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“The flat was soon surrounded by officers carrying more than 100 guns,” recounts. “Mr Saunders was killed by shots to the head, chest and liver. Mrs Saunders told the paper: ‘Mark was not in a proper aiming position when he was killed. He was facing a line of unoccupied houses. At that stage it was under control; he was not a risk to the public. At the beginning [yes] but by the time they killed him he was not posing a danger. It should have been managed better. It should never have got to that point [where he was shot].’ The court was told Mr Saunders had asked to speak to his wife, Elizabeth Saunders, during the siege, but she told the jury that police told her to turn her phone off. Rosemary Saunders said this had been a mistake.” Amongst many. The Old Bill’s denial ensures a repeat of this tragedy.

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  1. eh…well…i guess Mr Saunders didn’t have “a sun-tan”….so….no big deal!….just another dead, white Brit!

    nothin’ to see here…..move along please!

    makes you wonder, though!… did the Brits fight in two horrendous, world wars for?

    freedom & democracy?

    seems like they got A POLICE STATE now!… bad as the USSR or East Germany ever was!


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