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 U.S. Marshal lasering U.S. Marshall while ignoring the foregrip. Hey, at least he hasn't lost his gun. Yet. (courtesy

“Three masked men stunned downtown Frederick the afternoon of Feb. 5 when they made off with more than $190,000 worth of watches from Colonial Jewelers in a 50-second armed heist,” reports. “Alonzo Lee Meadows, 31, was arrested the next morning in Washington, D.C., leading to a second stunning revelation. At a bond hearing Feb. 11 after his extradition from D.C., Assistant State’s Attorney Kirsten Brown revealed that police searching Meadows’ girlfriend’s home found a U.S. Marshal’s AR-15 rifle along with five loaded magazines under his side of the bed.” Which led the paper to wonder how many other firearms have gone walkies . . .

Between 2007 and 2012, seven U.S. Marshals rifles have been reported missing or stolen, according to the agency’s response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by The Frederick News-Post.

Of the 42 total weapons reported missing, 29 were listed as stolen and 12 listed as lost in the agency’s response. One additional weapon did not have a classification for type of case, but a police report indicates the deputy U.S. Marshal’s truck was broken into.

Given the recent news about the U.S. Park Police’s lax firearms security and inventory and various media reports about various cops leaving guns here and there a simple lesson emerges: civilians can’t be trusted with firearms. Wait. That’s not it. Let’s ask the U.S. Marshal Service for the real meaning of the missing mohaskas.

Dave Oney, a spokesman for the agency, said this week it presents a problem any time a law enforcement officer’s weapon is lost or stolen and is considered a public safety issue.

“The USMS has policies in place to guard against loss and theft, though, as you know, things do happen,” he wrote in response to questions asked by the News-Post.

Keep that quote in mind should one of your weapons disappear into a black hole. See how far that gets you.

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  1. Forty two. So, that’s how many they ADMIT too.

    How many more don’t they know about or can’t be pinned down on?

    That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

  2. The paradox is that Maryland JUST passed a slew of gun control measures that make it harder for law abiding citizens to own so-called assault rifles, high capacity magazines, and even handguns.

    And here I’ve been trying to BUY one LEGALLY all this time.

    • That’s why they passed the laws. To make it harder for this kind of thing to — well, they had to do SOMETHING.

    • just follow the marshals around. You’ll get you a nice, shiny, select fire M4 on the US government’s dime.

  3. OMG, someone broke the law pertaining to Federal Gun Regulations!


    Do all you gun-grabbing trolls reading this blog get it yet?

    Laws don’t make people good, nor can you background check the good of a person.

    Now go away and say to yourself “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!”

  4. We got find where some these guys live ? may find some dropped firearms and check the bathrooms after they leave as another good source for finds !How do you loose your gun?

  5. So, between the Park Service and U.S. Marshalls we see a (possible) source of guns flowing into domestic criminals’ hands that had a “legal” origin. Looks like it might be time for the GAO to investigate all Federal Agencies and Bureaus that own firearms and get the whole picture of how many Federal Guns are “lost” or stolen into sharper focus.
    A friend of mine just told me that the U.S. Post Office has been training their Employees with AR-15’s (which I have not been able to verify). If they are in this picture you can bet they have “lost” some, too.
    Cripes! Time to go make a new Aluminum Foil Hat…the one I am wearing must not be working too well any longer….

    • USPS training with AR’s? I suppose this is what they do when Fast & Furious fails. Intentionally try to get the ‘going postal’ guys to pick a new favorite gun. Typical.

  6. When drug czar Gil Kerlikowski was the Seattle Police Chief, his service weapon was stolen from his car. Over 10 years ago, Tacoma Police Chief David Braeme, shot and killed his wife, then committed suicide. Their children were just yards away. Yet somehow, we’re the ones who can’t be trusted.

  7. Too many criminals getting their hands on guns through the “alphabet soup loophole”. I say we call for common sense measures and close this loophole by disbanding some, disarming others, and reducing the reach of the rest of these agencies. Oops, almost forgot: bloody shirt, do it for the children, only you can prevent forest fires, etc

  8. Only cops and military can be trusted with firearms ! Ha. I know it’s stealing (so I wouldn’t really do it), but I’d be seriously tempted to keep a firearm I found in a bathroom in NY.

    • I can vouch for that. Crazy boating accident last year. Everything on board is now missing.

  9. yea, different classes of Americans are treated differently. isn’t it awesome!

  10. A few decades ago as a USAF SP stationed in Europe, I got wind of a serious problem the foreign national police forces had. The highly restrictive gun laws led to criminals ambushing police officers in order to get their guns. To keep this post short, let’s just say that this type of assault is extremely easy, and there is little that can be done to stop it. I also learned that thefts of guns from police officers was also a huge problem in Europe. I find it astounding that the leftist in our country claim that more restrictive laws will make guns less accessible to criminals, for there is explicit evidence throughout the world that proves otherwise. Criminals are extremely resourceful and brazen. Holding hands and singing Kum By Ya is not going to stop people set on doing bad things.

    • Well, in their defense, how often do you think the Forestry service gets to blow stuff up? Probably not that much. Kinda surprising they caught it after only a month.

  11. the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is 42.

  12. SO Obama wants fast and Furious to continue so he has ATF steal the US Marshals guns to make more crimes for his fascist agenda.

  13. Maybe some went to Mexico?Citizens would face some type of prosecution,let alone the liability of something like this.Maybe they classed them as stolen?How can the Feds try to keep up with our guns if they can’t even keep up with their’s?I guess if it was registered they could,if they are competent enough to read!Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  14. How about we just lose the US Marshals instead? It would save taxpayers billions of dollars a year.

  15. The Marshall’s should have better procedures to secure these weapons if they’re left in vehicles. That’s serious firepower that shouldn’t be on the streets. carries gun safes to secure your weapons and keep out of the wrong hands. In Memphis there have already. been incidents of children bringing guns to school

  16. The Marshall’s should have better procedures to secure these weapons if they’re left in vehicles. That’s serious firepower that shouldn’t be on the streets. carries gun safes to secure your weapons and keep out of the wrong hands, especially kids.

  17. The Marshall’s should have better procedures to secure these weapons if they’re left in vehicles. That’s serious firepower that shouldn’t be on the streets.
    Eaglesmart carries gun safes to secure your weapons and keep out of the wrong hands, especially kids.

  18. The Marshall’s need to better secure the rifles left in their vehicles. Gun safes and trigger locks are less expensive than replacement rifles.

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