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A lawfully owned pistol resulted in the arrest of this man, Stefan Josie-Davis, a licensed security guard. As a result, he’s lost his job and will never achieve his goal of becoming a police officer. As Dirk Diggler writes, “Since Howard Schultz has Starbucks engaging in “race discussions” on coffee cups now, maybe he will take up the outdated and racially charged gun possession laws in NJ, NY and other states created as a way of keeping blacks,‎ immigrants, and other “undesirables” unarmed and unprotected? Doubtful but worth shaming them for their $hitty coffee and poor policy.”

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  1. LOL. He wanted to become a cop in New Jersey? So he could crap on the rights of other people like his were? Too much.

    • He wanted to be a NJ cop and would be doing the same thing to others that they did to him, now he cries foul?

      • Maybe he would have had the same attitude as most other cops, maybe not. I see the irony here, but the same stupid laws apply to every other gun owner in NJ. He was facing 10 years in state prison before he cut a deal. He put himself in a bad spot because his carry permit was not approved just yet. However, an otherwise law-abiding citizen was prohibited by the draconian state laws from exercising his 2A rights. The NRA should be all over this, but all I hear is crickets.

        • The NRA should be all over this, but all I hear is crickets.

          IIRC, the same thing was said about the NRA and the bullet ban. And then it was rescinded due, at least in part, to the NRA.

        • I didn’t see you drop the first C-note for his legal defense fund. Everybody sure likes to bitch about what other people are or are not doing with their time and money. Reminds me of antis bitching about what others are or are not doing with their firearms rights.

          This jackwagon, a licensed professional, already one sort of special privileged citizen, was aiming to become an even more specially privileged person, and he couldn’t even abide by the relaxed standards he was held to. Too bad, so sad!

          Forgive me if I missed it, but I didn’t see anyone mention it, this guy left a firearm in his glove box, by way of “mental lapse”, in a household with a little girl so young that she needs assistance returning to the house from the garage. A glove box is not a secure location to store a firearm at home. That mental lapse could have gotten that little girl killed.

          This loser has no business owning a firearm, let alone being a cop. Sorry, he’s a convict now. Screw him.

        • @Jonathan
          Actually, my money probably is part of this guy’s defense fund. I donated a little when the single mom from PA was arrested in NJ because she didn’t know her permit was worthless in NJ. Nappen was representing her (and now this guy) and many other people donated generously. That case was dropped, and AFAIK, Nappen did not donate that money to the NRA or the SAF. Both of which have a lot more money than I do to support the guy’s legal defense.

          This guy bought the gun legally and he’s now a felon because he made the mistake of leaving it in a glove box and forgetting about it. His permit to carry was presumably a few days from being approved. Does his mistake deserve a felony charge and a possible 10 year prison sentence? I don’t think so. You may not like the guy, but that’s neither here nor there. No law abiding citizen should face such stiff penalties for something like that.

          So many times I read here people say “2A is my permit” or “disobey, carry anyway.” This guy didn’t even do it intentionally, but because he’s a wanna be cop, the 2A crowd is glad to throw him under the bus.

        • I may not like him? I don’t even know him, just his crimes. Ohhh, that was just code for he’s black and I’m a racist? Got it. How shameful.

          Answer one question, though: where was he going? Hmm?

          He got the gun from his safe and went to the garage to his car. Had his car keys and everything, when he was startled and interrupted by his little sister. He placed the firearm in the glove box at that time, where he forgot it.

          So where was he going with that gun? Not to work, as he was out of uniform and without his I.D., which was his only legal authority to carry it. Si where was he going?

          I don’t know, but wherever it was, he was willfully and knowingly doing so while carrying illegally. I don’t buy his lies and sob story for one minute. He already had the sweet gamey tang in his mouth, could already taste his looming special citizen status. He already felt above the law, but he got burned. Have fun as a felon, I say. No guns for him!

      • I just have no mercy or sympathy for those living in the Garden State. He was looking to become a jack booted thug like the rest of law enforcement there and got yoked before he was made a member.

        Sucks to be you, homey, and it should.

    • He was becoming a security guard and needed to wait for his concealed carry permit to come back in for NJ to allow him to exercise his constitutional rights.

      Being a guard isn’t exactly a glorified position but even if you have a beef with cops you shouldn’t with guards.

    • Air’s a bit thin up there on your high horses. You might want to come down to earth and quit judging this man before he’s done anything.

      And keep it up with your generalization. Next time someone dumps on all white American men, don’t cry foul, m’kay?

  2. Eff New Jersey gun laws. This man deserves better!

    Too bad his lawyer had him take the plea deal… I hope his felony conviction is overturned.

  3. I hope that Stefan has a very good lawyer. He’ll need one.

    And I don’t drink Starbuck’s for the same reason that I don’t drink Castrol GTX. But if I did and was handed a #RaceTogether cup, I’d hand the barista a #NoTip lid.

    • Yo, Jimmy…Don’t never come to Jersey, Neu Yougk, or Conn, if you know what’s good fo’ you…
      If you’re ever in Jersey, well, you better do the right;
      You better not gamble, there, you better not fight;
      or the sheriff will grab you;
      and boys will bring you down;
      The next thing you know, boy, Oh! You’re prison bound….
      Oh, wait, that’s Houston….

    • Looks like that sign was on a public easement blocking visibility of school bus stop.

      It may have been illegal. We shall see….

  4. First time that nonsense shows up on my coffee cup I’ll be getting a refund. As for NJ, I have no need to ever go there again since my grandparents gave past. I drove around it last time I gad s reason to be in upstate NY.

  5. No argument here Dirk. And Chris Christie meets with the gabby…kissinggoodbye any chance he would ever get the pro-gun vote. And they piss & moan about Illinois…

  6. Lawfully owned but certainly not lawfully carried- and not just in NJ. Sticking a loaded gun in a glove compartment is a no-no without a permit in the general region (okay in PA). And his story about it sounds like complete hogwash. He gets less sympathy from me than do the little old ladies with carry permits from their states who don’t realize such permits are not recognized in others.

    And the gun laws in NJ may have once been ‘racially charged’ but not now… they’re crap to a non-rich white person just like a non-rich black person.

    • You’re right. Even in Texas, unlicensed car carry was largely illegal until as recently as 2007. This isn’t a trivial matter.

  7. Breaking news: in most states, If he had no concealed pistol permit he is guilty of the crime! This is not a NJ inclusive nazi law, this is generally the law in most states! Without a permit to carry concealed, and for transport, the pistol is supposed to be unloaded, in the trunk, locked, in a box that identifies it as a gun, mags unloaded, mags and ammo separated from gun (ect., or any variation there of, sometimes not, based on state law). That being said, he is guilty of the charge.. it sucks but that’s the law! And whether or not he knowingly broke the law is redundant since he is the only one who can say he legitimately forgot. If he is entitled to a pardon then imagine how many others over the years would be entitled to a pardon for having a gun in their glove box! We can assume Most of whom were actually criminals who knowingly broke the law. Excluding The old man with the 300 year old musket pistol of course that was ridiculous, being a historical artifact.. (and not a black guy

    • Breaking news! The Constitution says that we have the right to keep and BEAR arms! It does not say we merely have the right to transport them in the trunk locked and unloaded in a case designating a firearm.

      What if they required you to only transport a newspaper, or a Bible, in a locked case in the trunk of your car? What if the law of NJ said that you only had the right to speak in your own home?

      The gun laws of NJ are evil! Whether the man made a mistake makes no difference. He did nothing inherently wrong. Guilt requires wrongdoing!

      • Buffy_ Bob above is a troll , paid by mommy bloombucks , please ignore as they have shown up on many , Grown Up threads …. sadly – it continues. Ignore Ignore Ignore.
        ……. It bunches the panties …………..when you IGNORE THEM.

        • IN NJ LAW break YOU
          Really you dumb bastard? Your name is even ate up! And just what have I said in any post that makes me a troll! I am a die hard 2nd amendment supporter, just because you may have read half a comment of me calling something what is does not mean anything. You can go suck bloombergs fat baby dick if you got nothing to add to the topic.

      • This is how you and I interpret the 2nd amendment, it does not change the fact that these laws were put in place by elected officials, and we the people allowed them to stick and become law. Instead of forming this “well regulated militia”, that also is written in the 2nd amendment in order to secure our absolute constitutional freedoms, the people decided they would allow these officials to keep adding laws to these laws, and keep going to work in order to pay these officials to usurp our rights bestowed upon us by our creators!
        This being the case, as long as we do not form this regulated militia, we have Limited choice’s; to stay within the law as edited by politicians, or to gamble on your life, or value of, to which you suffer the consequences alone and alienated from society as a convicted criminal. due to the majority of American fighting age men who are so sheltered from reality they believe there is nothing worse than death! They will do anything to avoid a confrontation, and are so unwilling to confront, that they conform, no matter how absurd, and no matter the cost! You can keep talking about constitutional this, and rights that! But understand that these rights you speak of have been under attack since day 1, from the outside, and now from the inside! Our enemy infiltrated decades ago, it hates that you think for yourself and choose your own destiny, it does not fear death, and it certainly does not yield to words! Bottom line is bring war, or bring your taxes and stay in line! The middle ground will only get you criminal charges.
        As far as this guy who really knows, we cannot say for certain his intentions, actions, or whether or not we have the full story, if this incident ever happened to begin with, if TTAG actually serves a nefarious anti 2nd amendment egenda, or if we are even really here right now!

  8. Even if we completely ignore the 2nd Amendment, NJ gun laws are completely absurd and have got to go.

    It shouldn’t be a felony to do something in one state that is completely legal and normal in many other states. A felony supposed to be a very serious crime (murder, rape, kidnapping, etc.). All these stupid gun laws reflect a profoundly wrong view of the law.

    We need to distinguish between Malum in se (wrong in itself) and Malum prohibitum (wrong only because it is arbitrarily and capriciously prohibited). The law must only prohibit things that are actual crimes.

  9. Confiscate… Confiscate .. Confiscate , on a Hot Mic , in Chambers !! See It On YouTube.
    See Also the removal of James Kaleda , from speaking against new anti gun laws.
    Read Evan Nappan , On NJ Gun Law.

    • Think it’s bad now? Just wait until Christie is gone and they get another Democrat Gov., to go along with the Democrat controlled Assembly and Senate…The Sh*t is Gonna Hit the Fan! Get out of Jersey (or at least get ready to rent a storage unit for your firearms in PA) before 2016. My bet is UK style gun laws are coming to NJ.

  10. what all the gun owners in new jersey need to do is move out. let the damn state go under for lack of tax payers. let all gun mfg’s move out. a hostile state doesn’t need any gun mfg’s. as far as the rest of us, avoid new jersey if at all possible. n j, n y, ct. ca. are states I don’t plan to ever visit.

  11. I don’t agree with any gun laws other than the 2nd Amendment. But, as a gun owner, you and you alone are responsible for your own actions. That gun should never have been in the car until he had the required permit. It is his responsibility to know this. I’m glad they didn’t just throw him in jail for 10 years, and I hope his conviction is overturned.


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