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“If the solution to pervasive problems with sexual harassment and rape is to raise people who understand that these things are wrong, then the solution to mass shootings is to raise people with the simple understanding that it is never okay to murder another human being. To give up on the idea that human action is correctable and blame an inanimate object for the existence of violent actions is to give up on humanity itself.” – Benjamin Potter in Why Do School Shootings Keep Happening? [via]

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    • Guns aren’t blamed because it’s easy. They are blamed because that’s the agenda. It’s hard to properly rule over armed citizens.

      • I have to disagree. Guns are blamed because it’s easy, same reason the NRA is standing in the docket right next to the AR and AK. It’s easier than admitting the very thing they wish to control isn’t a fiream. It has to be easier, people are uncontrollable so it’s the object, the device and the association that must be suppressed.

    • The continued existence of “gun free zones” is a tacit acceptance of continued spree-killings which target such places because they are safe—for the killer.

  1. Another Son, Husband, Father, legal tax paying citizen, and legal voter against criminals committing illegal acts of crime and violence with guns.

    • ..They want people to take them seriously when they don’t have enough sense not to play in the street. Why don’t these idiots demand stricter sentencing for murders and other violent felons and the death penalty. Always the fools that are soft on criminals are the ones that want to go after law abiding citizens. Sounds like a recepie for anarchy.

  2. The existence of school shootings or mass shootings is immaterial to the desire of the left to ban guns. They know an armed society is a free society and it’s freedom that they oppose. Mass shootings are just a propaganda tool for them to sway opinions of people who’s minds are too simple to understand freedom.

  3. Saw a meme on, was a picture of George Soros with the words, “The school shootings will continue until we take Your gun rights way”. -about as accurate as a meme can get.

    • As it is frequently stated: “Follow the money…”
      Soros, Bloomburg, Gates, et al employ an army of “useful idiots” as their mouthpieces to spread dissent against us, who are ardent supporters of The Constitution , especially the Second and First Amendments. Demonise and discredit us, and assassinate our characters in any way, and by any means. Mark my words, soon enough they’ll use our jobs, pensions, banks/access to credit (oh, wait, that’s already happening), access to medical care, access to education (also happening toinsurance coverage (oh, that’s happening, too), access to housing, access to communication, and access to food if they can, because this handful of muli-billionaires control most, if not all, of these things. Lawmakers are at their beck and call because, well, they own them. They own, and control, ALL major/”mainstream” media worldwide. They have their “agents” at, and in, EVERY LEVEL of government. Etc, etc, etc. Unless something radical happens, we are SCREWED!

      • There was little coverage of the MD high school shooting given the numerous bans instituted in MD with no meaningful deterrence in this case. No in-depth investigation on the Parkland HS shooter and the accomplices and the social justice programs at the core. No media coverage on Santa Fe HS, shooting, because there is no anti-gun support in TX.

        All predictable given the the leftists agenda and their narrative is all about people-control, power and undermining the U.S. Constitution and are constitutional rights, namely the 2A and more like the 1A and 4A (red flag laws), too.

  4. Like a dog with a bone !! Grab it & run with it. The left has certainly sunk their teeth in to this one. It is frustrating that they actually think they are going to get away with this shit. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could gather up all the mentally ill & all the nuts Leftards etc & put them on an island somewhere far away. Like the saying goes : wish in one hand , shit in the other & see which one fills up faster. Why don’t the dems focus on mental illness like they do the guns ? Because they are cheap , lazy and want to be rulers. TYRANTS !!

  5. I know what has to be done… ban all vaginas. Sew them shut or require smart chastity belts.

    When technology advances we won’t need women to carry the baby. Sex can be completely outlawed.

  6. Just once, and the ” system” could stop or slow these school shootings down. Public hangings. Here’s what happens when you murder someone you purple faced twitching dangler

  7. The thing that everyone needs to remember is that to a leftist literally NOTHING is ever their fault. They are so sure in their mind that they are right that they cannot even conceive of themselves being wrong. A angry student walks into a classroom and starts shooting. Well, it can’t be because the shooter has no father or male role model, it can’t be that no one ever pulled down his pants when he was a young boy and gave him a good old fashioned spanking. It can’t be that he was never taught proper respect for other people that were different than him or any traits like honor, courage or even the difference to admit that he could be wrong AND THEN ADMIT IT TO ANOTHER PERSON.

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