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Never mind The Truth About Guns. Anyone who’s been through a divorce knows the true meaning of the words “no holds barred.” As you may or should be aware of, if you’re soon-to-be or existing ex wants to abridge your Second Amendment rights, all he or she (just to be PC) has to do is claim domestic violence. Your guns will be confiscated faster than you can say “Hurricane Katrina.” As you’d expect from the Land of Hope and No Handguns, the gun control mad Brits have taken the idea to the next level: pre-emption. The Daily Mail reports . . .

Police will question the former partners of gun licence applicants about their mental stability under a proposed tightening of the law.

Former wives, girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends will be asked if the applicant has ever displayed violent traits or personality flaws.

If they say yes, officers will use their answers as grounds to reject the licence bid . . .

In future, gun licence applicants will have to list all current and recent partners. Police would then ask about the person’s behaviour to build up a picture of the applicant . . .

The Home Office is considering copying new laws introduced in Canada, where applicants must provide the authorities with details of all their partners over the past three years. These men and women are then spoken to by officers and if there is nothing untoward, they are asked to sign the gun certificate.

Cue Mandark laugh: HA! HA ha ha ha. And Ralph in three, two, one . . .

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  1. What if you can’t remember all your partners in the last three years? They are already doing this crap in Canada? Where is the outrage?!

  2. You know, if governments didn’t have access to fiat currency that they can print baskets full of whenever they want, this sort of madness would cease immediately.

    What exactly does it cost to harass people endlessly until you finally, finally dig up some sort of disqualifying information? What is the return on that investment? This is nuts.

    • Nobody said taking away an entire nation’s right to armed self-defense was easy. (FYI UK economy about the same size as CA’s.)

  3. I think that Ralph meant to say that if the ATF interviewed his ex’s that he would really be “forked”. The UK and Canada are perfect examples of how mindless sheep allow a bunch of know it all morons run (and ruin) their lives and freedom.

  4. Already happens in Canada.

    You need your exes’ consent to even apply, and you have to provide their current phone number and address. The RCMP can and do contact them.

    On the application form, there’s a phone number right where your ex and other references have to sign. It says that if you don’t feel that this person is fit to own a firearm, you should call it in.

    It just opens the door for revenge from a petty ex-partner, while keeping no one safe.

    • That’s crazy- does it only apply to spouses or to any relationship?

      You’d have a hard time drawing a legal line on the latter…

      • Anything conjugal from the last two years. Spouse or not, common-law or not. If she’s bitter, you rolls the dice or you waits 2 years.

        And that’s for getting your possession license by the way – not buying an actual gun.

  5. So glad I’m in the US…. My ex couldn’t offer evidence of any time I’d done anything abusive or aggressive, but she’s a vindictive……..person, and one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. I’d certainly hate to have my gun rights hinge on her consent.

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