!?

    1. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

      This is the new breed of Democrat that is being so widely voted into office. They call themselves “Progressives”. This is not my parent’s Democratic party anymore. Beware and vote wisely.

      1. avatar Hal says:

        Knowing that this thoughtless facist f*ck hole is an American makes me ashamed to call myself one.

      2. avatar DisThunder says:

        Tip of the nose, right there.
        People have talked for years about the neo-cons running true conservatives out of the Rebublican tent for at least a decade, but nobody seems to talk about how the exact same damn thing happened across the street, albeit over a longer stretch.
        I think one of the biggest reasons things have turned so disgusting in this country is that people who believed a certain way (liberal, conservative, etc) have been long replaced by people who just want to argue a certain way, beliefs be damned.

        In the meantime though, somebody ought to tell this little preppy nimrod about how his beloved Abercrombie and Fitch used to have a whole floor dedicated to guns. Better fall back to the Gap!

      3. avatar B Woodman says:

        Joke & Dagger,
        It hasn’t been your parents Democratic party since the mid-eighties.

        B Woodman

  9. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

    Wow so I guess we are all nuts. So all the ten thousand people who showed up in Albeny today are nuts too? I guess we better declare all of New York State a loony bin then.

    1. avatar JoshinGA says:

      How about just the New York metro area? Those are the people that seem to be the worst affected. We should quarantine them just to be safe.

      1. avatar Pwrserge says:

        I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. That way we can be “really” sure.

    2. avatar DisThunder says:

      10,000? Dude, that’s the very definition of “nuts.”
      As far as Brig Gen McAuliffe was concerned, anyway. 🙂

  10. avatar Lance says:

    Better to be a Tea Party member than a snobby Fascist PIG like you, is my response to this Bloomberg baby.

  11. avatar jacquejet says:

    Did Mr. Marston imply that he is an Eagle Scout? If so, he is breaking The Scout Law (#4. Friendly; 5. Courteous; 6. Kind; and 8. Cheerful)
    Let us hope everyone in his district gets to read his scholarly effort.

    1. avatar Elliotte says:

      Well this Eagle Scout is a God-loving, gun-loving, patriot who disagrees with that politician.

    2. avatar Accur81 says:

      Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. Good stuff.

      1. avatar 16V says:

        The best people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet or work with (let alone study in history books) were seldom obedient, or reverent. Also, many were neither “clean” nor “thrifty”.

        Ben Franklin pops to mind…

        Eagle Scouts aren’t the worst we have to offer, but their ‘ideal’ is just being a good tool of the machine. Not really a “patriot” in historical American terms.

  12. avatar Sammy says:

    That’s what I call a true statesman’s rational retort, steeped in facts and legal precedent, appropriate for a balance debate regarding gun control. The first thing that I find obvious is Mr. Marston’s dedication to freedom and adherence to his oath of office to protect and uphold the Constitution. New Yorkers of both parties can rest easy knowing Mr. Marston is working diligently to protect all their rights in an intelligent and eloquent manner.

  13. avatar Hal says:

    Not using all of that self-applied intelligence to crack open a history book or two, I see.

    How about this Dave: you are naive, delusional, vapid, smug, elitest f*ck hole and I hope everything you love dies slowly right in front of you. Then I hope you get a steamy hot AIDS injection via an a$$ rape.
    F*ck you, f*ck your mom, f*ck your couch, f*ck your family, f*ck your State, f*ck your loser no-body office, f*ck everything you stand for, f*ck your one dumb crooked tooth and f*ck your face.

    See, we can be mean too!

    1. avatar Chris McLain says:

      That comment will surely show that the people who believe in our god given rights aren’t just as obscene, rude, vulgar, inconsiderate, harsh, and a long list of other things. Good job you showed um good!

      1. avatar Hal says:

        Whatever. I’m civil to those people who:

        1) I am meeting for the first time
        2) Have demonstrated through word or deed that they are deserving of continued civility

        This guy is a piece of trash. I will treat him as such. I do not have an ounce of civility left for those who make the concious, deliberate decision to take rights and liberties from others. Or, for that matter, those who support politicians that would do the same. F*ck him I hope he dies. He and everyone like him are an anathema.

        1. avatar Chris McLain says:

          I believe respect is earned not given and this man has not earned any respect. He is indeed a misinformed, projecting, ignorant, and just down right rude individual. But when you conduct yourself in this manner you are doing the exact same thing he is, I don’t know what you want but I would not want to be viewed as being in the same group with David Marston.

        2. avatar Hal says:

          Touche. However, as a libertarian the only group I seek to infring upon is that of the infringers. I stand for people having all the rights and liberties possible without encroaching on others. As he is the opposite, I would argue that he and I are defintely NOT in the same “group.” Both @ssholes? Maybe. But my cause is just and frankly my inner @sshole only seems to come out when I smell tyranny’s stink.

        3. avatar Chris McLain says:

          Well put

      2. avatar Kevin J says:

        Chris actually you are wrong, this thing has no problem removing you from the Human genome because you do not and think like him.

        Hal was just saying enough is enough and told him where to go without all the big words and Psychological BS.

        Tell me which human of those 2 would run a death camp.
        I doubt you will need 2 guesses.
        Evil Is convoluted, Good is simple.

        Marston only thinks he respects himself, he can never really respect anyone or himself . but those whom agree with him for the Moment. I doubt he really ever stand for most things with consistency except his hate for those that are inferior to him.

  14. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    Well. thats one of the reasons an AR is needed, to protect the innocent in “his little city”. He’s probably saving the kids, oh well, Randy

  15. avatar Brian S says:

    I find it sort of funny how both sides are calling each other Nazis these days

  16. avatar Aharon says:

    “2A Advocates Are “Gun-Toting Tea Party Psychotards””

    Lots of emotional maturity there pal. Labeling and character assassinations are really so yesterday.

  17. avatar ChuckN says:

    Dear Lord, there is so much irony and hypocrisy in this
    letter, it’s hard to single out anything. This guy is a lost
    cause. The level of cool necessary to combat this lunatic
    of an alderman would cause another ice age. Let’s simply
    get him hired by the State Dept. and send him to Mecca
    to pass out ham sandwiches of friendship.

  18. avatar Will McG says:

    No doubt our Founding Fathers contemplated Mr. Martson as the prototype for the politician and government the Second Amendment was intended to protect against. Mr. Martson, as with Piers Morgan, demonstrates an equal contempt for the First Amendment, masquerading intimidation for debate, and volume for reason.

  19. avatar Milsurp Collector says:

    A proud advocate of the queen of all totalitarian strategies calling lawful gun owners “brown shirts”. I swear I could hear the steam whistling out of his ears after reading that Kindergarten level temper tantrum.

  20. avatar TS says:

    I sent him an email … I get he might be afraid of guns or think we’re wrong. That’s a free decision… but he should compose himself better.

  21. avatar Chris McLain says:

    There is so much hostility and ill will being put forth. I am not saying we should not get upset about people trying to take our rights away. It infuriates me that people believe that it is okay to take away our rights or that we don’t need/have a use for them, but all this extreme hostility, name calling, and FOADing that is going on does not make us any better than the ignorant man that wrote this letter. It does not make people who stand up for our rights look like cool headed, intelligent, and rational individuals. Acting in such a manner sheds negative light on you and what you fight for just as it did with David Marston. Does anyone really think that his letter will persuade a rational thinking person to be part of the gun grabbers movement? Everyone who is responding to this with equally hateful and rude words is doing the exact same thing he is.

    1. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

      Chris: A lot of us aren’t real good at being told what to do. Which now includes you in the group. Guys like me think guys like you have control issues. I hope you consider my comments.

      1. avatar Chris McLain says:

        It is really not my intent to tell anyone what to do or say, the Constitution for which so many are fighting for provides you with the right to say what you would like. My intent is to simply point out that if a person is behaving in an obscene way it does not lead to a better view of that individual or that persons cause. If someone does choose to behave in such a manner then it is not my job nor my right to stop them, I just believe people should conduct themselves in a proper manner and not stoop to the levels of people like David Marston. If you don’t agree with my point of view then that is your right as an American.

      2. avatar Hal says:

        J&D… you might be my best TTAG friend…

    2. avatar SkyMan77 says:

      +1 Thank you Chris for helping shed a little light here…This kind of anger can be very infectious… Lord knows I’m not immune…

      1. avatar Chris McLain says:

        Thank you for your comment. I am far from immune myself, to be honest examples like this letter just piss me off, the arrogance and insults these guys spew infuriate me to no end. But I just can’t see the logic in acting like a common internet flamer throwing around f this and f that along with insults.

    3. avatar Silver says:

      Civility and consideration are meant for humans. Progressive fascists are sub-human trash and should be treated as such. It’s time we stopped being civil with filth in human clothing who would deprive us of rights.

      I hope him and everyone like him die painfully.

      1. avatar Leo338 says:

        You people can act civil and try to be the bigger man all you want but the only thing that will get you is f*cked. Progressives are worthless pieces of sh** and until you realize this your rights will continue to erode away. These people don’t want to debate, talk it over, compromise. They laugh at you fools that attempt to be civil with them. They only understand one thing, and that is force. Unfortunately our side will never stand up to them in this way, they have succeeded in the pussification of the American man. Now go conduct yourself in a proper manner, just make sure they use lube before you bend over for them.

        BTW I agree 110% with you Silver. In fact I happen to agree with every post I have read of yours. It’s really a shame more people on our side don’t have the same opinions.

        1. avatar Hal says:

          Agreed 100% with both Leo amd Silver, as per my original discussion with this gentleman.

  22. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    This misguided hater has no idea how America became a free nation in the first place and is bound and determined to be the pied piper into the pits of slavery and despair. I’m sure his parent(s) must be very proud…

  23. I’m amazed an elected official can start out a letter to anyone so offensive and condescending.

    1. avatar Ross says:

      He’s just hoping someone will walk into his office and kick his ass, so then his side can use this to show the word just how much of a victim he is.

    2. avatar Some Guy says:

      Me too. Talk about Mental Health issues, this guy really needs help. Scary.

  24. avatar Kyle Torngren says:

    This letter is HILARIOUS. You can tell he’s trying so damn hard to talk down to the recipient, and yet he just comes across as having recently memorized a thesaurus. And as a bonus, some of my very favorite internet-flame-war classics are in there.

  25. avatar Cameron S. says:

    Anti tactic #1 – baseless insults. Psychotard? I always thought liberals were against using “retarded” as an insult. Are they going to start using homophobic derogatory terms next too?

    My favorite one is the “compensation” insult. I didn’t know my love of firearms rights made it possible for someone to be able to tell the size of my genitalia.

  26. avatar eugene says:

    and we’re supposed to be the united states of america how? with all this hate going around, i think everyone’s just about bitten into its poison.

    i’m not a hippy preaching love n’ hugs for all, but there’s definitely something gone completely awry in society these days to generate these kinds of hateful words from BOTH sides of the table.

    1. avatar Bill in IL says:

      The country is divided. They have been pushing us for decades, every time we “compromise” and give in to their anti – American, authoritarian demands they ALWAYS come back and say it is not enough, we demand you concede more freedoms to keep us safe. None of it ever works and they know it. They want complete control and a disarmed populace. They started fight, they have dragged it on for years and we have finally had enough. There is no reason to be polite and civil to people who want to kill you.

  27. avatar applebutter says:

    Brownshirts? Didn’t brownshirts take guns away? And weren’t they known for beating “undesireables” with clubs?

    There one side in this argument that uses “mythical narratives of victimization”? But it isn’t 2nd Amendment supporters.

    1. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

      Every time I hear a leftist compare conservatives to Nazis, I chuckle a bit.

      “The people who want you to keep your guns and more of your money, and want you to make as many of your own life decisions as possible, are the fascists? Could you walk me through your train of thought one more time please?”

  28. avatar Don says:

    Few questions about the SAFE act restriction to “7 rounds in a magazine”:

    1) Does anyone know if the SAFE act restriction of 7 rounds in a magazine says anything about 7+1 in a semi-auto? That last round isn’t in the magazine.

    2) Does anyone know if an 8 round revolver, like the S&W 627 is covered by the law?

    3) New York Reload considered in the law? (maybe the “New New York Reload”)

  29. avatar KCK says:

    Psychological projection, if I have ever seen it.
    Sounded like a pschotard rant to me.

  30. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

    There is no excuse for a public servant to write a letter like this, even to someone whom he does not represent. Still, I would like to see the other side of this “conversation.” Perhaps Mrs. Johnson-Smith treated Mr. Marston to a similar rant.

    That said, I am constantly dismayed by the contempt and animosity many Progressives display toward Americans (i.e., those that believe in a constitutional republic). The emotion behind this letter is a perfect example of why we need to get involved at all levels of government. The enemies of liberty are on the march.

  31. avatar BeninMA says:

    “The rabid ignorance of the fringe is best illustrated by its sad metaphors…”

    Given the rest of his letter, that line is a real gem.

  32. avatar Silver says:

    There was never any civility in the civilian disarmament movement. Civility is a foreign concept to progressive fascists.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Yeah. F^ck ’em if they don’t want to be civil. Besides, Silver, you and I both know that civility on our part will get us absolutely d!ck. The only thing that will win this battle is rage. Well-directed rage.

      1. avatar Leo338 says:

        Well, that makes 3 of us that realize this. If the majority of our side thought this way we would have stomped out gun control years ago. They would be afraid to even mention it. I believe we are a dying breed men. I guess it is now up to civil acting, be the bigger man, conduct yourself in a proper manner men to fight the battle. In other words, we’re screwed.

  33. avatar Ralph says:

    He’s an alderman? He looks like Ted Bundy. Writes like Bundy too.

  34. avatar Nickbnumbers says:

    Part of the problem is that we humans think other human minds are just like ours.  For example, I, as a level-headed, rational person of mild temperament, am continually astonished when I hear aggressive anti-gun attacks like “he should be shot with his own assault rifle–that would be justice,” or “gun-toting psychotards,” or “he’s compensating for a little penis with a rifle.” I simply can’t internalize that these people that LOOK like grownups have such immature aggression and complete lack of humility–what hubris it takes to truly believe you know what’s best for everyone else.

    It cuts both ways.  A liberal hunting-rifle-owning friend of mine told me he doesn’t think people should be allowed to carry guns because they could escalate an incident and shoot someone.  In a separate conversation, months apart, he told me that he explained to his daughter that being a man is a constant daily struggle to keep from hauling off and punching people in the face.  I appreciate his restraint.

    I learned a couple of things from this: 
    1. Those bossy commenters who say mean things about gun owners really are immature, aggressive, potentially violent control freaks.
    2. They think we’re just as crazy as they are.

    I have no idea how to convince them otherwise.  They really do believe we’re just a ham sandwich away from our murderous hearts.

  35. avatar John says:

    Forget home invaders; I figure I need an AR-15 to protect myself against David Marston.

  36. avatar Nazgul says:

    Wow. Talk about rude and sanctimonious. That type of arrogance is unbelievable.

  37. avatar Buell301 says:

    As an Eagle Scout and a Democrat, this guy disgusts me. Who let him off the Abercrombie/Lacoste dbag photo shoot set? Maybe he had one too many jager bombs with his mad tight bros before writing this. Get back to the frat house buddy.

  38. avatar Chuck J says:

    I would crucify him for his sheer unapologetic misogyny. The manner in which he responded clearly demonstrates how much he hates it when women speak their mind.

  39. avatar Jeh says:

    Well what do you expect from an upstate NY liberal? This is what happens when your a spoiled little brat living on daddies money until your thirty. Ironic he attacks the 2A supporters calling us ignorant savages by being ignorant and a complete ass.

  40. avatar Robert Bub says:

    The way that’s punctuated almost make it look like Marston is calling himself a brown shirted jackboot. Not far from the truth.

  41. avatar mike marriam says:

    Mr. Marston and so many others like him fail to realize something about the meaning of the phrase civil rights and also something about themselves.

    Civil rights are not negotiable and someone who seeks to deprive another person of their civil rights because they don’t like that person is a bigot.

    It doesn’t matter how many polls are taken showing the “majority” in favor of gun control the issue isn’t open to debate or negotiations. A civil right can’t be voted away.

    I was in Albany, New York today lobbying for our 2A rights and I asked a legislative assistant to one of the Republican state senators who voted for the gun control legislation why the senator’s constituents feared my guns. His reply was very telling and indicative of the core problem. He said “they don’t fear them, they just don’t think you need them.”

    Folks its not up to anybody to decide what guns I need. It’s my RIGHT to have my guns. Rosa Parks didn’t NEED to sit in the front of the bus: it was her RIGHT!

  42. avatar APBTFan says:

    Holy shit! Where does one even start?

    And the grabbers wonder why we can’t have a conversation.

  43. I’m an Eagle Scout and this is someone I’d rather not associate with.

  44. avatar ebola131 says:

    The days of talking with civility to the Daves are long gone.
    Our positions are irreconsilable. There is no middle ground.
    Our rights come from our God; not from our government.
    I don’t know how it starts, but I do know how it finishes.

  45. avatar ExNuke says:

    Why don’t a few people mail him a couple of 30 round magazines? Surely somebody has a couple that have been dropped one time too many?

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