Unintended Consequences: David Hogg's 'Die In' Backfires
Image via Times-Herald News
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Actions have consequences, some of them unintended. The uber-left’s favorite little gun control activist, David Hogg, learned this the hard way Friday. Drunk with perceived power and possibly experiencing withdrawal after his camera time dipped in the last few weeks, Camera Hogg’s latest plan was to extort a million dollars from the Florida-based grocery chain Publix Super Markets.

The boy wonder targeted Publix as an “NRA sellout” for the donations the company made to outspoken pro-gun Adam Putnam, Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner who’s running for governor of the Sunshine State. Hogg also demanded a pledge from Publix not to contribute to any NRA A-rated candidates in the future.

In the end, he got neither. Instead, Publix suspended donations to all political organizations.

Florida Today, part of USA Today’s network, had this to say:

Publix bags all political donations in wake of protest
David Hogg, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where a mass shooting took place in February, called on Publix Super Markets to give $1 million to the school’s victim fund.

While Publix is not doing that at this point, the grocery store chain did decide Friday afternoon to suspend all political donations in the wake of a protest. …

Publix, one of Florida’s most beloved companies and its largest private employer, operates 20 stores in Brevard County.

In a posting on Twitter, Hogg wrote: “I call on @Publix to donate double the money they gave to Putman [sic] to the Stoneman Douglas Victims fund, $1,000,000. And never support an A rated NRA politician again.”

Publix makes donations to variety charitable organizations and causes. Included among them is the YWCA, a member of the extremist Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Additionally, Planned Parenthood and the Susan G. Komen Foundation have also had their donations suspended.

That didn’t sit well with the America’s left.

Unintended Consequences: David Hogg’s Publix ‘Die In’ Backfires

Hogg took to Twitter to express his outrage that everyday people would literally walk all over his group, ignoring his grandstanding.

Sorry, David. Americans see your juvenile histrionics for what they are and we choose to go on living our lives. What’s more, Americans know that good guys need more than good intentions and harsh language to stop evil.

The massacre at Hogg’s high school in Parkland proves that gun-free zones don’t save lives. It takes good guys with guns to stop evil. The kind who don’t wait outside while innocents are being murdered. Perhaps Hogg should direct some of his famous outrage where it belongs, in the direction of the feckless, corrupt Broward County Sheriff.


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  1. I carry my gun into Publix every time I go there
    When I take my daughter there at night it can be litttle “sketchy”
    She always asks if I have my gun with me
    It makes both of feel safer when daddy is armed.
    I hope Putnam gets the Republican nomination
    He was a solid gun rights performer as agriculture commissioner and speeded up the concealed weapons permitting process.
    Maybe we could get the Florida bump stock ban reversed if Putna becomes governor

    • What does the Ag Commissioner have to do with concealed carry legislation?

      To get an answer to that question with this sorry excuse for a comment system, I’ll have to manually check back. The rest of the web can somehow handle notifications of such things.

        • You’re way overthinking this. There is, as for everything else in this world, a website. There is no need whatsoever for you to know what specific Department administers the permits. You just have to go to the website and follow the instructions.

        • @ Matt in FL

          I would think a Governmental Department in a County/State Government Office marketed “Department/Office of Permits” would be a “Dead Giveaway”, not Ag Department/Office.

        • OK, so what? I really don’t get where y’all are going with this. Other than arguing that a permit shouldn’t be necessary, which is a separate conversation altogether. Assuming we all agree that permits are a thing, and they must be administered…

          There is no “Department of Permits.” They’re all specific cases. You want a building permit, you go to the Building Department. You want a driver’s permit, you go to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. You want a stormwater permit, you go to the Department of Environmental Protection. You want to have a block party, that’s permitted through the Fire Department. You want to build a fence, you talk to the Zoning Department.

          Someone needed to have the authority to administer concealed permits. As there is no “Gun Department,” they gave the responsibility to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. It’s really just that simple, and not part of some vast conspiracy to deprive people of their right to carry.

        • Makes it sound like that the States of Florida is actively misdirecting people from filing for CCW Permits…

          The site in the screenshot below is literally the first result if you Google (or search engine of your choice) for “florida concealed permit.” If that’s active misdirection to you, well… you live in a different reality from me.


        • @ Matt in Fl

          I live in a “Commonwealth States”, so I have Nine Choices to choose from. City/County/State Circuit Court, City/County Sheriff’s Department, or City/County/State Police Department or a Local/State Government Center. Government Centers in Commonwealth States are usually Local Government/Fire Department/Police Department Combo’s.

  2. Stepped over and around them? I woulda’ stepped on them, and maybe accidentally kicked a few in the short ribs. And being clumsy, I’d probably fumble and drop a watermelon on some and a carton of eggs. Maybe spill a gallon of milk too.

  3. Should have run them over with a cart or two…they would move…
    and where is the die-in for the 600,000+ eliminated by abortions every year in the USA…a WAY larger number than gun deaths of all kinds
    oh…they are OK with THOSE deaths…got it

    • Out of sight, out of mind.

      What’s harder to ignore are the 11 teens who die every day from texting and driving. Or the 4,000+ youths who commit suicide per year. One would think these people would be more difficult to ignore, because we knew them, loved them, or at least just sat next to them in math class.

      Nope. Instead we’re having an Ego-In, I mean, Die-In, for the sake of civilian disarmament.

      You know, kiddos, your obsessive narcissism is exactly the kind of “Hear me, NOW!” mentality that leads to many of those teen texting and driving fatalities. The harshness of the world’s response of “We don’t care about your ego tantrums!” is also exactly the sort of inevitable, crushing reality check that leads to many of those youth suicides.

      Be careful, over eager little ones. Wouldn’t want anything untoward to happen to you….

  4. “The bond that good trouble and love creates will never be broken by hate and violence.”
    ??? I see a link to “goodtrouble”, so I think that’s a term the youth use. I’m sure one could find the meaning by Lycosing it.

    Edit: DHisaterrorist: That’s a good point. This “protest” makes more sense now.

  5. I think there is something very wrong with David Hogg. I would not be at all surprised to hear he had gotten his little hands on a gun & shot up people not listening to his ranting’s. That little freak is a mentally disturbed wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    • You hit that nail on the head! Too bad it couldn’t be in the center of Hoggs forehead. He needs to Vent some of that “star celebrity” ambition he wants so badly. He missed his calling! A prison warden would fit him.

  6. If I’m not mistaken, this protest was announced in advance and therefore I assume that Publix probably knew about it in advance. Publix could have consulted with their legal eagles, developed procedure, had cops on site at each store, and trespassed those fools. Might have even got a few charged if they refused to leave fast enough. To see Hogg hauled off in cuffs would have been a real treat.

    • Publix certainly weren’t doing their customers (the ones actually spending money making purchases, not the ones lying on the floor) any favors by making them have to step around these idiots. I want to grocery shop, not forced to be part of some BS tantrum clusterf**k.

  7. The kid won; that is all that matters. Stopping donations to entities the kid didn’t care about (like all anti-gun folks) is irrelevant. Publix stopped donations to “gun people”. Which was the entire point.

    POTG benefited not at all.

    • ^This. Additionally, the antis will shut down most comments about losing other funding so as to further spin it as a win, as anticipated.

    • “The kid won; that is all that matters.”

      Bullshit. Putnam already got his $670,000. Pigg didn’t get his million in extortion money. He didn’t get a dime. Publix completely outfoxed that punk.

      • Nope. He ‘won’. He doesn’t care about reality, and neither does the media or supporters- they care about the narrative. And the narrative that they can use is that the business gave in.

        • Nonsense. He’s trying to extract a salary by waging social justice war, because he’s realized that he is neither smart enough for education nor skilled enough for work.

          It’s the same thing many other outrage merchants do to keep themselves in luxury cars, from Jesse Jackson to Gloria Allred.

          Except he failed to extract so much as bus fare.

          I guess he’ll have to try applying to colleges in the Bahamas.

      • You are not really looking at what happened. You seem fixated on some notion that Publix damaged Hogg’s mission. Hogg was not there to generate money, he was there to stop funding pro-gun politicians and organizations. The million dollars was just theater. Fact: Publix will support on political movement at all. That means all the pro-gun outfits. Hogg’s mission was to end Publix support of the second amendment. He succeeded.* The pro-gun movement gained no benefit from money being denied a whole slew of liberal idols.

        *One common, traditional and old style tactic for negotiations is to ask for the absurd in order to make your real goal palatable.

        • “Hogg’s mission was to end Publix support of the second amendment. He succeeded.*”

          No, he *failed*.

          You have to understand the Publix company. 30 years back I dated a granddaughter of one of the 2 company founders. And I’ve heard me some stories about the past.

          The company is privately-held, between the founder’s families, and the Publix employees. The Publix stock itself is the base of the company retirement plan. The company stock over the years has had serious gains. Employees pretty much don’t quit the company because the returns are so good. The rank-and-file employees are *overwhelmingly* pro-2A, and pretty much everything else redneck. The employees are *pissed* about all this and are digging into their personal pockets.

          The 600,000+ the corporation donated to Putnam is *nothing* compared to what Putnam is now getting from the employees, past and present.

          Sam, one thing you may not be aware of is that conservatives donate much more money out of their personal pockets than Leftists do. The Left as a whole believes the government should be the ones giving the handouts…

        • EDIT – And I might add, when it comes down to ‘giving the shirt off one’s back’ it destroys the Leftist’s argument that they are the ones more compassionate than the conservatives…

  8. Man the doublespeak is thick on this one. “Called on” for a million bucks. Who says that with a straight face? Boss Hogg has taken the extortion game to a whole limp wristed new level.

    • “This dude’s gonna be an Al Sharpton or Jessee Jackass going around shaking down companies.”

      Preach it.

      That apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Those a-holes built personal fortunes from extorting corporations.

      And it was literally extortion. The companies were told by Jackson and Sharpton that if they didn’t ‘wet the beak’ of certain ‘charities’, ugly protests would follow.

      The Leftist really are like the Mafia. “That’s a real nice company you have there. Be a real shame if something were to happen to it…”

  9. You are witnessing the birth of a socialist wanna be dictator who isn’t going away. This little Hitler is walking the path of political hatred that is only going to grow worse as he gets older and people stop fawning all over him. You can’t become ruler of the world if you are in a 2nd or 3rd rate college so skip ahead and move to plan B

  10. Publix should of had them all evicted from the store as that is private property and they were just annoying and disrupting their customers. In the past when I worked in retail we had to have such people evicted or arrested from time to time.

    Glad it back fired on the idiots though.

    • Did it really backfire though? He got what he wanted, and I’m sure isn’t crying about the other groups not getting money.

      • He didn’t get what he wanted. He wanted no money for Putnam, a ban on contributions to NRA-supported candidates and a million-dollar payoff. Putnam got his $670,000, but Pigg got nothing.

        • Hogg got what he wanted: embarrassing Publix into ending support for pro-gun politicians and organizations. The million dollars was just a throw away item to leverage Publix into not supporting pro-gun efforts.

          BTW, a real “backfire” would have been if Publix put out an announcement that the company would triple its contributions to entities supporting free exercise of the second amendment. That would have been a loss for Hogg.

    • I had the same thought. Why Publix allowed the “die in” at all? The Hoggs appetite for attention caused huge inconvenience for shoppers.

    • He had better stick to campaigning in the northern part of the state. Don’t think he would make it thru a campaign swing in southern Illinois.

  11. I would like to know who decided to make this Alfred E. Newman look alike important ? In my opinion Hogg was the perfect choice by the liberals. He is a dork that was given a chance to be important in his own eyes and for a few bucks. I think that the liberals are using him to put a bullseye on his back and sacrifice him . He is so self absorbed with himself that he is blind to it.
    I fear what would happen if he stops getting his way . He does have a Manson-like following.

    • ” I think that the liberals are using him to put a bullseye on his back and sacrifice him .”

      Just like (Saint) Cindy Sheehan ‘protesting’ Bush 2…

      Remember her? The same here, as in barely…

  12. Hogg will learn his place in the radical left, when as he tries to assert his control over the party, the BLM faction will put him down for being too white. That will be hilarious to watch from the sidelines.

  13. Putnam will be the next Governor. Its almost a lock in for him. No one knows who any of the Dims running even are for the most part.
    In Publix defense. Suspending all contributions is a smart move on the companies part. No sense in pissing off a large percentage of their customers. Better for a few Libitards to have a few less dollars.
    As for this puppet of a kid Hogg.
    No one really gives a shit about what a kid let alone he has to say. Except for the puppeteers pulling his strings that are already half cut off. His publicity Hogg days are numbered.

    • Putnam will now get more donations from the employees and the corporate founding families than before…

  14. Well Hogg-boy has “his” career path…professional virgin. I see how well it pays too. Maybe “he” could run for pope🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

  15. Has that little SOB ever smiled? I think there is a whole lot of hatred bottled up inside him that will explode some day soon, but he’ll probably get someone else do the dirty work. That’s the way cowards operate.

  16. I love the guys look that’s standing behind Hogg in the blue shirt.
    Hands on his hips just standing there. That’s the “WTF” look.
    Sooner or later this is gonna get old and these kids are gonna do what normal kids do.
    You should be out having a good time with your friends. Go see a movie, go hang out at the beach, go out with your BF/GF. Get off the floor tho, you’re just acting like a small child throwing a temper tantrum.

  17. It’s a stupid move for a company to donate to any politically charged organization. I could see pro-lifers boycotting the store for their donations to Planned Parenthood and Susan G Komen while liberals boycott them for their donations to Putnam. For their sake I hope they realize this now and continue the new policy.

    • Good idea. Resume the donations after a week. If anyone asks just say “We resumed all donations after a week exactly as if nothing had ever happened.”

  18. Everyone should go to a Whole Foods store and protest until they give money to the NRA. Probably won’t work though, they’d just have everyone arrested.

  19. So I guess the NRA telling “United Airlines” and “Yeti” to go “F^ck Themselves” by boycotting them by NRA Members disposable incomes have a different meaning then that of what David Hogg and is Minions are doing.

    • Yeah, it is different. The NRA never said give us money or we will disrupt your place of business. Hogg boy’s plan is more like the Mafia, nice place you got here, it’d be a shame if anything happened to it.

  20. I feel certain that Hogg alone is not doing this. Someone behind the scenes has his or her hand up the Hogg puppet’s behind and is really running the shots. I consider Publix’s decision to be probably be in the companies best interest not to contribute to ANY political campaign a wise one but a minor loss for our side.

  21. Do not understand Publix’s not telling them to leave because they were on private property and disrupting their business. If they did not leave, then call the police and charge them with trespass. The police would then have to arrest them. That is the law in Florida. Something not quite right with this situation. If you carried a gun into an establishment that only had a sign posted” no gun allowed” ( the establishment was not legally listed as a gun free zone ) and you did not leave what do you think would happen?! Ask yourself, why didn’t Publix take the above action.

    • Exactly! And inconvenience your shoppers ($$) while this nonsense took place. I have shopped @ Publix all my life (as a small child to today-55 yrs). Wish Publix just said no to @davidhogg & minions. Anyone else would have been arrested. Looking for another place to shop. Publix negotiates w/terrorist @davidhogg.

  22. WaPo coverage:

    The good: The announcement came moments before “die-in” protests organized by 18-year-old gun-control activist David Hogg began at several Publix supermarkets, forcing store managers to reroute shoppers around the protesters, who lay on the floors of the aisles. At an Orlando supermarket, store managers fetched grocery items for customers who stood to watch but mostly went on shopping, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

    At least they aren’t afraid to call a gun controller what he is, instead of made up misnomers like ‘safety advocate’

    The bad:”Hogg’s calls for gun control have made him a target of conservatives in the months since the Parkland shooting. Just a week after a gunman wielding a semiautomatic rifle killed 17 people at Hogg’s school, online media sites including YouTube swelled with false ­allegations that Hogg was ­secretly a “crisis actor” pretending to be a grieving student in local and national television news reports.”

    Stating the obvious is now “making false allegations”???

  23. Hogg — I can’t stop seeing that as “Little Hoagie”, complete with the parody “Little Jeanie” playing in the background. (“Little Hoagie, you are such a dove (little Nazi)…”

    I’ll show myself out.

    • The questions that need to be answered are:

      Why was Attention Hogg home the day of the shooting?

      Did Camera Hogg have prior knowledge of the time and/or place of the attack?

      It is highly suspicious and likely not a coincidence that Attention Hogg wasn’t in school that day when sessions ended as schools typically let out at 3pm. Camera Hogg must be put under the spotlight, the interrogator’s “spotlight”, and grilled until he cracks but don’t hold your breath hoping Broward’s Cowards will do their job.

  24. Camera Hogg is the gift that keeps on giving, we should appropriate the Attention Hogg’s image as “the face” of the Gun Control bowel movement, that mug is the best representation of our opposition. We must also never let the opportunity pass by to inform and remind Americans that Hogg’s father was an FBI (Feeble Bumbling Incompetent) “Crisis Simulator” and that his mother was a longtime Very Fake News CNN employee.

  25. Florida Statute 836.05 Threats; extortion.—Whoever, either verbally or by a written or printed communication, maliciously threatens to accuse another of any crime or offense, or by such communication maliciously threatens an injury to the person, property or reputation of another, or maliciously threatens to expose another to disgrace, or to expose any secret affecting another, or to impute any deformity or lack of chastity to another, with intent thereby to extort money or any pecuniary advantage whatsoever, or with intent to compel the person so threatened, or any other person, to do any act or refrain from doing any act against his or her will, shall be guilty of a felony of the second degree.

  26. Kreeper kid, nor anyone, has the right to tell me or anyone else, who I can support or not. It’s called freedom. Freedom to choose who i do business with or not, and i dont need your permission brat. Your OPINION is not more important than mine or anyone’s, and if I want to know what u think, I’ll ask. And no one’s asking. Learn the definition of respectful discourse n stop discriminating against others rights!

  27. Pro2@ customers should just Boycott Your Southern Publix supermarket chain….If enough of the customers revolt. They will certainly take notice. When it effects THEIR bottom line…It’s working against Disney. Currently, for the non-sci fi, non- Star Wars fans…There is a full scale war going against two SJW/Left-Wing producers, Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson *(SW: The last Jedi.)*. SW purists and True Star Wars fans are really Pissed-off over the current generation of Star Wars movies…Since, Disney is now has Star Wars under creative control by SJW activists…SW Fans panties are in a bunch over these Producer/Directors destorying years of Star Wars Canon, Lore and History…Instead they got “fast bake $$$ movies filled with left-wing politics…” And that isn’t sitting well with fans…On YouTube you can find a large number of Star Wars fan channels that are currently and agressively Boycotting Star Wars movies…Right Now SOLO: a Star Wars story is under heavy fire 🔥 and the movie is going down in flames!!! *( also known as “SOYLO: The Soy Wars story…” After liberal soy boys with low testosterone and emasculated…)* Some of it is very funny…And This fan base is fighting against The Liberal Pathogen in Star Wars movies!

  28. If I was there, I would lie next to them with some ridiculous sign – something like ‘better safe than free’.

  29. If I ever see this crap when I’m an old man, I’m getting some milk, or eggs, or something that can spill, and pretend I’m all feeble and “trip” on one of them, cause a huge scene and shit… it would be glorious.

  30. The article admitted Hogg was successful as the pro-gun politician will no longer be receiving any money and Publix has not made any statements that they are not going to donate money to the schools victim fund. I think there is a very good chance they will after the sit in as it could only help their now tarnished image.

    Although the far right likes to demonize this young and still naïve kid the kid is learning fast, very fast and not only is he a force to be reckoned with now he will be much more of a force in the future. Some of his ideas are long overdue and that is for immediate passage of a universal background check on all firearms and a safe storage law to keep guns from landing in the hands of criminals and nut cases through private sales both in the papers, on line and at many unregulated wild west gun shows where just about anything goes. Safe storage would also save the lives of on average 1,300 kids a year that get killed from unattended loaded firearms as well as hundreds more that are maimed for life all because there are no severe Federal penalties for unsecured firearms.

    When the Far Right Sadistic Nazi’s demonize children who were the victims of extreme gun violence it only hurts the rights of all gun owners as the 65 per cent of the American Public who do not own firearms takes an even more hostile attitude on gun ownership than they normally would.

    In conclusion the Far Right are always their own worst enemy when it comes to losing their right to own firearms as they exacerbate and promote the continuation of the “gun problem” all Americans have in a country awash in unregulated firearms.

    • Oh alright Megan “the Kid”. I’ll respond. Yeah the “Hogg” is learning fast, much like a teenager who suddenly discovers masturbation. After-all that’s all he’s really good for is shooting off for his ego. That said, “The Hogg” is also learning that we the people aren’t just going to throw up our hands and lay down just because some punk kid throws a hissy fit as you Megan often do.

      You’re already skimming those welfare checks from the government Megan. What more do you want of us? Has the cost of methamphetamine gone through the roof? Pray tell Megan. Old hippies die hard don’t they?

      • To Eli Witless

        quote————————–Yeah the “Hogg” is learning fast, much like a teenager who suddenly discovers masturbation. After-all that’s all he’s really good for is shooting off for his ego. That said, “The Hogg” is also learning that we the people aren’t just going to throw up our hands and lay down just because some punk kid throws a hissy fit as you Megan often do——————————————-quite

        There is only on problem “Witless” the latest survey showed 70 per cent of Americans on his side of the battle line.

  31. Does anyone think he actually cares about cancer suffers or any other cause than extending his 15 minutes? Hint: He does not, he got what he wanted, a company made a decision he can spin as a win. A win that keeps his attention train chugging along and all the personal benefits he receives during the ride flowing.

    All the organizations & individuals they funded will have had some type of benefit to the company. So by pulling all future funding they may as well just direct all funding requests to Hoggs Team.

    Anything short of Publix doubling donations to Putnam (bad business decision if the election really is a one horse race) is an easy spin for him, his backers & his fans.

    Bottom line is that the puppet Hogg went into action against a company & the company changed direction.

    Text 1-800-HoggVic with either DELICATE FLOWER if you think his next target is someone that hurt his ego or DANCING MONKEY if you think his backers picked it out.

    • When the anti-gun organ grinders crank the handles their little monkey, David Attention Hogg, does his dance and his tin cup runneth over with donations (extortion payments)

  32. At first, I was upset with Publix until I realized they cut off ALL donations to political causes. I kind of like that.

  33. I wish I could have gone to the store and stepped on some kids. If they don’t want to get stepped on get the hell off the floor.

  34. its just goes to prove the point that teenagers minds are not as developed as adults and can not be treated as such. even when they’ve committed a crime. they are extenuating circumstances of course.

  35. Every time you see one of this kid’s official photos, whether on Twitter or elsewhere does a great job of invoking Hitler

  36. Don’t you GOOD people realize that GEORGE SOROS and MICHAEL BLOOMBERG are behind all of
    these types of protests with available money that is unthinkable! They are both billionaires and are
    out to TOTALLY destroy our rights…wake up…this is a socio-communist coup that has been slowly
    but surely eating away at our society. And like him or not, you all should be thankful that Donald
    Trump, the outsider is on to them.

    • “Don’t you GOOD people realize that GEORGE SOROS and MICHAEL BLOOMBERG are behind all of these types of protests with available money that is unthinkable! ”

      Actually,…..no. The leftist billionaires do not put much money into anything gun related. Proof? The left is scared witless of the financial power of the NRA. The NRA that donated an average $1.2million a year, for thirty years, supporting pro-second amendment politicians.

      NRA is where the money is. NRA is the financial powerhouse that causes Dimowits to lose a campaign on which they spend over a billion dollars. The money spent by NRA defeats Dimowit candidates who depend on Soros/Bloomberg to commit vast sums of money to their campaigns.

      Obviously, Bloomberg and Soros do not have “unthinkable” amounts of money available. They just bask in press clippings. They are pikers in the funding wars. If those two really were a financial threat to gun rights, the media would have already decried the unfair advantage the billionaires give to Dimowit campaigns.

      • Sam I wish what you said about Bloomberg and Soro’s not having all that money were true but it is not. They have much more money than the NRA does which proves how dumb the average gun owner is when he does not join the NRA as they need every penny they can get. Of course when you pay “The Gun Father” 4 million dollars a year in salary the skin flint back woodsman have all the excuse they need not to join, which of course only guarantees that the NRA will end up being outspent and often defeated because in politics he who has all the money gets what he wants.

        • “Sam I wish what you said about Bloomberg and Soro’s not having all that money were true but it is not. ”

          I was launching from the stated position of anti-gun groups: the NRA has power enough to overcome all the funding of all the anti-gun groups. Anti-gun groups claim “common sense gun control” is not possible because the NRA holds politicians hostage. The only way that can be true is if the NRA can out spend the billionaires funding gun control efforts. Therefore, the NRA must have more than “unthinkable amounts” of money; defeating all the efforts of Soros, Bloomberg, Gates, et. al.

          If the NRA doesn’t have “more money than God”, how else will the anti-gun movement explain the amount of money spent in their behalf, for so little success.

  37. I hope someone drop kicks that little f**k.

    Disclaimer: Any reference appearing to endorse violence is an unintended consequence of satirical musing and does not reflect the authors (MLee) or The Truth About Guns (TTAGs) desires, as violence in its entirety is rejected.

  38. Any Florida peace officers on here to comment on laws broken and such? In Texas at the very least this is criminal trespass. Why Publix didn’t call PD? IMHO I think public opinion would have sided with Publix.

  39. Go back to eating tide pods, please. In mass quantities, if you will, so we can sooner forget this useless generation of SJWs.

    • @ Mike H in WA

      As i recall David Hogg was in the Hallway between classes with other students when the Gun Fire brook out. It was the quick thinking on the part of Culinary Arts (Cooking) Teacher Ashley Kurth that pulled David Hogg and the other students into Her Class when she heard the first shots.

        • @ Mike H in WA

          Depends on what David Hogg’s next class was, and where was it located on Campus. Or was his Hall Locker near the Culinary Class.

  40. I’m doing my part. I purchased an AR 10, a new shotgun and made a donation to Putnam’s campaign. Grow up, Hogg. When you piss people off, you get the exact opposite of what you want!

  41. Tell this Pied Piper to take his antics and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine. As for his “Die Inners”, in my view, thy should be dragged out by their feet or hair, then arrested.

  42. I am surprised that some school age country boy that hunts from down there in Florida ain’t whipped this little pecker heads ass. He is a little dork vomit that is just thorn in everyone’s side. All those shoppers should have just kicked every damn 1 of those little punks right in the ass to get them up & moving out of the way. This boy needs a good old fashion ass wwwhhhhooooopppppiiiiinnnnnn. That would straighten him out.


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