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Gunfire erupted at a gay nightclub in Orlando early Sunday, with multiple injuries reported, Florida authorities said. ‘Everyone get out of Pulse and keep running,’ the club posted on its Facebook page.” The shooting happened at approximately 2:00 a.m. local time. Initial reports indicate that hostages may have been taken, that the local bomb squad has been called in, and that as many as twenty people may have been injured. There are no confirmed fatalities yet. As always, initial reports in these instances are sketchy and the ‘facts’ inevitably change as more learned.

Initial witness accounts suggested that at least seven people had been shot at Pulse, which describes itself as Orlando’s premier gay nightclub. June is Gay Pride Month. A WESH-TV reporter has said the assailant may have shot 20 or more people.


Another witness told WESH 2’s Stewart Moore than his friend is wounded and remains locked in a bathroom inside the nightclub.

Police have yet to confirm details regarding the location of the suspect or suspects; however, WESH 2’s Bob Kealing reports a search underway outside nearby Orlando Regional Medical Center, where shooting victims have been taken.

Bomb dogs and law enforcement officers are walking the grounds of the hospital.

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  1. Another pro argument für 51%/bar + sections that must legale for carry and the reality is thats often realy felony starts in a lot of states still for permit holder ………

  2. This is sensationally bad. It is a chance for Hildabeast and her hordes to combine two battle cries in to one. This is going to get loud.

    • Clinton is EXPLOITING the gay community. They need thir civil rights even more to protect themselves. Facts have not come out but hopefully the murderer was stopped by someone carrying. Gun rights are even more important to people that are victims of hate and there are many in the lgbt community that understand that, and understand that clinton is exploiting them.
      This link is to an interview with Tom Palmer, a plaintiff in Heller v. D.C.

      • Unfortunately, as this is a nightclub. Even someone w/ a CCW in Florida wouldn’t be legal to carry there. Unless there was an of duty officer.

      • But hey, what are the lives of twenty AMERICAN homosexuals worth compared to the ongoing campaign to increase the power and influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States?

        Obama has his priorities…

        • This is why I believe he will likely be the worst president in my lifetime.

          Jimmy Carter, for all his faults, loves America. I can not write the same about Barack Obama.

        • “Jimmy Carter, for all his faults, loves America.”

          I have no doubt Obama loves America.

          Unfortunately, he loves America the same way O.J. Simpson loved Nicole Brown…

          (Swiped from Ann Coulter)

    • Sounds like a jihadi. So cue the cries of ‘move along, nothing to see here’.

      • Drudge is reporting that it was an “Islamic Extremist’ aka a devout Muslim, that committed the mass murder.

      • If I am an islamic terrrorist living in Derkderkistan, I need to piss off the USA so that you will either bomb the place, or send it troops to support the government’s efforts to exterminate terrorists. Either way, everybody gets pissed off at the government, and my chances of a revolution improve.

        If you were in this situation, would you attack a gay bar?

        • I don’t know, I’m not from Derkderkistan. Never even heard of the place. But I also don’t throw gays off the roofs of tall buildings, so maybe?

        • Isis and its sympathizers don’t attack us to get us to do or not do anything.

          Their messaging is to their members, supporters, sympathizers and potential recruits that they are able to strike us effectively and hold up the honor of Islam. They are whining about the crusades and losing Spain. In other words nothing we do will affect what they do to us, with the exception of killing them. That works.

        • You mean the way devout Muslims just recently committed mass murder in Paris? Or in San Bernadino? Or attempted to commit mass murder in Texas at the Muhammad cartoon event? Or maybe that ancient event called 9/11? Or all the other terror attacks around the world in various countries?

          What are underlying motivations for these attacks? I don’t know, generate terror? And maybe to get us to invade the mid-east so that the local Muslims will join together to fight us instead of each other?

          What ever the reasons, what is clear is that these Muslims are simply following the example as set by Muhammad. If you were to actually read the Koran, The Hadith and a detailed biography of Muhammad’s life; you would see that he was, by any definition, a mass murdering religious psychopath that committed rape, pillage and plunder, and chopped the head off of any infidel that refused to convert to Islam or be subjugated.

          If Muhammad was alive today, these type of mass murder terror attacks is exactly what he would be doing in spreading the word of Islam.

        • “JJ says:
          June 12, 2016 at 08:22

          Isis and its sympathizers don’t attack us to get us to do or not do anything.”

          They attack to strike fear and terror into the heart of the unbeliever, they very much do this to ‘get us’. This guy believes he is going to his reward by dying for the cause of killing as many of us as possible. This goal is to kill, take land and property, and the women and children may be converted and become slaves. They intend to spread Islam across the planet until Dar Al Harb is completely eradicated and all people believe only in Allah.

          We need to understand what this is; they are dead serious with this, it is not political, it is Islamic supremacy and you are the infidel and nothing but a target.

  3. So is this a false flag in which an event like this primes yet further restrictions to the rights of everyone or simply a serendipitous occurrence of a criminal act perpetrated on the innocent, which opportunistic anti 2A politicians/candidates will use to further restrict rights?

    I can’t tell where the line is anymore, all I see is people die and politicians whirl their mouths about guns and “common sense”. It would be nice if our representatives cared enough to use the existing framework of laws in effect at the federal, and state level to punish the perpetrators of violence against the innocent, instead of perpetrating the restriction of the rights of the innocent to reach, eventually, the truly guilty members of our society.

    I wonder how long we have until this crime is used as a political talking point on CNN or MSNBC, as a talking head bloviates with righteous indignation about the scary scary gun monsters?

    • A false flag operation is one in which a group conducts a terrorist act in disguise, and pins it on another group, so that other group suffers the political/legal consequences. A false flag isn’t just a bad event happens, and politicians exploit it to enhance their power.

      If you’re suggesting that some stereotypical gun owner will be framed for this, so as to justify further infringement of firearms freedoms for all, then which group within the antiseptic orbit do you allege staged a supposedly murderous raid on this gay nightclub?

      • As the typed word lacks the ability to emote broadly enough to be understood, what I was asking at the time was how quickly will this be vilified as a “false flag” by some, and shunted aside in public discourse with the same rapidity as “conspiracy theory”? I did not mean to imply that anyone who supports the 2A would be among that group, only meant to ask how the definition of a false flag event would be viewed by the more vitriolic members of our society, and in that context how this terrorist attack would be described by that subset of America.

        As time has proven out my understanding of the crime that occurred, this is yet another TERRORIST attack, we are seeing the same story play out yet again, in which the Democratic party, Hillary, Obama, and the Bloomberg disciples are spinning at high frequency to make this attack on the innocent about guns and not Islamic Terrorists.

        We cannot move forward toward an America that respects the rights of its citizens if the left use every crime involving guns as the bane of our continued existence as a country, and we on the right fighting to keep what restricted access to the 2nd Amendment we have on a state by state basis.

        This attack needs to be about terrorism, the lack of success by federal law enforcement to analyze all the data they are collecting about you, me, everyone, which they always need more of, yet they didn’t stop this attack, nor will they the next. Terrorism in America needs to become the mantra of the pro-2A side, the NRA should start getting on top of this. Guns are merely the tools used, which I am sure the terrorist who perpetrated this went to a gun store to buy, since all the left constantly talks about how “easy” it is to get a gun.

        Sorry for the long-windedness, I just scream inside every time American citizens are killed and our government splits about the cause of these deaths as guns or perpetrators.

  4. Have the left wing media and Hitlary claimed the murderer is a Conservative, gun nut , Trump supporter yet? If not that’ll be coming soon .

    • They want that so badly. The press, the progressives, the left in general is salivating over the idea of a gunman being a white male, middle aged, conservative, NRA member, Trump supporter, and preferably a Christian on top of it. Only problem is none of those people are the ones committing mass shootings, or any shootings, really. Instead, it turns out to be Muslim terrorists, loathsome progressives, unhinged leftists, etc.

      So clearly, the way to reduce these crimes are to crack down on the conservative, white male, NRA member, Trump supporters. Right?

  5. Oddly, we have held Donald Trump victory parties at the “Friendly Confines” not much more than a mile away on the same street in Orlando.

  6. Extreme gay bashing or disgruntled customer?

    Sounds like whoever it is, being personally famous was not the goal, so the cops will actually have to do some police work before they loudly congratulate themselves on his capture.

      • Oooh, a Right Wing Gay Bashing Religious Extremist.
        We just won’t mention what religion he was, we’ll just go off on reactionary white guys and the NRA, and nobody will notice.

  7. Latest on Yahoo News the shooter is dead (no details how) and @ 20 casualties, none of them listed as DOA.

  8. Now the news is saying this is being investigated as an act of terrorism. Per CNN FBI looking at ties to radical Islam.

  9. I posted Daily Mail link above, Drudge has picked it up and says Mozzie, which the DM link also says now.

    Suicude vest points Mozzie.

    Apparently FBI is reporting Mozzie.

    Body count also points to Mozzie.

    Look, it’s a terrible thing if this is true or not, but this would be a pretty clear target for Islam.

    24 hour rule, obviously.

    • DM is reporting “while the FBI believe he may have ‘leanings to radical Islamic terrorism’.”

      For the FBI to even hint at that word so early seems telling to me.

      Gee, who could have predicted such a thing?

    • The murderer could have been pushing gays off of the roof one by one and Obama would call it “impromptu skydiving lessons”.

      ISIS isn’t his enemy.

      LAWFUL gun owners, Black and White, straight and gay are HIS enemy.

  10. “Islamist Terrorist Targets Gays” – Don’t expect that headline – “Assault Rifle Kills 20” – there MSM, your headline

    • Gun Free Zone due to the fact that alcohol is primarily served on premise. For your own safety, avoid bars. At least in Wisconsin, I can go to a bar with concealed weapon as long as I am not drinking. However, doubtful I would be out past 9 PM!

  11. FBI said it looks like the gunman had radical Islamic links. Bomb strapped gunman? Looking like another homeland terrorism attacks! Unless the media can make it about the guns. ?

    • Any bets that they are going to use this as an attempt to deny quote possible terrorists End quote the right to purchase firearms? Since the NRA and military veterans are among the people on the homeland security watch list I can see them using this to deny them their second amendment rights and or sign an executive action similar to gun violence restraining orders in order to take whatever weapons they already have

  12. Current report (0730 est on 6-12-16) is shooter & 20 others dead, 40+ wounded after police breached the club and exchanged gunfire with the gunman

  13. Appears to be a pre-planned, Paris-style terrorist act. Coincidentally, within the past few days, ISIS was claiming to be getting ready to attack Florida.

    • This was one guy, who knows if there were more that had second thought or other problems and could not execute, but not really the scope of the Paris attack.

      Of course, it’s only a matter of time.

      And remember, it is Bobmadan.

  14. I guess it was a gun free zone or there weren’t any members of the Pink Pistols on hand.

  15. My guess is the liberals will drag their feet as much as possible with the TERRORISIM part of this, but highlight to the extreme the part about GUNZ!!! Oh my!

  16. The Drudge Report is calling this Islamic terrorism, or workplace violence as the Obama administration calls it.

  17. I sense more “common sense” legislation talk from one fankle pantsuit wearing liar and her Sith minions. Damn….and just when gun and ammo prices had some what stabilized.

  18. We really need to pass a law or something. Call your politicians and demand they make killing people illegal!

  19. Not one mention of “white male” yet in today’s newscycle. Must be jihad john.
    So the natural action will be to restrict Americans right to bear arms further and take in another 200,000 refugees.

  20. Liberal media is hoping so badly this is a young, white, male, Christian, Trump supporter. If it turns out to be a certain demographic from the Middle East, you will see this story drop faster than a Clinton administration intern’s panties.

    • Infuriating, isn’t it? If it really is a Muslim terrorist who did this, the silence from the MSM will be absolutely ear shattering.

      • Middle eastern or home grown Muslim individual? Then it’s just due to “work place violence”.

  21. Amazing that one had to go to Drudge and Daily Mail last night to find he was Muslim terrorist hours before CNN, NY
    times and WaPo had it

      • Peter Doocy found the balls to actually say ‘had leanings towards Islamic Terrorism’.

        OMFG, my head is going to explode. He cannot say it, he has to weasel out of it. None of them can. These people are useless.

        Listen, it doesn’t matter what the media and the government says, the Jihadist isn’t speaking towards them, and everyone listening to these idiots knows what this was. Say it you morons, it’s ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

  22. Mass Shooting” Terrorist Attack

    Gunman” Jihadist

    We need to correct these fallacies wherever we find them online.

    • FNC just had an FBI agent on the phone making a statement and he said this individual had made prior threats that were related to [and here the guy checked himself] ‘terrorist organizations’.

      I think we can take this to mean pretty certainly, this guy made Islamic threats, and they know it.

      There are also reports that not only did this guy have suicide vest, there were also devices around the building.

      As I mentioned earlier, this is Bombadan. How much more do they have? If this was a hint that this was a Tea Partier Obama would be making a press conference right now.

      We need to wake up as a society, this was not a ‘gunman’ as they are still calling it.

      We aren’t stupid.

    • Looks like the number of deaths from terrorism in the last decade in the U.S.A. just doubled.

  23. Hmmm so 2 of the left wing liberals special interest groups attacked one another using the so called right wing tools

  24. Pray for the victims and their families. I will be waiting to hear from the homosexual political leadership in America.
    Will they be pro liberty? Or will they be pro slavery?
    The gays disarmed San Francisco. What does California state senator Tom Ammiano a proud gay man have to say? He is responsible for an additional ten days for California citizens to wait to buy a gun.

  25. The question we should be asking is how did he get into the club wearing a suicide vest and carrying an assault weapon and a handgun (terms per MSM) during the summer? That’s a lot of hardware and unless they are in the habit of letting gay Saudis in robes come in, I don’t see this weaponry being concealed. Like in Aurora, did he know of a back door? Had he been a cook there? These early reports don’t sound like he stormed the entrance. But maybe he did. We will probably find more out about this part soon.

    • According to the link I posted above he got into firefight with the on duty cop outside the club, and it moved inside.

    • Certainly considerable correlation in recent decades between lawless behavior and demtard leaning.

  26. The jihadis WORST mistake…going after rug munchers and pole smokers. The administration has to relent, marshalling the homo community…we’ll finally get to keep our guns while battalions of fashion designers descend on mud huts, spruce up the place and food shows introduce pork to the menu.

  27. They will focus on gun control. Probably background checks and AWBs. Neither would have prevented this. The shooter had hours available. Handguns would have done the job just as well, as they did at VA Tech. We do not know how get got his guns, but gun control didn’t stop the Paris shooters.

    You will not stop mass killings by denying people such as this certain tools. This madman could have locked the doors and set the place on fire, as happened at the Happyland Disco (87 dead.) The really dangerous weapon is the human mind. We must focus on dangerously insane/terrorist control instead of gun control or these incidents will keep happening.

    • You will not stop mass killings by denying people such as this certain tools

      How so?

      Did not our nationwide ban on heroin prevent River Phoenix from dying of a heroin overdose outside the Viper Room on October 31, 1993?

  28. One day, perhaps just before hell freezes over, people will start to do their homework on Islam and they will learn that the only Muslims who can peacefully exist in a secular, western democracy are the apostates.

    Observant Muslims should not be allowed into the US or any western, secular democracy. Period, full stop, end discussion until everyone involved has actually read the Qur’an, the Hadiths and the Sira. If you haven’t actually read the books which the Muslims consider holy, you should zip your soup cooler, keep your head down and quit babbling incoherent nonsense such as “Islam is a religion of peace.”

        • Because it is so difficult to find law abiding gun owners who will take a stand against murder and mayhem? Fool.

        • I’m unaware of a group of gun owners citing adherence to a philosophy that calls for the killing of people who resist conversion to being a gun owner.

          I’m unaware of a group of gun owners citing adherence to a philosophy that calls for the “taking” of non-member women as sex slaves and chattel.

          I’m also unaware of a group of gun owners citing adherence to a philosophy that calls for the spread of gun ownership by any and all means possible, intimidating people into owning guns at the peril of their lives if they don’t accept gun ownership, and paying a tax for mere existence if they choose to not become gun owners.

          Islam clearly, unequivocally states all of those things.

          People like you are constantly throwing out such tropes about Islam of the sort “Not all Muslims…” After about 2005, I undertook, in my copious spare time, a study of Islam, what it is, how it is structured, what it really claims, etc. What I found was that we, the inhabitants of western civilization, are woefully un-informed about what Islam truly is.

          Here is the simple truth:

          1. Muslim terrorists who make attacks like this can point to clear, unambiguous language in their holy books supporting their actions (NB the plural “books” there).

          2. Muslim terrorists who comport themselves in the manner and targets of Muhammad are on firm ground in the history of Islam.

          3. Since Muhammad is considered to be “without sin” in Islam… if a terrorist comports himself as Muhammad did, and this can be seen clearly in the Sira, then you’re going to see criticism of the terrorist’s actions deflected within the Muslim community, because those making critical remarks will have to tread a very fine line between criticizing the terrorist and making criticism of Muhammad. The latter will likely bring down death upon the person making the critical remarks, especially if they are Muslim themselves.

          4. It is true that “not all Muslims…” – because the majority of Muslims are, according to the Qur’an and Hadiths, apostates. If they accept civil law? Apostate. If they believe in democracy? Apostate. If they believe that women have the same rights as men? Apostate.

          Penalty for being an apostate in Islam? Death.

          It is time that Americans cease being deliberately ignorant of Islam. The books are out there, available in English translations, for all to read. Start reading. Start reading the history of Islamic conquest of Europe, Spain, North Africa, down into India and across southern Asia. It is all fascinating reading, and if you do this, you will see that we Americans are as ignorant of Islam as we are because our entire nation’s history has occurred in the brief period of time between the defeat of Islam in Europe (the beginning of the fall is Islam in Europe happened at the Siege of Vienna in 1683) to Islam’s nadir after WWI.

          The infusion of oil wealth into the Islamic world has given them a way to dig themselves out of their centuries-deep hole and rebound with a fury since the 1970’s. This has only just begun.

          • News reports show the POS PULSE KILLER got his guns “legally”…that means WE can go a long way towards fixing this “homegrown isis-inspired PsOS by applying some “common sense” (as our POTUS of questionable parentage states)…if you hold a FFL or do private gun and ammo sales; start doing your own “suitability to own a gun” test:
            1. Are you a SUNNI muzzy? Immediate disqualification…call cops..
            2. Are you a Democrat? Immediate disqualification. …call Bloomberg and Hillary.
            3. Is the prospective buyer a male under 40? If so show him a short video of TWO boys kissing and huggung..if he turns red or goes nuts immediate disqualification. cops and nearest LGBT HOTLINE and report him.
            5. Show a short video of isis-sunni PsOS..TOSSING GAYS OFF THE IRAQ INSURANCE BUILDING IN MOSEL IRAQ….if he gets excited..immediate disqualification. cops.
            6. Show a short video of an isis-sunni..beheading of a CHRISTIAN. …if he gets excited. ..immediate disqualification. cops and local churches…
            7.Show him the winning picture of muhammad from the Pam Gellar “draw muhammad” event…if he goes nuts..defend yourself. Then call the cops.
            8. Offer some jerky..if he asks..tell him it’s bacon..if he goes nits, apply #7.

            Remember, this little quiz is NOT RACIAL PROFILING..IT IS A SUITABILITY TO OWN A GUN YOU ARE SELLING test.


  29. This is what happens when Right Wing christians cling to their guns and Bibles and shoot kiddies at a school..
    This guy no doubt was a Lutheran from Indiana who bought his guns at a gun show.
    Roll the presses.
    What? You mean this guy was a member of the religion of peace with Afghan origins?
    You mean the school was actually a Gay Bar?
    So the darlings of the Liberal Voting Community attacked one another with PC Muslim blasting the Lavender Boys?
    Stop the presses!
    All quiet in Orlando last night. Nothing to see here, Move along.

  30. 50+ DEAD…..Gun free zone stupidity. Piss poor shooting by the first responders ON the scene…allowed the isis-sunni..POS..TO DUCK BACK IN FOR MORE SLAUGHTER…DAMNED STUPID FL LAW…Also…one report MENTIONED the muslim-sunni..killer was “on their radar” ..whomever is the radar operator needs to be tried for complicity as they allowed this POS TO REMAIN FREE..GUARANTEE HIS mulim SUNNI..BUDS ARE CHEERING AND ARE INSPIRED TO KILL MORE GAYs & INFIDELS IN GUN FREE ZONES. ISIS IS CELEBRATING TOO. WAKE UP YOU DUMB-ASS LIBS TO THE ISIS SUNNI..THREAT IN THIS COUNTRY. Time to get SERIOUS!!! ALSO…TIME FOR MORE FIREARMS MARKSMANSHIP TRAINING TO KILL ACTIVE SHOOTERS…

    • I have two issues with your comment: first is the part about piss-poor shooting by the “first responders.” The first responder (singular) was the sole armed officer who was outside the club. He engaged the bad guy at an unknown distance, exchanged shot(s), at which point the guy retreated inside. It was only after he was back inside that the rest of the cops showed up. Until you know at what distance that initial encouter was, and whether or not he was under fire at the time, you should probably keep your mouth shut. Given how reactionary you are, you should probably also not talk after you know those things.

      My second issue is the part where you said he should have not been allowed to remain free because he was “on the radar.” At what point, in your mind, is it OK to arrest and/or detain someone for nothing more than suspicion?

      Is buying a metric shit-ton of ammo (< --that's an ad, not a link from me) enough, or do you have to do that and be brown? Is visiting an extremist website enough (I was on Stormfront the other day, because someone sent me a link for purposes of derision), or do you have to do that and be brown? Is hanging out with (or just being in the presence of) people who may have (may have, not do have) extremist views enough (I was present in a gun shop recently during a conversation that was extreme and stupid--in fact, parts of it reminded me of you), or do you have do that while being brown? Where's the line you draw?

  31. Hard to buy that religion had nothing to do with it. I’m not specifically pointing out Islam here, but most people don’t get worked up enough about gays or abortions or any other controversial subject to go blasting people unless there is an extreme ideology behind it.

    Appreciate the father’s need to protect his son’s name in death, but terrorism is terrorism.

  32. Alrighty then-sorry I’m here so late. Had a bit of stomach flu. Yep Moose-lim lowlife. My wife is officially on board with me using my new SS check to buy all the guns and ammo I can get my hands on…

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