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When a populace are disarmed subjects rather than armed citizens, when they don’t have a written constitution or the right to silence, there are only two ways it can go: criminally controlled chaos with endemic corruption (e.g., Mexico) or a police state (e.g. the UK). I don’t know if the UK police force will implement SelectaDNA’s High Velocity DNA Tagging System. But I bet they want to. reports that CO2 cartridges imbed the DNA tag in skin creases for up to two weeks. “The pistol can squeeze off 20 shots per 12-gram cartridge, while the rifle’s capacity is higher. Both guns allow users to hit targets from a range of 30 to 40 meters (98 to 131 feet).” So it’s jolly useful for marking protestors for later collection. But not in the U.S., where armed civilians might not take kindly to getting shot by anyone with anything. See the difference?

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  1. I understand why they shaped it like a gun, because they are using it as a precision tagging device, but for mobs wouldnt it be more effective to just incorporate the DNA into a hose like system and spray down the rioters? Would make it a lot easier to tag several people at once…and it would help disperse the crowd.

    • How expensive would it be to shot chemicals out a fire hose. Paint ball you are talking about milliliters of liquid a fire hose you are talking about gallons.


      • But you dont need to have buckets of chemicals coming out of the hose, Im sure the DNA fluoresces at a fairly low concentration, so you could more easily mark 100 people at a riot while using technology already in use (think the fertilizer attachments for hoses). This would be more economical than these DNA guns, and the best part is the rioters wouldnt know if they were being marked or just sprayed with plain ole water.

        • Coupled with the fact that every inch of London (relatively speaking) is covered with CCTV and those cameras can see wavelengths humans can’t, you’ll be lit up like a Tokyo department store as they track yiou home.

          Provided you aren’t smart enough to wear full clothing and dump it as you run.

  2. Armed American protesters generally do not confront the police. Protesters showing up armed is a completely different scenario and discussion.

  3. So someone created a paint ball gun that shots die that bleed though clothing and shows up in infrared and gave it a cool sounding name.


    • Yeah, can someone explain how DNA plays a role? Sounds like a paintball with a penetrative, hard to wash dye. If I use lemon juice to write a secret note that’s invisible until you heat in can I call it a DNA note? Because there IS dna in the lemon juice.

  4. I don’t think the dna tagging thing is connected to the Second Amendment, or lack thereof, at all. Just Britain trying to figure out a way to catch rioters without shooting them dead or breaking their skulls.. how is that more Police State than us?
    One thing I don’t hear about in the UK: SWAT teams breaking down doors without announcing themselves and then “justifiably” killing the scared homeowner who has grabbed a gun to fend off what he thinks is a home invasion.

    • When one liberty is attacked, they’re all attacked. This “tagging rioters”is crap. What if the coppers miss and hit a bystander? No presumption of innocent in the UK.

    • Why don’t they just require a chip embedded in each subject at birth? Rioters would not even gather to protest to start with if the G can track them 24/7. See, great for law and order. Just mandate the implant in every person except the ruling class. Problem solved.

      • The tech has been here for 10+ years and it’s cheap.

        It won’t happen for another 30 years though, barring some new “9/11” event. Once that’s created, err happens, the sheep will gladly sign up for some illusion of safety.

    • the reason we don’t hear about SWAT stings in england is because their government controls the media, which isn’t allowed to report those kinds of unpleasantnesses.

  5. Let me make sure I understand this properly. This is a projectile weapon. Which shoots “DNA markers” presumably in some form of paintball-like projectile.

    OMFG. It’s a semen gun. A spooge splatter. A load lobber. (OK, I’ll stop there.)

    Holy cow. I couldn’t make up something this funny if I tried.

    “You bastard! You got it in my eye!”

  6. Cops shoot protesters in the US with all kinds of things (bean bags, tear gas, tasers, etc.), and I do not recall a single one ever shooting back. So, I don’t really think your point is relevant.

  7. This is truly Orwellian… and something similar has been done before, but not by the Big Powers, but by the Stasi, in East Germany, or (as it was known officially) the German Democratic Republic (cough).

    The Stasi would break into your house, or creep around your work environment, the gym, your school, your car, a restaurant where you just ate, etc – and pick up your clothing, grab up furniture, things with which you’d been in contact for extended periods, then collect scents of you.

    When you’d come in for interrogation – about anything – they’d hand you something to hold for 15 to 30 minutes while they got you worked up, then use that object as a scent repository.

    They’d store these objects with your scent on them in a jam jar (similar to our Mason jars), with names and ID numbers on them and use them as a reference scent of those whom they wanted to follow or incriminate.

    Then they’d use dogs or people trained to be super-sniffers to follow people around…

    If people want to see where this type of crap leads, I highly recommend a German film titled “Das Leben Der Anderen,” or “The Lives of Others.” The commies in the DDR approached communism with a teutonic zeal for efficiency and competence that the Russians could never match, and the Chinese can’t even fathom. According to some estimates, about one-third of the country was in the employ of the Stasi, reporting on their family, friends and neighbors… and for those people who were too smart and too well disconnected from other people, the Stasi used methods similar to this DNA tagger – scent, radioactive trace powder, fluorescent dyes, etc.

    One more thing to NB:

    This sort of perverted society (the UK) is what produces knob-polishers like Piers Morgan.

  8. And the prof that Fascism is rising again in Europe. Hitlers happy to see his one time enemy come his way on all issues next minorities will be registered and you know what happens next.

  9. for the edification of the comments above, those are LE models of tippmann paintball markers, the pistol being a TPX (8 balls/mag) or later model TiPX , and the “rifle” a model 98. these are LE models not only because of the color, but also probably have the safety valve removed so that they can fire above 330 fps (against criminals who cares about safety right). I suspect this because I have a less successful version of the Tiberius T8 called the pepperball SA-8. though why the FN 303 was not good enough is beyond me.

  10. I look forward to the first recipeint of a shot from the splooge gun to promptly sue for a flagrent abuse of their human rights.

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