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“The big illusion about crime is that you can’t do anything about it,” New York Attorney General candidate Eric Schneiderman told “That’s nonsense.” Is it? Isn’t there a base level of crime; a sort of social “background noise” that will always exist, no matter what? And shouldn’t Americans have the right to defend themselves against that crime by owning firearms, a right that’s guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution—and continually obstructed by both the state of New York and its local governments? But what do you expect from an AG wannabe whose website’s homepage makes no mention of the fact that he’s a Democrat? At least “About Eric” tells the truth about his views on gun control . . .

As a leading advocate for rational and effective gun laws, Eric Schneiderman serves as national co-chair of Legislators Against Illegal Guns and has been endorsed by New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, the Brady Campaign and Gun Free Kids.

Rational and effective. Is that liberal code for draconian and unconstitutional? Yes. Yes it is. And now for the specifics from

Schneiderman, a state senator from Manhattan, was flanked on the steps of City Hall by Mayor Robert Duffy, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, as well as other politicians and supporters.

The crime-fighting plan would establish what Schneiderman calls a special “I-95 coalition” with other state attorneys general. The reference is to Interstate 95, the superhighway that runs the length of the country’s East Coast. Schneiderman said the roadway also is used to transport illegal guns to places including Rochester . . .

The plan would tie in crime-fighting agencies through better communication and shared data and could include wiretapping and other surveillance techniques, Schneiderman said.

He called I-95 the “iron pipeline” of gun transport and said state attorneys general would be the best choices to handle such a problem.

“A relatively small number of gun dealers are responsible,” Schneiderman said. “We need to know who the guys are who are breaking the rules.”

Wait; if you can’t identify the irresponsible gun dealers, how do you know it’s a small number? And if wiretapping is part of your gun crime fighting strategy, it’s probably best not to give the alleged bad guys a heads-up in a press conference at City Hall.

Also, while I’m almost as anti-AFT as the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, wouldn’t the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and really big fires) be the better choice for investigating rogue gun dealers? It is, in fact, their remit, and it might help keep them out of everyone’s hair down on the Mexican border.

Perhaps the only thing worse than Schneiderman’s meaningless pandering to the Empire State’s gun grabbing gestalt is the mealy-mouthed misegos coming from his Republican opponent. Here’s Dan Donovan’s take on gun rights, ripped from his website.

As district attorney, I have fought to keep illegal guns off the streets in Staten Island, and have taken this issue to Congress as well. We must stem the flow of illegal guns into our state, close all sale loopholes that endanger safety and security and protect the rights of law abiding citizens.

“Close all sales loopholes” means that Donovan is in lockstep with Mayor Bloomberg’s homies over at Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), who rail against the mythical “gun show loophole” and the [now abandoned] “terrorist loophole.”

So, Dan, how do you close those pesky loopholes and protect the right of gun owners (yes you can say it) at the same time? Bit of conflict, wouldn’t you say? Dan? Hello? Perhaps we should do a different kind of Rhino review. Meanwhile, I wish that New York voters didn’t get the politicians they deserve. But they do.

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  1. how come the overwhelming majority of “gun grabbers” are JEWs?….especially, lefty, “liberal”, New Yaarkk-type(s)?

    wtf is “up” with these people?

    Bloomberg’s a jew….so is this putz!

    most of “The Brady Bunch” are jews….so were most of the nay-sayers on the SCotUS, re: the recent Heller & MacDonald cases!

    sumthin’ or t’other ain’t “kosher” here!

  2. Schneiderman is also the state senator/idiot who tried to push through a microstamping bill in the last NYS Senate session. Let's see…a flawed technology, incredibly easy to defeat, that would do nothing to reduce crime, yet would serve as a de facto ban on most new pistols (purchased by those who've often gone to great efforts to get merely a diluted version of the same rights offered by most states) in NYS. Interestingly, the microstamping bill died when it couldn't get enough votes, largely because the opposition was more fervent than the base. Maybe the base has different ideas…

  3. same happened in 0zz during the Great 0zz Gun Grab of 1996/1997, following the Prt Arthur massacre……jews were “up front” and “all over” the controlled, corrupt, 0zz media calling for the dis-arming of ordinary Aussies….two of the most prominent were: Rebecca Peters and Roland Browne…..also: the gun-grabbing Prime Minister John Howard was very prominent and very well-liked in Australian jewish circles….even having a “forest” named after him in Israel!

    i’m calling “shenanigans”…..are most jews gun-grabbing commies, or, are most gun-grabbing commies jews?

    what “gives” ?

  4. I-95 is an “iron pipeline” of guns? Maybe. It’s also been identified as the path for drugs from Miami to Washington, New York, Boston and points in between. Then there are those pesky retired Canadian “snow birds” who drive their RVs down every fall and back up every spring. Northern states haul their trash to landfills in Virginia. College kids on spring break drive I-95 to Daytona. Families drive to Disney World to enjoy those overpriced soft drinks and souvenirs every time a ride exit strategically directs them through a gift shop and past a restaurant.

    It’s a transportation corridor.

    At no time does it pass anywhere near Rochester.

    I live in Virginia not far from I-95. While Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is a loose cannon of epic proportions (his misguided persistence in going after UVA scientists who were involved in climate research is scientifically and politically baffling), he is not going to get cozy with the likes of Schneiderman. Schneiderman is posturing, working hard to get media face time, etc. etc. I suspect he cares much more about getting elected to another tax-funded job than he does about any single issue. Politician, anyone?

  5. Ah yes, the old "known trafficking corridor" canard. Cops have been using phrases like this to bolster search warrants for years. And it's nonsense. Think about it: Cops stop a "suspicious" vehicle driving on I-95 in North Carolina or I-80 in Wyoming. One of the things they put in their statements is that it is a "known drug trafficking corridor."

    Well, no shit, Sherlock! It's a known everything corridor, in fact, pretty much the whole point of the Interstate Highway system was to create transportation corridors!

  6. What's neat about the Known [name of illegal activity] Corridor statement is that it works both ways: IOW, that car with the NY plates that is stopped in South Carolina on the "drug corridor" of I-95 is suspicious because it's on the "known corridor." Meanwhile, that other car with the Florida plates that's stopped on a 2 lane rural road in Virginia is suspicious for precisly the opposite reason – because it's avoiding the "known corridor!" It's sort of a "head-I-win-tails-you-lose" argument by the police.


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