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Quick! How much ammo do you have? How much would you have if you were a world-class shooter? reports that “Sergeant Major Morgan Cook, 39, admitted possessing up to 40,000 rounds of .22 ammunition at his home on the Defence Intelligence Security Centre at Chicksands, Beds.” But wait! There’s more! “The world pistol shooting champ also pleaded guilty to having 600 rounds of 9mm ammo, 3,750 of 5.56mm ammo and seven rounds of 5.56 tracer bullets.” That’s illegal! “Judge Advocate Emma Peters told Cook at the Military Court Centre, Colchester, Essex, yesterday that ‘all options are open’ when he is sentenced on November 9.” Whipping? Branding? The pillory? Will they have Sgt. Cook drawn and quartered? Imagine what the court would have done if they’d had proof that Sgt. Cook intended to commit a crime with the ammo . . .

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  1. un-friggin-believable.I bet he shoots more than a thousand rounds every practice session. Is the whole country suffering from sort of lead poisoning or something? Or is England going to be the birthplace of the Zombie Revolution?

    • The first wave of zombies already happened over there. The riots last year were the start. I remember items such as baseball bats, axes, e-tools (sharpened folding shovels), hammers were selling at 250000% above normal over there on amazon. The citizens had no other means of defense from the marauding zombies.

      I pointed this out to my wife (who is not fond of guns), and her response was “it’s stupid that they can’t have guns”. I then pointed out that we didn’t have any guns and proceeded to arm up. 😉

  2. 600 rounds of 9mm, fine. 3,750 in 5.56, that’s a solid stash indeed. But 40,000? I’m not saying it’s jail-worthy, but come on, nobody *needs* 40k rounds of .22 long rifle in his house. Unless it was .220 Remington…maybe then…

    • Yeah, but he’s such a good marksman that he could place a hundred .22 rounds into a body that would make it look like they got hit with a .50 cal.

      • + 1 bajillion.

        Freedom doesn’t have anything to do with whether you need something. It means that if you wan’t to have a sheatload of ammo you can. Don’t even bring up need based thinking. It just shows your willingness to rationalize irrational laws. FLAME DELETED

    • The people in the courts in England obviously know nothing about firearms. 22LR ammo comes in bulk. You buy them 4000rounds at a time in 30 cal ammo cans for like 100 bucks here locally in the U.S. In the U.S. he would have literally spent like $1000 on 22LR ammo which isn’t unheard of given the amount of practice he needs to do. I spend alot more than that on other hobbies.

      I’m sure he uses the 22 ammo to do a bulk of his training. Then fine tunes it with 9mm and 5.56 ammo which he actually competes with. The ammo quantities aren’t unreasonable for a comp shooter. 600 rounds of 9mm is like $200, and if the 5.56 is steel cased practice ammo, that’s roughly $800 worth of 5.56.

      So in total he had like $2000-$3000 depending on brands of ammo which isn’t what i’d call a stockpile. I’d say that’s normal for a season for a competition shooter.

    • hes a pistol shooting champ its 22 he could shoot 2000 a day for practice and 600 9mm thats a afternoons worth on the practice range. for a competion this would last a week. dont be brainwashed by numbers .if anyone thinks large amounts of ammo is more dangerous tell me how he will cary 200 lbs of 50000 bullets to commit a crime and shoot them all befor anyone stopped him .I buy bulk ammo, TP ,cangoods,food its cheaper that way .WE should limmit perchases from samsclub or costco?

  3. 40k 22lr rounds is normal for someone who is professionally shooting.
    I know a guy who use to shoot competitively with .22lr and would shoot hundreds of rounds a DAY when training.
    I buy 22lr in bricks of 5000 round boxes as it is cheaper and I easily go through 500-1000 rounds every time I go plinking.

        • So. Smart me, I bought a bolt action .22 to slow my ammo consumption. Now I take my 10/22 and my bolt gun to the range and when I’m shooting one somebody else is usually shooting the other.

          I think I increased my ammo consumption by 10-20%. Oh well, it’s a lot of fun so why not?

  4. What da fvck. I was shocked when Russia jailed a girl band for singing against putin but I’m truly astounded at the mistreatment the british government is showing 1 of it’s subjects. I used to admire the brits. Their stand against Hitler was epic. That england doesn’t exist anymore.

  5. Next week they’re going to arrest a doctor for having a large cache of bandages and a race car driver for having a stockpile of tires (sorry – tyres for the silly Brits).

  6. This is what happens when you allow politicians to enact “feel good” legislation. The actual number of rounds he possessed had absolutely no bearing on any criminal actions (lack there of in this case), but because people hear big numbers and over react this man will probably suffer consequences for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

    Ammo legislation is inane, and anyone who says otherwise is a fool for thinking that any criminal who intends to cause massive harm will follow it.

  7. It seems that the English have sent all of the worthwhile portions of their gene pool to the far reaches of the world and all that remain are FLAME DELETED. (self-censored to save RF the trouble)

  8. There’s not much information in that article, but isn’t it possible he’s up shit creek for the tracers and not the 22lr?

    • There’s something odd about the article but the issue seems to be a military judiciary one and not civilian. Strange indeed, however I back Robert up in posting precautionary tales for your side of the pond.

  9. I hate to ask, but is it even legal to own something which can shoot .223 or 9mm in England? Can you get anything bolt action in 9mm?

    • 223 or 5.56 bolt action/straight pull: definitely. It’s commonly used on foxes as well as various target shooting disciplines. It’s also legal on certain deer species.
      No restriction on hi-cap mags, sub 16″ barrels or suppressors either, as long as the overall rifle length is >24″ and you apply for the can on your licence.

      9mm: not so common. There are some bolt actions in the calibre available but they’re really expensive. The Armalon PC is one.
      More popular with clubs here are .38 special/.357 magnum and .44 special/.44 magnum, as lever guns are very popular with shooters. No handguns (well, sort of!) but Marlin, Henry and Rossi are good to go!

  10. My buddy who was the president on a collegiate pistol team ordered 500,000 rounds of 22 lr in a single order. It lasted about a year.

  11. “Sod off, you ignorant twit!” seems like the only
    retort the Judge deserves.

    If the Brits really don’t want him, I’m pretty sure
    the US can find room for the Sergeant Major.

  12. Sounds like he could be f’d in several ways… That link to the UK firearms laws doesn’t seem to mention anything about ammunition quantity, but he may have several banned types, not that the article tells us…
    – Any ammunition designed to expand (9mm could be JHP)
    – Any ammunition designed to be used in a military weapon is assumed to be for military use (5.56)
    – Any ammunition containing a hardened core for penetration (5.56 could be M855, OTMRP etc)
    – Any ammunition designed to ignite upon contact with air and/or upon contact (5.56 tracer)

    Paraphrased into ‘merican from English legalese of course. Yet another “OMG he has xxxx rounds who needs that much ammo” story when that doesn’t seem to be the beef.

  13. Can he defect to Texas? Bust him out and get with the resistance to get him out… Maybe we should set up an underground rail road? WTF is with that place…

  14. He lives at Chicksands, and thus “on base.” Perhaps they aren’t allowed to have personally owned ammo in their home on base, much like we aren’t allowed to have personally owned firearms on base unless they’re stored at the armory or registered. But don’t let that possibility detract from the knee-jerk Brit hate…

    • Well, my King’s English is kinda rusty, but from what I gather, having large quantities of ammo is in and of itself illegal. From the linked laws: 1. Subject to any exemption under this Act, it is an offence for a person—
      b)to have in his possession, or to purchase or acquire, any ammunition to which this section applies without holding a firearm certificate in force at the time, or otherwise than as authorised by such a certificate, or in quantities in excess of those so authorised

      Edit: Reading through all those laws majorly bummed me out. I feel like I need to go to the range right now to exercise my rights.

  15. WTH!!!!!
    whew I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest! 😉
    See RF didn’t even have to sensor me…

  16. My 12 year old daughter shoots competitive single shot rifle with the 4H club. She easily shoots more than 200 rounds in a practice session.

  17. So, what would I get for ~5k of .45 Auto? Mind you, that’s just half of what I plan to reload in preparation for the next competition season.

  18. Seems like it was military ammo, therefore stolen from the armory.
    If so then this is not as big a deal as it seems. However, if the rounds are privately owned then I concur with the general sentiment.

  19. This poor fellow has more .22 LR than I have, but pretty much less of everything else if I add up all my centerfire ammo up. I am so very sad to see what has become of Great Britain. It was once a proud and free nation.


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