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Courtesy Mall Cop, the Movie

“The L.A. Unified School District is unveiling an ambitious plan to increase security at 400 elementary school campuses,” reports. “They’ll be unarmed, but they will have vests and two-way radios for better communication. The plan is estimated to cost about $4.2 million. The aides could begin appearing on campuses as early as March 1.” So the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a Security Aid with a two-way radio wearing a ballistic vest? Not feeling it. And not paying for it, thankfully.

The video was auto-playing, make the jump to see it.

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  1. In other words, they’re spending millions to do absolutely nothing.

    We already have observers, what we need are interdictors.

      • Good point. That’s possibly the individual aid cost to recruit, hire, train, and provide uniforms and radios, etc.

      • Per month, and even that’s a bit of a joke knowing what LA Unified School District employees make.

        $50,400 per year salary in the LAUSD without the benes included in the cost is the most marginally qualified whatever after 5 years on the job. Or a decently qualified teacher walking in the door day one. $50K barely covers an entry level janitor and his health benes, let alone retirement.

  2. So like 1000 do nothing jobs for the district administrators deadbeat family members to occupy their time with?

    • “I never just did things just to do them, I mean c’mon what am gonna do just jump up and grind my feet on somebody’s couch, like it’s somethin’ to do? C’mon I got a little more sense than that. Yeah, I remember grindin’ my feet on Eddie’s couch, you know but it was probably on a dare from Charlie…”

  3. California. Oh that western bastion of feel good vibration matched with the tender goodness of a hopeful tomorrow. If ever there was a Utopia, a place where all could walk free to exhibit the means of self display in the open air of the public, it would be California…
    You know, that place with the ridiculous violent crime rate, guaranteed recidivism, insanely high drug related crime, gang problems, meth labs, corrupt officials (at every level), piss poor graduation rates, declining academic scores and obtuse welfare rolls combined with the highest tax base and most intrusive laws known to mankind. Huh. I guess there is a reason that people and businesses are hemorrhaging from that fruit basket with utter abandon.
    I did, and I will never look back.

  4. Well… It is better than nothing, I’ll give ’em that…

    Not exactly much more than nothing, but more nonetheless…

    In other news:

    Here’s another video people should view:

  5. this is just one of the emperors plans to make jobs but still not benefit the country. the anti gun people argue that the armed guards at Virginia tech did nothing so how will unarmed guards do a thing?

  6. With a sheriff and a police chief who have both professed the belief–under oath in deposition–that more guns means more crime (a proposition for which neither they nor anyone in their offices could supply any factual support), it is hardly surprising that being a school security guard is not “good cause” for issuance of a permit to carry a handgun. Fame, fortune, political connections, those are “good cause”, but not much else.

  7. I actually find this hilarious, how do these people NOT feel like bullet magnets!? “here’s a bullet proof vest and a radio, go stop a active shooter”. . …. only in CA….

    • I sincerely doubt they’re springing for Kevlar.

      They’re prolly just “tactical” meaning they have lots of pockets and doo dad attachment systems.

      That sounds like a pretty bad job.

      “What do you do for a living?”

      “Oh I get laughed at by children while waiting to get shot.”

  8. What’s going to happen is when there is a shooting in one of these schools the antis will say that this proves “security” won’t stop a shooter

      • +2

        Security guards armed with nothing but a vest that won’t stop most rifle rounds, a two-way radio, and a friendly smile? I think Memphis is on to something; what other purpose could they serve?

  9. Great, I hear that the more people that call 911, the faster the guys WITH guns can get there. That’s California smart right thar.

    • +1

      Apparently the people who came up with this have never been put on hold by 9-1-1 in a life or death situation. I have and I am 9-1-1

  10. Well, at least the kids can hide behind them, provided they don’t run like a little schoolgirl, Randy

  11. Hahahahahaha!! California….

    God knows they have the money to spare in their budget for another worthless feel good project.

    • Tex,

      Just seconds before I read your comment, I was thinking that the Texans will be busting-up laughing reading about the latest California stupidity.

    • Well, there was that Marine who was guarding a flag pole outside of a school in the days after Sandy Hook, he’s probably still available.

  12. Unarmed security is about as useful as boobs on a bull. There no point in security unless security can take out armed criminals who want to kill them as well as others!!

  13. They already have these people in schools in California. They ride around on bikes and bully the kids. They tend to be on the older side and very egotistical.

    They make sure kids don’t throw trash on the floor, take to long in the bathroom or are not in class before the bell rings.

    I wouldn’t trust them with anything, especially with someone’s life. As a student I would trust a teacher more so. I rather have a well practiced teacher armed in the very class I am in. Also more than one door to the classroom.

  14. Makes people feel good? Check.
    Costs a lot of money? Check.
    Creates bureaucracy? Check.
    Ineffective against an armed combatant? Check.

    Yep, that sounds like something LA would do.

  15. Look everybody! We’re doing something! See what we did? We’ve protected our… Wait, what? That nutjob shot the unarmed guy on a Segway too? S#!t! Well, that didn’t work, guess we’d better go back to banning stuff arbitrarily.

    Times like these, I hate being a CA resident. Don’t think it’s gonna be easier any time soon.

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