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“Mina Justice told the AP that her son, Eddie, texted her when the rampage began and asked her to call police,” reports. “From the AP: He told her he ran into a bathroom with other club patrons to hide. He then texted her: ‘He’s coming.’ The next text said: ‘He has us, and he’s in here with us,’ she said. ‘That was the last conversation.'” Mr. Justice’s fate is currently unknown. The death toll at the club currently stands at 50.

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  1. Don’t really care for the fags, but in this case, that is irrelevant.

    This is a religious or way of life war. Islam needs to be beaten back into submission. They need to understand that when you fu(k with one American, you fu(ck with us all.

    • Crossroad of democracy is where principles of elective representation meets religious Totalitarianism. To survive it must violate its principles of inclusion and mandate all are not equal. The west will remain in denial hoping Islam will change from within…it will not. When it does realize murder in the name of Islam is the mantra of Jihadist, then perhaps arming citizens will limit the death toll.

      • What does your tinfoil hat speech about politics have to do with the fact 50 innocent people are dead?

        What does your idiotic mantra have to do with the fact another moron with a NRA legal gun is terrorizing innocents.


        • I love when you folks come on here ranting and raving, going on about the NRA on everything gun related.

          It just lets me, and everyone else, know we need to continue supporting the NRA.

          If you hate ’em, I love ’em, baby!

        • Domestic terror = political motive. The shooter was Muslim. Muslims hate homosexuals. The NRA had nothing whatsoever to do with this incident and in fact the NRA, as with most of the readers of TTAG support and encourage ALL Americans, especially minorities and homosexuals, to avail themselves of their Second Amendment protected right of self defense against attacks such as these.

        • “What is an “NRA legal gun?” How is that different from a non-NRA legal gun?”

          It’s one which shoots 30 caliber ghost clipazines a second for 30 seconds…

        • Hey idiot, AKs were completely illegal in France, and that didn’t stop the concert attack or the Hebdo attack. “NRA legal” (that’s not a thing) really has nothing to do with it, despite your moronic agenda.

        • Can you say “Islamic Radical Terrorist”? We will have to see if he had an NRA card in his wallet, but I seriously doubt it. Also, he was a registurd (SP intentional) DEMOCRAT. Hey – 80,000 armed civilians at the NRA Convention and no mass shootings. Most all mass shooters are LEFTISTS. Time to ban Democrats, Liberals, Leftists as ASSault weapons.

        • That’s right, blame the gun, the GOP, the NRA, the victims, the perp’s mom and dad. Blame everybody except for the murdering bastard who committed the crimes. You’ll probably eventually get around to the Easter Bunny you doofus.

          You might think about blaming the people who are doing their level best to render American citizens totally defenseless against attacks like this one … Oh no, you won’t do that, those people are democrats.

    • Oh look…Another brainwashed NRA zombie ignoring the fact that one of his own is posting homophobic comments.

      I’m not the one harming anybody on here.

      Your doing that to yourselves.

      And I don’t interrupt dolts when they’re making a mistake….unless I have to.

      How does me calling one of your anti-gay freaks out trolling?

    • Everyone who thinks being gay is a sin shares the blame for this crime.
      They have justified this bigotry and hate.

      • I think you’re being just as ignorant as bigoted as you think those to blame are. Believing that homosexuality is a sin, does not equate to believing that they don’t have a right to live how they want.

        And to say that they share the blame? SMH.


      Only sheep believe having a gun will protect them.

      So please tell me how this compares to the fact that the civilized world doesn’t see this happen on a daily basis vs the fact it happens here almost everyday.

      • Good grief, happens every day.

        This is the worst mass shooting in the US in all of history. It’s actually never ever ever happened before ever.

        That’s almost every day.


      • Only the delusional think that being defenseless is some how, some way, safer. I’d love to take our little troll for a walking tour of North STL.

        Only the uninformed and/or propagandists suggest that this happens here everyday, and that mass shootings don’t happen all over the world.

      • I must be a sheep person for thinking having a gun will protect me? Next time I go out on patrol in LA, should I leave my guns in the safe due to your epic tactical advice?

        This story has happened before: bad guy with gun gets stopped / killed by good guy(s) with guns. That’s not NRA propaganda, its human history, including my own. I’ve participated in over 100 felony stops, with guns pointed at bad guys.

      • If your statement be true…

        Wouldn’t calling the police, who have guns, to protect you make you just as much of a sheep?

        • These kids amuse me to no end. If good guys are disarmed and defenseless then the whole of humanity will somehow be safer? Sorry, I just don’t understand the math there.

        • And Africa nd asi nd europe sooo pretty much wherever muslims are……. funny that the libs who love the camel jockeys hate guns who could have warned them that the muhamadins aren’t friends of the LGBT ………ohhhhh it’s thr hateful right who thinks that shall not be infringed applies to straight gay and even confused males and females suck some jihad you autistic liberal

  2. Note to SJW types, once you condone violence, the sky is the limit.
    Prayers and sympathy for the victims and their families.

    • The shooter was a radical muslim born to Afghan parents, but nice try, thanks for playing.

    • Another gun religion crazed NRA right wing Islamic nut showing his true colors.

      So tell me again how guns tolerating Islam makes us safer?

      Fixed it for ya…

        • If you don’t see these things happening all the time in Europe, you should probably start reading g the news more often

        • Doesn’t happen here on a daily basis either.

          Once again, how did a disarmed populace work out for the victims of the Paris attacks, Charlie Hebdo, or for about 1MM Tutsis in Rwanda for that matter?

        • Paris.

          One word.


          That is a city in France.

          Where a bunch of MUSLIMS took ILLEGALLY OWNED GUNS and SHOT UP nightclubs.


          There was no NRA in PARIS. There were MUSLIMS shooting people.

        • Guns make me safer from crazy people like you. I don’t want to have to rely on the cops to arrive in time when you crazy people come for me.

        • “You tell me how more guns makes us safer?”

          Good guys with guns killed that murderous Islamic terrorist before he could slaughter ever more innocents.

          Refute *that*, ‘Monica’…

    • The shooter was a radical muslim born to Afghan parents,who was totally in with the Liberal left PC crowd shooting up another group of Homosexuals who were totally in with the Liberal Left PC crowd.

    • If someone in that club was carrying concealed, things could have gone entirely differently. The problem there was that the shooter was in a gun free zone. He was the only one with a gun. Everyone else was simply a victim.

    • Police have identified the shooter as an American of Pakistani descent, a registered democrat and an Obama supporter. It seems highly unlikely that he is right-wing anything or a member of the NRA.

      But then again it is obvious that you NEVER do any research before making your comments because that would interfere with your narrative.

      The comment from Mark Twain would seem to apply to Internet trolls equally: “It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove the doubt.”

      With you there is no doubt.

    • Ok. Let’s start with the lowest credible (holds up to peer review) estimate for defensive gun uses of 50,000, which is nearly twice the total number of “gun deaths” and almost ten times the number of firearms homicides.

      Next we’ll look at the fact that there are 300 million legally owned guns in this country and about 6,000 firearms homicides per year, of which less than half were committed with legally purchased guns. That is one ten thousandth (0.0001) of one percent of legal guns used in murders per year, the lowest legal gun to homicide rate in the world.

      There are currently between 12 and 13 million ccw permits issued and several States that don’t require a permit. This is the largest amount that we’ve ever had, doubling since the early 2000s, and the murder rate is at the lowest point in history, including specifically gun murders. In 1960 the homicide rate was 5.1 per 100,000 and in 2014 it was 4.5 per 100,000. it peaked in 1980 at 10.2 per 100,000 and has been going down since. Since correlation does not equal causation this doesn’t prove that guns make us safer, but it does, unquestionably prove that the proliferation of legal guns does not increase gun crimes.

      As far as whether a concealed carrier would have had an effect is a question we will never have an answer for because this, like nearly all mass shootings, took place in a gun free zone.

      The simple fact of the matter is that all gun deaths, including suicide, accidents, police shootings, justifiable homicides and murders equal just over 1% of anual deaths in this country, with murders accounting for less than a quarter of those and murders with legally purchased guns half of those. Legally purchased guns account for about 0.25% of anual deaths in America.

      What happened sucks. I even agree with you that the guy calling them “fags” is disgusting. However there is no evidence whatsoever to support your claims.

      All of this data is freely available online, and a little basic math will get you your rates.

    • Someone tell this troll that the shooter was a registered democrat.. Totally blow his mind! Lol

    • Wasn’t it guys with guns who stopped the murdering jihadist maniac …eventually ?
      How can being defenseless make enyone safer?
      It takes special kind of twisted brain to call those with big sharp teeth (firearms) a sheep.
      About AR-15 being legal (NRA or not) – making something illegal doesn’t make it disappear. See meth. Criminals, and I consider guy who plans to murder bunch of strangers a criminal, don’t care about legal status of tools they use for their criminal acts. Only people who will obey the law banning any kind of weapon are by definition the law abiding ones. They are not inclined to murder with or without such weapon anyways.
      TL;DR – disarming good people does nothing to make us safer. Bad guys are always going to be armed.

  3. Radical ideology is not to blame… because guns! Never forget: inanimate objects did this. Seriously, all radicalism is the problem. Don’t forget the first building a terrorist dropped in the U.S. was dropped by Americans in Oklahoma City. Also, “fags” probably don’t care for Butthurtz.

    • If by “radical” you mean reading the Quran and Hadith, and following the instructions laid out in them…

    • Seriously, all radicalism is the problem.
      In a Christian society this would be deranged radicalism.
      In Islamic society this would just be following the teachings of Islam.

  4. I can already hear the wailing of American progressives now: “b b, but NOT ALL MUSLIMS!” To all gays and lesbians who ever thought about owning or carrying a gun, now is the time to visit your lgs. Better yet, join the Pink Pistols and spread the word.

  5. I keep reading where people in the club were texting people to call the police and posting to Facebook and Twitter. WTF? Why weren’the these people calling the cops themselves?

    • My favorite is the club updating it’s Facebook page, telling people to run.

      Because when I hear gunfire, the first thing I’m gonna do is check social media.

    • One last crusade if it saves even one LGBT do it for the gays…….and liquor guns bacon and Tities

  6. The NRA and TTAG must be proud of themselves for arming this psycho.

    Just remember how proud the NRA and TTAG was when the lent guns to the charlie hebdo and paris attackers.

    • Except that’s not what happened, at all. Go peddle your copy/paste tripe elsewhere, it’s disrespectful to the deceased.

      • It’s disrespectful for the dead to shame them for not carrying a weapon.

        Go peddle your debunked NRA garbage to the tinfoil hat nuts and stormfront goons that eat your bull-crap rhetoric.


        • No one shames them for such, not for a second. We only wish someone was and would have been able to stop this more than the single officer with a sidearm was able to. He was outgunned.

          Islamo-nazi got the drop on him, but no doubt he saved many many lives and we are all thankful for his brave actions.

          The only thing that stopped this guy with a gun was a good man with a gun. And ever such it will be.

          Any more vitriol from you RFM?

        • “Stormfront”

          Hah! Says the alias of the other troll Willy_Lunchmeat, who copy pastes edited material from Stormfront itself in his anti-gun diatribes. Oh what a riot.

    • The NRA and TTAG must be proud of themselves for arming this psycho.

      He was a registered democrat and Obama supporter – one of your crowd, not ours. It’s not our fault you can’t keep your crazies on a leash.

      Just remember how proud the NRA and TTAG was when the lent guns to the charlie hebdo and paris attackers.

      Those guns were from the former republic of Yugoslavia. Nothing to do with the NRA – typical tin foil hat nonsense. If you have an actual source for this please provide.

    • Gun rights groups don’t “arm” anyone – individuals arm themselves, through either legal or illegal means. The NRA does not regulate gun ownership, they are an interest group. Apparently, you hate the First Amendment as much as you hate the Second. Your inability to distinguish between political activism and legislation is typical of the leftist (fascist) mindset.

      It’s always nice to see your side show their true colors.

      Even in places where gunownership by law abiding citizens is either prohibited or highly restricted, gun related crime still happens. It happens in Australia, it happens in France, it happens in the UK, and it happens in Japan.

      It is impossible to keep criminals from accessing guns. The only thing you can accomplish with gun control is disarming law abiding citizens. Which is often a prelude to imposition of undemocratic rule. More gun control would not have stopped this.

      “The US Military – Fighting for the left’s right to be wilfully ignorant since 1772.”

      • No, it makes less sense. Blaming the Quran sorta makes sense, because sections of it direct this sort of behavior against nonbelievers and those than cannot be converted. If people do what it says, they do this. The NRA doesn’t exhort any kind of behavior, aside from gun safety and voting against Hillary.

  7. Once again, the lesson here is clear:

    Since you cannot ever predict where or when a criminal or a terrorist might want to kill you, your best option is to be armed and trained.

  8. Is the LGBT community still going to be islamic apologists knowing islam ideology is anti-gay?

    • Progs aren’t capable of rational thought. Get ready to watch the cognitive dissonance pour out from the usual subjects/apologists like a broken water main.

    • My guess is yes, because, as a couple trolls have already stated above. This guy was clearly a right wing NRA nut job, definitely not the Islamic extremists that the FBI has been watching for ties to terrorism…. the truth is just to bigoted to tell sometimes

  9. It should be interesting how the Liberals spin this one.
    I am sure it will all be the fault of NRA members, Lutherans, gun shows, Hoosiers, gun makers, Tea Party members, and Donald Trump.

    • Agreed. Dont jump the gun so to speak and fall in line with the MSM spouting their “possible” names and events. The facts will sell themselves. Look at San Bernardino.

  10. He’s not the discount version of “2Asux”. This person really is so ignorant as to believe this nonsense.
    2A was a provocateur, this is a believer.

      • Thank you for banning him-her-it.

        RF, does your webpage code allow you to ban by IP?

        That would help against the name-changers…

      • I didn’t mind 2Asux’s spiel.

        He at least was willing to actually engage in a conversation…

      • I think 2Asux is actually one of us, trying to make us to realize something or push us towards certain decisions in his own way. What do you think, Sam I am?

  11. This terrible tradgedy will benefit gun owners in the end. It will show some progs, libs, dems that these terrorists do not discriminate who they slaughter, and trump is better than hellary. Hellary and her camp want to bring in more of these animals, while taking away our means of defense. Democrats logic is absolutely insane. Lets bring in unscreened immigrants, while at the same time limit law abiding american citizens their rights to defend themselves. Sounds logical, right?

  12. If diversity is the virtue we are all suppose to be embracing and espousing, then why are we importing a radical culture which is intolerant…

    Things that make you go, “hmmmm…” ?

  13. Protected group friendly to gun control targeted. Showy shooting. Unusually high body count. Disposable, dead Islamic immigrant. In the middle of authoritarian Democrat gun ban campaign, right before a would-be Democrat gun-banner leaves office. Cops and media knew everything about the guy within hours.

    This bears a high similarity to Democrat gun control theater.

    • “This bears a high similarity to Democrat gun control theater.”

      An act committed by a registered Democrat (Source, Florida voter rolls).

      Who was an Obama supporter. (Source, the killer’s Facebook page).

  14. What I would likely know is why the police waited three hours to breech knowing that someone was killing lots of people? This is the kind of situation where the objective is casualty minimization and not prevention. You have to accept some collateral deaths to prevent a higher death toal.

    • My thought too…like sheep going to slaughter. THIS will only help the Donald…

      • “THIS will only help the Donald…”

        As it should. I hope he and his staff exploit it for maximum effect…

    • I thought all the active shooter training post-Newtown emphasized going in ASAP. Did they wait because they thought it was a hostage situation?

  15. Maybe it happened but… just as at the Tech shooting, no one resisted ? Throw some chairs, beer bottles/etc. Catch him doing a mag change ? I think that this type of passive behavior comes from how kids are taught not to fight back in today’s government run schools.

    • This is the result of a generation of “don’t fight, call a teacher” and “we can’t have people acting violently so we’ll expel them all even if somebody acts in self defense”. The victims text people for help and wait for somebody to come and rescue them.

      I’ve been in my share of bar fights back in the day. Of course those fights were between drunk sailors and equally drunk marines with lots of chairs and bottles. I can’t understand how a crowd of people would let themselves be killed without even trying to fight back. One bad guy can only shoot in one direction at once. Throw a table cloth over his head and he’s gone. If this old man is confronted with a shooter – and is unarmed because my place of employment doesn’t allow me to carry – I’m going to do my best to fight back with whatever I’ve got because I’m probably going to die anyway.

      I won’t go with the “gays are easy targets because they won’t fight back” view that I’ve seen. Some of the toughest people – and best soldiers and law enforcement officers – I’ve met belong to the gay community. I don’t care what people do in their bedrooms or what bathroom they use. If they’ll stand up and fight back they’re my brothers and sisters.

  16. Those of you in the SF bay area I suggest you stop going to gay clubs or just attend members only locations.
    Also you may want to rethink that whole gun banning thing.
    The last gun store in San Francisco was just turned into another Marijuana store.
    Do you really need another pot shop?

  17. It’s time dead muslim terrorist scum are buried in an unmarked grave wrapped in a large fresh PIG carcass and broadcast on youtube. Muslim terrorism would end.

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