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The Washington Post is Reporting, “Police in Orlando said ‘approximately 20 people’ were killed (ED, 50 now reported dead) in what authorities are calling an act of domestic terrorism, and many others were injured in the violence at Pulse, a popular gay bar and dance club. Officials said the shooter was shot and killed by police officers in a shootout.” It’s unusual to identify an incident like this as terror-related so quickly. It took what seemed like days before authorities acknowledged the obvious after the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

CBS News has identified the shooter as Omar Mateen.

The WaPo gave a helpful hint as to how they’d like the narrative on this to play out in an election year. Rather than stress the apparent jihadi and any Islamic terror roots and motivations, authors Adam Goldman, Peter Holley and Mark Berman made sure to connect last night’s horror with yesterday’s wholly unrelated shooting of a TV singer by an apparent stalker.

The early-Sunday rampage followed the fatal shooting Friday night of a pop singer who was killed while signing autographs following a performance at an Orlando concert venue. Christina Grimmie, a 22-year-old singer who was a finalist on NBC’s show “The Voice,” died hours after being shot by a gunman who then shot himself, police said.

Translation: the problem is guns. It’s always been guns. A slant on the story which should fit conveniently with the points of emphasis that Hillary will no doubt stress on this morning’s gabfests.

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  1. Sad. Glad they got the guy, hope he’s not part of a larger cell.

    The LGBT community was an ally, but this sure won’t help, Islamic terrorism or not.

      • agreed, arm one in five of those people in the night club, then see how this pans out…

        • Lots of felonies being given to people who only want to protect themselves. That’s exactly how it would play out.

    • I wonder if on Monday morning they’ll report the number killed in Chicago by gang violence over the weekend. Or any other weekend for that matter. This world is so screwed up.

    • Both imported and home grown. Killer is born in NY to Pakistani immigrant parents but has travel to the region several times so likely radicalized Pakistan. also registered Democrat, Facebook page pro-obama, and I see from public records he was a Notary but that license revoked about five years ago. New is reporting “long gun.” Likely AR-15 type, but Brievik killed 69 in Norway with mini-14 which is legal in Canada, all of US (including DC), New Zealand, Norway still, and many countries so yo don’t need an AR-15 type to do this

      • 1 cop with sidearm against Jihadi with semi-auto AR or AK, and surprise attack. No wonder he got in.

        No doubt that cop kept this from being 300 dead.

        • Keep in mind that this cold have been done with a mini 14 which is legal in LOTS of countries and which was used in the most lethal single person mass shooting (Norway). You can still own one in Norway, as well as Canada and Washington DC and dozens of developed countries.
          So whether it was AR or AK or any “assault rifle” does not matter since the same can be done with a non “assault rifle.”

        • If you listen to this link it was clearly semi-auto and not an assault weapon, as it is being called by the media.

          Sure, mini-14 is possible it’s just most likely an AR style or an AK.

          It’s also not a hate crime, it’s not a lone wolf, it’s not sudden jihadi syndrome. It’s a military attack against civilians, it’s Islamic Terrorism.

          My worry is when they get together and do 5 or 10 of these all at once, with multiple attackers, like Paris or Mumbai.

          And do not forget, it’s Bombadan.

  2. OK, I know you’re thinking it but don’t want to say it and be rude…. I’ll go ahead anyway…

    The only thing that stopped this bad guy with a gun was a good guy with a gun.

    Having said that, now we can start the what-if game and ask how many fewer people might have died if there were more good guys with guns around?

    • Well nothing is certain. In any specific incident no one can say a good guy with a gun would be able to stop it or reduce I. But what we do know is overall good guys with guns do stop or reduce a lot violent crime attempts. so odds are it would have been reduced

  3. Press is playing this as “domestic Terrorism” because this Pakistani American was US born. In fact he had multiple travel to Pakistan and the middle East.

      • I carry the biggest gun(s) I can with the most ammo. These days that’s usually a modified Glock 19 with 15 + 1 Federal HST 124 grain 9mm +P and a spare mag. Not ideal against any long gun, but a whole lot more accuracy and firepower than my 340 PD J frame.

        • You’re a cop. I live where permits are hard to get. When I carry I run the risk of jail. So I usually carry small and discrete when I do.

          If the world was right I’d have a holstered(fill in the blank with your preferred duty sized gun) on my hip and some sort of shotgun nearby.

  4. I’m sure the media will spend more time demonizing the gun and the gun community rather than the person and the ideology behind the trigger.

    Also gotta love how foreigners on sites like the Dailymail UK are condescendingly wagging their finger at the US gun community. They’ll be wishing/praying they had the rights we have in the very near future.

  5. Well, it looks like America’s fundamental transformation is right on schedule.

  6. It was only a mater of time. A mass shooting by someone who was trained, prepared, and capable of killing large numbers of people. So far, we have been extremely fortunate that previous attacks, terrorist and otherwise, have been carried out by relatively untrained, unskilled shooters. This may signal greater attacks to come, by people who are capable of killing in large numbers.

    • “This may signal greater attacks to come, by people who are capable of killing in large numbers.”

      Indeed, it is.

  7. 50 killed and 50 injured is a very lopsided kill-to injured ratio, which normally runs in more of a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio is spree shootings. If he didn’t detonate a bomb, but did engage in a shootout with police in that crowded scene, then I would suspect some of those killed were by friendly fire.

    If that’s true, and obviously nobody knows right now, then I could regard that as just part of how this business plays out and not necessarily indicative if any poor procedures on the part of the police. If it’s true, but there becomes an array of delays, denials, withheld information and gaps in information like at Waco, then there’s a larger problem.

    • Maybe they had him barricaded in there with a number of victims, while the police amasses force and assessed giving him time to execute disarmed people. It’s terrible, but this is what they do.

      This was a military attack on civilians.

      This is Islam.

  8. 50 Dead, Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting Investigated as ‘Domestic Terror Incident’
    Workplace violence no doubt.
    You know if I had a son, he would look just like Omar Mateen.

  9. The MSM is being uncharacteristically quiet about the shooter being Muslim or anything else about him, except for a few outlets that are finally giving his name. I can promise you that if he had been a white guy with close-cropped hair wearing a tee shirt with a Confederate flag, every liberal from Hillary on down would already be calling press conferences about gun control, hate crimes, domestic terror, Republicans, Confederate flags, and anything else they could associate with white conservatives or the south. Funny how that works nowadays, isn’t it?

  10. Some former DC investigator on Fox, explains the AR-15 can shoot “100 rounds in 9 seconds”………..

    • Wow. You’d need a big clipazine to hold _that_ many bullets. (Here, hee) And people believe that Fox only has right-wing propaganda.

  11. The Left just cannot seem to get the politically expedient spree-killer/terrorist they want.

  12. I’m going by the reports but it looks like the shooting started at 2:00am the SWAT went in at 5:00am.

    The mayor is calling the cops heroes. . . . NOT.

    Just like Columbine, wait til the shooting stops, then go in. How many people died between 3:00 am and 5:00 am?????????????

    Don’t depend on the police. They will take their time and make sure they are safe before they go in.

    Heroes? Bullshit.

    This is predicated upon what the news says.

    Also, in Columbine, the resource officer challenged the kids, then took off, the judge conveniently sealed some court records til 2027, go figure.

  13. Buyin’ all the guns and ammo I can. And I didn’t consider an AR(nowhere to shoot it )but now…

  14. That’s the problem With these towel-heads that come over from Afghanistan Pakistan and a half a dozen other countries in the Middle East. They start these masks and preach hate And use freedom of religion to get by with acting out and terrorists ways. It’s nothing new to these people they’ve been in a bloody holy war for the last two thousand years. My question is why do we let these people From terrorist countries that support terrorism even come into our country???? This is an outrage Not because of the so-called gun control BS But because we let these people into our country To commit terrorist Acts. It’s easier to get into the United States of America than it is to purchase a firearm there’s a problem there. When will our president wake up and Notice we have terrorist cells sleeper cells operating in our country right now. Armed America Of loyal United States citizens Is the only way to stop this threat completely out of existence that in a stronger military Which according to mr. Obama is absolutely ridiculous. Because you know he knows all. We have a moron running our country And letting these terrorists Infiltrate into our society And these jihadist Muslims that set up these Moss They’re all a bunch of terrorists And they’re hiding behind the freedom of religion to propagate their Terror upon the u.s. people this needs to stop. We have Christianity Buddhist All kinds of different religions in our country and none of them are killing people or practicing teaching preaching Killing people That is an act of Terror and these Muslim Mosque need to be rated and shut the hell down.

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