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“A fox-hunting supporter has been filmed repeatedly accusing a hunt monitor of being a paedophile for shooting footage of riders and hounds on a public road,” reports. “The woman, caught on camera as the Grafton Hunt in Buckinghamshire set out, is seen claiming that her children are being filmed when the hunt approaches . ..

“I don’t give you permission to film my children – my children are under 16,” she says. “You are a paedophile for filming our children and should be put away.”

The Independent — a crusader against pedophilia — was quick to shoot down the claim.

The hunt monitors said they were filming to see whether the pack, setting out from Stowe School, chased after foxes.

One young man, who appears to be a teenager, emerges from the Grafton pack and walks towards the camera. [click on link to see video].

The hunt monitors said they were filming to see whether the pack, setting out from Stowe School, chased after foxes.

One young man, who appears to be a teenager, emerges from the Grafton pack and walks towards the camera.

The mother then claims – wrongly – that it is illegal to film children . . .

Filming children in a public place is not illegal, although the media often voluntarily obscure children’s faces in some circumstances. Hunting wildlife with dogs has been illegal since 2005.

The battle over fox hunting in England is just as much about class warfare as “animal rights.” Meanwhile . . .

England’s fox population continues to grow unchecked, spreading into the cities. Just like coyotes moving into Austin. Connect those dots.

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  1. Woe! The results of destroying your wildlife, forests, and calling your apex predators the spawn of satan and waging a holy war against them. Now you have foxes in town because they needed a place to live, Who woulda thunk it?

      • Cool the game of links! lets play!

        As far back as 950AD and probably further, they have been demonized, culled, and outright exterminated. Guess what foxes used to get eaten by and their populations kept in check, yep! wolves! Birds of prey, are another primary predator but they can’t so it all. By 1485–1509 wolves were nearly extinct, and when people ran out of wolves to butcher, they turned to foxes.

        The fox population in the UK is a self-inflicted problem. Whats the old saying, when the cats are away, the mice will play?

        • You miss the point.
          Wolves snatched children and Foxes killed fowl. Since the dawn of man. THAT is why they were “exterminated”.
          Eat your soy and go feed yourself to the canid of your preference.

        • Don’t leave small children unattended, this is one of the many rules of Duh. Wolves, bobcats, birds of prey, oh, even other people, will very quickly snatch up unattended children. Just about every single case of “snatching” has been due to a moronic parent sending their eight something year old kid off on his own camping trip in the middle of the outback. Gee, what the hell do you think is going to happen, hes going turn into some kind of master bushcrafting survivor overnight? Yet people like you would rather exterminate a national resource and deprive me and my posterity of enjoying them, rather than punishing irresponsible parents.

          Likewise for regular Einsteins like that chick in Alaska, jogging in the middle of nowhere, unarmed, weighing a whole whopping 90? 110? Pounds. Some Darwin award material right there. Hell, I could hold her up on one arm! Don’t sneeze, she might blow away with the wind!

          Kid snatching via wolf is only an issue in deep rural India, where people don’t even know what a toilet is, much less common sense. You may find this pattern across much of the still stone age world, including Africa and parts of the middle east.

          I would bet you still think you can find rubies in a wolfs stomach, or they were the product of Satan lying with a woman.

        • Wow, Arc, people in India don’t know what common sense is?

          A tree hugging liberal progtard that’s also a racist.

          You’re edgy and complicated.

        • Jwm, when you finally get around to visiting a third world shithole, you will understand. No, people in rural, middle of nowhere, India, do not know what common sense is. Half the country is in the space age, the other half is in the stone age.

          I point out that killing apex predators results in over population of prey species and the third world all too often lacks common sense. Now I’m a liberal, a racist, a yuppie tree hugger! Here I was thinking that only the regressive left ate its own. Because I hold alternate opinions about the future of resources and what should be done, I’m a horrible evil liberal. Relative to wolves, yes, a fox is a prey species, even though it consumes other animals.

          I really don’t give a damn what names you cook up, but you need to keep that kind of contagious bullshit on infowars and zerohedge before you infect TTAG with it. I don’t want to see a thousand and one “buh the joooz did it!” posts over here.

        • And now you’re the ttag hall monitor? Deciding what can and can’t be said?

          When you worry more about animals than people you are a progressive tree hugger. And name calling folks in 3rd world countries is, if not racist, very intolerant.

          With the exception of my military service I’ve made a conscious decision to not travel to other places, shithole or otherwise.

          Fur is not murder. And neither is shooting a yote or any other beastie that is legal and in season.

        • Yeah yeah, I did my ground pound and door kicking time too. You can’t have seasons or responsible management if extremists get their way and annihilate the entire population. Some breeds of wolf are outright gone now, lost to the pages of history because greedy, self-centered people, ran them to extinction.

          Once the world is only populated with humans and animals benefiting humans, what are you going to hunt? cows? what will your kids hunt?

          The UK culled their predators and now they are reaping the results of a population explosion. And yes, I’ll worry about animals more than people because people can take care of themselves in civilization or go mooch some welfare. People deforest the countryside and displace wildlife then bitch when it moves in with them. Eventually, in several decades, I’ll be displaced too and will have to move because the cities will expand too close to me. I don’t want or need leftist ordinances, regulations, ever more governmental intrusion into my life, I’m not going to beg for the kings permission and a permit every time I want to build a barn or move a rock.

          Animals rape, kill, steal, what have you but men murder en mass and for the most petty of reasons, they steal to the tune of billions out of greed and not need, not that need would justify it either. Cats toy with their food while people routinely torture and abuse others for pleasure.

          I’ve had people kill various animals in front of me and others for no other reason than ‘they can’ and no one will punish them for uncalled for acts of cruelty, and the brig isn’t a fun place. I have no fucks left to give about the human race and left to its own devices, will ultimately wipe its self out. Unfortunately, humanity is an extinction level event for most of the earth.

          Get stuck in a unit with people who crucify mice for shits and giggles, torture puppies, and threaten to soak cats in JP8, and you just might join me in having no fucks left to give about mankind or its future.

          And yes, I am intolerant. I am intolerant of people who migrate into an out of the way town, in the deep countryside, then start breaking into businesses, throwing trash out onto the streets, looking at me like they want to kill me because I’m not ‘one of them’, and utterly disrespecting the community. Crime was unheard of here just ten years ago, but hey, I’ll let you guess the race. So pardon me for being intolerant, but this is the United states of America, and I will be intolerant of whomever I wish.

        • Its a human’s world. Other animals continue to live because we allow it.

          That said, i dont give two f##ks about humanity as a whole either.

        • It would fix their fox problem, haha. There are a lot of barn cats and feral cats in my area, no, they aren’t killing all the birds off, the birds are in my back yard by the tens of thousands because of all the bird berry bushes. The roads will be covered in shit for a while.

          Back to barn cats and coyotes, yep, you would think they would take over but they don’t. Disease thins out the weak cats and coyotes nom up the ones that jump fence and stray several hundred meters into the wild.

          Cats keep the snakes and mice in check, yotes keep the cats and deer in check, and the supply of prey keeps the yotes in check. Funny how wildlife balances its self when you don’t screw with it.

    • Yep. Travel through any inner city, or run a four tours packed with people from all walks of life, while seeing countries with all walks of life, and most people will figure out real quick that humanity isn’t worth shit.

      I get the whole human life is sacred deal but it seems to be a technicality on paper. I’ll take my dog over just about anyone.

      • The value of a human life is how much it will cost to hire somebody to have someone killed. For some people, it is almost nothing, and for others, no price is high enough.

        • Yep.
          $7,900 is roughly the price of a human life in India
          $0.50 is a guesstimate value for someone in Detroit
          $400,000 is the USGLI payout for one US Marine, before taxes of course.
          $140,000 is the payout for one limb.
          $50,000 is an average world wide insurance value of a human life.
          $100,000 – $488,000 is the value pinned by some studies.
          $6,000,000 – $9,000,000 is the value figured by many us governmental agencies.

          Yeah, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

          I often entertain that the value of a human life to the federal government is the total sum of your tax revenue, minus end of life care. Cash cow.

    • Soon the foxes will rise up, and foxes will be in parliament. And the British will be the ones rooting through rubbish for food.

      • The hilarious or deeply disturbing part is, the foxes would probably do a better job at running the government! Now if we could replace congress with foxes…

  2. I rather doubt that coyotes are “moving in to” Austin. Likely they’ve been there for a long time but their presence has either gone unnoticed or hasn’t been publicized until recently. When they want to be coyotes can be fairly stealthy.

    On top of that pretty much every major city in the country, NYC included, has full fledged packs of coyotes and often other wild life. Parks that are basically in downtown L.A. have mountain lions, bears and other “scary” animals that are tagged and tracked for research purposes.

    It’s actually pretty impressive how well some of these creatures have adapted to urban life. The coyotes in L.A. are studied fairly heavily and reported to understand crosswalk signals and obey them to avoid getting run over.

    Welcome to the jungle…

    • Coyotes and Jackals can make for good pets if you get them young, only in America is there so much red tape for owning one. Just make sure you have a bright neon orange harness on it so some asshole doesn’t shoot it, like Layne Spence’s malamute at a ski resort. The ‘hunter’ still hasn’t apologized.

      • Apparently coyotes are also good to eat. It’s right in the Lewis and Clark cook book. Add some rice and veggies for a stew.

        • I’ve had some pretty funky stuff overseas but dog isn’t on the list, meat eaters are a little stringy I hear. Just be sure to cook it really good, don’t want worms, parasites, or other nasties! I’m not going to turn my nose up if its all I got though. XD

    • Wow those illegal aliens really are getting smarter… Are you sure they started obeying crosswalk signals or did Commiefornia just start making them dual language signals?


      Honestly though that is amazing they’ve learned that. I for one welcome our future canid citizens maybe when they take over they’ll finally figure out how to deal with those crazy cat people… Why anyone would own such a bipolar mean spirited creature is beyond me. I mean I’m honestly amazed those cats adopted Ralph they could’ve got literally any other human on the planet and they chose Ralph.

  3. ““I don’t give you permission to film my children – my children are under 16,” she says. “You are a paedophile for filming our children and should be put away…”

    Sounds like libel, per se to me.


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