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gun show, courtesy

One of the comments under the article about the Raleigh NC gun show ND gave us this little gem about what really happened:

Got the goods on what actually happened at the Raleigh show.

The would-be seller obtained the gun from his brothers estate. He wasn’t a gun guy, but thought to sell it at the show. Problem was, it was loaded, and being a non gun savvy person, never thought to check. While removing it from the case, apparently he put his finger inside the trigger guard. Bang.

Rule #1, my friends.

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  1. How’d he get a loaded gun into a gun show? Every gun show i’ve been to you have to have the gun checked, unloaded and a zip tie is put thru the receiver so it can’t be re-loaded.

  2. how bout rule #0… get a clue on the basics before you touch the gun AT ALL. Same applies for people who debate about gun control.

  3. I’m willing to bet more people are killed by bee stings then by negligent discharges. We place to much emphasis on this phenomenon. It’s certainly no reason to shut down an entire show, any more than a vehicle accident in the parking lot should shut down the show.

    In the old days they used to shoot empty whiskey bottles in the saloon for target practice. That’s the kind of America I want to see, not the feminized, pantywaist, afraid of its own shadow nation we’ve morphed into. I’m tired of this crap.

      • Yeah! And typhus is rampant, dentistry involves rusty pliers and toilet paper hasn’t been invented yet!

        That’s real godamn America.

        • You guys prove my point. Lilly livered chickens afraid of their own shadows. I guess you like this modern socialist world we live in a whole lot better. Hey, we’ve got ObamaCare! What’s not to like?

          Besides, toilet paper is far older than America. Not only a chicken, but an ignorant one at that.

    • I don’t drink but I bet I could shoot a bottle cap off a bradys head. If I miss? oh well, practice makes perfect. Yes, I am joking, for the humor challenged, Randy

    • Honestly, I’d prefer the lunacy of shooting whiskey bottles in a saloon over the BS that passes for “common sense” nowadays. Don’t like drunks shooting at empty bottles in the saloon? Stay the hell outta the saloon!!!

  4. Shows security is as fault for not checking guns going into the show. Not gun owners fault crappy security company hired to guard it.

    • Right, and the security personnel at the door were probably LEO’s. They should have made the owner hand the box to them and not have the owner pull the gun out for them.

    • I wouldn’t blame the security guys. Haven’t heard anything to show they did anything wrong so far.

      “Welcome to the gun show, for safety, please take your gun out of the case so we can clear it.”


      “Uh… I’ll have to ask my boss what to do now, everyone else just sort of opened the case.”

      Sometimes you can’t fix stupid. Sometimes you don’t even get a chance to try.

  5. Perhaps I am obtuse, but why is it okay for a person to be forced to unload and put a zip tie through his or her weapon at a gun show? Is this not a bit hypocritical? Since the vast number of us who read and comment on TTAG want to be able to carry, either openly or covertly, why would we accept being disarmed at the one place that everyone feels the same way about the sanctity of the 2nd?

    • At least with regard to concealed carry, I answered that question from my point of view here a couple months ago.

      I suppose I would extend and amplify those statements for a rifle you’re openly carrying to sell, because in that case you know you (and others) will be handling it during the show.

      My gun show folks have been pretty easygoing. I have gone a couple times with handguns to test fit holsters or magazines. In both cases, they checked and zip-tied my guns at the door, and when I told them I might need to remove the zip tie to check fit or function, they handed me a few extra ties and told me to remove it if I needed to, and please re-tie it when I was done.

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