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If you’re going to invade someone’s home, you might as well be polite about it, right? According to, a Foley, Alabama woman had a pretty good scare the other night. “The mother of two says she was watching television in her bedroom when she heard a noise near the front door. When she got up to look- a man wearing all black was standing in the hallway.” That’s when she did what any “common sense” homeowner would do . . . she got her gun and drew down on the thug. “The burglar backed down and left – but before police arrived – he returned and left an apology letter – claiming he was sorry he screwed up again.” You can understand why he’d want to stay on good terms with the woman, considering he was her next door neighbor and all. The po-po nabbed him a couple of blocks away, but we’re hopeful he’ll get credit during sentencing for his impeccable manners.

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  1. > he returned and left an apology letter –
    > claiming he was sorry he screwed up again.

    It’s more than the police ever do when they execute a wrong-address raid.

    • Wow aren’t you unforgiving?

      I suppose you haven’t forgotten the NYPD shooting all those people outside the Empire State Building either.

      Being “highly professional”, as I think the SCOTUS called them, means never having to say you are sorry (and I think that case allowed for dog executions too, but not sure on that part.)

      • Police screw up all the time. However the empire state building shoot wasn’t their fault- NYPD installs a ~12lb trigger mod in all police sidearms. No that’s not a typo. I’m amazed they were able to hit ANYBODY at all.

        • Funny how it’s always the finger’s fault when it’s a non-police citizen, but always the fault of a little sliver of metal when it’s police. I get that the trigger is heavy, the cops in question should have, knowing that, opted not to shoot from too far a distance (more’n 5 feet, this is the NYPD after all) in a crowded area and instead pursued the suspect using good old leg moxie.

          All I do is call out the double standard which is unamerican and amoral, and I frequently get threatened and called a cop hater for it. I don’t care, people who say such things simply betray their own level of ignorance.

  2. A guy like that is more than a few bricks shy of a full load. He was her neighber all dressed in black and had to know she was home. This could have been truly tragic if she had been disarmed.

  3. The article shows a highpoint held in an akward finger-off-the-trigger (read: authentic?) grip. +1 for inexpensive guns defending those who need it most.

  4. Speaking of DGU’s, TTAG should have covered this story! The burglars family showed up at the scene and were mad because the home owner didn’t give him any warning prior to doing the world a favor and putting him in a body bag.

  5. Something tells me if it was her neighbor, he probably knew she was home, and this was something more sinister than a burglary. Glad she was armed and able to protect herself.

  6. What I took from this was the fact that the would-be burglar had the time to flee, write an apology and then drop it off before the police arrived.

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