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In this photo taken with a mobile phone, soldiers stand outside a burnt out shopping mall in Maiduguri, Nigeria, Monday, Oct. 8, 2012. Nigerian soldiers angry about the killing of an officer razed buildings and shot dead more than 30 civilians Monday in a northeastern city long under siege by a radical Islamist sect. An Associated Press reporter in Maiduguri, the spiritual home of the sect known as Boko Haram, counted the dead while on a tour of the still-smoldering neighborhood." (AP Photo / Abdulkareem Haruna) ( Abdulkareem Haruna )

Over the weekend, an attack on a school in Nigeria left 22 children dead and four more critically injured, according to the BBC. The shooting, on par with December’s Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut, took place in a country where possession of firearms is limited to licensed individuals only. All “assault weapons” as well as handguns are banned, and all sales require a background check and registration of the firearm . . .

Secondary schools have been ordered closed across Nigeria’s north-eastern state of Yobe after a massacre in which suspected Islamist extremists killed 22 students and torched their school.

Yobe Governor Ibrahim Gaidam condemned as “cold-blooded murder” Saturday’s attack on the Mamudo boarding school.

Nigeria blamed Islamist militant group Boko Haram – which targeted two schools in the region in June – for the attack.

The group’s name translates as “Western education is forbidden”.

This is the same area of the country in which a state of emergency was recently declared, and where troops have been deployed to keep the peace. So to speak.

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  1. Muslims are not required to obey the laws of the Kuffir. That means “slave” in their language.

    • You’re tarring all streams of Islam with the same brush. If there’s any left over, go tar yourself.

      • Why, Yes, Yes I am. ALL MUSLIMS are required to obey every dictate in their book. I’ve read the whole thing. Have you? If you think that there are muslims who would not obey the dictates of their “religion” you suffer from extreme delusion. They are our enemy. Period.

    • The word Kafir in Arabic actually means “unbeliever” “ingrate” or “person who conceals the truth”…but I get what you’re saying. The Latinized word for slave is “Abd”.

    • The literal translation of “kuffir” is “one who covers up”. In usage by those of the muslim faith, “kuffir” means “unbeliever”. But cannot be used ever against Muslims, Jews or Christians. It is not someone who is not muslim as some think, it is someone who does not believe in God/Allah. Like atheists, Hindus etc.

      Many think Muslims have one holy book, the Qur’an (Koran), Wrong!

      “The Muslims believe the Qur’an to be the final revelation of God’s word to man, and a completion and confirmation of previous scriptures. Despite the primacy that Muslims place upon the Qur’an as God’s final word, Islam speaks of respecting all the previous scriptures, and belief in all the revealed books is an article of faith in Islam.

      The four revealed books mentioned by name in the Qur’an are the Torah (revealed to Moses), the Zabur (revealed to David), the Gospel (revealed to Jesus), and the Qur’an itself.”

  2. I wondered if y’all would pick this story up. The version of the story I saw a couple days ago had this quote:

    “We were sleeping when we heard gunshots. When I woke up, someone was pointing a gun at me,” said 15-year-old Musa Hassan.

    He put his arm up in defense, and suffered a gunshot that blew off all four fingers on his right hand, the one he uses to write with.

    He said the gunmen came armed with jerry cans of fuel that they used to torch the school’s administrative block and one of the hostels.

    “They burned the children alive,” he said, the horror showing in his wide eyes.

    I cannot even imagine, and I’m glad it’s so far from my experience that I can’t, living in a world like that.

    • Sandy Hook was far too similar to that event. Also too similar: that citizens were not able defend themselves. If I ever face a terrorist or mass shooter, I simply need to be armed. Politicians disarming innocent people has predictable results.

      My condolensces to the families.

      • This incident, aside from being a school and children being murdered, bears NO resemblance to Sandy Hook. At Sandy Hook a single mentally disturbed individual, for his own deranged reasons, murdered innocents. IN Nigeria this was just one of a sequence of Islamo-fascist attacks on schools teaching subjects (no longer) approved by these Muslim extremists. There’s is a global attack against western culture and any religion, including other Muslim sects, that do not agree with them and their radical agenda.

        When you believe that what YOU believe is true gives you the right to massacre or otherwise subjugate anyone who disagrees with you, YOU are insane, and we have far too many of these types in the world today. Equating them to a lone wacko in Connecticut seriously trivializes the importance of the danger they pose to all of us.

        • Fanaticism is a mental illness. And it is a very dangerous one that offers no mercy. I fear that it is a disease that can be cured only with the spilling of the blood of many innocents and many “martyrs.”

  3. 1.2 billion (approx.) Muslims on this planet. Estimated 10% are radical/extremists. That’s somewhere in the (very bad) neighborhood of 120 MILLION Islamo-Fascists who believe this sort of behavior is not only acceptable, but necessary as a part of their religion. Is there any possibility the world will wake up to and develop a strategy for dealing with this cancer before it is too late?

    It amazes me that the Muslims themselves cannot see the damage these extremists can have on them and the very real possibility that the cancer will devour them as well.

    • We are going to have to defeat Progressivism in West first. I it is easy for us to scold peaceful followers of Islam (or at least those who don’t define peace as the absence of opposition to Islam and Sharia law) for not policing their own, but look at the fungus we have allowed to flourish among us in the “land of the free.” We have our own mess to clean up.

    • A moderate Muslim is a Muslim that ignores many of the basic tenets of his faith in order to be a decent human being. But when the leadership of a country forces the adherence to Islam in a muslim majority country, there is few mechanisms to fight it less one lose their life.
      Hence the moderates disappear into invisibility to survive, and still praise Allah outwardly.
      We see Egyptians having woken up after they gave the country to thr Muslim Brotherhood and saying”WTF”, how did we get here. They voted for Islam and got the true Islam and not the one they wanted.
      Under Sharia law, forget laws that make any sense, gun or otherwise

      • “A moderate Muslim is a Muslim that ignores many of the basic tenets of his faith in order to be a decent human being.”

        Sad to say, but it seems to be true. (Not only of Islam; we should probably be glad that most Christians ignore large parts of the Bible, too.)

        The ironic thing is that a thousand years ago, when early Christianity was doing its best to beat humanity back into the stone age, Muslims kept the light alive in an amazing culture of thought and learning (they gathered knowledge from across the world and preserved most of the classical age materials that sparked the European renaissance).

        To see where modern fundamentalists want to take this once great religion is to see a sad thing indeed.

        • A thousand years ago, humanity was a VASTLEY different thing. That Islam would be in its current state in the TWENTY FIRST CENTURY is telling indeed.
          Stop using false equivalency as a lesson in moral relativism, a dirty libtard (democrat) tactic.

    • Not only the over 100 million extremists who carry out and support the madness, but the several hundred million more who either believe in some of it, or say and do nothing to stop it. The silence of their clerics and religious leaders is deafening.

  4. Gun control fails. Again. Still. The only people who are shocked by this are the sheeple. Even the vast majority of gun control proponents know even the most stringent gun control measures cannot prevent heinous tragedies like this from occurring.

  5. get used to this, it is common in Africa and anywhere else Muslims have access to non-Muslim schools. In southern Thailand so many school teachers were murdered in their classrooms that the Govt. issued the survivors handguns, over 10 years ago. And of course there was the Beslan school massacre in 2004

    • ^ This.

      And it is only a matter of time before Muslims (whether “extremists” or otherwise) start doing it in the U.S. of A.

      I want as many good parents and school staff as possible armed in the schools when it happens.

  6. People determined to massacre the innocent not deterred by gunlaws? That’s impossible. Look how safe Chicago is with it’s strict gun laws.

  7. @Carlos t: that’s like 100 years of homicides in my small Ohio town where gun ownership and hunting are very popular… According to the gun grabbers, this town should be a crime infested hellhole!

  8. Geez all the liberal fascist gun control in the world doesn’t stop madmen from terrorism. But the math and reality is too far ahead for media morons to know.

  9. Maybe we could send some Fast and Furious guns over and arm the rebels to protect the schools?

  10. Hey how can that happen? I thought guns aren’t allowed in Nigeria.
    Something must be wrong with this article!

  11. I feel bad for the children and their family, but no law will ever stop an evil person from killing innocent people. This is a sad world we live in when innocent children are killed for no reason.

    • Sad but true. Unfortunately the majority of people will never be able to reconcile this fact with the idea that self defense is one’s own responsibility. Evil people exist, and it is the duty of those who believe in all that is good to oppose them.

  12. Religion has long been used as a guise for mass murder. I guess that the Founders were smart, separating church and state. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in a nation where religion and policy were one and the same. All I can say is, I hope I never do.

    • You’re living in such a nation … our national religion and policies are atheism/statism.

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