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Once upon a time a guy by the name of Vinicius carried all this crap on a daily basis.  Yeah, he calls it “My Everyday Carry.”  Because everyone wants (needs?) to carry a scalpel, two TQs, gauze pads, forceps, clamps, an N95 mask in their everyday gear.

If he’s an EMT, then he would have much of this in his medic bag(s).  But no, he carries all this crap in a pouch on his belt.

My question is usually “Where’s the holster?” or “Don’t you carry a light?”

No, for this guy, I want to know where his Cialis pills are located.  Because he might need blood flow in extremities.

Then there’s the keyboard, big-booty computer monitor and laptop.  And a mouse.  And a pair of toes.

I still love the GLOCK 25 .380 auto double-stack.  But the rest of this?  It’s so far off the reservation, I’m not even going to play make-believe.

Anyone else carry clamps, Cialis and a spare pair of toes on a daily basis?

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  1. Nah. I carry most of that in a pouch I keep in my car that I could grab, but that’s it. And only one TQ. Who wants to be a nugget anyway?

  2. In the truck. In a bag.
    Looks like a holster in upper left below laptop?
    Not a fanboy of glock, but do love .380. If I was looking for a new .380, I might give it a look.

    • G25 and I think G28 are not available in the US due to BS import requirements. The single stack G42 is as close as you can get. It is popular in countries that have a caliber restriction where you can only own/carry “non military” calibers.

      I have really got to get around to posting my EDC for Boch to make fun of.

      The guy is in Brazil, so his chances of needing that medical gear is probably higher than ours in the US.

      • It’s my understanding that only the police & military are allowed to carry firearms in Brazil; possibly this person in the EDC dump is one of the two mentioned above?

  3. I suppose he could fit it in a small backpack but I’m gonna call BS also if he says he carries all this on a belt.
    Super cargo pants perhaps? 😂

  4. I need a spare set of toes.
    Alas, I lost all mine when I contracted Tolio.
    That then spread up and gave me kneesles.
    Then, worst of all, went up even farther and gave me Smallcox.

    Horrible. Just horrible.

  5. Cialis, because you never know when you might need your other gun. Forget about a quick draw and fire though.

  6. No, never on a belt!

    When I was an EMT on a wilderness SAR team and a small volunteer FD, hell yes loads of stuff. Different packs in the truck depending on mission. My Smith & Wesson 59 hidden … someplace …. is all I’m saying on that.

    Very long time ago. Kinda’ miss it too, but not enough to want to try and haul all that shit around ever again.

  7. A bunch of that seems unrealistic. Hemostats, tweezers, scalpel… that’s an outdoors first aid/trauma kit for when help is a long way off and… hemostats other than for fly fishing… are you really gonna clamp an artery or something when you’ve got multiple other ways to (hopefully) stop the bleeding?

    CATs, Celox Bandage, Israeli Bandage, gloves, tape sheers and a bunch of other stuff will fit in that IFAK bag on the right. It’s not any larger than those silly “concealment” bag/holster things from Maxpedition/Voodoo Tactical/Whatever or a fanny pack, though it’s more obvious than the fanny pack.

    If he tosses that in a backpack I can see putting it in that pouch and tossing that in his bag in certain cases.

    As for two CATs… I dunno I’ve wondered about this to some degree now that I often am in an area where MassShooty McFuckFace might actually be attracted. I mean, why carry a CAT as part of a blowout kit other than at a gun range? In case of a gunfight. Well, what’s recommended for you to carry into a gunfight these days? Four CATs. So… I dunno there’s a logic to more than one and the point of it is “in case of gunfight” which would suggest that more might be appropriate but then OTOH that’s recommended for people who are seeking a gunfight… but then on the first hand is there really a difference between the gunfight you seek and the one that seeks you other than that if you were going to a gunfight you’d prolly pick a rifle? That’s one where you pays ya moneies and takes ya chances I guess. Two is half of four but lets you back up one that’s not working as hoped or deal with another limb that’s had holes poked in it.

  8. I carry a gladius, a defibrillator, anti venom of most snakes, condo-ms and a gold plated Deagle in .22lr custom made by dwarves in the mines of moria. before the goblins took over I mean.

    my backup is a trusty derringer.

    I also carry 40 pounds of rocks in a bag to add to the challenge.

    His carry is barely a carry at all.

  9. Apparently, after shooting the bad guy he’s planning on stitching him up and giving him first aid. May I suggest that if he’s going to that much trouble the he also needs to have a pair of handcuffs to put on the bad guy so he doesn’t try and get his hands on his Glock while he’s working on him?

  10. So everyone is going to jump on this guy with both feet for having a first aid pouch? In Brazil? Seems completely appropriate for where he is.

    • It’s not that he has an f a k, it’s what this guy claims he carries!

      I think we found Walter Mitty.

  11. I saw the holster, flashlight and reload right off the bat. Knife, first aid kit and TQ there too. No problem.

  12. John’s daily carry looked heavier than this guys and now he is insulting this fellow for carrying less? Does keeping stuff like this in your car count as stupid too? How many times have you used your second gun John? I sure as shit have used my scissors, gauze, tape and hemostat, maybe not for patching someone up but they have actually been quite useful a few times. John show us your carry again and what is in your car so we can judge you as fairly as you judged this fellow.

  13. I love this part of TTAG. I’ve learned a lot. 1. Nobody thinks anybody else does it right. 2. Lots of people do it better than I. Keep ’em coming!

  14. His med kit is similar to my Cas bag I keep in both vehicles. A TQ and pressure bandage is all I carry on me (years of EMS/ICU are hard to overcome). Gun, Holster, Mag, Knife, Flashlight all present and accounted for.

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