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“A deadly DIY shotgun was harboured for years by a teenager who says he was given it to ‘look after’ when he was just 14-years-old,” reports. “The 12-bore metal weapon was put together by an amateur gunsmith – but is powerful enough to kill.” Kill, I tell you, kill! Only 19-year-old Conor Tipler didn’t kill anyone with the homemade gun. Didn’t point it at anyone either. But that didn’t stop Manchester’s most senior judge, Judge David Stockdale QC, from locking-up young master Tipler for three – count them three years. If you think that’s bad . . .

Tipler is the second person locked up this month for offences connected to improvised ‘slap’ or ‘slam fire’ guns.

Last week, Michael Sierotko, 24, from Glossop, was jailed for nine years for making a ‘weapon from step-by-step YouTube instructions that left a drug dealer fighting for life . . .

Sending him down, Judge Stockdale said: “This was an absolutely lethal piece of equipment.

“Taken apart it would look to the casual observer as being nothing more than two random pieces of tubing – which makes weapons of this sort all the more sinister.”

Sinister weapons. Wasn’t she a nightclub singer in the 40’s? But I don’t think weapons can be sinister, can they? Wouldn’t that ascribe them some sort of intent (an impossibility for an inanimate object)? I guess that’s what happens when you ban guns: they take on a life of their own. Even as lives are destroyed as a result.

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  1. Wow 3 years in prison! What a s##t county. If he had shouted Allah is great he would have been fine.

    • The real tragedy is that this poor young man has permanently lost his right to keep and bear arms because he’s now a felon.

      LOL, just kidding. He didn’t have any rights to begin with because he’s just another slave in a nation of slaves. F*ck England. Kicking them to the curb is the best thing we ever did.

    • Hey, have a heart! That drug dealer peddles the only thing that can (albeit temporarily) assuage the sting of their miserable servility. They really needed him.

    • I have to admit – without any context, I’m prejudiced to believe that someone who shoots a drug dealer is most likely to be a competitor.

    • ““Left a drug dealer fighting for life…”

      What a pity.”


      I expressed the exact same sentiment about Mr.Oklahoma Beheader Man and got my head (figuratively) ripped off and stuffed down my neck.

    • Keep in mind that a ‘drug dealer’ could be a 10 year old that traded an Ibuprofen for gum or even a Walgreens employee..Also, there is nothing inherently unethical or aggressive about selling drugs, even illegal ones.

      • There is nothing “unethical” about engaging in Illegal activity?

        Have another joint, then tell us more about this alternate reality.

        • Ethics gets kind of fuzzy when the legality of your actions changes based solely on geography. Sell an AR-15 to your neighbor in Texas, nobody cares, it’s just business. Do the same act in jolly old England, and you are arrested as an illegal arms dealer, smuggler and a whole bunch of other things. Same thing applies to drugs. Sell a joint in Texas: prison; sell a joint in Denmark: taxes. When the laws themselves stink of unethical slop, calling illegal actions unethical only confuses the point.

        • It used to be illegal in some places to offer aid to an escaped slave. Would it have been unethical to do so?

          Ethics and the law are two separate things.

    • That same sentiment, expressed against an abortion provider or even a licenced firearms dealer, would draw widespread condemnation. Many people consider drug use to be a matter of personal freedom, just as you do firearms ownership or as many others do abortion.

  2. Their leader Cameron thinks we are all Extremists. These people WALZED in and turned their guns in.

    • These two young men didn’t surrender anything. Their forefathers surrendered those rights for these two young men before they were of age to decide for themselves. This is what our forefathers called posterity. How would the future generations look back and see them? Would they be seen as white slave owners who didn’t want to pay “their fair share” of taxes, or as men who cherished their liberty and had the right to determine their fate, to rule themselves instead of people hundreds, or thousands, of miles away.

      We need to take care of our posterity. Of how future generations look back at us. Will they see us as giving up and letting the state be our protectorate, or standing and fighting for our God given rights to defend ourselves from oppression, whether that oppression be from be from looters from the dregs of society or from the looters from the ruling class?

  3. Yep, they didm’t learn much from before WW2…. had to train with broomsticks and defend the beaches on the channel with smooth bore shot guns with nothing bigger than # 4 shot allowed. My, but doesn’t being civilized leave one disadvantaged? Especially in a gunfight, as most crooks and thugs have guns?

  4. You have to be a real moron IMO to build any kind of gun in the U.K. Precisely because the gun laws are so asinine. In Germany, they outlaw some non-gun weapons too, such as ninja throwing stars (literally).

  5. ” would look to the casual observer as being nothing more than two random pieces of tubing…”

    You’d think there would be an observation one could make about the futility of onerous gun laws from that statement, but let’s step over that…

    • The sad thing is that two random pieces of tubing, an endcap, and a nail are all that’s needed to set off a shotgun round in a controlled manner. It really is two random pieces of tubing.

  6. No victim, no crime. Way to ruin a kids life just for being a kid. I did some stupid crap when I was 14, but I never hurt anyone or tried to hurt anyone. This is what happens when “common sense” gun laws are passed.

    • Rofl yup!

      Luckily I didn’t kill myself, now days ugh I’d be in prison till I was 80.

  7. All the hardware stores better be on the lookout now, for anybody coming in and wanting to buy a lot of black iron pipe. I can see some drug dealer with some tools in his workshop, setting up a production line on these things

  8. Oh, the things I built, when I was young. Wouldn’t do it today. But I still remember how, if needed.

  9. Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation
    that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense? Where is the
    difference between having our arms in possession and under our
    direction, and having them under the management of Congress? If our
    defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they
    be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own

    – Some dead OFWG

    • And you want to know where to get the steel that makes really nice sword or knife blades?

      Auto & truck leaf springs, often 5160 steel. Makes very tough swords or knife blades. Can be hardened up into the mid-50’s Rockwell C range. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Go down to a wrecking yard, strip a leaf pack off a truck and you have enough steel to forge into several swords for $0.30/pound, scrap price.

      • Hmm. Educational. I’d been wanting to play at making silly weapons, collapsible staffs, giant shuriken and such since I was younger. Just to see if I had any talent at metalwork.

        How ‘pure’ would you say the metal from truck leaf springs is?

        Would it be a case of melting and casting, or would I need more knowledge of metallurgy?

        • You’d probably find it easier to heat and forge. Melting steel takes some serious heat. Getting it red hot and forging it by hand into the shape you want is easily achieved.

          As for purity, eh, it’s as pure as anything else. It won’t be of the highest possible quality (eg, barrel steel), but it’s nothing to turn up your nose at. I’ve seen many knives made from 5160 leaf springs that are quite nice and of very high quality.

          Get around some successful blacksmiths and watch how they handle steel – any steel – and you’ll see how to keep impurities out of your end result. Keep the top of your anvil clean, don’t over-heat the steel in the fire, use coke, not coal, to fire your forge (or use propane). Find some blacksmiths, go watch and learn. Like gunsmithing, it isn’t rocket science, it’s just a matter of the right tools (many of which you can make yourself with raw steel, a hammer and an anvil), the right technique and some manual skill.

      • Where I come from, WV, blacksmith and machine shop types have been using the leaf springs to make knives for a long time.

        Old files seem to be prized in the process, also.

  10. Remind me again why we spent huge piles of treasure, and 100’s of thousands of lives of our countrymen, to twice save the UK from German domination?

    Because if the end goal was to keep the Brits free of oppression, we failed. We should forthrightly admit that having done so was a mistake, then we should swear upon the graves of our fallen and pledge our sacred honor to not repeat that mistake a third time.

    • Ironically, Germans can legally own handguns.

      So maybe if you’d left well enough alone they’d have more rights.

      Alas, you didn’t.

      • Our involvement in WWI was brought about by the first of an increasingly long line of modern-day “I know more than you” presidents from the Ivy League, Woodrow Wilson.

        America as a country wanted nothing to do with it, remember well Geo. Washington’s advice to not become involved in the affairs of Europe. But Wilson, being a professor from Princeton, had big ideas before and after the war.

        Wilson was also the president I’m most apt to describe as a fascist.

    • As a British subject let me thank your greatest generation for their sacrifice for a free world not just the UK, shame those that came later are not of the same quality it seems.
      Seriously, the wars never cost you a bean. Financially we paid off our WWII loans just a few years ago, plus interest, and you still have some well placed military bases courtesy of HM Govt.
      Look, we know Britain sucks, it’s just not friendly rubbing our faces in it every 5 minutes.

      • We lost over 400,000 men KIA in WWII, over 50K of those in the air war of Europe, and thousands more in our merchant marine hauling goods over to the UK so you wouldn’t starve and freeze.

        We US taxpayers paid a huge cost following WWWII for a defense build up to stare down the USSR because you Europeans couldn’t be bothered to do so for your own defense. No, you wanted socialized medicine, six week’s vacation every summer and overpaid unions in your industries.

        We US taxpayers spent 100’s upon 100’s of billions of dollars in defense spending to bleed the Russians dry, causing the collapse of second most murderous political system in human history, and now many countries in western Europe have effectively handed their future over to the Russians because they didn’t want to be bothered with developing credible energy programs, instead preferring to buy natural gas from their former enemy. Thanks for that development, BTW.

        And you have the goddamn gall to say it didn’t cost us “a bean.”

        The next time any of you Europeans have a thought on the subject, here’s a bit of advice: Go back to licking the boots of your masters.

  11. Weapons can be sinister. Sinister is the Latin term for left handedness, as opposed to dexter for right handedness. Therefore, weapons adapted for left handed use are sinister.

    That said, it does not seem that this shotgun was adapted to be fired from a particular side, making it ambidextrous… meaning both right hands. Wouldn’t that preclude it from being sinister?

    • Lol. Was thinking about that myself. Sinistra is left hand and dextra is right.

      Which always pisses me off when left handed people have good dexterity. Aargh!

    • One of the definitions of “sinister” is “accompanied by or leading to disaster”, which, given the life-ruining sentence the 19-year old kid got for just possessing it, seems pretty on-point.

  12. Make him a United States Citizen because he knows free men can own guns and people not allowed to own guns are slaves

  13. When the bad guys come for you, call a liberal. Or, perhaps, a senior civic judge from Manchester (who may himself be armed or maybe go around with armed protection whenever he feels he needs it). How much longer are our friends the Brits going to put up with this kind of crap?

    • The Brits will “put up with this kind of crap” for as long as its easy to be on their dole.

  14. I would say something derogatory against the Brit legal system but the Shaneen Allen case in NJ shows our legal system is just as hell bent on punishing the innocent for excercising their right to bear arms.

  15. Coming soon to a west-coast nanny state near you. Stay sharp, this could be our future if we let it.

    • Nobody said he was a good guy. It’s not the weapon that needs legislating. It’s the act of using the weapon illegally.

    • RF is saying the teen caught in possession is being unfairly jailed for 3 years. He didn’t render an opinion about Sierotko.

  16. Was I the only one who had Alices Restaurant pop up in my head?

    ….And I started jumpin up and down yelling, “KILL, KILL,” and
    He started jumpin up and down with me and we was both jumping up and down
    Yelling, “KILL, KILL.” And the sargent came over, pinned a medal on me,
    Sent me down the hall, said, “You’re our boy.”

    If it wasn’t for Monte Python, I would have said the Brits have no understanding of humor to go along with their lack of understanding of freedom!

  17. Only 3 years? Having a short-barreled-shotgun without ATF approval will get you more than 3 years in the US.

  18. Alternative framing: When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. I’m unable to muster sympathy for these chaps. I used it all up on the many, many victims of common British thuggery and street crime.

  19. Well, if anything can turn this young man’s life around, it’s ensuring that he can never get a decent job and all of his friends and acquaintances are criminals.

  20. Sinister weapons…..hmmmm…… Maybe I will start a gun manufacturing business called that.

  21. Dear Americans

    Having the right to bear arms ensures that there are more people shot dead per day in the US than in the rest of the world combined.

    You patronising, simpleminded, redneck muthatruckaz.

    All the best,

    Everyone Else Alive.

  22. There’s a huge collection of improvised firearms on the ImproGuns blog: . Homemade guns are quietly ignored, despite making upwards of 50% of illegal firearms in some countries. Even in Australia, 10% of firearms seized are homemade.

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